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February 21, 2006

Vaccination: Gravy Train To Lifelong Sickness

If we listen to medical doctors and government health workers, vaccination has helped eliminate all kinds of diseases and is absolutely necessary for our health.

Dr. Paul Offit, an 'internationally recognized expert' in immunology and virology explains that a young infant is fully capable of generating protective humoral and cellular immune responses to multiple vaccines simultaneously. He uses some physiological immune facts to support the outrageous conclusion that an infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond to about 10,000 vaccines at any one time - a conservative estimate he says! Offit is a consultant to Merck pharmaceuticals and co-developer of its new rotavirus vaccine RotaTeq, with a share in the patent and, presumably, the expected profits.

The problem is, if vaccination has eliminated all these diseases, why are there ever more shots to be administered, and why are our kids getting sicker from year to year?


Image credit: jefras, Madeira

Evelyn Pringle, investigative writer on health matters, has pulled together in a comprehensive review what we know about the widespread health damage caused by vaccines. The article should make your skin crawl - if you are a parent with small children - or bring your rage to the boiling point if you have been wondering why making pharmaceuticals has become the most profitable industry of all.

What to do?

Take your health and that of your children into your own hands!

As long as we run to the doctor with each slightest sniffle to get an antibiotic and as long as we obediently get the "necessary" shots each year, we have really nothing to complain about.

We know the experts, like the good Dr. Offit, have financial interests in the "prevention" they sell so why do we continue to give them our attention?

- - -

February 20, 2006

Vaccinating For Profit - From Cradle to Coffin

by Evelyn Pringle

(original on

Due to the flooding of special education classrooms, along with the rising medical costs of treating injured children, local taxes will soon go through the roof, at which time the public will be forced to face the unthinkable truth about the poisoned generation.

And when that happens, government officials had better not even think about trying to feign ignorance because parents, scientists, and medical experts have been screaming about the epidemic in vaccine injuries, from one end of the country to the other, since the 1990s, and the fact is that lawmakers knowingly allowed it to happen.

Over the past twenty years, our government has facilitated a nationwide experiment on our country's youngest citizens via the Mandatory Childhood Vaccine Schedule, and the tragic results of the experiment can be equally credited to the joint efforts of compromised regulatory officials and politicians, and the pharmaceutical industry that stood to make billions.

In a perverse twist of fate, the vaccine program has evolved into a grand profiteering scheme, second only to the military industrial complex's war on terror fiasco. Instead of prevention, the program has resulted in an epidemic of serious health problems for an entire generation of children and at the same time, produced an infinite market expansion for the sale of other prescription drugs, for the scheme's developers.

The start of the epidemic can be traced to the late 1980s, when public health officials dramatically increased the number of vaccines, which contained the mercury-based preservative thimerosal, without taking into consideration the impact of the cumulative mercury load on developing brains of infants.

Once the mercury poisoning was discovered by the FDA in 1999, vaccine-makers claimed they were eliminating thimerosal from vaccines but they never recalled the vaccines already on the market and children continued to receive mercury in vaccines for several more years. Even today, the flu vaccine recommended for 6-month-old babies and pregnant women still contain a full dose of thimerosal.

Instead of ordering drug companies to get the preservative out of all vaccines, Congressional Republicans and President George W Bush spent much of the past 3 years working on strategies to give the pharmaceutical industry protection against lawsuits from vaccine injured children. A handful of shameless Congressional Republicans remained lurking around in the shadows for years, just waiting for the right moment to attach the protective provision to some "anti-terror" spending bill until they succeeded in December 2005.

Before the age of two in this country, children receive at least 20 injections involving twelve diseases. By the time they reach first grade, they have had at least 24 vaccinations, if they are in compliance with the CDC's 2005 Immunization Schedule.

For good reason, many parents do not want their children to receive 24 injections for diseases they have never heard of. However, government officials use every trick in the book to force them to inject these poisonous concoctions into their children, including economic sanctions for refusing to comply.

Refusing vaccination can result in citizens being denied enrollment in daycare, elementary school, and college; denial of health insurance; denial of employment; and denial of federal and state benefits for poor children including cutting off medical care under Medicaid, and food, under the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program.

Medical professionals have been trying to get lawmaker to take notice of the health problems caused by vaccines since the 1990s. On June 14, 1999, Jane Orient, MD, Executive Director of the Associating of American Physicians and Surgeons, testified before the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources of the Committee on Government reform and said:

"Striking increases in chronic illnesses have occurred in temporal association with an increase in vaccination rates," she said. "Asthma and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, causes of lifelong morbidity and frequent premature death, have nearly doubled in incidence since the introduction of many new, mandatory vaccines."

"There is no explanation for this increase," Orient added.

"Even more alarming," she told lawmakers, "is the huge increase in reports of autism and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, with devastating, life-long impacts."

"Measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, and the whole panoply of childhood diseases are a far less serious threat," Orient warned, "than having a large fraction (say 10%) of a generation afflicted with learning disability and/or uncontrollable aggressive behavior because of an impassioned crusade for universal vaccination."

About 3 years later, across the country on the West Coast, Barbara Loe Fisher, President of the National Vaccine Information Center, testified before the California Senate Committee on Childhood Immunization Mandates: Politics vs Public Health on January 23, 2002. Fisher acknowledged that the CDC, and American Academy of Pediatrics, vigorously deny that the vaccines could have anything to do with more children being chronically ill.

“Yet, the haunting question remains,” she said, “if we have wiped out polio and almost eliminated measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough and other childhood diseases with vaccines - why are so many of our children stuck on sick?”

“Why are our special education classrooms so crowded that we can’t find enough money or train teachers fast enough to care for these learning disabled, hyperactive, autistic, asthmatic, diabetic, emotionally disturbed, sick children?” Fisher asked.

Since 1982, she charged, “the numbers of American children with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder and asthma have doubled; diabetes has tripled; and the incidence of autism has reached epidemic proportions, increasing 200 to 600 percent in every state, marking a staggering 3400 percent increase in the prevalence of autism in our children.”

Scientist have also been warning lawmakers about the vaccine injuries. Dr Mark Geier, holds a PhD in genetics, and was a researcher at the National Institutes of Health for10 years. He has studied vaccines for over 30 years. Dr. Geier and his son, David Geier, are the only independent researchers who have gained access to the Vaccine Safety Datalink database controlled by the CDC, to conduct studies on the connection between vaccines and the epidemic in neurological problems.

In a March 22, 2003 letter to Senator Hillary Clinton, the Geiers reported: “we have concluded in our studies that a causal relationship exists between mercury from thimerosal in childhood vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders.”

“Our best estimates are that the thimerosal contributed to about 75% of the cases of neurodevelpmental disorders while the MMR contributed to about 15%,” they said. “The remaining 10% of the cases were related to mercury in Rhogam, a shot given to Rh-negative women, and to other sources of neurotoxicity.”

On June 18, 2004, Representative Dave Weldon (R-FL), a doctor by calling, was on the floor of Congress waving red flags, and literally begging Congress to recognize the seriousness of the epidemic in children with neurological disorders all over the country.

“Mr. Speaker, something dreadful is happening to our youngest generation, and we must sound the alarm and figure out what is going on with our children,” he said.

He quoted the Department of Health and Human Services when explaining that one in every 167 children was being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. “Furthermore," Weldon reported, "one in 7 children is being diagnosed with either a learning disability or a behavioral disability."

On June 19, 2002, James Bradstreet, MD, Clinical Director of The International Child Development Resource Center in Florida, testified in Washington before the Government Reform Committee, and warned lawmakers about the cost of the autism epidemic back then.

“ICDRC estimates the minimal cost in present value, to care for those 420,000 existing children with autism is $1,260,000,000,000 (based on $3million/lifetime and 420,000 children affected)."

"So a little over a $1 trillion in the next 50 years would be required if we stopped creating new cases today," Bradstreet said.

"Because autism is doubling every four years, this is likely an overly conservative estimatem" he added. "The societal cost could easily be $3-4 trillion.“

On June 20, 2005, Robert F Kennedy, Jr, a relatively new advocate calling for the removal of thimerosal from vaccines, appeared on the Don Imus Show on MSNBC, and warned the public that our government is allowing drug companies to ship thimerosal-containing vaccines for use on children in other countries.

"They're giving this now to kids all over the third world," Kennedy warned. "In China, autism was unknown five years ago," he said. "They started giving them American vaccines containing thimerosal and now they've got 1.8 million cases of autism," he added.

Autism is also exploding in Argentina, India, and Nigeria, Kennedy said.

"What's going to happen when our enemies around the world realize that the United State's most heralded foreign policy which is vaccinating the children of the world is poisoning the brains of developing third world children?" he warmed.

"This is just a disaster," Kennedy told Imus.

But it gets worse. Over the past 15 years, the vaccine scheme has resulted in a full-circle cycle of profits for the pharmaceutical industry. After poisoning an entire generation, drug companies are now making record profits from drugging their victims.

And the true irony of the situation is that due to their partnership with compromised officials and lawmakers, they were able to pull most of it off on the tax payer's dime. Federal and State government programs, are the largest buyers of vaccines, administered "free" beginning with pregnant women all the way up to seniors citizens in nursing homes.

The vaccine racket is raging on at full-throttle. In 2005, more vaccines were administered to infants under the age of 1 in the US than in any other country. The current immunization schedule calls for 3 doses of Hepatitis B, the first at birth, 3 doses each of DTAP, HIB, IPV, Prevnar, and one dose of flu vaccine before a child's first birthday.

The first year of childhood vaccines costs $620, and the second year costs $340, according to Pediatric Preventive Care Cost, Estimated US Average, 2005, by Patient Age, Recommendations for Preventive Pediatric Health Care (RE9939) and Recommended Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Schedule, US, 2005.

For the year 2004, the CDC reported the US birth rate to be 4,115,590. Without an industrial size calculator, it would be impossible to do the math to multiply the birth rate by the vaccine costs above. Suffice to say that the total amount represents major profits for vaccine makers especially when most of the bill is sent directly to the tax payers.

As for making money off the vaccine-injured children, between 2000 and 2003, the number of children treated for "severe behavioral conditions" related to conduct disorder and autism rose more than 60%, according to Behavior Drugs Lead in Sales for Children, New York Times, May 17, 2004.

Tax dollars are being directly funneled to the pharmaceutical industry through the damaged children. Public funds currently account for 63% of all mental health spending and Medicaid spending has risen more than 50% since 2000 to more than $300 billion per year, according to Parity-Plus: A Third Way Approach to Fix America's Mental Health System, Progressive Policy Institute, June 22, 2005; Medicaid Largest US Payer, Daily Health Policy Report, March 30, 20005.

Drug companies have also been raking in major profits from the sale of attention deficit drugs, with much of it coming from the public trough. The National Center for Health Statistics, reports that the number of children aged 3 to 17 with ADHD went from 3.3 million in 1997 to 4.4 million in 2002. Between 2000 and 2004, use of attention deficit stimulant drugs rose 56% among children, according to data compiled Medco Health Solutions, one of the largest prescription benefit managers in the nation.

According to testimony at the February 18, 2004, FDA hearing, by Dr Gianna Rigoni, of the FDA's Office of Drug Safety, a combined total of approximately 10.8 million prescriptions were dispensed for SSRI antidepressants and atypicals antipsychotics to the 1 to 17-year-old population in 2002, and children between 1 and 11-years-old, accounted for about 2.7 million of those prescriptions.

In 2004, SSRIs and antipsychotics became the third-and fourth-biggest classes of drugs in the country, with sales of $20.7 billion. And much of that cost was borne by government health-care plans, according to the July 27, 2005 Wall Street Journal.

As for the continued use of thimerosal-laced flu vaccines with infants, according to the ACIP report of July 29, 2005 / 54(RR08);1-40, actual deaths from influenza are uncommon among children with and without high-risk conditions. A study that modeled influenza-related deaths estimated that annually, an average of 92 deaths, or 0.4 deaths per 100,000, occurred among children under 5 during the 1990's.

So, are the risks associated with injecting a full dose of thimerosal into 4,115,590 six-month-old babies worth it when weighed against the benefits, if any, of flu vaccines? More and more parents think not.

Evelyn Pringle

More information for injured parties can be found at Lawyers and Settlements

- - -

Autism Autoimmune Disease Epidemic in Our children
Mandatory Vaccine Policy Corrupt or Misguided
Relevant Articles!!!

It is a sad tale when the government forces parents to conduct an experiment on their children with neurotoxins because of their own incompetence, subsequently denies the results (neurotoxicity/autoimmune disease) of that experiment and then prevents parents from seeking restitution or financial help to assist the children they forced to be poisoned. Some parents are being forced into bankruptcy to help their poisoned children.

I am related to an autistic child. During my research to help my daughter, I happened upon a series of articles by Dan Olmsted of United Press International and was struck by one of his most recent pieces "A Big Secret".

This article, which can be accessed from the url below shows that of a rather large population of children in excess of 100,000 none of whome were vaccinated - Not a single child was autistic, had asthma or diabetes!!!! This was absolutely astounding, given that each of these conditions is an epidemic in our nation's children.

In any event, my further research into this issue eventually took me to the government's mandatory vaccine program, which all children must abide by in order to attend school. As I began to understand the possible damage to our nation's children which was apparently done by the mandatory vaccine policy, I was quite disturbed. Numerous parents contend that the mandated vaccine program forced them to damage their children. The following websites are a small portion of the articles I reviewed in my research. They provide a current understanding of autism/autoimmune disease, which is epidemic in our children and the history and related issues of this apparent tremendous self-induced tragedy. This is an extremely important issue.

Please review all of the articles listed below. You may find this information compelling. The articles will give you a fine historical understanding of this issue and how it has been handled since close to the autism epidemic inception. But there is a crisis of autoimmune diseases in our children and this should also be ackowledged.

After you go through the first article, please review the other pieces. They are important in understanding this critical issue and how it has been handled and is presently being handled by Congress and related government agencies.

Note that these articles are not anti-vaccine and should not be construed as such. This is an attempt to have people understand the mandatory vaccine program, the role of related agencies and our government officials so that more transparency will occur about what they force on our citizens.

I think this information is crucial. Please review it all. Thanks.

The Age of Autism: 'A pretty big secret'
No autism, asthma or diabetes in unvaccinated!!!!!!!

Vaccinating For Profit - From Cradle to Coffin

Putting A Happy Face On Tyranny

It's Mrs. Clinton's shot at an inoculation cure
Hillary Rodham Clinton's effort to supply childhood vaccines to every pre-school child

Hastert, Frist said to rig bill for drug firms

Playing Politics at Kids' Expense
Bill would insulate pharmaceutical firms from liability

Comprehensive Child Immunization Act of 1992


No Shots, No School ... No Kids.
More Efforts To Force Injections On Our Children

How The Plan To Force Vaccination Gave Birth To The National ID, A Government Health Records Database, and the End of Medical Privacy

Tracking Your Children Down: State and Federal Immunization Registries

Time for CDC to Come Clean

One Child in 166 has Autism Spectrum Disorder
(use internet explorer for this site) Note explosive increase autism since 1992

Mothering Magazine: In the Wake of Vaccines
Much more than just autism!!!! Autoimmune Epidemic!!!

Evidence of Harm

The Age of Autism: Snoozeweeklies
Effects on our Future!!!!

Audio: Funding for Wide-Ranging Kids' Health Study Axed
Why would the government target to cut out an infinitesimal part ($50 million) of a $2.6 trillion budget - to study autoimmunity/disease in children?

Report: Government knew of autism link

Generation Rescue: Drug Test
Tragicallly, the mainstream media doesn't deal with this issue forthrightly - Why?


Thank you for your continued interest in vaccines...

Letter by CDC leaves some issues unanswered and raises others

Autism Tsunami Carries Away Parents' Resources
Parents being sent into bankruptcy by their having to treat their children after mandatory vaccinations

Early Downward Trends in Neurodevelopmental Disorders Following Removal
of Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines

Shows declining neurological developmental impairment with elimination of thimerosal containing vaccines!!!!!!

The Age of Autism: Pay no attention

Autism Declines As Vaccines Remove Mercury

What Is in a Flu Shot?
some flu shots more toxic than hazardous waste!

See also:

Vaccines show sinister side
If two dozen once-jittery mice at UBC are telling the truth postmortem, the world's governments may soon be facing one hell of a lawsuit. New, so-far-unpublished research led by Vancouver neuroscientist Chris Shaw shows a link between the aluminum hydroxide used in vaccines, and symptoms associated with Parkinson's, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease), and Alzheimer's. Shaw is most surprised that the research for his paper hadn't been done before. For 80 years, doctors have injected patients with aluminum hydroxide, he said, an adjuvant that stimulates immune response.

Dangers of Vaccines - Mercury and Thimerosal
Many vaccines may have more dangers than you might know. The major media articles below raise serious questions about dangers which have not been adequately addressed by the producers of many vaccines.

Ethylmercury Shmethylmercury
I just finished reading David Kirby's thoughtful, well-written and compelling book, Evidence of Harm. Anyone who hasn't gotten their hands on this book should order the updated paperback version as soon as it is published, sometime this month. Unless you have been on Mars for the past few years, you are aware of a huge controversy surrounding the use of thimerosal in vaccines and the possibility that it has been a cause of autism. In his book, Kirby provides a detailed and riveting account of the controversy. Mercury is a known neurotoxin, often said to be the second most toxic substance on the planet.

Former science chief: 'MMR fears coming true'
A former Government medical officer responsible for deciding whether medicines are safe has accused the Government of "utterly inexplicable complacency" over the MMR triple vaccine for children. Dr Peter Fletcher, who was Chief Scientific Officer at the Department of Health, said if it is proven that the jab causes autism, "the refusal by governments to evaluate the risks properly will make this one of the greatest scandals in medical history".

by Rebecca Carley, M.D.
Picked up from:
Jagannath Chatterjee comments:
Please take a printout of this article and read it in its entirety. If after reading this article, by a noted legal expert on vaccine induced diseases and an MD, you still feel that it may be wrong then please TAKE A PRINTOUT OF THE ARTICLE AND DISCUSS IT WITH YOUR DOCTOR. (Watch his body language carefully even as he vociferously denies the facts presented in the article). Actually not I but your doctor should be giving you all this information. We have the right to know the pros and cons of this medical procedure which is not mandatory in our country but the doctors make it so. It is very difficult, almost impossible, to say no to the many vaccines our doctors routinely force on our children.

Report: Government knew of autism link
Eight years before the U.S. government decided to remove mercury from most childhood vaccines, federal health officials were already receiving reports linking vaccinations to new cases of autism. Starting in 1991 after the government set up a database to record adverse reactions to vaccines, doctors, parents and others reported frightening responses to inoculations in children subsequently diagnosed with autism. Vaccinated children exhibited severe brain damage, high-pitched "hyena" laughs and screams, drunken behavior, senseless babbling, infantile spasms and seizures, "bug-eyed" looks, and the complete loss of abilities like toilet training and language, according to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). There were 83 such reports from across the country before the government asked vaccine manufacturers in 1999 to remove thimerosal -- a preservative containing mercury.

Time for CDC to Come Clean
Correspondence newly obtained under the Freedom of Information Act raises troubling new questions about CDC's role in the Thimerosal scandal. Thimerosal is the mercury-based vaccine preservative that has been linked to epidemics of neurological disorders, including autism, in American children born after 1989.

Chemtrails And Vaccines - What You Didn't Know About Vaccines And Human Animal Husbandry
by Mark Owen

Vaccine Dangers and Vested Interests
A retired vaccine researcher goes public on what the pharmaceutical industry and the health authorities don't want us to know: that vaccines are unsafe, untested and one of the greatest frauds of our time.

EXCLUSIVE By Lucy Johnston
Babies given the new five-in-one jab face a risk of convulsions, brain damage or even death. Results of medical trials by the firm which makes the vaccine have revealed that the "superdose" vaccination, which was introduced 18 months ago, can have serious side-effects. The five-in-one is designed to protect children against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, Hib influenza and polio in a single shot. Evidence from the vaccine's manufacturers, Sanofi Pasteur, shows that in clinical trials 64 per cent of 451 babies given the Pediacel jab experienced bad reactions. Ten per cent of these were "moderate to severe". These included convulsions, loss of consciousness and high-pitched or persistent inconsolable crying. Other studies showed that components of the vaccine can cause breathing difficulties, blue discolouration of the skin due to lack of oxygen, swelling of the brain, low blood pressure and extreme allergic shock.

US study supports claims of MMR link to autism
THE SAFETY of the MMR innoculation, the combination vaccine given to young children and widely supported by scientists, will be questioned again this week in a presentation that claims to provide proof of a link to autism. American researchers say that their study supports the findings of Andrew Wakefield, the discredited gastroenterologist who raised fears that the measles, mumps and rubella injection might be causing autism.

The Age of Autism: But is Wakefield right?
WASHINGTON, DC, United States (UPI) -- Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the British gastroenterologist who first raised the prospect of a link between the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine and autism, is being pursued by British medical authorities. According to the BBC: 'The Independent newspaper reports that the General Medical Council will accuse Mr. Andrew Wakefield of carrying out `inadequately founded` research. Vaccination rates fell sharply after Dr Wakefield questioned the safety of MMR, raising fears of a measles epidemic.

Do Vaccines Disable the Immune System?
Randall Neustaedter OMD, LAc
Parents watch with proud satisfaction as their infant, just a few months old, begins to reach out into the world—tiny hands grasping at toys and gently twirling locks of their mother's hair. Just when they have begun to take a lively interest in the world, rolling-over, cooing, and smiling, the first illnesses strike. The baby's runny nose develops into a fever, fussiness, and night-waking. Her previously placid demeanor suddenly changes to obvious discomfort—crying, clinging, refusing to leave her mother's arms. The pediatrician sees red eardrums and prescribes antibiotics. That first infection starts a seemingly endless battle against viral and bacterial illnesses that persists despite repeated treatment with a barrage of different antibiotics. Something is dreadfully wrong...


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Tuesday February 21 2006
updated on Wednesday August 15 2012

URL of this article:


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October 29, 2003 - Sepp Hasslberger

US Health System Needs Radical Overhaul: New York Times
25 October 2004 - In last Sunday's New York Times, editors Donald Barlett and James Steele called for a radical overhaul of the US health system. While the calamitous failure of pharmaceutical suppliers to come up with a sufficient quantity of flu vaccine provides the immediate backdrop for the article, the discussion goes much deeper. It is really about why the US health system has dismally failed to deliver on... [read more]
October 25, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

New Zealand: Meningococcal Mass Vaccination Experiment Scientifically Unjustifiable
New Zealand health authorities have been convinced by Chiron Corp. to initiate a 250 million $ drive to vaccinate more than a million children against the MeNZB strain of meningococcal virus. Chiron Corp. is the pharmaceutical company that has had its UK manufacturing license suspended, leading to a shortage of the US supply of flu vaccine this year. According to Ron Law, Risk & Policy Analyst, the evidence indicates that... [read more]
October 26, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

'Vaccination Overdose' by Sylvie Simon
"Civil responsibility is a form of protest and calls for more responsibility. This principle will become more and more relevant with the development of science and associated techniques. People will not blindly believe in those who act on their behalf. The contaminated-blood affair, among others, might perhaps never have come about if someone had blown the whistle in time". Andre Glucksmann * * * "Sylvie Simon's approach to the detail... [read more]
October 16, 2004 - Robin Good

Nigeria: Polio Vaccine Found Contaminated
As the World Health Organization is pushing to eradicate polio by increasing vaccination in a concerted drive, some of the local State authorities in Nigeria were contesting the drive, based on rumors of contamination, specifically an anti-fertility type substance supposed to be in the vaccines. Polio vaccination has been under fire before in Africa. KIHURA NKUBA, an African radio broadcaster has documented the Ugandan polio scandal. The vaccine used there... [read more]
March 10, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

Decline of Allopathic Medicine: Will Cellular Health, Ayurveda Form New Paradigm?
Paradoxically, the downfall of Western medicine may prove to be its inattention to basic human physiology. For all its scientific rigor, allopathic medicine cannot hide the glaring inconsistencies that characterize it. Toxic medications, inattention to basic nutritional facts, out-of-hand rejection of new research and time proven traditional medical techniques and especially the prevalence of side effects from its own treatments have made modern western medicine one of the major causes... [read more]
January 14, 2006 - Sepp Hasslberger




Readers' Comments see its the Almighty Dollar that dictates health policies even if that means putting the mercury ion into infant brains. Then the free radicals generated by this ion cause oxidative injury in nerves and in neruronal cells resulting in new conditions in a significantly large number of people that will require more pharmaceutically prescribed drugs. So, with the support of politicians and lobbyists, the vicious cycle of toxicity and more drugs will eventually ensure an intake of about one kilogram of drugs per American body per annum (up from about 200 grams) producing a super rich pharmaceutical industry and a chronically sick society dependent on prescription drugs. The perception is that America's official concept of health revolves, not on micronutrients and antioxidants from natural sources but around pharmaceutically prescribed drugs and vaccines. Good luck to all of you because of you need a large dose of it, as any amount of screaming on the internet is unlikely to change the scenario.

Posted by: BELDEU SINGH on February 22, 2006 08:00 AM


Jagannath Chatterjee from India posed the question whether Dr Wakefield was right to link the MMR vaccine with autism. Here is the response of Dr. Paul King, as posted by Jagannath to the Alternative Medicine Forum Yahoo group.

MMR Vaccine & Autism: Is Dr Wakefield right? - Response of Dr King
Posted by: "Jagannath Chatterjee"
Date: Tue Jun 20, 2006

Jagannath Chatterjee,

If you look at the harm to the immune system precipitated by Thimerosal-preserved vaccines (that has been clearly elucidated in some recent papers) given before, or at the same time as the MMR and/or chickenpox vaccines, it seems obvious that natal and post-natal exposures to Thimerosal at levels down to below 0.03 ppm and/or to INORGANIC mercury at similar levels are known factors in poisoning their developing immune systems.

The recent reported cases where fetal abortion occurs shortly after the mother received a Thimerosal-preserved "flu" shot clearly shows that the dangers of vaccinating a pregnant woman with a vaccine containing an unnecessary human TERATOGEN that the "healthcare estab-lishment" clearly knows and the papers that have clearly established that the current human "flu" vaccines are NOT effective in preventing the spread of the flu, clearly show that the worldwide "healthcare establishment" seems to be engaged in practices that fatten their financial interests by knowingly harming the most vulnerable, the unborn and our children.

As Dr. Wakefield hypothesized, IN SUSCEPTIBLE CHLIDREN, the live measles virus in the MMR shot is "mishandled" by the immune system and causes death or, for those who survive death, seizures, encephalopathies, and other central nervous system and gut damage, which may lead to a diagnosis of "regressive autism" with "gut dysfunction."

Hopefully, you may see that, except for a small percentage of the "autism" diagnoses that are clearly genetic (in the sense that these cases have identifiable gene abnormalities (usually on chromosome 2, or Fragile X or Rhett's), MOST (more than 75%) seem to have underlying mercury poisoning that, coupled with the cases' diet, disease and medicinal exposures, leads to a diagnosis of "regressive autism" or other "autism spectrum disorder," which, once identified, can, to some extent, be mitigated by appropriate corrective interventions (dietary, supplemental and medicinal).

In the area of allopathic medicine, the most effective "curative" treatment, at present, seems to be the use of Lupron to reduce the excess testosterone level mercury poisoning causes into the normal range for a given sex and age (because high testosterone levels seem to interfere with the chelation process and to keep the patient in an overly excited state), daily chelation with oral DMSA to remove the mercury and other heavy metals that are poisoning the individual, and a daily oral "complete" multivitamin/multi-mineral dose to replace the "good" metals chelated out as well as to ensure the child gets the proper levels of vitamins needed for health. [Note: ABNORMALLY high testosterone levels also seem to shut down bile production (an underlying factor in many "gut" problems).]

When properly implemented, the preceding protocol seems to help all those who, by complete differential diagnosis, have been proven to have been mercury poisoned -- whether it be by:

a) a genetic predisposition to NOT excrete heavy metals as efficiently as "normal" children (true for about 1 in 5-7 children), or

b) overwhelming mercury exposure from continuing exposure from mercury from their mothers' amalgam fillings and/or multiple injections of Thimerosal-preserved sera (the Rho products) and Thimerosal-preserved vaccines, or

c) medical treatments (like antibiotics) that block the body's ability to excrete the mercury (usually from vaccines) to which they are exposed while being so medically treated, or

d) diets severely deficient in the biological precursor biochemical compounds (e.g., cysteine, the B vitamins, and vitamin C) needed to produce the biochemicals used by the human body to intercept, bind, and detoxify the body from the dietary and environmental mercury to which they are/were being exposed.

On the "nutritional"/"dietary" medicine front, diets that remove milk and glutens improve the "gut" problems associated with "autism" and "dietary supplements" (like
alpha-lipoic acid, algal products, N-acetylcysteine) have been reported to be mitigatory and curative.

Realistically, medicine needs to learn to work with nature in all areas rather than to continually ignore nature.

In this vein,

a) the emphasis should be on making sure that pregnant women have proper nutrition,

b) all deliveries should, whenever possible, be natural (with the mother "squatting" or otherwise using gravity to aid delivery & the baby left below the placental level until after the cord is cut,

d) the umbilical cord should NOT be cut UNTIL it collapses to ensure that the neonate's body gets as much of the placental blood and circulating maternal immune factors as possible,

e) mothers should be encouraged to nurse immediately (to give their babies the high-protein, anti-body rich "colostrum" [produced for the first few days by the breast] needed to prime and protect the intestinal digestive, detox, and immunity systems),

f) mothers should be encouraged to nurse for as long as possible (preferable 2+ years) to continue to provide maternal immunity factors while the child's immunity systems are maturing, and solids and "adult" foods should not be introduced into the baby's diets until the child begins to "cut" teeth,

g) all NECESSARY vaccinations should be postponed until after the child stops nursing or the child reaches at least 2 years of age (whichever is later), and

h) vaccines for diseases that are benign in children (e.g., chickenpox and mumps) or rare in children (e.g., hepatitis B) should be:

i) optional and NOT a part of any UNIVERSAL vaccination program,
ii) postponed until the child is a pre-teen, and
iii) ONLY given to those who, after testing, have no evidence of exposure to these

Were the preceding practices to be followed, then, except for the vaccine makers and those paid to promote or deliver vaccinations, the emerging problems with the current "universal vaccine programs" would be stopped.

Hopefully, you can help your nation awaken to the preceding realities as the US has been so propagandized that most of the preceding truths have been co-opted by greed-driven "modern" medical practices that are at odds with nature.

As you know, historically clean air, clean water, enough food and basic sanitation have done more to limit the incidence of all diseases than any vaccine that has been developed, including the vaccine for smallpox, whose propensity to cause harm was realized in the United States when the use of a "new, improved" smallpox vaccine was supposed to be given to 500,000 first responders, but "was stopped" after vaccination of 38,000+ had KILLED 3 and seriously harmed the health of hundreds of others -- producing death and harm at 100-times the vaccine maker's and the government's touted/"predicted" rates for "adverse events."

After all, who would want a vaccine that had:

a) ONLY a 1 in 10,000 risk of killing them and

b) A "1 in 100-250" risk of causing them serious long-term health harm to provide them less than 100% protection from a disease, smallpox, that has been claimed to
have been eradicated but, because "research stocks" were preserved and disseminated, have allowed "rogue" nations to develop "weaponized" mutated-smallpox virus delivery systems (so-called "bioweapons") with which to threaten the world!

Hopefully, along with the articles posted on:
(link no longer active)
this information will be helpful to you in your efforts in India and elsewhere.

These comments are being provided ONLY for information and NOT as medical advice or to recommend any particular course of action to any person.



Dr. Paul G King

Posted by: Sepp on June 21, 2006 04:08 PM


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