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October 19, 2005

Bird Flu In Perspective - Public Fears Exaggerated

In an article on Lew Rockwell's site, Charley Reese comments on the excesses of propaganda we get dosed with daily about the epidemic or even pandemic that is - according to some of the government "experts" - inevitable. With 60 human deaths so far and no confirmed human-to-human transmission of the bird virus, there is really no cause for such exaggerated alarm.

It seems that what is now called the avian flu has been around for several decades and that it may just be a natural consequence of our growing birds for food - keeping them in cramped quarters, filling them full of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical goodies - in ideal conditions for illnesses to breed and develop.

The "deadly virus" that is being hyped as the new boogeyman - H5N1 - has been around for decades. For those with a short memory, the SARS scare of recent memory was about the same virus, and several of the earliest SARS cases originated in bio-research laboratories, killing researchers who were tweaking the virus to find a way to suppress it while keeping the chicken pens filled to the brim. "Patient Zero", as he was called at the time, was a researcher working in a Chinese government laboratory doing vaccine research.

But SARS did fade away - only to re-appear under a new name. This time it is called the bid flu or, sometimes, the avian flu. Same virus, same scary prospects - or are they?

Let's start with Charley Reese's take as published on

Don't Worry About Bird Flu
by Charley Reese
October 18, 2005

As of now, so far as we know, on Planet Earth about 60 people out of 6 billion have died of bird flu. All were involved in handling sick birds. There is, as of now, no recorded case of bird flu being transmitted from one human to another - something that is necessary before even an epidemic, much less a pandemic, could occur.

An epidemic is a widespread outbreak of a disease in a particular community at a particular time. A pandemic is an outbreak of disease in a whole country or in several countries. Pandemics occur, on the average, every 30 to 40 years.

What I'm trying to do is add some perspective to the current semihysteria being whipped up by politicians and the media. Certainly the virus that causes bird flu could mutate so that it could be transmitted from human to human. Such mutations, while typical of viruses, ordinarily occur over a period of years, not overnight.

If you are inclined toward hypochondria, reading an article on viruses in a good encyclopedia will give you the creeps. There are zillions of them, but fortunately most of them are harmless. They are not really critters, but parasitic bits of protein that have to attach themselves to living cells. They are so small, they can only be seen by an electron microscope, which was invented in the 1940s. A Russian in 1892 and a Dutchman in 1898 began to suspect that there was some kind of infectious agent that was not a bacterium or a microorganism. Whatever it was, it was small enough to pass through a porcelain filter that stopped bacteria. That fact, by the way, should limit one's faith in latex as protection against viral infections.

So, before you let politicians, the media, the pharmaceutical companies and the grant hogs at the National Institutes of Health scare you with stories about being wiped out by a bird-flu pandemic, consider the following: If you are more than 50 years old, you've already lived through two pandemics of flu and probably didn't even know it.

At any moment, some new virus might appear that would cause mankind big problems. Earth is a hazardous environment. Humans are all mortal. The only people who have ever gotten off the planet alive are astronauts and cosmonauts.

If the bird-flu virus should mutate so that it can travel human to human, there is no vaccine for it. It would have to be treated with the old methods of trying to isolate those infected with it. The only thing individuals could do to protect themselves would be to avoid crowds, stop picking their noses or using their fingers as toothpicks, and wash their hands several times a day.

At any rate, pandemics - even the bad one in 1918/1919 - run their course and stop on their own, usually in a year or two. Even the 1918 one killed only about 550,000 Americans, and so it is well to keep in mind for perspective purposes that, on average, 2 million of us die every year from one cause or another.

I'm just trying to say keep a stiff upper lip and don't let the new phenomenon of 24/7 television tie your knickers in a knot. It is the nature of that business to be in a continuing state of fretting about something. It was one of Shakespeare's characters, I think, who put the matter so well: We all owe God a death, so if we pay today we are quit for tomorrow.

For the sake of your mental health, turn off your TV, then practice good personal hygiene, go about your daily life and enjoy, as the old pioneers used to say, every day you have above ground. Our Earth may be hazardous to our health, but it is one beautiful place to live.

- - -

This recent article about the development of a better vaccine in China might just show that there is indeed a solution that can buy us some time - before we decide to feed those birds properly and to liberate them from their cramped existence in the factory farms...

China says it has better bird flu vaccine

Saturday, October 15, 2005.

(see original)

China has developed a new and better vaccine for use on birds against the avian influenza strain that scientists fear could cause a global pandemic among humans, state media said.

The vaccine had the advantage of fighting another common bird disease, as well as the H5N1 influenza strain that has spread from Asia to Europe, state television reported.

It identified this as avulavirus APMV-1, also known as Newcastle disease.

"What's more, the new vaccine is safer, more convenient to use and cannot kill new born chicks," it said, listing attributes that made it more attractive to farmers than a vaccine they were already using.

For example, the new vaccine could be applied by spraying.

"In addition, the cost of the new vaccine in mass production is only one fifth of that of the previous vaccine."

The country was preparing to put the vaccine into mass production, Xinhua new agency reported.

The H5N1 bird flu strain emerged in Hong Kong in 1997, resurfaced in 2003 in South Korea and has since spread to other Asian countries and Europe. It was confirmed on Saturday in Romania.

The disease has infected 117 people and killed 60, according to the World Health Organisation, which believes it is only a matter of time before it develops the ability to pass easily from human to human, possibly causing a catastrophic pandemic.

- - -

French Daily Le Monde, in a recent editorial, says the virus is a natural consequence of how we treat chickens, adding that the West has practically refused to treat the source point of this possible epidemic - chickens and other fowl raised for human consumption in the Asian countries.

The H5N1 Equation
Le Monde | Editorial

Friday 14 October 2005

We've known everything about avian flu for a long time. Here's a "documented" disease that presents no enigma to specialists, unlike the disease called "mad cow." That could be a very reassuring factor had the international community not demonstrated a confusing lack of solidarity the last two years when it failed to bring a resolute assistance to bear on the poor countries of Asia and South-East Asia that were the first affected.

Let us summarize: the virus in question is the sub-type H5N1, a highly pathological virus, clearly discovered and identified for the first time several decades ago among wild birds. The epizootic in question today broke out at the end of 2003. At first, it principally affected Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea, then China, Taiwan, Japan, Cambodia, and Laos. In this geographic zone, about 150 people have been infected while plucking poultry and 60 of them have died. In parallel, the authorities in the affected countries have proceeded to slaughter over 100 million chickens, ducks, and geese.

At that stage, the H5N1 equation was rather easy to resolve. A vaccination to immunize poultry exists. Rich countries should have reacted immediately by freeing up the financial resources to arrest this bird plague where it came from. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimated that investments over the next three years for that purpose would come to 100 million dollars. But up to now, only 20 million dollars have been promised, while, according to the British daily "Financial Times," the United States alone is getting ready to place an order for antiviral medicine of over a billion dollars.

Suddenly, the equation begins to change its nature. At first localized and circumscribed, the epidemic prospers and globalizes. It was discovered in Russia and Kazakhstan in August; in Turkey and Romania today. Once imaginary, the risk of a pandemic striking Europe has become palpable. And, in fact, the European Commission's tone abruptly changed on Thursday, October 13. It had been distractedly attentive. Now it is mobilized.

Paris also intends to increase its communications. The Prime Minister tries to reassure by declaring: "We now already have an operational apparatus." Happy news. France is one of the most affected countries because it is the premier producer of poultry in the European Union and number three in the world after the United States and Brazil. This situation imposes a very specific vigilance on it.

By virtue of traveling and dispersion, even slowly, the H5N1 equation has, in fact, become an equation of an unknown. As in Asia, the risk exists that the virus will infect people here also. Panic is a poor counselor. One the other hand, respect for a serious hygiene policy is desirable.

- - -

Patrick Sabatier writing in "Liberation", takes a similar view. Vigilance will - probably - overcome any prospect of a pandemic, he says.

By Patrick Sabatier

Friday 14 October 2005

Between the desire not to panic the people and the desire to let it know that the Republic watches over its security by preparing for the worst, there is barely the thickness of a feather of a flu-infected chicken. Now that the H5N1 invader has landed in Europe (Turkey seems to have all of a sudden been integrated into the Union) and established a bridgehead here, the authorities' fever, in Paris, Brussels, and other European capitals, has climbed up several degrees on the thermometer of declarations, meetings, and mobilizations of all sorts. Just about everywhere, Tamiflu stock is rising on the exchanges of popular anxieties, and the quest for a magic potion that will protect against avian flu has become feverish.

Only two months ago, the authorities attempted to be reassuring - the dirty beasts took wing from the Indonesian archipelago to the Siberian lakes. Today, they're less sure of themselves. Commissioner Kipryanou foresees "a large number of deaths," Villepin mobilizes to the bugle call of patriotic hygiene. After all, the 1918 flu pandemic with its 40 million deaths killed more people than the Great War, without even mentioning 1348 and the black plague.

The big difference between these plagues of the past is that today the virus cannot take people by surprise. The alert is general and the surveillance international.

Globalization conjugates itself along with the principle of precaution. Which will (perhaps) avert science fiction scenarios - in which masked citizens wander around inside paralyzed cities, pharmacies are defended by the army and peasants placed in quarantine in the midst of pyramids of chicken carcasses - from one day becoming a real horror movie in which we are all involuntary extras.

- - -

See also:

How to Stop Bird Flu - Instead of the Vaccine-Antiviral Model
We've had twenty years of the same vaccine-antiviral model for the current AIDS pandemic, with little sign of progress. The multibillion-dollar global initiative to combat AIDS has created expensive patented drugs with very toxic side effects that poor countries cannot afford anyways, and vaccines that are ineffective at best and at worst, unsafe. The policy is not working because the root causes of the pandemic, indeed any pandemic - poverty and malnutrition - have not been addressed. There have been serious abuses of this flawed approach that have come to light...

The Bird Flu Breakdown Part 1: Two Children in Vietnam
The much anticipated bird-flu plague has yet to emerge, despite much hue and cry. This comes as no surprise to those of us who are familiar with the machinations of the WHO (World Health Organization), CDC and NIH, and their pharmaceutical partners. But, for those more trusting of public health authorities who wish to know more about the making of public health policy, I thought I'd review some of the bright and shiny inconsistencies that have come into view on the bird flu.

Is Avian Flu another Pentagon Hoax?
by F. William Engdahl - October 30, 2005
Against all scientific prudence and normal public health procedure, the world population is being whipped up into a fear frenzy by irresponsible public health officials from the US Administration to WHO to the United States Centers for Disease Control. They all warn about the imminent danger that a malicious viral strain might spread from infected birds, primarily in Vietnam and other Asian centers, to contaminate the entire human species in pandemic proportions. Often the flu pandemic of 1918 which is said to have killed 18 million worldwide, is cited as an example of what 'might' lie in store for us.

If, like myself, you don't think getting a vaccine will help much, here is how to prepare for the avian influenza by some simple hygiene actions and some natural (nutrition-centered) measures to shore up immune defenses.

Indonesian researcher finds herbal formula to curb bird flu

Experts Dismiss Scare over Bird Flu

Bush's Fowl Play
by Jeffrey Tucker
[Posted on Wednesday, November 09, 2005]
In a classic case of News of the Weird, President Bush gave a press conference the other day to announce yet another central plan to deal with yet another disaster — this time an impending disaster, or so he claimed. It seems that some birds are catching a flu called Avian Influenza or, more commonly, the bird flu. It causes ruffled feathers and a drop in egg production. It can kill a chicken in two days flat. Scary.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO - December 7, 2005
A level-headed examination of 10 important facts shows that the prevailing alarmist point of view is inaccurate, irresponsible and self-serving.

Is bird flu a conspiracy?
Is there a link between Donald Rumsfeld and Gilead the company which invented Tamiflu and licensed it to Roche?

Bird flu not a public threat?
As the bird flu spreads through Europe, the British government's chief scientist said the chance of a British person getting bird flu is 1 in 100 million.

FOWL! Bird flu - What it's really all about
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
We've all been hearing the news about bird flu. Daily reports tell us that this "so-called" deadly and dangerous strain of influenza is going to jump the species barrier and cause millions of people around the world to get sick and possibly die. In this enlightening interview, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny will forever change the way you view environmental policy, the pharmaceutical industry and the government's role in the dissemination of public health information. Dr. Tenpenny looks beyond the hysteria and exposes the vested interests poised to exploit the fear being generated about bird flu.

Risk of human flu outbreak 'low'
BBC - April 2006: The chances of bird flu virus mutating into a form that spreads between humans are "very low", the government's chief scientific adviser has said. Sir David King said any suggestion a global flu pandemic in humans was inevitable was "totally misleading".

No Panic - Dr. Stephan Lanka on Bird Flu, AIDS and the Corruption of Medicine
Fri, 24 Feb 2006 18:23:51 -0600

By Christopher Ray
An interview with Dr. Stephan Lanka from the German journal _Factuell_

(I saved this whole article here as it is getting hard to find elsewhere on the net - Sepp)

"Academic medicine has been and is the most important pillar of support of all dictatorships and governments which do not want to submit to written law, to constitutions, to human rights, that is, to the democratically legitimized social contract."

- Virologist Dr. Stephan Lanka – Interview 10.27.2005

Is there a bird flu pandemic? This German Virologist says no, and does so in detail.

He makes some points that I'm sure will seem startling, but there's a wonderfully no-nonsense, common-sense approach to his thinking ("Think for yourself, look into it yourself"), and a refreshing lack of fear-mongering.

We who have been bombarded with the threat of imminent doom from the health authorities will notice the important difference here:

Lanka isn't trying to hypnotize you into believing that you have no control over your health, biology or being. He's asking that we all think critically and thoughtfully for a change.

Those wishing to provide analysis or criticism are invited to bring their comments, politely. Bring your studies and be prepared to analyze methodology to the associated blog.

- Thanks to Christopher Ray of the news journal Factuell for his comprehensive and excellent interview

- Thanks to Rolf Martens of for his original english translation .

- I've made a number of additional changes for colloquial english in the version presented here. – L.S.
"No Panic – Dr. Stephan Lanka on Bird Flu, Vaccines, AIDS and the Corruption of Medicine"

From FACTuell October 27, 2005
Interview by Christopher Ray 27.10.2005
DR LANKA, are we in Germany threatened by the bird flu?

Only indirectly. Next year there will many fewer babies in Germany. According to the media, the storks will all be snatched away by the bird flu. We'll have to get used to this.

Just as seriously as there being any danger for us from the purported bird flu virus H5N1. The danger or the disaster lies somewhere else entirely.
WHERE, IN YOUR OPINION, does the danger or the disaster lie?

We have allowed ourselves to lose the habit of using our reason.

That is the actual danger or the disaster. The politicians and the media are taking it upon themselves to delude us into believing everything, for instance, delude us into believing that migratory birds in Asia have been infected with an extremely dangerous, deadly virus.

These mortally diseased birds then keep flying for weeks on end. They fly thousands of kilometres, and then in Romania, in Turkey, Greece and elsewhere infect hens, geese or other poultry, with which they have had no contact, and which within a very short time get diseased and die.

But the migratory birds do not get diseased and do not die, but keep on flying, for weeks on end, thousands of kilometres. Anyone who believes this will also believe that babies are brought by the stork. In fact the larger part of people in Germany do believe in a danger from bird flu, don't they.
IS THERE, THEN, no bird flu at all?

Since the late 19th century, diseases of poultry in mass animal farming have been observed: Bluecolouring of the crest, decrease in egglaying performance, sagging of the feathers, and sometimes these animals die too. These diseases were called bird pest.

In present-day mass poultry farming, in particular when hens are being raised in cages, many animals die each day as a result of species-alien animal [factory] farming. After a time, these consequences of mass animal farming were no longer called bird pest, but bird flu.

So for decades, we have been told that a transferable virus is the cause of this, in order to deflect from the actual causes.
THEN THOSE 100 MILLION hens which appear to have died from bird flu in reality have died from stress or and/or from nourishment deficiency and poisoning?

No! If one hen lies fewer eggs or gets a blue crest and that hen is tested H5N1-positive too, then all the other hens are gassed. That is how there got to be those 100 million apparently H5N1-killed hens.

If you look at this more closely, then you see behind it a several-decades-long strategy: In the West, the big enterprises are cleaning up on this, because those animals that died "from the contagious disease" are being compensated for at the expense of the general public, at the highest market price, while in Asia and everywhere where poultry are being farmed successfully, the poultry market there is being destroyed maliciously and on purpose under the leadership of the UN organization FAO [United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization]

All big Western poultry farming enterprises, therefore, are keeping their mouths shut and by means of their veterinaries are seeing to it that, if the market price for poultry sinks, they get an infectious disease diagnosed, so that they can get their animals sold at a higher price than would be possible with normal farming, "taken care of" at the governmentally guaranteed maximum price, and all the animals in one single batch too.

To bring it to the common denominator: It's modern subvention scamming combined with paralyzing scaremongering, which as a secondary effect guarantees that nobody asks for proof.
WHAT DID THOSE 61 PERSONS DIE of who were demonstrated to have H5N1?

There is only very little in the way of publicly available reports, describing what were the symptoms and how these persons were then treated. These cases clearly point in one direction: Persons with symptoms of a cold, who then had the bad luck to fall into the hands of H5N1 hunters, were killed with enormous amounts of chemotherapy [chemical pharmaceuticals] supposed to restrain the phantom virus. Isolated in plastic tents, surrounded by madmen in space suits, they died, in panicky fear, from multiple organ failures.
DOES THIS BIRD FLU VIRUS then not exist at all?

In humans, in the blood or in other bodily fluids, in an animal or in a plant there never have been seen or demonstrated structures which you could characterize as bird flu viruses or flu viruses or any other supposedly disease-causing virus. The causes of those diseases which are being maintained to be caused by a virus, also those in animals, which can arise quickly and in individuals either one after the other or several at the same time, are known since a long time back.

However much you stretch things in biology, there is simply no place for viruses as the causative agents of diseases. Only if I ignore the findings of Dr Hamer's New Medicine , according to which shock events are the cause of many diseases, and the findings of chemistry on the effects of poisonings and deficiencies, and then if I ignore the findings of physics about the effects of radiation, then there is a place for imaginings such as disease-causing viruses.
WHY THEN are disease-causing viruses still being maintained to exist?

The academic medicine protagonists/practitioners need the paralyzing, stupifying and destructive fear of disease-causing phantom viruses as a central basis for their existence:

Firstly, in order to harm many people with vaccinations, in order to build up for themselves a clientele of chronically ill and ailing objects who will put up with anything being done to them.

Secondly, in order not to have to admit that they are failing totally in their treatment of chronic illnesses and have killed and are killing more people than all wars so far have made possible.

Every practitioner of academic medicine is conscious of this, but only very few dare to speak about it. Therefore it's no wonder either that among professional groups, it is that of the academic medicine practitioners that has the highest suicide rate, far surpassing other professional groups.

Thirdly, the academic medicine practitioners need the paralyzing and stupifying fear of diabolical viruses, in order to conceal their historical origin as an oppression and killing instrument of the Vatican's when it was struggling to rise in the world, having developed out of the usurping West Roman army.

Academic medicine has been and is the most important pillar of support of all dictatorships and governments which do not want to submit to written law, to constitutions, to human rights, that is, to the democratically legitimized social contract.

This explains too why academic medicine really can and is allowed to do anything that pleases it, and in this is subjected to no control whatsoever. If we do not overcome this, we will all perish by this academic medicine.

Unfortunately, no! Anyone who opens his eyes will see this in that way.

Ivan Illich warned about this already in 1975 in his analysis "Die Enteignung der Gesundheit" ("The Expropriation of Health"). This book still exists today, under the title: Die Nemesis der Medizin (Medical Nemesis).

Goethe described the state of academic medicine in Faust right to the point. He has the physician Dr Faustus admit:

"Hier war die Arznei, die Patienten starben und niemand fragte, wer genas, so haben wir mit höllischen Latwergen, in diesen Tälern, diesen Bergen weit schlimmer als die Pest getobt, ich selbst habe das Gift an Tausende gegeben, sie welkten hin, ich muss erleben, dass man die frechen Mörder lobt."

"Here was the medicine, the patients died and nobody asked who got better,
thus we have ravaged with infernal electuaries1, much worse than the disease
in these valleys, these mountains, I myself have given the poison to thousands,
they withered away, but the impudent murderers are being praised.")

1 Electuary – A drug mixed with sugar and water or honey into a pasty mass suitable for oral administration.

Goethe calls practitioners of academic medicine who are giving people the electuaries, that is, the poisonous substances, unabashed murderers, who still today are being praised.

Here I can and also must refer to our publications, because we have, as the first to do so, put the central revealing question to modern medicine and have documented and commented on the resulting confessions.

At and you will find all the relevant information on this.
WHY HAVE YOU SPECIFICALLY hit on this "scam of the century"?

I studied molecular biology. In the course of my studies I demonstrated the existence of the first virus in the sea, in a sea alga. This proof was first published in a scientific publication in 1990, in accordance with the standard of the natural sciences. The virus whose existence I demonstrated reproduces itself in the alga, can leave it and reproduce itself again in other algae of this kind, without having any negative effects, and this virus stands in no connection whatsoever with any disease.

For instance in one litre of sea water, there are over 100 million viruses of various kinds very different from each other. Fortunately, the health authorities and the doctors have not become aware of this, otherwise there since long would have been a law permitting sea bathing only for persons attired in total body condoms.

Biological structures which would do anything negative however have never been seen. The basis of biological life is togetherness, is symbiosis, and in this there is no place for war and destruction. War and destruction in biological life is something purported by sick and criminal brains.

In the course of my studies, I and others have not been able to find proof of the existence of disease-causing viruses anywhere. Later we have discoursed on this publicly and have called on people not to believe us either but to check out themselves whether or not there are disease-causing viruses.

Out of this there arose the klein-klein action [anti-vaccine action group], which since 5 years back has been asking the health authorities for proofs and which finally has gotten admission of and certainty of the fact that there is no proof of disease-causing viruses and no proof of a benefit of vaccination. In order to enable us to make these results publicly known without falsification of them, we founded the klein-klein-verlag (publishing house) three years ago.
WHAT VIRUSES ARE THERE at all, then, and what are they doing?

Structures which you can characterize as viruses exist in many species of bacteria and in simple life forms, similar to bacteria. They are elements of different cells living together in a common cell type that remains independent. This is called a symbiosis – an endosymbiosis – which has arisen in the course of the process of different cell types and structures combining, an endosymbiosis that has brought forth the present cell type, the type of cells which humans, animals and plants are made of.

Like the mitochondria, the bacteria in all our cells that breathe our oxygen [and produce our energy], and the chloroplasts, the bacteria in all plants, which produce oxygen, the viruses are parts – components of cells.

This is very important: Viruses are component parts of very simple organisms, for instance of the confervacae type of algae, a particular species of a one-celled chlorella alga and of very many bacteria. As existing there, these viral component parts are called phages.

In complex organisms however, in particular in humans, or in animals or plants, such structures which you might call viruses have never been seen.

The bacteria in our cells, the mitochondria, or the bacteria in every plant, the chloroplasts, which cannot leave the common cell, since they are dependent on the metabolism of the cell. But viruses can leave the cell, since they are not carrying out any survival-vital tasks within the cell.

Viruses, thus, are component parts of the cell which have turned their entire metabolism over to the common cell and therefore can leave the cell. Outside the common cell, they are helping other cells, in that they are transferring construction and energy substances. Any other function of theirs has never been observed.

Those actual viruses which have been scientifically demonstrated to exist, are performing in the very complex processes of interactions of different cells, a helping, a supporting and in no case a destructive role.

Also in the case of diseases, neither in the diseased organism nor in a bodily fluid has any structure which you could characterize as a virus ever been seen or isolated2. The proposition that there is any illness-causing virus whatsoever is a transparent swindle, a fatal lie with dramatic consequences.
YOU ARE NOT SAYING that the dangerous AIDS virus is only a virtual one, are you?

Not only I am maintaining that the so-called AIDS virus "HIV" has never been scientifically demonstrated to exist, but only is being maintained to exist because of a purported consensus.

The Bundesgesundheitsministerin, the Minister for Public Health in Germany, Ulla Schmidt, wrote on 05.01.2004 to the Member of Parliament (Bundestagsabgeordneten) Rudolf Kraus:

"Of course the Human Immunodeficiency Virus is considered – in international scientific consensus – to be scientifically demonstrated to exist."

Today, after many years, citizens have time and again asked the health authorities here in Germany for scientific proof of the existence of the purported illness-causing viruses, the health authorities are no longer maintaining that any virus whatsoever purportedly causing a disease has been directly proved to exist.

In an ongoing process of petitioning to the Bundestag (German parliament), the Ministry of Public Health passed the bucket of responsibility on such matters on to the Ministry of Research. The Ministry of Research now is taking up the absurd standpoint that the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of science prohibits the state from checking on that which science maintains.
BUT THAT'S ABSURD. That would mean that the state is surrendering us, helpless and protectionless, into the hands of an uncontrolled science which can do and cause to be done anything it wants. Are you really of the opinion that the state is exposing us in such a way?

I do not have an opinion here. Concerning these matters, I can only see and point to the facts. We are experiencing in the present bird flu panic that the state, contrary to its knowledge, in Germany is surrendering the population into the hands of some persons or other who are camouflaging themselves as scientists. An enforced chemotherapy is being planned, and next spring the entire German population is to be forcibly vaccinated twice against the purported bird flu phantom.

But neither has ever a bird flu virus been demonstrated to exist, nor has the existence of any virus whatsoever that would have anything to do with anybody's falling ill been demonstrated. Such viruses do not exist. Precisely in the same manner as the minister admitted, concerning the purported AIDS virus, they are being maintained to exist because of an international scientific consensus.
BUT THE BIRD FLU VIRUS H5N1, dangerous to humans, was quite recently very precisely demonstrated to exist in an English laboratory!

If a virus coming directly from a body or a bodily fluid, for instance from birds, has been proved to exist, then any average scientist can check out, in any typical laboratory, within a day, whether this virus is present in the dead animal. This has never occurred. On the contrary, what is being used to prove viral existence are indirect test methods which tell absolutely nothing.

For instance, it's being maintained that there are antibodies which attach to the body of the purported virus and only to that, so when there's a reaction between a body and an antibody, the existence of the purported virus has been demonstrated.

In reality, those purported antibodies are soluble blood albumins, which play a central role in the structural integrity ["making tight"] of cells which are growing and dividing and in the healing of wounds.

These blood albumins, also called globulins, in a test-tube containing corresponding concentrations of acids and bases, minerals and solvents, will combine arbitrarily with other albumins. Thus you can make any sample taken from an animal or a person test arbitrarily positive or negative. This must be quite clearly said too – It's complete and criminal wilfulness.

It is also maintained that, by means of a biochemical multiplication technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR), the so-called gene substance of the virus can be multiplied and thus be proved to exist – but this is a swindle. Firstly, nowhere does there exist a gene substance of a disease-causing virus, to which one might compare the artificially multiplied particles of gene substance. Secondly, only such parts of gene substances get multiplied which already existed beforehand in those fluids which are being used for indirectly demonstrating the existence of the purported virus.

And it's quite simple:

A thousand pieces of indirect proof, corn circles for instance, do not make an UFO either. You don't even have to know English, so as to read those publications to which the virus swindlers are referring, in order to see for yourself that nowhere in them does a virus appear: If you ask those scientists for proof of the existence of the purported viruses, for instance that of H5N1, you will get only evasions in return and never a concrete answer.

On TV we have heard time and again that the investigations were carried out in an English laboratory. The name of that English laboratory the public has not been told. It's the reference laboratory of the EU for bird flu, in Weybridge. I have asked the scientists several times for the pieces of proof of the existence of the H5N1 virus. They have replied to me only once, and after that never again, and wrote that they did not understand my question.

note – German journalist Torsten Engelbrecht wrote the German health authorities, asking the same question – the final response was "There is no scientific forecasting method that could support the possibility that an influenza virus can induce a new pandemic at this time4."]

I also have written several times to the World Health Organization and in particular to the bird flu pandemic co-ordinator, the German Klaus Stöhr, and asked for proof of the existence of the bird flu virus. Neither the WHO nor Klaus Stöhr has responded.
BUT WHAT DOES THIS H5N1, which makes the whole world tremble, mean?

The "H" in H5N1 stands for haemaglutinin, the "N" stands for neuraminidase.

The pseudo-virologists are maintaining that in the protective coat of influenza viruses, there are albumins of the type haemaglutinin and albumins of the type of the enzyme neuraminidase.

These are the most diverse substances in biochemistry that are being referred to – not only albumins, but haemaglutinin, which cause the red blood-corpuscles to lump together with each other.

The pseudo-virologists have jointly agreed that in the protective coat of influenza viruses there supposedly are 15 different kinds of albumins having the property of a haemaglutinin. The "5" here stands for Type Five of a purported albumin, whose existence, again, is also only being demonstrated indirectly.

Now in order to prove the existence of an influenza virus, in the laboratory red blood-corpuscles are mixed with samples in which there supposedly is the purported virus. If the red blood-corpuscles lump together, then it is maintained that a haemaglutinin in an influenza virus must be the cause of this, without there ever having been a virus isolated – let alone a virus being seen in such a sample or from/in such a mixture.

From the way in which the lumping together occurs the pseudo-virologists then conclude, precisely in the manner of the Oracles in the cartoon Asterix and Obelix, which type of haemaglutinin, supposedly, has been found. For this, these scientists have available a multitude of test procedures. These tests are constructed so that the precisely the type of haemaglutinin the "testing" scientist has assumed in advance would be present, becomes indicated.

This is also precisely what is done with the neuraminidase enzyme, which is maintained to be a component part of the protecting hood of influenza viruses. Here, 9 different types are being maintained by the pseudovirologists to exist.

In reality the neuraminidase is an enzyme which, by separating parts of an amino sugar called neuramin acid, regulates the surface tension which is decisive for metabolism.

Analogous to the "viral" haemaglutinin there are a multitude of corrupt test procedures which "demonstrate" the result – that is, "the existence of" precisely that type of neuraminidase that the overseeing virologist already had assumed in advance.

So it is also no wonder that that turkey cock belonging to the 73 year-old farmer Dimitris Kominaris of the East Aegean island Inousses, which ostensibly died of H5N1, has vanished without a trace. Or that at the reference laboratory in question no sample from Greece has arrived either. Or that the clairvoyant media have reported that a first sample has confirmed the suspicion.

For demonstrating the existence of H5N1, really no sample is necessary either, since, as is the case with all purported contagious diseases, it is a question of a planned action, intended for political reasons to induce fear.
IN THE MEDIA, PHOTOS of bird flu viruses and influenza viruses constantly are being shown. Some of these photos show round formations. Are those not viruses?

No! Firstly, those round formations which supposedly are influenza viruses are, as every molecular biologist can see, artificially-produced particles consisting of fats and albumins. The layman can check on this by asking for a scientific publication in which these pictures are reproduced and described and the composition of the formations shown is documented. Such a publication does not exist.

Secondly, those pictures which supposedly show bird flu viruses in reality show, as every biologist can make out without any doubt, quite normal component parts of cells, or complete cells which happen to be in the process of exporting or importing cellular and metabolic component parts. Again, the layman can check on this very precisely, by asking for those publications on which those photos are based and from which they originate: He will never receive such publications. The scaremongerers' craft guild is loath to expose its trade basis, the swindles with laboratory and animal experiments.

If you ask the picture agencies or a news agency such as the DPA [German (Deutsch) Press Agency] where they're getting these photos of theirs from, they will refer you to the American contagious-disease authority the CDC of the Pentagon. It is from the CDC that the only photo of the purported H5N1 originates.

This photo shows the length section cut and also the cross section cut of tubes in cells which have been caused to die in a test-tube. These small tubes in the professional language are called microtubuli, and serve the transport and communication in the cell and in the process of cell division.
IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED HOWEVER THAT H5N1 kills hen embryos and can be cultivated in eggs. Is it not so?

These experiments have been used for over 100 years to "prove" the existence of several "viruses" quite different from each other, for instance also that of the purported smallpox virus. In these experiments, extracts are injected through the eggshell into the embryo. Depending on how much is injected and where in the embryo the supposedly "virus-infected" extract is injected, the embryo dies faster or more slowly. It would die from such injections in precisely the same manner if the extracts were sterilized in advance.

This killing then is presented by those virologists,

firstly, as direct proof of the existence of the respective virus,

secondly as proof of the possibility of multiplying the virus,

and thirdly and simultaneously as proof of the isolation of the virus.

From hen embryos killed in this way, millions of which are dying silently each year at the vaccine manufacturers', various vaccine substances are being produced.

Besides hen embryos, also cells are being killed in test-tubes in order to present the dying of these cells as proof of the existence, the multiplying and the isolation of a disease-causing virus.

Nowhere however is a virus being isolated in this manner, photographed in an electron microscope and its component parts described in processes of the type called electrophoresis.
BUT THEN WHAT DOES KILL THE ANIMALS in the animal experiments, if it is not the H5N1?

Concerning this too you only have to take a look at the publications in which these animal experiments are described. Hens are being slowly suffocated to death within three days by
means of administering a fluid to them through the windpipe.

In small Java monkeys, 30 days before the purported infection, temperature transmitters are being placed in the abdomen; 5 days before the purported infection they are fixated in an air sub-pressure chamber and at the point of the so-called infection, an amount of liquid corresponding to 6 schnapps glasses for humans is pressed through the tube in the windpipe of these young animals.

Parts of the same extract from dying, that is putrefying, cells are sprayed into both eyes and into the tonsils of the animals. In many cases, suffocation attacks are caused in the animals by means of rinsing the bronchial tubes, etc. The resulting damage and destruction is then presented as the result of H5N1.

I have informed the earlier Minister for Consumer Protection, Künast, and the present minister, Trittin, who are presenting themselves as protectors of animals, about this, via their personal reporters. There was no reaction.
BUT THE VIRUS OF THE SPANISH FLU has been reconstructed genetically and also has been demonstrated to be a bird flu virus!

What, was reconstructed genetically is nothing else than a model of the genetic substance of an influenza virus. An influenza virus has never been isolated. A genetic substance of an influenza virus has never been isolated either. All that has been done is multiplying gene substance by means of the biochemical multiplication method "polymerase chain reaction" [PCR]. With this method it also is possible to arbitrarily multiply new, never earlier existing, short pieces of gene substance.

Thus it's possible with this technique also to manipulate the genetic fingerprint, that is, to test someone as identical to or different from a sample that has been "found". Only if very much of gene substance is found that can be compared [to an isolate] is found will the genetic fingerprint provide a certain probability of a match, provided the process is carried out properly.

Dr Jeffery Taubenberger, from whom the allegation of a reconstruction of the 1918 pandemic virus originates, works for the US-American army. He has worked for more than 10 years on producing short pieces of gene substance by means of the biochemical multiplication technique PCR, based on samples from different human corpses. Out of the multitude of produced pieces he has selected those which came closest to the model of the genetic substance [sequence] of the idea [model] of an influenza virus, and he has published these.

In no corpse however was a virus seen or isolated or was a piece of gene substance from a such isolated. By means of the PCR technique there were produced out of nothing, pieces of gene substance whose earlier existence in the corpse could not be demonstrated.

If viruses had been present, then these could have been isolated, and out of these their gene substance could have been isolated; it would not have been necessary for anyone to produce a patchwork quilt of a model of the genetic substance of the idea of an influenza virus, through laborious PCR technique – clearly with an intention to swindle.
HOW CAN A LAYMAN check on this?

It is being maintained that these short pieces of genetic material, which in the sense of genetics are not complete and which do not even suffice for defining a gene, together would make up the entire gene substance of an influenza virus.

In order to see through this swindle one only has to be able to add up the published length pieces, in order to ascertain that the sum of the lengths of the individual pieces do not make up the length of the idea of the genome of the influenza virus model.

Even simpler is to ask in what publication you can find the electron microscope photo of this supposedly reconstructed virus. There is no such publication.
IT'S BEING MAINTAINED that these experiments have demonstrated that this reconstructed virus from 1918 would kill very effectively. What might be untrue in this?

If I inject a hen embryo with a mixture of artificially-produced pieces of gene substance and albumins and aim at the centre of its heart, then it dies faster than if I only inject the mixture into the embryo peripherically.

If I expose cells in a test-tube to a quantity of artificially-produced gene substance and albumins, they die faster than under the standard conditions for cells dying in a test-tube. This is being presented as proof of the existence, as proof of the isolation and as proof of the multiplication of the purported virus – this is now "normal science."

Based on this artificially produced gene substance, which is presented as virus, models of albumins are being made with computers. Proceeding from these albumin models, the appearance of the entire virus is reconstructed with computers.

That's all that's happening. But the whole world believes that you can reconstruct viruses in laboratories. So it's no wonder either that the CIA and the British secret service MI6, now maintain that in North Korea, the communist regime would now be producing flu viruses even more deadly than H5N1.
WHAT CONCLUSIONS do you draw from this?

Since Bin Laden, the head of the supposed al-Qaida (which in Arabic only means "The Road), has not been found, and nothing was heard of this organization before the "hotcleaning-up" of the collapse-endangered skyscrapers in New York…

Since, just as the supposed smallpox viruses have not been found, and there were found no mass destruction weapons of Saddam's, (which was the reason for the second Iraq war)...

And now once more some deadly viruses are being maintained to exist, it should be obvious who in reality are the terrorists and who in reality are the suicide bombers: All who are participating in the virus panic and are contributing to it!

The World Health Organization (WHO) has, in its pandemic plans, [created] a possible breakdown of public order by declaring a flu pandemic. The estimates of up to 100 million deaths should be taken seriously.

As to who is most at risk – those in nursing homes, as well as small children will be the first and most defenseless victims of a breakout of chaos and a breakdown of the infrastructure.

It would be hardly possible to depict how [bad] this would get, if the contagious-disease makers declared the emergency during the winter [instead of Spring.]
DOES THEN THE SUBSTANCE TAMIFLU, which is now being purchased with tax money and stocked, protect people from the bird flu?

Nobody maintains that this substance protects against a flu.

Tamiflu is supposed to function as a neuraminidase-restraining agent. It restrains in an organism the function of the sugar neuraminidase acid, which is co-responsible for the surface tension in the cells.

Those side effects which are noted on the instruction slips accompanying packages of Tamiflu are almost identical to the symptoms of a serious influenza. Thus, on a large scale, medicines are now being stored which cause precisely the same symptoms as those which appear in an actual so-called influenza – symptoms which will discontinue, with a doctor, after seven days, and without a doctor after a week. [sic]

If Tamiflu is administered to sick persons, then this is likely to cause far more serious symptoms than those of a serious influenza. If a pandemic is stated to exist, then many people will take this medicine at the same time. In that case we will actually have unequivocal symptoms of a Tamiflu epidemic. Then deaths caused by Tamiflu are to be expected, and this will then be presented as evidence of the dangerous nature of the bird flu and evidence of how anxious the state is that people should be in good health.

In this, the well-tested AIDS pattern is being repeated. In Spain it's noted on the instruction slips accompanying packages of AIDS medicine that it is not known whether the symptoms are caused by the medicine or by the virus.
THEN YOU WILL ALSO NOT RECOMMEND any general vaccination or the specially developed vaccination against the bird flu?

I am not recommending any madness.

Every vaccination substance contains poisonous substances which have effects during a long time resulting in smaller or larger permanent injury. The infection protection law requires, as necessary precondition for a vaccination's being justified, the "exists", the fact that something that causes a disease, for instance a virus, actually exists.

Since none of the so-called disease-causing viruses can be, nor should be, maintained to exist, there can also be no lawful vaccinations against influenza, and none against bird flu either.

Every vaccination that has occurred in Germany after the infection protection law became operative on January 1, 2000 is a crime of serious bodily assault. So, of course, I am not recommending people to surrender themselves to become victims of lawbreakings and crimes.

One can only speculate.

Of course the pharmaceutial industry is happy about the big business with the bird flu panic. But in fact every individual lies behind this madness. The situation is what it is. The situation could only come to this because as citizens we have tolerated that our state acts in this way against people, although our state is formally a democratic state built on law.

Anyone who waits for the pharmaceutical industry to do something for the good of people concerning this will wait in vain. "Wer sich jetzt nicht wehrt, der lebt verkehrt" – "You don't now put up a defense? Your life won't have the right sense."

Anyone can ask the Ministry for Consumer Protection, the Ministry for Public Health etc for that scientific proof which would justify the bird flu panic.

Anyone who waits for "the others" to do something should not wonder why nothing is done and why the situation gets much worse. In the final instance we, the citizens, stand behind this, in that we for years have done nothing about it, and have seen the whole madness around us and tolerated it. Here we must begin to take social responsibility, if we do not want to surrender and sacrifice ourselves to the total domination and chaos of an uncontrolled pseudoscience.
IN YOUR OPINION MUST [this] science be combated?

The domination of the pseudoscience must be overcome by means of a social science which is characterized by its obligation to truthfulness and by the possibility to check on it and to control its actions.

The language of the present university medical science reveals that it is an an undemocratic, unlawfull and uncontrolled dominating authority. When the academic medicine practitioners and the state justify their actions, they refer to the "dominating opinion in medical science" to which we supposedly have to submit – even if these authorities maintained that the babies are brought by the stork or that the earth is a flat disk – we have to agree with the authority.

We have however no reason to complain.

It is we who are tolerating this governmental line of conduct. It should suprise no one that if we continue to tolerate this, we're surrendering ourselves [to the endproducts] of this domination – just as we are doing right now, faced with the absurdity of the alleged bird flu allegations.

It should not surprise anyone who surrenders himself to this to wakes up one morning and with horror finds that he is dead: Killed by that domination which he as citizen of a democratic state built on law had tolerated.

In a democratic state built on law, the bird flu panic would be just as impossible as would AIDS and vaccinations. We the citizens must bring about the state built on law. Then not only AIDS but also the pseudoscience and the bird flu will have no chance. I can only say: Don't give the bird flu a chance! Don't believe the lies you are being told! Check things out! Use your reason!

For those who want to do something: At there are suggestions.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Wednesday October 19 2005
updated on Saturday December 4 2010

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Readers' Comments

Nice report. None of the typical hype and exaggeration about bird flu, a balanced look at what is *potentially* a major problem. Thanks for compiling this list of reports/articles on the bird flu situation too.


Posted by: Dr.Mani on October 21, 2005 05:23 AM


According to John Rappoport of "if a population is reasonably well fed, is drinking fairly clean water, has decent sanitation, and doesn't live on top of one another, the chance of a germ epidemic of any kind is very slim."

"Bird Flu" very unlikely

OCTOBER 14, 2005. After slogging through a number of articles on bird flu, I've seen a simple pattern.

The headline screams PANDEMIC, and the body of the story reveals a small paragraph in which some expert says the current bird-flu virus probably won't cause a pandemic.

It'll be some other virus, or a different strain of the current virus.

When you think this over, the prediction goes something like this: "At some unknown time in the future, there will be a flu virus that will kill millions of people."

Accepting, for the moment, this formulation, one can see the prediction could have been made at any time since the dawn of cvilization on Earth. And as long as the date is not nailed down for the arrival of the "killer germ," the prediction still has legs, because "the future" is very long and very open-ended.

And with a purported death stat of 60 people from the current avian virus---that's over the last 3 years---the whole charade looks as ridiculous as a warning that car tires escaping on their own from junkyards will kill half the US population. ["Normal" flu in average kills 60.000 people in one season.]

Then you can add this: if a population of people has severely compromised immune systems, because of contaminated water, starvation, overcrowding, no sanitation system, ANY circulating germ can create an epidemic. And if a population is reasonably well fed, is drinking fairly clean water, has decent sanitation, and doesn't live on top of one another, the chance of a germ epidemic of any kind is very slim.


Posted by: Sepp on October 22, 2005 03:26 PM


Very interesting discussions. I have written an article on avian flu that is currently on my web site. I think you will enjoy it and possibly learn a few other facts.

Thank you.


Posted by: Nancy Townsend on February 4, 2006 09:24 PM


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