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January 11, 2008

AIDS: The Mbeki Challenge

I have said for some years that AIDS has little to do with science and medicine because it is fundamentally a political and sociological phenomenon.

Dr. David Rasnick, biochemist and Aids critic.

What is the lesson we should be learning from President Mbeki of South Africa? Perhaps Mbeki is the only head of state and indeed the only prominent politician to think that Aids should be discussed, not dogmatically imposed. In 2000, Mbeki called a conference where critics and mainstream scientists could have done the discussing. Unfortunately, contrary views about Aids are just about the last thing a highly paid medical researcher wants to hear. Eight years later, we are still no closer to really understanding Aids than we were back then. So what did we miss?


South African President Thabo Mbeki - Image credit: AFP

Could it be that AIDS is something completely different from what medical science tells us?

Officially, Aids is a world wide epidemic caused by a sexually transmitted virus that happens to preferentially infect certain groups of people and not others. The 'infection' leads, if untreated, to almost certain death. In consequence, it is important that people abstain from sex or use condoms as a 'protection'. It is also important that everyone get a test to ascertain whether or not they have been infected - a positive test is more likely if you happen to be a member of a so-called 'risk group'. Medical science says it's doing what it can but after more than two decades has found neither a vaccine nor a cure. For the moment all that is available are drugs that can 'extend life span' by wrestling down the deadly virus.

Critics say that none of this is true. They charge that

- the HIV virus was never clearly isolated. Neither Gallo nor anyone else has published a paper in the scientific literature to show the virus and how it was found.

- since there is no standard (no virus), any test for 'HIV antibodies' cannot be not a valid test to establish infection.

- AIDS is defined as each one of a number of previously known illnesses, in the presence of HIV. Circular reasoning really, if we do not know the virus.

- No viable mechanism has been proposed for how exactly the virus hurts the immune system. HIV is said to be 'different' from all other known viral agents associated with illness.

- Virology says once you have developed antibodies, you are immune. The antibodies indicate you have overcome the infection and are now protected. Only in the case of AIDS apparently, when you have antibodies, that is taken as a sign of infection to be treated with ineffective but nevertheless toxic drugs.

- The drugs used to 'treat' Aids are so highly toxic they often are the cause of death of the patient. Liver failure has become a major cause of death of people under anti-viral therapy.

- Those who refuse drug treatments after testing 'positive' survive much longer without developing any of those 'aids defining' diseases, especially if they switch to better nutrition and generally a healthy lifestyle.

Certainly things do not add up, yet there is a complete block to discussing alternative strategies for understanding and overcoming Aids. It's drugs and more drugs, especially for the Africans said to suffer from the syndrome, but there is no real viral agent, and no proper treatment. So coming back to David Rasnick's view that "AIDS has little to do with science and medicine because it is fundamentally a political and sociological phenomenon", perhaps we should really look into the political and sociological side of Aids.

In a recent email discussion, There was a reply from Dan to David Rasnick's characterization of Aids. Dan says:

Absolutely agree. This g*#*!*d "science" debate can go on for years to come. The scientists for whom it threatens their life's work aren't going let go of it. It's an incredible paradigm shift that I wonder if medical science as we know it will survive intact. I doubt it.

People don't want to let go of "AIDS". It's part of our lives. It fulfills many, many societal needs. As a gay man, I can tell you that gay men will be the last to let go of this, and they'll be kicking and screaming all the way. It's not because they're such fans of "science". It's because of the many needs it fulfills. "AIDS" is a sociological phenomenon.

Then Michael Ellner said

I having been saying AIDS is a sociopolitical and economic phenomenon for decades --

I have also been saying that the late Casper Schmidt, MD was on to something and we would be far more effective if we factor in the Group Fantasy and the mass self-hypnosis...

Michael also attached his article about THE MBEKI CHALLENGE saying "perhaps the following will be helpful".

President Mbeki's experience has shown that scientific discussion of the causes of Aids is difficult if not impossible. Michael Ellner has summed up the situation of dogma versus debate that prevented any discussion back in 2000. He also describes Aids and the approach our symptom oriented medicine takes, the false perception of a virulent germ and the myth that has been spun around these ingredients. His article is not new but remains an important document for anyone trying to unravel the mysteries of Aids.

Michael was so good to allow re-posting of the article, which was originally published in CONTINUUM magazine, vol 6 no 11. Here it is...

- - -


By Michael Ellner © 2000

Of Dogma and Debate - A Brief History

Debate gave life to science just as Dogma took life from religion. Noticing that the AIDS Establishment would not allow anyone, regardless of their qualifications or expertise, to question the sacred truths of The First Church of HIV, Mr. Thabo Mbeki, the President of the Republic of South Africa, saw that in the field of AIDS, the line between the debate of science and the dogma of religion was being blurred. So he began to ask questions. And the answers led to an advisory panel debate where the central question itself was broached - was it debate or dogma that was taking life?

As a result, when Mbeki stood up to open the 13th International AIDS Conference, he stood up to the International AIDS Religion itself. Knowing that he would be damned if he challenged the conventional wisdom that HIV caused AIDS and that the people of South Africa were doomed if he didn't, he followed his conscience. He boldly stated in gentle yet uncompromising terms that the primary threat to the health of millions of Africans was not HIV, but the drastic economic and social realities that they were facing. In truth, he was speaking up on behalf of many millions more around the world; millions whose health is breaking down not because of genetic flaws or viral infections, but simply because they are no longer able to meet their basic human needs.

I admire President Thabo Mbeki's courage and leadership and can only hope that the dissident movement will utilize this golden opportunity to bust the trust. The real gold though is in fact that the President opened a door for the people of the world to re-think conventional medical authority. The question is, will they do it? Will we?

AIDS Is a Symptom

Civilization is in a tailspin - everything is backwards, everything is upside down - doctors destroy health, psychiatrists destroy minds, lawyers destroy justice, the major media destroy information, governments destroy freedom and religions destroy spirituality - yet it is claimed to be healthy, just, informed, free and spiritual. We live in a social system whose community, wealth, love and life is derived from alienation, poverty, self-hate and medical murder - yet we tell ourselves that it is biologically and ecologically sustainable. Hidden in plain sight is the terrifying fact that we are either actively or passively participating in our own demise!

Consider hurdle number 1: modern medicine. I assert that over the last 100 years, Conventional Medical Science has become the largest and most powerful religion on the planet. I further assert that we have empowered doctors to help us ignore the harsh realities and (often fabricated) uncertainties of life. The sacred truths of medicine's high priests can be and are enforced by the full force of the most powerful governments in the world because we all depend on them to lie to us. Please consider these assertions seriously!

The stakes are very high indeed. The average person takes it on faith that sex=death, poisons extend lives and doctors know best, because people have been socially hypnotized to dis-trust themselves and believe what they are told. Whenever something doesn't make sense or a contradiction is exposed, the average person is able to ignore the fact by slipping back into the group trance, and the HIV/AIDS programming fills in the gaps. They know something is wrong about the AIDStory, but they are simply unable to trust their ability to evaluate the evidence. And so, we form unconscious contracts to act out our pre-conditioned roles. Which is why this is so much bigger than AIDS and HIV.

With a highly respected world leader like South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki however, questioning the conventional view of HIV/AIDS could actually inspire the people of the world to actually take the time to examine the evidence for themselves. But stand back if they were to actually do it!

Public Health officals would instantly lose their credibility. If all those HIV-doctors and world class scientists could be so reckless and irresponsible, why should anyone believe that the other doctors and scientists are being any more scientific or trustworthy when it comes to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, or even the flu? Why should we fund public health agencies if they can't be trusted? Conventional medical treatments and modalities would soon be held to the scientific method of validation, and about 80% of it's standard practice would be immediately discredited. Many government health officials, pharmaceutical executives and healthcare professionals would be facing massive lawsuits, not to mention criminal charges. The financial burden on the giant trans-national pharmaceutical corporations alone would threaten the economies of the world.

So, defending the dogma that HIV causes AIDS is indeed a matter of both national and international security. It is even a matter of personal security - maybe it's better not to know just how corrupt conventional medicine is; maybe it's better to close the door President Mbeki has opened.

Media-Medicine to Suppress the Symptom

I urge the HIV dissidents who haven't already done so to look seriously into this wider social and medical context in which AIDS occurs and include it's role in their analyses. Otherwise we are overlooking the key to solving the real and much deeper problem at hand.

Now let's consider the second major hurdle: the major news outlets. Taken out of context, it is impossible for the average person (or dissident) to get any sense of just how profound the President's challenge to HIV/AIDS is. The president is indirectly forcing issues that go way beyond "HIV" and that go right into the heart of the Social and Medical Church. By creating the impression that Mbeki is a dangerous fool who is wasting time and resources entertaining the crazy dissidents who question HIV, the major corporate news outlets, serving their true but unstated social function (more on this later), quickly neutralized Mbeki's very serious threat to their place of worship.

This attempt to silence the president culminated in the Durban Declaration, a statement of non-science (read "nonsense") which the major media, compared to their coverage of the dissidents, was a little too ready to widely publicize. This pathetic document was a last ditch effort designed to slap the President, disempower his advisory panel and re-establish the power of the Church. You see, the Church knows that it is on very shaky ground here. They understand that one does not have to be a medical doctor to realize that severe health risks and extreme living conditions can explain the compromised health found in South Africa over the last 20 years. Nor does one have to be a scientist to figure out that prefabricated correlations, dubious surrogate markers and sensational estimates are not scientific proofs.

Given all of that, when you consider the massive public relations and spin doctoring necessary to maintain HIV dogma, you begin to see the unconscious collusion between all of the folks who "need" HIV. This explains why so many otherwise intelligent gay men mindlessly march into the pharmaceutical ovens - they are the main targets of the high tech bone-pointing and subliminal programming to get sick and die.

The fact is that anyone who takes the time to examine the actual evidence can see that the conventional medical practice and policies concerning AIDS/HIV have never been validated by the scientific process, no matter how many doctors, scientists and public health officials insist that it has. Their message was simple, "Ignore the evidence, trust us and everything will be okay". Could they possibly be any more anti-science than that?

The signers of the declaration are defending their choke-hold on the human psyche. They can't afford to have their expertise challenged and found incompetent and/or untrustworthy. That damn fool Mbeki could ultimately blow the lid off the most profitable hoax in history: the murderous fraud that conventional medical science is based on the scientific method! But why should any one actually bother to examine the evidence when the New York Times assures them that this foolish and untrustworthy President is a threat to public health?

Remember, ideology is power, and there is great political, social and economic utility when you can operate under the cloak of public health. By questioning the "final say" authority of the transnational cartel of public health officials, President Thabo Mbeki has created a window for humanity to save itself from the monsters they have created. But again, will they take the opportunity? And again, will we?

The Decoy Function of HIV

The Medical Industries depend on our faith in their bankrupt institutions. We must admit to ourselves that both the scientific journals and the major media have betrayed our trust. We must see the blood on their hands. We must see the fact that they are part of the AIDS/HIV Establishment, and that the AIDS/HIV Establishment is a part of them. Sensational headlines and blatant censorship have breathed life into the AIDS and other stories; acted as a protective front, an electronic condom if you will, for HIV and other fraud. This is why the AIDS Establishment is part of the AIDS problem rather than part of the AIDS solution.

Remember the "Red menace"? It's social function was to scapegoat all the social problems in our lives. Economically it justified the multi-billion dollar war industries and reinforced the manufactured belief that we need military experts, covert operations and weapons of mass destruction to protect us from the communists.

Today, the collective Red menace has been replaced by the much more individual viral menace. The "viral menace" is the prototypical scapegoat of the 21st century. Economically it justifies the multi-billion dollar Medical War Industries which reinforce, through their mystery, the manufactured belief that we need to invest in medical experts, Public Health operations and chemotherapies of mass destruction to protect us from "deadly" viruses.

The social function of the HIV/AIDS doctrine is to trivialize the role of the social, political, economic and enviromental burdens on the people at risk for AIDS, restrict sexual expression and give scientific justification to this blatant population control. We must come to terms with the fact that we still live in the time of Kings; that the bully still rules the schoolyard and that "might makes right"; that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control is a military agency which ultimately serves to reinforce U.S. control and policy in the name of public health. Only then can we highlight the many human rights abuses that are consistently masked, ignored, explained away or even justified by the generally accepted view that science and technology are God and that modern medicine is His universal religion.

If a holistic view of AIDS has taught us anything it is that we live in a world that has crossed a threshold, a world in which all living organisms are/or will be at risk of a collapse of their natural defenses. Perhaps it is easier to believe that sex=death, toxic poisons extend life and that the doctor knows best. But is it wiser?

When an Irresistible Force Meets an Immovable Myth

I believe that there are two very powerful forces at play in the HIV/AIDS drama. There is a world wide unconscious psychospiritual push for self-regulation, economic equality and social justice, and there is an elite, insane and frightened power structure anchored with "experts", desperately scrambling to maintain all of their failed institutions so that they can, at all costs, continue to rule their trans-national social order. The recent UN convention of major world leaders that was held in New York City was the latest wide scale expression of this fact.

But as Albert Einstein pointed out, "The significant problems we face can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them". He also pointed out that, "A fashion rules each age, without most people being able to see the tyrants that rule them".

To really make meaningful changes, we must take a more comprehensive view of what the "crisis" actually is and how this crisis evolved. One component of the problem is the claim and legal enforcement of the idea that life and health and truth are the sole province of doctors and scientists. This in itself one of the most destructive weapons of both mass and self deception ever devised in history. It permits justification for the whole spectrum of crimes against humanity.

The fact is that we're people first - all of us. This fact is the emotional basis for the concept of democracy. By assigning the task of truth and life and health to "experts", i.e., by making experts "first" and people "second", we absolve ourselves of all manner of self, social and ecological responsibility.

This latter fact is the emotional basis for the concept of fascism. Here we create a social space within which we can justify anything - all manner of bias, prejudice and sadism because expert Y said this and expert Z said that. This is a very dangerous situation and, in fact, it is precisely this situation that produced, allowed and has perpetuated not only AIDS, but the full glory of HIV and all the other social decoys.

If the African renaissance is to blossom as "a democracy dependent upon neither foreign handouts nor United Nations peacekeepers", as stated in the eloquent words of South Africa's President, Thabo Mbeki, we all must keep in mind that "handouts" and "peacekeepers" include both ideology and psycho-enslavement as powerful objects; particularly medical and scientific ideology, and their use in the global enslavement and exploitation of the world's people.

The ball is now in our court. It is up to us to help every one we know to discern between the real threats to our health like conventional medicine and the imaginary threats like "HIV".

The Real Monsters

The Glaxo Wellcomes of the world thrive on this kind of exploitation, while the other vested interests continue to maintain and profit from the very psychospiritual/sociopolitical and economic abuses that poison our air, water and land and finally our hearts, minds and souls.

They all may have the backing of the U.S. government, the UN, the WHO, IMF, the World Bank and the AMA, but make no mistake about it, they need our consent to exploit us. Which is why they have a major media in the first place. We urge you to pay attention to the role corporate news outlets such as the New York Times play in shaping the world's view about HIV and those who question HIV. It is simply a matter of public relations.

In closing, I want to note the pathway taken by the many people I know who have awakened out of their individual HIV/AIDS nightmare: each one has found their way out by educating themselves and then questioning their HIV/AIDS doctors, challenging their HIV/AIDS doctors and ultimately firing their HIV/AIDS doctors. I believe that if President Thabo Mbeki is to lead his people (and the people of the world) out of the African HIV/AIDS nightmare he too must follow a similar course. Thankfully it seems to me that that is the very course that he is taking.

Extreme social and economic conditions may be the biggest threat to the developing nations but, over all, the Church of Conventional Medical Science and the vested interests they serve is the biggest threat to the health of the world!

Will we recognize the real monsters and the real threats before it is too late?

- - - end of article - - -

See also:

The Group-Fantasy Origins of AIDS
by Casper Schmidt, MD

By John Lauritsen

By Bob Findle

and other articles on the psychology of Aids.

Questioning HIV/AIDS: Morally reprehensible or Scientifically Warranted? (PDF)
An article about the barriers to honest discussion of AIDS and the associated virus, by Henry H. Bauer, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Chemistry & Science Studies and Dean Emeritus of Arts & Sciences at the Virginia Tech.
Bauer also has a very interesting blog where he comments on current isues to do with HIV and Aids.

Aids Incorporated (2007) by Gary Null
The cost in the war against AIDS has now surpassed the financial investment committed to cardiovascular diseases and diverse cancers. While the science supporting the causes of heart disease and many cancers are relatively conclusive within the medical research community, the etiology of AIDS remains questionable. Simultaneously, a safe cure is no closer in sight today than it was when the disease first burst on the scene three decades ago. Yet the perception of a global AIDS epidemic looms in the minds of the media, medical associations and government leaders.

Today there is a rapidly growing body of physicians, medical researchers, virologists, journalists and activists who are starting to voice their opposition to the prevailing scientific paradigm of AIDS and who are calling for a reevaluation of the medical research, epidemiological evidence, diagnostic methodologies and treatments. These voices-now numbering over 5,000, including a couple Nobel Prize laureates-have been virtually shunned by the medical academies and major peer-reviewed publications.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Friday January 11 2008
updated on Wednesday November 12 2008

URL of this article:


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