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April 29, 2005

Investigators Challenge CDC Flu Statistics As Season Draws To Close

The CDC has been justifying its calls for universal flu vaccination by quoting shamelessly exaggerated figures of deaths from the flu. Although the propaganda for flu vaccinations is pervasive, some cracks are starting to appear in the public perception of the actual importance of the threat.

With Chiron bombing out as one of only two suppliers of Flu vaccines to the US, cutting available vaccine doses by roughly half the total number, there were no lines when restrictions were finally loosened and vaccines were more freely made available earlier this year.

Flu vaccines contain the mercury based "adjuvant" thimerosal, which has been blamed for an increase of Autism and other problems of brain development. There are also questions about the effectiveness of the flu vaccination in protecting people from "getting the flu" - see here and here.

As this year's flu season draws to a close, some investigators have pooled their resources. They went to look at the actual statistics on flu related deaths, as opposed to the 36.000 deaths bandished about in press releases and found some astonishing numbers. Jon Rappoport's excellent site carries an article on this, which I would like to bring to your attention.

Read here what the actual statistics are saying...

- - -


APRIL 28, 2005. Before the various recent flu scandals drop completely below the radar, I wanted to dig some material out of my archive and compile it and post it.

This is all about actual deaths from flu in the US every year, as opposed to the propaganda figures the CDC trots out each flu season.

In press conferences, the CDC routinely floats 36,000 (or more) as the number of annual flu deaths in the US. But when you go to the CDC’s own sites, you find a completely different picture.

We’ll get to that a little later. First, let’s go with a simple chart from the American Lung Association, a chart I posted in October of 2004. Here is the article I wrote then:

OCTOBER 22, 2004. Ask the American Lung Association. Better yet, read their own report from August of 2004, titled, "Trends in Pneumonia and Influenza/Morbidity and Mortality."

This report comes from "Research and Scientific Affairs/Epidemiology and Statistics Unit." At the bottom of the document, the source is listed as: National Center for Health Statistics, Report of Final Mortality Statistics, 1979-2001.

Get ready for some surprises, especially since the CDC keeps trumpeting flu-death annual numbers as 36,000. Like clockwork. Year in and year out. 36,000 people in the US die from the flu every year. Killer disease. Watch out. Get your flu shot. Every autumn. Don't wait. You might fall over dead in the street.

Here are the total flu deaths from the report. From 1979 to 1995, the stats were released every two years.

1979: 604
1981: 3,006
1983: 1,431
1985: 2,054
1987: 632
1989: 1,593
1991: 1,137
1993: 1,044
1995: 606
1996: 745
1997: 720
1998: 1,724
1999: 1,665
2000: 1765
2001: 257

Don't believe me? - Here is the page [as of October, 2004]:
(link no longer active)

Get the file and go to page 9 of the document. Then start scrolling down until you come to the chart for flu deaths as a separate category.

Recently, Tommy Thompson, head of US Health and Human services, stated that 91 percent of the people who die from the flu in the US every year are 65 and older. So you might engage in a little arithmetic and figure out how many people under 65 are really dying from the flu each year.

But no matter. The raw all-ages stats are low enough. Quite low enough. Quite, quite.

Do you see what is going on here?

You can go into my archive and read recent pieces on this subject and find my argument for those who blithely claim, "Well, harumph, you see, uh ah, flu often leads to pneumonia and THAT'S why we have to be so careful about the flu. Deaths from pneumonia are large numbers, harumph, blah blah blah..."

It's a straight con, folks. The CDC is on a streetcorner with a little table, and there are shills walking around repeating the 36,000-death figure while the PR flacks at the table are working the vaccine angle.

The crowd is getting restless. A man shouts, "Where is my flu shot? We're all going to die!"

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, Congress is planning a measure that will guarantee vaccine manufacturers annual billion-dollar payoffs no matter how many doses are left over, unused.


Now let’s go to an AP story that appeared a few days before I posted my Oct. 2004 article above:

“Thompson [Tommy Thompson, head of Health and Human Services] said the flu vaccine supply will be reallocated to parts of the country where it is needed most. Most at risk for severe complications from the flu are seniors and young children.

"’We are looking all over the regions to find out where there is a shortage, and we will redeploy the resources to make sure the seniors get the vaccine first,’ he said. He noted that 91 percent of flu deaths last year were people 65 or older.”

Do the math. If the true death stats from the flu are as stated by the American Lung Association, how many people under the age of 65 actually die from the flu in the US every year? Take the year 2000: 1765 deaths. Using Thompson’s guideline, subtract the people over 65 who died from the flu, and you get a remainder of 177 people in the US under the age of 65 who died from the flu in the year 2000.

Now let’s go to an even earlier post of mine…Oct. 11, 2004. This was, as I recall, a very busy day for me on the site. I had three researchers contacting me: John Keller, John Cullison, and Martin Maloney. Keller had broken the whole hoax first at the Cure Zone, and I had picked up on it there.

UPDATE Oct.11, 2004, 12:25PM, Pacific Time: More from John Cullison that confirms the Keller report on ACTUAL very low CDC stats for flu deaths in the US. Cullison writes:

I've found the preliminary data for 2002. It's at It's in THIS document that Keller's instructions make sense. Sure enough, on page 16, Influenza (J10-J11) is listed as 753 [deaths], and Pneumonia (J12-J18) accounts for the other 65,231 cases.

UPDATE: October 11, 2004, 12:30PM, Pacific Time: Here is another source, Martin Maloney, who has tracked the CDC page address cited by Keller. He offers his succinct confirmatory finding:

Perhaps this is what you are looking for. Near the bottom of page 31 of that PDF document, you will find, under the heading:

Table 10. Number of deaths from 113 selected causes by age: United States, 2001 - Con.


Influenza and pneumonia (J10-J18) ........... 62,034
Influenza (J10-J11) ................................. 257
Pneumonia (J12-J18) ............................... 61,777

These researchers, mind you, were looking at the CDC’s own data on the CDC sites.

At some point in 2004, another researcher came on board. I withhold his name, at his request. He found another way to get into CDC site data, and I was able to track that and confirm the very, very low death-stats for flu.

There was another hurdle to cross for me. CDC people and doctors around the US had a fixed idea about the flu. One of those “everybody knows this is true” ideas. It is: FLU OFTEN LEADS TO PNEUMONIA, AND EVEN THOUGH THE ACTUAL FLU-DEATH STATS MAY BE LOW, THE DEATHS FROM PNEUMONIA ARE QUITE HIGH. THEREFORE YOU CAN DISCOUNT THE ACTUAL FLU-DEATH STATS AND GO TO THE PNEUMONIA STATS.

Is this idea correct?

I began searching through the CDC’s own data.

At the end of October, 2004, I found what I was looking for. Here is an excerpt from my article on flu and pneumonia. It begins with a blockbuster about the flu itself, and then gets into the flu-pneumonia connection:

…I spotted, this morning, a letter to the editor at, from Randy L. Powers. He provides a link to a CDC website, where deaths from flu and flu-plus-other-stuff are broken down for the year 2000.

You can go to Red Flags, scroll all the way down the center of the page to the bottom and pick up the link to the letters section, and find Randy's letter and his live link to the CDC pdf file. [probably not there anymore]

Or you can follow this link.

And then you would go to pages 1068-1071.

Either way you do it, you'll come across a bunch of tables that list flu-death stats for the year 2000. You'll need to look at all the tables.

I have previously reported that the actual CDC flu-death stat for the year 2000 was 1765. It's in small print, not in the CDC press releases that trumpet that ridiculous canned 36,000 figure.

So, working with the 1765 figure, I read through the various tables. It was easy to find how the CDC came up with that number. Table 1 lists 60 deaths from flu "with influenza virus identified." Table five lists 1705 deaths from flu with "virus not identified." Add up the two totals and you get 1765 deaths from the flu.

But wait a minute. All these stats are based on reports turned in from the field---which means doctors out there making diagnoses all over the US. If 1705 deaths from the flu NEVER HAD AN IDENTIFICATION OF A VIRUS THAT THE CDC CLAIMS ACTUALLY CAUSES THE FLU, WHAT ARE WE LEFT WITH?

We are left with vague eyeball diagnosis of patients. Meaningless. Zero science.

Therefore, for the year 2000, the CDC flu-death stats that, at their best, fit any sane conventional assessment come to a total of SIXTY. Sixty confirmed cases of death from flu in the US.

This is right in line with my operating principle for investigating lies: the closer you get, the worse it is.

In fact, it would be very nice to know, in those 60 confirmed cases of death from the flu, exactly HOW the flu virus was IDed. Was it by actual isolation, or was it by finding antibodies to the flu virus? If the latter, that is NOT a proper ID. The presence of antibodies simply signifies the person's immune system has contacted the virus. Antibodies usually mean the person has successfully warded off the virus. Anyway...

If you study the other tables, you find more illumination. For example, in table 6, we see 912 deaths under a category called INFLUENZA WITH PNEUMONIA, VIRUS NOT IDENTIFIED. Oops. There it is again. The flu virus (that's what they're talking about) was never IDed. So how can they say this was really "INFLUENZA-with-pneumonia" as the cause of death? They can't.

If you've been reading my articles on this whole stat business, you know that I've expressed grave doubt about the 'everybody-knows-science' that says, "Hell, flu is very dangerous because it often leads to pneumonia. So even if the actual flu deaths are very low, we have to vaccinate anybody that moves because, that way, we're preventing pneumonia." Yeah. Sure.

Again, let me repeat, in the year 2000, there were 912 deaths listed under pneumonia WHERE THE FLU VIRUS WAS NEVER IDENTIFIED. There is no provable link between those pneumonia cases and flu.

Table 2, in fact, is deaths from flu-with-pneumonia where the flu virus WAS identified. Even if we assume that in these cases the flu actually LED to the pneumonia, the total of deaths is: 31.

That's right. 31.

So much for the vaunted and provable 'everybody-knows' link between flu and pneumonia.

What about the other tables for the year 2000? Table 3 is the category FLU WITH OTHER RESPIRATORY MANIFESTATIONS, WHERE THE FLU VIRUS WAS IDENTIFIED. Of course, we don't know what the other respiratory manifestations were---except we DO know they were never IDed as pneumonia. Total of deaths from this category? 27.

Table 4 is FLU WITH OTHER MANIFESTATIONS (even more vague) WHERE THE FLU VIRUS WAS IDENTIFIED. Total deaths in this category? 2.

Table 7 is FLU WITH OTHER RESPIRATORY MANIFESTATIONS WHERE THE FLU VIRUS WAS NOT IDENTIFIED. In other words, it's a vague plus vague category. A maybe not-sure could-be flu plus who knows what other respiratory problems. Total deaths? 767.


And that's it.

The closer you get, the worse it is. They're winging it. They're making all sorts of wild assumptions about flu cases without ever having IDed a flu virus. They're in deep water without a hint of a paddle. They're basically admitting their press releases trumpeting large flu-death figures are lies. They're confessing that their "universal" flu-peumonia death link is sheer unwarranted presumption.

This is a huge story. It may never get out into the mainstream. But it's huge.

ADDENDUM: I want to offer an educated opinion about a larger circumference of spin at the CDC. Look at it this way. You've got two parallel forces at work there in Atlanta. On one track, there are the bean counters who are assembling the stats and tables I've just gone over. They just keep their noses close to the computer and they add beans on beans. On another track, and this is very important, you've got people who are saying, "Listen, flu IS NOT A REPORTABLE DISEASE IN THE US. There is no rule that doctors in the field must report every (or any) flu diagnosis they make to the CDC. Therefore, we know that all sorts of flu cases and, therefore, FLU DEATHS, are not being funneled to us. So we have to take a different approach. We have to do STATISTICAL PROJECTIONS. From the data we do have, or from some restricted studies we do on very small populations, we have to introduce computer modeling, and we can then make a reasonable estimate of how many people actually die of the flu every year. THAT'S how we come up with the 36,000 figure. See? We're not lying. We're just doing the best job we can."

There is a great deal to learn about how these computer projections are really done. People tend to glaze over when you bring this subject up. People assume the math is correct and right and there are geniuses at work and they know the best way to proceed.

Well, I would point out that, in Rolling Stone, and other publications, a big scandal was broken about the way HIV-positive stats were assembled in South Africa, where the predictions tell us that the whole country will soon die of AIDS. It turned out that researchers were getting their blood for HIV tests from pregnancy clinics' leftover vials. They were testing this blood for "antibodies to HIV," and then sending the numbers and percentages to GENEVA, to the World Health Organization, where the computer boys took the numbers and did their projections. And that's how the dire press releases about the future of South Africa were created for medical reporters from Alaska to the South Pole. One thing was wrong: PREGNANCY ITSELF CAN CAUSE AN HIV BLOOD TEST TO REGISTER POSITIVE FALSELY. Pregnancy can cause the blood test to confirm the presence of antibodies to HIV when those antibodies are not really there. Not there. And that's the blood they were using to begin with---from pregnant women.

In the matter of flu deaths in the US, the burden of proof lies with the CDC. They must show, in great detail, that their statistical projections of 36,000 deaths a year are based on good and reasonable science all the way down the line. Meanwhile, as I've shown, the only data we have to work with are, all in all, a great torpedo in the belly of the CDC. And that data is posted right there on a CDC page.


Getting the picture? I’ll add a few more comments today, April 28, 2005. There is no reason to trust the CDC’s computer projections on flu deaths. First, we don’t have info on how they make these projections. Second, when you go to the small print, as I’ve done above, you see some very alarming deceptions. You see fast and loose “science.”

Further: even the isolation of an actual flu virus in a patient (as opposed to merely finding antibodies to a flu virus) is not enough to make a flu diagnosis. Why? Because there is a thing called TITER. Titer is basically a measure of how many viruses per unit of blood are present in that patient. You need a whole lot of titer to make a clear diagnosis of flu. If the patient has just a few viruses floating around in his body, there is no reason to expect he has the flu. When you look back at those tables I just went over, you see absolutely no mention of titer.

Also, in those tables, you see no mention of the overall health status of the “flu patient.” Any flu patient. This is key. In many instances, the flu is not really doing much at all. The patient is ill from other causes. For instance, he has been beaten down by years of toxic medical drugs. He has had multiple surgeries and accompanying immune-suppressing blood transfusions. He has had other illnesses that have worn down his immune system. He has eaten a terrible diet. He has received toxic vaccines. These and other factors are much more important to how ill the patient is than the presence of a flu virus in his body. To say such an immune-suppressed patient has died of the flu is a complete lie.

I’ll offer one final remark to round off this utterly fantastic scandal. Attendees in my ongoing paranormal writing workshop will recall that, in the last session, I described in detail how, as you write story, as you move in with your lens on a small piece of a space you are creating, you really know what it’s like to inhabit a landscape of your own invention. You know how exhilarating that can be. The corollary to that is, when you are following SOMEONE ELSE’S STORY---a story that is built as a deception for an ulterior motive---THE CLOSER YOU GET, THE WORSE IT IS.

A word to the wise.


See also related:

The Vaccine Shortage No Crisis At All

... [several] blogs announce the launch of a new experiment in collaborative problem solving in public health, The Flu Wiki.
A Wiki is a form of collaborative software that allows anyone to edit (change) any page on the site using a standard web browser like Explorer, Firefox or Safari.The purpose of the Flu Wiki is to help local communities prepare for and perhaps cope with a possible influenza pandemic. This is a task previously ceded to local, state and national governmental public health agencies. Communications technology has now become sufficiently available to allow a new form of collaborative problem-solving that harvests the rich fund of knowledge and experience that exists among those connected via the internet, allowing more talent to participate.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Friday April 29 2005
updated on Wednesday December 8 2010

URL of this article:


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Readers' Comments

A letter from Paul G. King to Anthony Fauci at the National Institutes of Health and to Julie Gerberding, Deborah Tress and William Gimson at the Centers for Disease Control, about the US government's efforts to propose a vaccination scheme against the avian flu:

Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005
To: "Julie Gerberding", anthony.fauci@, deborah.tress@, william.gimson@
From: "Paul G. King"
Subject: The 'Bird Flu' Boondoggle

Dr. Gerberding and Other Government Officials,

I was dismayed to read about another obviously ill-conceived "bird flu" vaccine program strikingly similar to the previous swine-flu vaccine program that killed dozens, gave thousands Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) and otherwise injured tens of thousands of the "40 million" vaccinated before the program was stopped.

Are you really proposing another influenza vaccine program when you KNOW that the current Influenza Vaccines are NOT truly effective in preventing almost all of those vaccinated with them from getting the "flu."

Please tell me where, based on the numbers the CDC has reported, that I've got it wrong with scientifically sound data that can be independently evaluated for its validity or STOP this program UNLESS you are NOT concerned about potentially being responsible for another vaccine that may kill scores, severely damage thousands and harm hundreds of thousands and will, based on the ineffectiveness of the current influenza vaccines, truly protect less than half of those who are innoculated with it from, if exposed, getting the "bird" influenza -- if "somehow" it mutates or is mutated to be easily transmissible between humans.

Please consider the facts presented and get back to me as soon as you are able.


Dr. King

See Attachment: Influenza Virusses And Governmental Fear Mongering: The 'Avian Flu Scare' - A Re-packaged & Updated 'Swine Flu'!

Posted by: Sepp Hasslberger on October 19, 2005 07:45 PM


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