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July 12, 2004

Fluoride Linked to Obesity Epidemic, Thyroid Trouble

Could it be that the obesity epidemic that is plaguing the US, the UK and other countries is linked to fluoride in drinking water?

Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield certainly seems to support that possibility when he says that "there is no doubt that fluoride is enzyme disruptive and one thing it affects is thyroid hormones", adding that "people can finish up with partial under-activity of the thyroid gland."

But in addition to the possible direct connection between fluoride's effect on thyroid function and a tendency towards obesity there is another, in my view even more important connection.

Fluoride in the water supply provides a perfect excuse for health authorities not to blast the food industry for its insistence on selling sugar in all kinds of forms. We find the stuff in great quantities in soft drinks, chocolates, sweets and bakery goods. We get addicted from the time we're babies, yet it is sugar that robs the body of nutrients - minerals needed for healthy teeth - and it is bad tooth hygiene which makes the problem take on catastrophic proportions.

So why not start at the root of the problem - industry intent on feeding our "sweet tooth" and our own gullible acceptance that what's sold and promoted must also be healthy. Let's cut down on the poison - sugar - and prevent both tooth decay and obesity!

Here is the article in Birmingham's Sunday Mercury forwarded by Jane Jones of the National Pure Water Association:

Tap water can make you FAT, say experts

Jul 11 2004

By Caroline Wheeler, Sunday Mercury

Medical experts claim that West Midlands tap water can make people FAT and could be fuelling rising obesity levels.

For the past 40 years, fluoride has been pumped into the region's tap water to help keep teeth healthy.

But now a top doctor claims that the toxin can cause worrying health side-effects including hypothyroidism, a medical dis-order affecting the thyroid gland which controls weight gain.

And he believes that children may be particularly susceptible to obesity if their mums drank fluoridated water while pregnant.

Last year, the West Midlands topped the UK 'fat list' with a shocking 22.5 per cent of its population classed clinically obese.

Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield said: "There is no doubt that fluoride is enzyme disruptive and one thing it affects is thyroid hormones.

"As a result of this disruption, people can finish up with partial under-activity of the thyroid gland.

"Thyroid problems are becoming more common, particularly in Birmingham, and one of the reasons is because of fluoride in the water."

Dr Durrant-Peatfield explained that thyroid hormones rely on iodine, which is in the same group of four elements as fluorine. He said fluorine can displace iodine in the body, which can lead to problems with the thyroid gland.

"Children can be particularly affected if their mother was short of iodine during pregnancy," he said.

Dr Durrant-Peatfield's sensational claims have been backed by other medical experts, including Dr Diane Phillips, who only began suffering with thyroid problems after moving to the West Midlands.

So far only the West Midlands and areas in Tyne and Wear have fluoridated water, but a new government bill could see it rolled out to other areas of the country.

Sue King, of the Fluoride Exposure Network, said: "No checks on general health have been carried out in the fluoridated areas of the West Midlands, yet fluoride must have an effect on soft tissues.

"That is why it's so important to make sure that fluoride is removed from the water supplies because we are already getting it from so many sources, including toothpaste, fertilisers and air pollution."

Paul Castle, of Birmingham's Health Services, said: "There is no evidence of any link between water fluoridation and thyroid problems.

"Four years ago, independent research at the University of York concluded that further research on fluoride and thyroid should be regarded as low priority."


Fluoridation for all of England and Wales
The "mass medication" of UK's drinking water with a listed poison will cost London's health authorities alone more than £21 million. Sam Burcher reports

The Effects Of Fluoride On The Thyroid Gland By Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield MBBS LRCP MRCS
Medical Advisor to Thyroid UK

Fluorides: Their Effect on the Thyroid, Alzheimers and CFS

Tooth Decay Is Back - Fluoride's No Help

Why the Government "just said no" to Less Sugar

Good Teeth From Birth To Death

Food Additives, Sugar and IQ

Think Fluoride is Healthy? Find Out the Shocking Truth in "The Fluoride Deception" - Dr Mercola

National Pure Water Association website

Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children

The link between monosodium glutamate (MSG) and obesity


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Monday July 12 2004
updated on Tuesday December 21 2010

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January 24, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger




Readers' Comments

please link to pfpc website, Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children

Posted by: Dr. Gayle on July 23, 2004 07:24 AM


First and foremost, refined white sugar is LOADED with dioxins, a known carcinogen, from the bleaching process. It suppresses the immune system and leads to many long term adverse health conditions. It also affects brain functions and many people diagnosed with alzheimers are actually suffering from the adverse effects of refined white sugar. Remove the sugar, and there`d be less people in mental hospitals and prisons.

Posted by: Lonnie L. Jones on June 14, 2011 09:39 AM


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