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December 18, 2005

Aspartame: UK Parliamentarian Calls For Ban

According to a recent article in The Guardian, Roger Williams, a UK Member of Parliament, called for emergency action to ban the artificial sweetener Aspartame, questioning its safety. The MP said that there was "compelling and reliable evidence for this carcinogenic substance to be banned from the UK food and drinks market altogether".

A second article in the same issue of The Guardian reminds us how aspartame was approved by Donald Rumsfeld calling in "political markers" to override the doubts of the FDA's scientists. No honest reassessment of the science on aspartame was attempted as country after country followed the FDA's lead and approved the chemical sweetener.

Consumers did and do report many untoward side effects, but apparently there is no mechanism in the FDA to follow up, analyse or investigate such consumer complaints. Betty Martini has been collecting the information, all available on and Several books detail the dangers of the sweetener, but it seems that - barring widespread public protests - there may be no way to get health authorities to break their 'conspiracy of silence'. Aspartame seems pretty much unassailable.

Well, a Member of Parliament in the UK takes up arms against the monster and calls for action.

Betty Martini has some interesting particulars to add.

- - -

Aspartame's time to be banned is long overdue. It should never have been approved in the first place. Even the FDA revoked the petition for approval. In the aspartame documentary, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, ( Attorney James Turner explains how Don Rumsfeld called in his markers to get it approved. See the clip at Rumsfeld was on Reagan's transition team and the day after he took office he appointed Arthur Hull Hayes as FDA Commissioner to get it approved. So concerned it would take 30 days to get Hayes there President Reagan actually wrote an executive order making the current FDA Commissioner powerless to do anything about aspartame until Hayes arrived. What political clout. Somebody needs to ask Rumsfeld to go into more detail about those markers he held. After Hayes arrived at the FDA a scientific Board of Inquiry was convened and the petition for approval of this deadly neurotoxin was revoked because it triggered brain tumors, and was never proven safe. Hayes over-ruled the Board and [after having approved the sweetener and then left the FDA, he] went to work for the PR Agency of the manufacturer and has refused to talk to the press ever since.

H. J. Roberts, M.D., who testified before Congress warned at his first press conference if something wasn't done then we would have a global plague on our hands in five or ten years. And indeed it was Dr. Roberts who declared Aspartame Disease to be a global plague and published a 1038 page medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic. (

Having poisoned the world, more and more consumers call the plague - Rumsfeld Disease. Obviously had he not called in those bloody markers, the revoked petition for approval would have prevented the marketing of this chemical poison for human consumption and the disability and death it causes. Cori Brackett and J. T. Walden, co-owners of Sound and Fury Productions who produced Sweet Misery will soon have a new documentary to release titled Sweet Remedy. A remedy is needed to save aspartame victims. Cori Brackett is an aspartame victim who was diagnosed with MS. Off aspartame she walked out of her wheelchair to make this film. Eight months off aspartame her large lesion all but disappeared.

Obviously the first step is a ban and efforts continue around the world. Stephen Fox has petitioned the Environmental Improvement Board and Board of Pharmacy to ban it from New Mexico. Robin Goodwin has asked for a ban in the Falkland Islands and Lane Shore has asked it be removed from schools in Illinois. Attorneys are taking aspartame brain tumor cases in New York, New Jersey, Madison County Illinois and Mississippi. See form on

Aspartame is marketed as NutraSweet, Equal, E951, Canderel, Benevia, etc. For those who have used the toxin, neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., wrote "What To Do If You Have Used Aspartame".

For the whole story and time line read the Ecologist's cover story, "The Shocking Story of the World's Best Selling Sweetener".

Read on for the breaking news. I leave the aspartame manufacturers who with full knowledge knew they were marketing a neurotoxic drug, the words of Mohammed Ali: "You can run but you can't hide!" And especially today we add the immortal admonition of another great athlete, baseball's Satchel Paige: "Never look back, something might be gaining on you!" It's the victims you poisoned.

Dr. Betty Martini,D.Hum., Founder, Mission Possible Intl, 9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth, Georgia
30097 770 242-2599 and
Aspartame Toxicity Center,

- - -

Two Articles in the Guardian:

MP calls for ban on 'unsafe' sweetener

Safety of artificial sweetener called into question by MP

One of the press articles on this debate quotes UK health minister Carole Flint as defending the sweetener's safety. Betty Martini has a reply:

To Caroline Flint, Public Health Minister

The Daily Mail has quoted you:

"Responding for the Government, Public Health Minister Caroline Flint said an independent review of aspartame had been conducted in 2001. She said the Food Standards Agency advice remained that aspartame is safe for use in food. "I am advised that aspartame does not cause cancer," she said."

You say you were "advised", but as Public Health Minister with the health interests of the UK at stake, don't you think you should have researched the issue? There are front groups for the aspartame industry like the Calorie Control Council who will advise all day long that aspartame is safe with full knowledge its not.

I believe I have more concern for the health of the people of Europe than you do because I came to England not to "advise" but to document the facts on aspartame beyond any shadow of a doubt. The lives of the people are at stake. It was obvious the aspartame industry knew I was coming. I was met with "follow me" by immigration. They didn't even ask my name. Immediately one of their people went through my suitcases and confiscated every record on aspartame including books by the experts. They knew exactly what they were looking for. I was detained three and a half hours. Immigration even wanted to know how many people would be at each of my lectures.

Finally I was taken to a physician and when I asked why was told since I had been on a plane so long from the US they wanted to be sure I was in condition to be interrogated. I asked, "What right have you to interrogate me"? Interestingly, they put Dr. H. J. Roberts medical text on the global plague they had confiscated on his desk: "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic". You can get a copy at The physician exclaimed, Aspartame, I use it. Not particularly trying to be humorous I said, "you can die". He said, "but I'm diabetic!" I responded, "then you may die first". I explained H. J. Roberts, M.D., who declared aspartame disease to be a global plague says aspartame can precipitate diabetes, aggravates and simulates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, destroys the optic nerve and interacts with insulin. Dr. Roberts is a diabetic specialist. He looked through the book and became very concerned. He finally told the officials "let her go and give back all her material".

Yes, the aspartame industry was very concerned people in the UK were going to get a lot of facts and they wanted to know all about it. Cowan McKenna Litigation firm sent a mole to record my lecture in Shrewsbury. It was very obvious with such professional equipment. But I wanted them to know too we had the facts and gave the young lady a packet of material.

Then I flew to Brussels with a representative of our Mission Possible UK to meet with the EU, specifically Miguel Angel Granero-Rosell and Peter Wagstaffe. I brought them the records they needed to have to document aspartame is a deadly neurotoxic drug unfit for human consumption. First I gave them the government documents, the original Board of Inquiry report of the FDA revoking the petition for approval, along with the famed Dr. John Olney's testimony to the Board on the damage aspartame would do to the brains of our children if approved and especially in combination with glutamate. Dr. Olney is one of the most renowned neuroscientists in the world today. You can go to and read his CV. He founded the field of neuroscience called excitotoxicity after doing studies on aspartic acid, 40% of aspartame, and found it caused lesions in the brains of mice. Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D, wrote the book on it, Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills. An excitotoxin is a product that literally stimulates the neurons of the brain to death. The FDA agreed with Dr. Olney, no doubt one of the reasons they revoked the petition for approval. Aspartame was finally approved through the politics of Don Rumsfeld who at the time was CEO of Searle, the original manufacturer. Here is a clip from the aspartame documentary, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World with Washington, D.C. Attorney James Turner explaining how Rumsfeld called in his markers when the FDA said "no". Mr. Turner along with Dr. Olney attempted to prevent approval of this toxin. If you would like to see the whole film on how aspartame has poisoned the world you can get a copy in the UK from Those in the US can get it from

I provided the EU with Dr. Ralph Walton's research on scientific peer reviewed studies and funding which showed 92% of independent, unbiased research shows the aspartame problems. If you remove 6 studies done by the FDA because after approval they became loyal to the manufacturer, and one proindustry summary, 100% of independent scientific peer reviewed studies showed the problems. Only studies funded or controlled by industry ever said it was safe. Dr. Walton himself did a study which I provided. At the time NutraSweet was owned by Monsanto who had told Dr. Walton they would provide the aspartame but then refused knowing they would have no control over it. Indeed, the institution had to stop the study when one man developed a retinal detachment, another had conjunctival bleeding, and some in the study said they felt like they were being poisoned.

I actually brought the EU papers on how industry fixes the studies. I gave them Dr. Woodrow Monte's peer reviewed journal article, Aspartame: Methanol and the Public Health. Even provided the famous Bressler Report, the FDA audit. I spoke to Jerome Bressler as did Doctors H. J. Roberts and Russell Blaylock, to thank him for exposing the shenanigans of the manufacturer in an effort to try and prove a chemical poison safe. They just couldn't do it. They were doing such things as excising brain tumors from the rats, then putting the rats back in the study. When they died they would resurrect them on paper. They had no shame at all. Jerome Bressler told me if I thought his FDA audit was bad I should know it was a lot worse than most people even knew about. He said when the FDA had the paper retyped they removed the worst 20%. Dr. Roberts did ask his congressman to get those records but whenever fraud is involved, like altering reports, the FDA is quick to say the records are confidential.

I also showed Granero-Rosell and Wagstaffe the huge 1038 page medical text on the global plague of Aspartame Disease. How interested were they? They didn't even open the book. I knew when I left they had no intention in their review of giving the facts to the people. I even told them how aspartame got approved in England. The FDA tried to have the manufacturer indicted for fraud but both US Prosecutors Sam Skinner and William Conlon hired on with the defense team and the statute of limitations expired. When the district attorney goes to work for the godfather expect acquittal. If Rumsfeld hadn't called in those bloody markers aspartame would never have gotten on the market. The FDA approves lots of poisons but this one is so bad they did everything they could to stop it. But even when the manufacturer was successful in getting it approved how would they get it in other countries? Surely with an investigation other countries would find out what went on. So Searle made a business deal with Professor Paul Turner of [UK] Food Standards, and he approved it without anyone knowing. Look back at Parliament's records and you'll see a big blowout about it but the approval was not rescinded. The Guardian wrote an article about it. I'm sure Dr. Millstone would be happy to give you a copy. Then with aspartame approved there and in the US they could simply rubberstamp it around the world which they did. No studies were ever conducted in the UK.

When I left Brussels I knew the EU did not intend to tell the people the truth. When information gets out on aspartame usually regulatory agencies say "we'll review it" and then tell the people they did and everything is just fine. It was obvious the EU representatives had absolutely no interest in the toxicity of aspartame and a whitewash was on its way. In fact I offered to come back and they absolutely did not want anymore damning records on aspartame.

Indeed, when the EU report came out Dr. Roberts research was left out, Dr. Monte's paper on how aspartame liberates free methyl alcohol and more was left out, and instead used the flawed research I had given them papers on, showing the mechanism used to coverup the toxicity.

Oh, Ms. Flint, I almost failed to mention -- I was wired! There are tapes of the two hour meeting. Perhaps you'll get to hear them in another documentary!

About the review, it was not independent. Members of the European Commission Scientific Committee on Food have ethical and financial conflicts of interest with the food industry that should have disqualified them from participation on the committee. Members did not read some of the research they cited. It was as if they were making it up as they went along. Let me make it easy for you. Here is the rebuttal to the report. Notice it says the report ignored independent research related to aspartame and instead relied heavily on and frequently cited articles in books and reviews put together by employees or consultants of the aspartame manufacturers (Monsanto and Ajinomoto).

The FDA has always known aspartame is a carcinogen and the FDA's own toxicologist, the late Dr. Adrian Gross told Congress without a shadow of a doubt aspartame can trigger brain tumors and brain cancers and violated the Delaney Amendment which forbids putting anything in food you know will cause cancer. I even gave the EU representatives copies of the congressional hearings. After the European Ramazzini Foundation study on aspartame proving it causes lymphoma, leukemia, kidney cancer, and cancer of the peripheral nerves, the manufacturers were quick to say this study didn't go along with other research. I beg to differ. The manufacturers of aspartame are known to tell large whoppers. At the conference in September the researchers declared aspartame a multipotential carcinogen, and we have always known that. Remember only the rats fed aspartame developed malignant brain tumors. In original studies aspartame triggered brain, mammary, uterine, ovarian, thyroid, testicular and pancreatic tumors. We are now taking case histories of aspartame brain tumors in New York, New Jersey, Madison County, Illinois and Mississippi for litigation.

Want to read some quotes from government records? Aspartame Makers Tell A Whopper. I got a little fed up with Ajinomoto constantly lying so exposed these lies in: Ajinomoto, Aspartame and Brain Tumors: Recipe For Death.

Here is a time line on aspartame from the incredible cover story in the Ecologist, "The Shocking Story of The World's Best Selling Sweetener". And be sure to read in the magazine article, Life After Aspartame. This is about the chlorocarbon poison sucralose or Splenda that liberates free chlorine. We call it DDT-Lite in America. Dr. Mercola has lots of articles about it on his site, but attorneys for Tate & Lyle don't want people in the UK to find out and threatened Dr. Mercola. On his site he explains about these attorneys, and says his site is blocked from the UK. But don't worry, we have the articles on - just click on aspartame.

Come to think of it, before I first lectured in the UK, and I've done it twice now, it seems the majority of the people there didn't know the facts about the toxicity of aspartame. But now that there is a network of Mission Possible activists, there is no way to hide the facts any longer from the people. We are a global volunteer force, unpaid, with the mission of advising all inhabitants of planet earth aspartame is a deadly, deadly, neurotoxin masquerading as an additive. It interacts with all drugs and vaccines so that as long as it's on the market no drug is safe.

If you're wondering how successful Mission Possible International is in getting the word out check out and There are big time efforts now in New Mexico to have aspartame banned. Stephen Fox has petitioned the Environmental Improvement Board and the Board of Pharmacy. A hearing is set up for July based on the fact aspartame violates both state and federal statutes for adulteration. You probably have those laws there as well. Robin Goodwin (Mission Possible Falkland Islands) has petitioned to have aspartame banned there. You see his daughter was fed aspartame for 18 years and had a seizure every day of her life. Then he found out aspartame is a seizure triggering drug and had her abstain. The seizures stopped instantly. His wife had an aspartame brain tumor. Robin Goodwin wrote every person on the Falkland Islands. Lane Shore is in the process of trying to get it out of Illinois schools. And there are efforts everywhere. We know the aspartame manufacturers have bottomless checkbooks, and their attorneys intimidate the press. But there is one thing more powerful and its called consumer power in action. Perhaps you've heard the quote, "Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to produce uncommon results."

Intimidation and threats won't work. We won't stop until every consumer on the planet knows aspartame is poison, or it is withdrawn from the market. And we will keep on exposing every lie because you see its all a matter of public record.

I would be most happy to address Parliament and bring a copy of every document I gave the EU. Ms. Flint you can't just be "advised" about aspartame, you have to "know". As Public Health Minister you are required to be concerned with the health interests of the people of the UK. You owe Mr. Roger Williams an apology for not doing your homework, and you owe Parliament an apology. You should immediately begin to have aspartame withdrawn in the UK to prevent further poisoning of its citizens. You owe them that! And as to Dr. Soffritti, he is owed the Nobel Prize for getting the true facts of the carcinogenicity of aspartame known around the world. He and the world experts on aspartame who refused to sell out and have spent over two decades exposing this neurotoxin will go down in history.

The manufacturers of aspartame have attempted to hide the toxicity of aspartame in countries all over the globe but activists everywhere are exposing them. Whatever it takes, even if we have to save one life at a time. Aspartame is a teratogen triggering birth defects, causing epidemics of autism, ADD, ADHD, Tourettes, etc. The manufacturers of aspartame have damaged a generation of children and should be criminally prosecuted for genocide for the mass poisoning of the US and 100 countries of the world as Dr. James Bowen told the FDA. Dr. Bowen has Lou Gehrigs from aspartame.


Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Founder, Mission Possible International
9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097
770 242-2599 and
Aspartame Toxicity Center,

- - -

Daily Express, 17 December 2005

Crippled girl walks again after giving up sweetener

By Tom Price

A WOMAN who spent a year without the use of her legs says she can walk again after cutting the artificial sweetener aspartame from her diet.

Eve Terry, 24, believes that avoiding soft drinks and low-calorie yoghurts containing the ingredient has led to a remarkable recovery.

Aspartame is also found in sweets, cereals, medicines and vitamin supplements.

The Daily Express reported on Thursday that an MP and scientists have called for the 6,000 products containing aspartame to be removed from supermarket shelves after it was linked with cancer.

In April 2004, Eve's face swelled up and she regularly felt tired.

"Three months after that I woke up one morning and was unable to stand up," she said.

"It was really frightening and doctors were telling me that they could not work out what was going on.

"My face was very painful and I could only get round on crutches for a year."

Eve was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, a disorder of the facial nerve.

She was also told she had Gillian Barre Syndrome, which causes problems with the nervous system, making it impossible for her to walk.

In April this year, a specialist [Dr Sarah Myhill -] advised her that she should cut out aspartame.

"By the time I went for a follow-up appointment in the summer my face was much better and my legs had come back to life," said Eve, of Shrewsbury. "The difference in me since I stopped aspartame is remarkable."

Liberal Democrat MP Roger Williams, a member of the parliamentary select committee on food and the environment, has demanded a ban on aspartame.

Yesterday the Daily Express was bombarded with calls from readers worried about the artificial sweetener. 

[See also -

- - -


India: MP Calls For Ban On Aspartame


Turkey: (subscription required) The House of Lords of Great Britain has demanded that aspartame, an artificial sweetener, be banned due to a cancer risk linked to it, Milliyet reported.

UK: Food safety watchdog to investigate artificial sweetener
March 2006 - The Scotsman: THE government's food safety watchdog has ordered a fresh probe into an artificial sweetener found in more than 6,000 products after research re-ignited fears it may cause cancer. The Food Standards Agency has commissioned a review of data on aspartame, found in a range of soft drinks and low-fat foods, following a study published last year which found that rats fed the additive suffered increased cancer rates.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday December 18 2005
updated on Thursday December 23 2010

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"The specific statute Stephen Fox found that gives legs to the whole New Mexico campaign, and perhaps in your state as well, is as follows: "A food shall be deemed to be adulterated 1. if it contains any poisonous or deleterious substance which may render it injurious; 2. if it contains any added poisonous or added deleterious substance which is unsafe, and 3. if it consists in whole or in... [read more]
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Readers' Comments

I have osteoporosis and after trying other treatments was prescribed Protelos, manufactured by Servier Laboratories. I took this for six months during which time i was almost fecally incontinent. I thought this was possibly part of getting older (I was 68 years old) and when i finally went to the doctor this was more or less confirmed. Then i researched what drugs i was taking - lisinopril for high blood pressure and co-codamol for pain relief. I found that it was possible that the aspartame content of the protelos (strontium ranelate) was causing my problem and stopped taking it. Almost immediately my problem stopped and i was able to go out with my family without the crippling fear that i would be unable to reach a toilet in time.

Realising that the aspartame content had been causing my problem i wrote to the manufacturer asking if they could manufacture the drug without using aspartame. I was told that this was the only way the drug could be marketed, and i also contacted the national osteoporis society and my GP communicated with the manufacturer. Several other people on the NOS website had also had similar problems and contacted Servier, all to no avail.

I realise that my experience is not so severe as others who have reacted to aspartame but it has caused a longstanding effect on my life and even though i no longer take the drug i am still anxious when going out that the symptoms may recur.

I am now taking strontium citrate - a supplement which i am able to purchase via the internet and have had no adverse reaction to this.

any comments or help that is available would be welcomed. particularly to put pressure on the manufacturer to remove the aspartame content from their drug. i fail to see what purpose this has other than to make the drug more palatable.

Posted by: barbara on August 31, 2007 03:59 AM


I would like to take Strontium without the sweetener but live in Australia!

Posted by: Liz Beverley on May 20, 2012 12:40 AM


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