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January 14, 2006

Decline of Allopathic Medicine: Will Cellular Health, Ayurveda Form New Paradigm?

Paradoxically, the downfall of Western medicine may prove to be its inattention to basic human physiology. For all its scientific rigor, allopathic medicine cannot hide the glaring inconsistencies that characterize it. Toxic medications, inattention to basic nutritional facts, out-of-hand rejection of new research and time proven traditional medical techniques and especially the prevalence of side effects from its own treatments have made modern western medicine one of the major causes of unnecessary death and suffering. The research was done by Carolyn Dean, M.D. and others and is detailed in the book "Death By Modern Medicine". The book is also available on

The very pride of allopathic medicine, its scientific underpinnings have been called into question by a review of scientific studies. See Why Most Published Research Findings are False. Recent developments in medicine that leverage our growing knowledge about cellular health and biochemical pathways are having infinitely better results than the pharmaceutically controlled allopathic branch of medicine which has - for now at least - the ears of legislators and regulators in most countries.

Dr Rath's breakthroughs on heart disease, cancer and AIDS validate the biological, natural, nutritional approach to illness. Ancient wisdom of the ayurvedic tradition is being digitized and revived and is getting ready to take its place in a new world system of medicine.

Here is a glimpse into a recent discussion on the need for medical reform and the emerging alternatives. Beldeu Singh from Malaysia, in response to public discussions 'warning' against traditional medicine, tells us about the pitfalls inherent in the dominant medical paradigm, while Jagannath Chatterjee introduces such "old" practices as ayurveda and homeopathy. These traditions, to us, may seem to lack scientific underpinnings, but they have served man well through the ages.

- - -


by Beldeu Singh

I refer to the recent letters in NST (New Straits Times) especially by GSL who cites a WHO warning on alternative medicine. Well, first of all, we welcome all warnings on consumables and that includes prescriptions. We cannot, but agree on the sacrosanct belief in safety, making informed decisions and support the use of medicines that promote no harm in the human body.

Then, it becomes but an equally sacrosanct imperative to state that many drugs prescribed under allopathy are not a part of the normal metabolic pathways in human cells and are not part of the healthy or optimal cellular function. Most of them can, in fact interfere with these metabolic pathways. This is a fundamental conflict that the allopathic fraternity does not talk about.

Most of the allopathic drugs are toxic or cytotoxic and generate free radicals in the body. As a result many of them have the so called side effects and can lead to complications arising from oxidative stress. Consequently, you hear of the benefit-risk profile of allopathic drugs but nobody warns you of their toxicity. In fact, it has become a part of our mindset in which we readily refer to them as medicines and not drugs with a benefit-risk profile or drugs with free radical generating capacity.

Chemotherapy for Cancer

Chemotherapy is a perfect example of a system of medicine that uses highly toxic drugs that kill cancer cells as well as young and healthy cells in the body. Chemo-drugs generate large amounts of free radicals that are cytotoxic and exert oxidative stress that can suppress the immune system. Ironically, it is the immune system that conducts the survaillance of abnormal cells in the body and is part of the body's natural defense system along with the antioxidant defense mechanism that is effectively destroyed by the excess free radicals generated by chemo-drugs but no doctor is required by law to declare or inform the patient of such devastating effects of their drugs.

All drugs and chemicals have some form of effect on cells and organs and the pathways in the body. Allopathy selects those that seem to offer more benefit than its risks. Yet there are many cases where the risks outweigh the benefits and over time the use of such drugs show that the free radicals generated by them eventually caused oxidative stress and oxidative injury to the cells and produced complications. This is despite the clinical trials in a large number of people as seen in the case of celebrex, vioxx, etc. So, how do we know for sure that a cancer patient died from the disease and not from oxidative stress in the brain or liver caused by the excess free radicals generated by chemo-drugs? Where are these studies?


One of the drugs used in allopathy is AZT. AZT is highly toxic and it was officially classified as a poison. AZT therapy was officially indicated only for "AIDS" or "ARC" patients who either had "a history of cytologically confirmed Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) or an absolute CD4 (T4 helper/inducer) lymphocyte count of less than 200/mm3 in the peripheral blood before therapy is begun." (Physician's Desk Reference). This changed with claims that AZT was beneficial for "HIV-infected" persons with "mild symptoms of immune system damage" and also for "HIV- infected persons who have not yet developed symptoms." Where are the clinical trials in large groups of people (double blind and placebo) to prove that AZT is beneficial to "infected" people who have not yet developed the symptoms. AZT is a poison that will invariably cause a host of delapidating complications at the cellular and organ level within 18 months, even when taken in the prescribed doses on a daily basis and lead to death. Again, the basic science of poisons is not in agreement with the use of AZT in people who have not developed the symtoms. Take a look at a 15 year old label of AZT and decide for yourself if you can call it a medicine.

"Phial of 25 mg AZT supplied by Sigma-Aldrich Chemie GmbH for use in research laboratories, with the label bearing an orange stripe imprinted with a skull and
crossbones icon to signify potentially fatal toxic chemical hazard to the handler - spelt out in six languages: Toxic Giftig Toxique Toxico Tossico Vergiftig - and the warning: TOXIC
Toxic to inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed. Target organ(s): Blood, Bone marrow. In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (show the label where possible). Wear suitable protective clothing." (The latest label also contains a cancer warning.)

Allopathic doctors prescribe this poison as a retroviral. Where is the proof gathered from laboratory tests or clinical trials or fundamental science to show that AZT is a retroviral? The original data showed that it is highly cytotoxic. How on earth can any substance that was once labelled as "TOXIC TO INHALATION" become a prescription drug? Why is this never told to the patient? Perhaps, we need to review our laws so that allopathic doctors give mandatory information on the risks of the drugs they use.

I, too take pride in such studies as they are scientifically important and in the case of allopathic drugs that are toxic, these are of critical importance. In fact, I have even proposed an additional test (called the Leaf Test, named after Dr. Alexander Leaf of Harvard) to test all drugs for toxicity on neonatal heart cells to determine how many will initiate arrythimias as a guideline for their safety and how much antioxidants are required to reverse it. 

I like many others have derived benefit from allopathic practice and these tests are simply a must especially for all those drugs that are not part of the normal metabolic pathways if healthy tissues.

There remains a question for our allopathic fraternity to explain why AZT is prescribed after antibodies are detected whereas the laws of immunization tell us that once you develop the antibody, you get acquired immunity and you are on the way to recovery. Why is this postulate in vaccination abondoned when a person is tested "HIV-positive" and put on toxic drugs?

Dr, Gallo said that he had an isolate of the HIV-virus which of course was not made according to the Koch postulates or the established gold standard and he said the virus is "the probable" cause of AIDS. Where is the scientific proof that there exists a virus that specifically targets the cells of the immune system and destroys these cells?

Hormone Replacement and Statins

HRT was touted as a wonder in allopathy after several studies on women. We know that the incidence of cancers in the HRT group is significantly higher than in those who do no resort to HRT. Menopause and menopausal symptoms were treated, not as part of the normal process of aging and decline in cellular function in certain organs of the body but as a treatable condition and the risk and indeed the incidence of cancers in the HRT group rose. But, nobody refers to such stories as stories of allopathic quackery - only allopathic science.

One cardiologist wrote in the NST cautioning on the use of alternative medicine. Well, not all alternative medicines are safe as some may be prepared by unscrupulous businessmen but in general systems like ayurveda depend largely on antioxidants. While spreading caution and awareness as part of public education is good, this cardiologist did not bother to tell the public through his letter the role of statin drugs in depleting the natural antioxidant enzymes in heart cells and its role in memory loss. Are ethics always in the forefront of specialists? 

Chelation as a Therapy

Now lets talk about the basic science involving chelation. Fundamentally, the basic science behind any therapy ought not to be in conflict with normal cellular function so that an intended therapy does no harm. During the course of chemistry lessons in the university, one learns that chelation is the process in which chemicals bind with minerals. A chelation agent will bind with most metals, mineral deposits, calcium-based plaques and other chemical toxins. When such binding has occurred, the chelating agent renders the metal insoluble and such binding removes it from the biochemical process in which the metal ion generates free radicals that cause harm or disease conditions.

Chelation is also a naturally occurring biological process as in the case of hemoglobin binding with iron to provide oxygen to tissues. Another example is the binding of alpha lipoic acid with heavy metal ions in the body.

Synthesized chelation agents were first developed during World War II as a way to clear toxic metals from the body. Chemists discovered they could create a heterocycling ring of molecules that bind with mineral molecules and carry them out of the body through normal elimination. Thus chelation is based on sound chemistry that can be used to bind and remove toxic metal ions from the bloodstream. In fact, chelation therapy deserves funds for reserach and clinical trials and tests. But, chelation was not developed as a therapy by a pharmaceutical company and it remains rejected by the allopathic fraternity, excepting those who understand the basic chemistry and biochemistry of chelating agents - those in the body and the synthetic agents.

It is worthy to note that those in positions and call for large scale testing and clinical trial and serious research actually only state the lack of it as a ground for not accepting it but do nothing to promote such research.

Research is the key for generating data and information that becomes part of usable knowledge in the interest of humanity and health. Specialist knowledge when confined to its cell is useless in development and progress. The use of one's position in the establishment to deny the good or a potential good in other fields is a curse. And to carry one's mindset as the singular truth with the aim of projecting it as the only consumable reality is an abomination that lacks scientific temper.

I invite the allopathic fraternity, led by the Health Minister and Dr Ismail Merican to an open debate on allopathic toxicity and the pitfalls of drug therapy as a measure to create public awareness. There is little value in carrying on a debate through letters in the NST. I do not claim to know everything for the most incorrigible vice is that of an ignorance that fancies it knows everything. I am nothing more than a researcher looking for some practical truth that may benefit mankind.


- - - - -

The Dynamics of Disease
How the Ayurveds and Homeopaths percieve disease
Jagannath Chatterjee

It is good to know about the dynamics of disease as even a little of  this knowledge can save one from great calamities. First let us tackle the basic question, why is disease dynamic? This is because life force or vital force or Prana Shakti, whatever you call it, is the most dynamic force on earth and thus has to be influenced by a opposite dynamic force of similar magnitude for it to become deranged and sick. Genetic engineers who are now peeping into the work of genes are getting a slight indication of how many complex works of various nature are being performed driven by the gene structure programming contained within every cell. The vital force creates and maintains this genetic structure, and is in turn maintained by it. How much more dynamic and powerful it must be!

The vital force is so strong that in reality we do not need any medicines or outside intervention at all to cure disease. What is really necessary is knowing the art to harness and guide this vital energy. This science was known to the Vedic people. In fact when ayurveda first came into being, suggesting a human intervention, the first ayurveds were looked down upon and treated as pariahs. Because with ayurveda also came the feeling that man would one day become body centric and forget the spirit.

We perhaps cannot go back en masse to the days when the vital force could be harnessed, though people practicing pranayama are doing just that. They are arousing the vital force, which when free of its shackles is performing miracles like dissolving tumours, clearing heart blockages, reducing blood sugar, making hair grow on bald plates and so on. How this happens is beyond science but we cannot deny that it happens, simply because we are SEEING it happen at the yoga camps conducted all over India and the world today.

Let us go down to more mundane levels so that we can identify with the situation. Robert Svoboda, renowned ayurved, narrates an incident where his friend was suddenly taken ill when exposed to chilly air after sweating from exertion. Svoboda diagnosed it as a Vata disorder and advised his friend to go for a steam bath and also take pure clarified butter to engage his stomach. Soon his friend developed an uneasy abdomen full of gas and started vomiting. Svoboda was pleased that the Vata toxins had been attracted to the stomach and were now being expelled. Sure enough his friend recovered from the illness and got back his good humour. Svoboda thus used the vital force to get rid of the disease. Had the disorder not been cured thus his friend would have developed fever, a cold and even pneumonia with chest involvement.

Ayurveda deals in a very systematic manner with the various forces working in the body, forces that perform the various automatic bodily functions so essential for our existence. It also describes the various metabolic centres in the body which carry out the processing of the various inputs, the most important being the "digestive fire". It also deals with the energy meridians which form an intricate network within the body and also outside it, forming the basis of the human aura as seen through Kirlian photography. It describes in detail the energy vortices called chakras which rule over the various parts and processes of the mind and body. The nervous system described in ayurvedic texts is highly intricate and shows fine nerves which are yet to be discovered. The ayurvedic texts also speak of germs as parasites which live off the body and are harmful only when the immune system is highly compromised.

Ayurveda recognises individual idiosyncracies and divides people on the basis of their predominant body humour. Disease occurs when these humours are disturbed. Treatment consists of restoring balance and eliminating the toxins which have resulted as a result of the imbalance. By acting along with the flow of the various forces within the body ayurveda ensures a very smooth restoration of health without side effects as the vital force as well as the immune system are never interfered with or compromised.

Ayurveda places more importance on prevention rather than cure. All the possible humour imbalances are noted and a list of do's and dont's are prescribed to be followed as daily and seasonal routines. Care is also taken that persons adjust their diet with their individual body type without compromising on the required nutrition. Each person is sought to be educated on the basics of prevention and cure based upon simple herbs, spices, grains, oils and vegetables commonly found and routinely consumed.

Spiritual training to every person is considered essential as physical and mental purity leading to faith in the eternal is the goal of ayurveda. We should not forget that ayurveda is the result of research by the Saints of India who sought to so fine tune the body, mind and emotions that the body became a vehicle to cross the ocean of humdrum existence.

Homeopaths describe the disease force to be the result of a disturbed mind. The mind of man was initially an epitome of simplicity. It was in tune with nature and man could converse with the elements. There was no trace of selfishness as the spirit body was so highly developed that the needs of the physical body were mere mechanical and of really no consequence. Constant joy was the result and life was a blessing.

In the Uddhava Gita we listen to Sri Krishna who advises his friend Uddhava to prepare for the ultimate release; Moksha. When Uddhava asked why, the Lord informed him that with the coming of the Kali Yuga, man would forget God and run after the world. Life would become full of woes and the joy of living would disappear. Uddhava was aghast, was such a thing ever possible? Could man really become weary of life? Could man ever forget God?

We know that Sri Krishna's prophecies have come true. Men fell from spiritual grace and adopted money and material prosperity as the goal. As a result arose selfishness, jealousy and the ambition to earn more than required. This created a mental disturbance just as the waters of a calm lake is disturbed when a stone is thrown into it. The ripples spread to the body through the glandular system that acts as the conduit between the spiritual body and the physical. Strong toxins were produced which only the skin could handle, and were thrown out causing an itch upon the skin. When these itches were interfered with and suppressed, the disease dynamics came into being getting an upper hand over the vital force. Whereas the negative tendencies of the mind were earlier voluntary, now they became a compulsion and the mind, the source of extreme joy earlier, became a curse on man. Hahnemann termed this disease state Psora.

This disturbed mind led man to even greater sins which resulted in veneral diseases. When the external manifestations of these diseases were suppressed with strong medicines and ointments the disease force was further strengthened giving it the strength to go deeper and affect the internal organs. The intellect too was deeply affected and the passionate criminal mind took shape. All the base desires of man received a fillip and man was bestowed with the power to become worse than an animal. The conscience lost its grip upon this transformed creature. Depending upon what was suppressed, gonorrhoea or syphillis, Hahneman termed the disease states Sycosis and Syphillis. Syphillis totally destroys the intellect whereas Sycosis renders man incapable of discrimination and sane judgement, thus forming the basis of a sadistic personality.

There is a fourth stage, Tuberculosis, that developes as the Sycotic person, enamoured by the life of the senses, dissipated his vital fluids sapping the body of vital nutrients. There are also unreciprocated emotions, deep dissatisfaction with life and the curse of poverty that has the same effect on the body. Thus the body "wastes away". Tuberculosis is the combined effect of Psora and Sycosis, with maybe a trace element of Syphillis. We are seeing the three disease states reigning supreme and combining with Vaccinosis to become AIDS.

With the desire to play God, came the vile practice of vaccinations. The interference with the vital force and the injecting of animal serum directly into the blood stream gives rise to this disease state which is very similiar to Sycosis, suppressed gonorrhoea. This is Vaccionosis. Now it is widely known that this disease force also owes its vicious nature to the heavy metals, toxins and carcinogens that form vaccine ingredients. 

Today there is the need to have another new nomenclature for a disease state called Iatrogenesis. This is the result of impudent and ignorant interference with the vital force using misguided medicine and medical procedures. This has become the most dreaded disease force taking the maximum number of lives and there is no known cure except for the attempt to detoxify the body using the Panchakarma therapy of ayurveda, or cleansing by naturopathy or using safe chelation procedures.

Well selected homeopathic remedies can also cause the body to throw out the toxins before the original disease state can reappear in its pristine form rendering it amenable to cure. Homeopaths are now busy preparing remedies out of toxic allopathic drugs so that they can counteract the near permanent toxic effects of these vile substances. However if by surgery an organ is removed or modified without real need for the same  then heaven help that person as he has no chance of full and complete recovery. 

How is allopathy affecting this disease force? We must know that the force of disease is from outward to within, going deep into the body, from a less important organ to a more important one. With its suppressive form of treatment allopathy is "fast forwarding" this process taking the mayhem to never before reachable heights. What starts out as a itch, becomes a stomach derangement, acidity, nervous disorder, liver ailment, heart problem, kidney failure as the disease goes deeper and deeper into the system. Moreover all the disease states can spread and be transferred by sharing the same needle, however sterilised, and also by the exchange of serum and blood. These states are also hereditary.

The curative force is from within to outward, and also above downward,  as the vital force of the body always tries to throw the disease out. Under proper classical homeopathic treatment it is invariably seen that the disease disappears in the way it came i.e. in the reverse order in which it had progressed. In the above example the kidney failure patient would see his kidney problem receding and his heart problem returning, then the liver getting affected as the heart gets better, nervous system falling ill as the liver improves, the acidity then taking its place and finally the original itch reappearing on the surface of the skin, and aggravating as the entire toxic load is thrown out into the surface and disappearing never to return again. The mind too becomes progressively more cheerful with the ultimate return of the original simple and pure nature.

This is the holistic method of healing which is capable of effecting a complete cure in all aspects without having to take recourse to a painful lifetime routine of taking drugs and visiting doctors.

However the illnesses of Saints and Sadhus do not fall into this category. They suffer because of intense sadhana and compassion towards other human beings which attracts the suffering of others. They too can be relieved by ayurveda which has got a separate section for such illnesses called Yogaja Vyadhi, illness resulting from intense spiritual practices. Both Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Chaitanya as well as various other Saints have benefitted by this branch of ayurveda. Homeopathy too can help with well selected remedies though the above disease dynamics does not apply. These Saints also get spiritual help in the form of messages from God which helps them find a cure. That is a form of spiritual healing, considered to be the ultimate form of treating the body, mind and soul.


- - - - -

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To modern (allopathic) medical practitioners, a symptom is a bad outcome of an illness and suppressing the symptom is the first thing a doctor tries to do to make the patient feel better. Suppression of symptoms is not the same as healing the person.

Why Our Healthcare System Isn't Healthy
Most people are well aware that an estimated 45 million Americans currently do not have healthcare, but is the crisis simply the lack of health insurance or even the cost of health insurance? Is there a bigger underlying problem at the root of our healthcare system? Although the U.S. claims to have the most advanced medicine in the world, government health statistics and peer-reviewed journals are painting a different picture -- that allopathic medicine often causes more harm than good.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Saturday January 14 2006
updated on Tuesday December 7 2010

URL of this article:


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Readers' Comments

A comment from the UK, received by email, with reference to an article by Tim Bolen that looks at what's now called medical tourism of U.S. citizens:

Thanks for that... did you read:

Americans Flee to India, and Elsewhere, for Better Health Care...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Saturday, January 7th, 2006

According to the newspaper "Times of India," 150,000 people, mostly from the United States, went to India last year for Medical care. Called "medical tourism" the numbers are growing at 15% per annum and by 2012, that "medical tourism" is expected to generate $2.3 billion annually in India. As one representative of an Indian Hospital, Anne Marie Moncure, MD, of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, says, "Every year, 98,000 patients die in US hospitals due to medical negligence and three to four times that number are left permanently-disabled."

The United States Medical Care system, rated a poor seventy-second (72nd), worldwide, has been teetering on the brink of destruction for years now. Greed, malfeasance, misfeasance, grand corruption, murderous intent, and a self-centeredness unequaled in history has led the system to the abyss. The system, the most expensive in the world, IS THE NUMBER ONE KILLER OF AMERICANS. Above heart disease, cancer and stroke, the medical system, itself, is responsible for the unnecessary deaths of 783,936 Americans EVERY YEAR. There are no estimates of how many are damaged or disabled by it.

But, what we do know is who's responsible for this atrocity. There are five culprits

(1) the American Health Insurance Industry,
(2) "Big Pharma",
(3) the US medical regulatory system - the US FDA and the individual State licensing boards that aren't doing their jobs,
(4) The "quackbuster" operation run by a New York ad agency, and
(5) US Network television. I'll explain below in a minute.

More, it's not just India that is providing better, safer, cost-effective healthcare for Americans. Mexico, for instance, draws huge numbers of Americans across the common border, who not only buy cheaper, safer, medical care, but they buy first-rate dentistry at a fraction of the cost in the US, and they buy pharmaceuticals by the bag full at a tenth of the price of the same US offering. The border clinics offer workable solutions to cancer, for instance, that are almost completely outlawed in the US - yet have awesome success rates.

In the Northern States, Canada offers medications at less than half the price - an easy drive, and lunch at a nice place. Europe and Asia, also, blatantly offer Americans solutions to cancer and other health issues not found in the US due to the restrictive policies of the US FDA.

But last, and MOST IMPORTANT, is the US "underground medicine" system. It's extensive. As far as Americans "fleeing elsewhere" for better medical care, I'd guess this one outstrips all of the others combined.

Underground medicine?

To read the entire article, and acess the interesting links, click on the URL below:

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

Posted by: Sepp on January 14, 2006 08:40 PM


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