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December 14, 2008

Could Microwave Technology End Human Race? - NewsGrabs 14 December 2008

Could Microwave Technology Spell The End of the Human Race?

The question is really not so far fetched. DNA breaks are serious stuff. Mobile phones are ubuquitous. They use microwaves to transmit the message. More and more scientific studies find damaging effects on users and those who live close to repeater antennas. Industry covers up those studies. It's a large scale experiment. We are the guinea pigs. Amy Worthington has put a lot of the evidence together here.

The term "Generation X-ray" refers to youth addicted to communicating and recreating with wireless devices—cell phones, PDA’s, WiFi computers and music/gaming equipment. These wireless devices emit high-frequency microwave radiation, recently demonstrated by European researchers to efficiently inflict the same horrific damage on human cells as X-radiation.

For the sake of human survival, mankind must quickly master this critical fact: modern wireless technology is capable of causing the genetic destruction of humans as a species. Microwave radiation used for wireless communications and surveillance is extremely injurious to human DNA. It is therefore also destructive to both the human genome and the epigenetic chemical switches which control expression of the genes.

Attacking Alzheimer's with Red Wine and Marijuana
Two new studies suggest that substances usually associated with dulling the mind -- marijuana and red wine -- may help ward off Alzheimer's disease and other forms of age-related memory loss.

St John’s Wort works as well as drugs – with far fewer side-effects
Use of the whole herb (one of the fundamental practices in traditional forms of herbalism) appears in many cases to enable synergistic actions of the many biochemical components, thus increasing efficacy. For example the antidepressant effects of hypericin and pseudohypericin were found to increase significantly by adding in the procyanidin constituent, since this enhanced their solubility. Use of the whole herb also appears to enable ‘buffering’, which is believed to reduce adverse effects, and the risk of interactions.

High Doses of Vitamins Fight Alzheimer's Disease
The news media recently reported that "huge doses of an ordinary vitamin appeared to eliminate memory problems in mice with the rodent equivalent of Alzheimer's disease." They then quickly added that "scientists aren't ready to recommend that people try the vitamin on their own outside of normal doses."

In other words, extra-large amounts of a vitamin are helpful, so don't you take them!

That does not even pass the straight-faced test. So what's the story?

Researchers at the University of California at Irvine gave the human dose equivalent of 2,000 to 3,000 mg of vitamin B3 to mice with Alzheimer's. It worked. Kim Green, one of the researchers, is quoted as saying, "Cognitively, they were cured. They performed as if they'd never developed the disease."

Diabetes Epidemic Linked to Toxic Chemicals in Food & Environment
Ask why diabetes is epidemic in the 21st century and most people will point the finger at bad diet, laziness and obesity. According to a small but growing group of scientists, though, the real culprit is a family of toxic chemicals known as persistent organic pollutants, or POPs. If these researchers are right, POPs - which include some of the most reviled chemicals ever created, including dioxins, DDT and PCBs - may be key players in the web of events that lead people to develop the disease.

Sugar can be addictive, scientist says
The rats drank more alcohol than normal after their sugar supply was cut off, showing that the bingeing behavior had forged changes in brain function. These functions served as "gateways" to other paths of destructive behavior, such as increased alcohol intake. And, after receiving a dose of amphetamine normally so minimal it has no effect, they became significantly hyperactive. The increased sensitivity to the psychostimulant is a long-lasting brain effect that can be a component of addiction, Hoebel said.

Irish natural health organisations call on European leaders to respect Irish ‘No’
The organisations - which include the GM-free Ireland Network, the Leitrim Organic Farmers Co-operative Society, the Irish Association of Health Stores and the Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health – say that the European Union is increasingly having such a damaging effect on their sector that to expect them to vote ‘Yes’ for the Lisbon Treaty would be absurd and akin to expecting them to vote in favour of the contamination of the Irish ecosystem and food chain by GM crops; the continued removal of people’s freedom of choice to avail themselves of safe, natural approaches to healthcare; and the ongoing pollution of the drinking water supply by industrial waste fluorides.

(link no longer active)
European Social Forum, September 2008 in Sweden
Paul Taylor of the Dr Rath Foundation and Meleni Aldridge of the Alliance for Natural Health at the EU Social Forum. The talks are about the EU's legislative strategy with regards to supplements and other natural health options. Meleni links this to a wider world-embracing plan where European legislative experience is being "exported" around the world through Codex Alimentarius. Paul Taylor describes how pharmaceutical control of medicine has caused great injury and death and asks "why not change the way we look at health...?"

Conflict of Interest - Could Astra Zeneca be profiting from Nobel Prize?
According to Attorney-General Christer von der Kwast, connections between the drug company Astra Zeneca and individuals associated with the Nobel Foundation might offer grounds for criminal proceedings. The British-Swedish company holds patents for both vaccines against human papillomavirus (HPV), which is capable of causing cervical cancer.

German virologist Harald zur Hausen was nominated for half of the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering HPV. This illustrious approbation could lead more countries to add HPV-vaccination to their routine vaccinations, and Astra Zeneca would profit thereby.

Pharma: Are national economies betting on the wrong health paradigm?
C is for contraction. C is also for convulsion. Both describe what pharma is experiencing these days. The trend was under way a few years ago, of course, when Merck began eliminating thousands of jobs. But since early last year, the bloodletting has been particularly severe.

The New World Order & Codex Alimentarius
With biting political analysis, Ian R. Crane probes the track record of those who openly crave the introduction of a One World hierarchical Government. Exposing the agenda of those who have presided over events leading directly to the launching of illegal wars in Afghanistan & Iraq and who continually demonstrate their desire to perpetuate a state of permanent global conflict; whilst systematically eroding personal freedom, through the process of gradualism.

So what does all this have to do with Organic Farming and Natural Health? Part of the New World Order agenda is to remove the requirement for food labelling & to restrict and ultimately prohibit the sale of all natural health products.

FDA’s $1.5 Million Morale Contract Draws U.S. Lawmaker Scrutiny

Let me get this right - the FDA can't get their stuff together, the drugs they approve kill hundreds of thousands and what do they do? They hire a PR firm to improve morale at the drug division.

Two Congressmen take up the matter and they write to the FDA chief ...

“We are very concerned about the lack of any justifiable metrics for measuring contract success,” Barton and Shimkus said in a letter to the FDA commissioner, Andrew von Eschenbach.

UK: Hampshire County Council rejects proposal to mass fluoridate water supply
Despite the best efforts of the UK's Chief Dental Officer, Secretary of Health for State and the Strategic Health Authorities to foist water fluoridation on an unwilling populace, thankfully the County Council for Hampshire have voted against fluoridating the county's water supply.

India: Genetic Modification in Court - Dr Mae Wan Ho comments
Government mandated testing of the safety of genetically modified food plants is being contested by the GM industry in the Indian Supreme court. Dr Mae Wan Ho of I-SIS explains why biosafety assessments are absolutely indispensable.

France abuzz over alcoholic 'cure'
Dr Olivier Ameisen, 55, one of France's top heart specialists, says he overcame his own addiction to alcohol by self-administering doses of a muscle-relaxant called baclofen.

"I detested the taste of alcohol. But I needed its effects to exist in society," he says in Le Dernier Verre, which comes out in English next month.

Dr Ameisen says he tried every known remedy to end his dependence. Between 1997 and 1999 he spent a total of nine months confined in clinics - but nothing worked.

In March 2002 he began treating himself with daily doses of five milligrams.

"The first effects were a magical muscular relaxation and baby-like sleep," he says. Almost immediately he also detected a lessening in his desire for drink.

I am not advocating drug cures, but addiction is a serious and at times quite intractable problem. If a muscle relaxant can do it, that would seem vastly preferable to getting people on psychiatric drugs, replacing one addiction with another, which is what's being done today.

Antibiotics: Largest Single Class Of Drugs Causing Liver Injury
"Drug Induced Liver Injury or DILI is a serious health problem that impacts patients, physicians, government regulators and the pharmaceutical industry," said Naga P. Chalasani, MD, of the Indiana University School of Medicine and lead author of the study. "Further efforts are needed in defining its pathogenesis and developing means for the early detection, accurate diagnosis, prevention and treatment of DILI."

Prozac Nation, Prozac Violence?
The drug companies want to relabel these symptoms as a resurgence of the original disorder. The problem they face in doing so is that discontinuation syndrome is entirely drug related. Prozac’s maker, Eli Lilly, has fought several protracted legal battles trying to dislodge evidence that its psychotropic is linked to violence—-and Lilly is not the only drug maker that has had trouble making its case convincing.

As the Tribune’s Manier reminds us, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the shooters at Columbine High School, abruptly stopped taking the same class of antidepressant medication days before they opened fire on their classmates. Jeff Weise, the Red Lake High School killer in Minnesota, was taking Prozac before he killed nine people and then himself. Pekka-Eric Auvinen, the eighteen-year-old who began shooting in Jokela High School, Finland, had a history of S.S.R.I. use. According to investigators, so did Seung-Hui Cho, who killed thirty-two people at Virginia Tech and wounded dozens more.

The list of other killings involving S.S.R.I. psychotropic medication is troublingly long. It includes Michael McDermott, the software engineer who went on a rampage in Wakefield, Massachusetts, killing seven; Byran Uyesugi, who shot eight of his colleagues in Hawaii (seven of them fatally); and Charles Carl Roberts IV, who assassinated five Amish school girls before shooting himself.

Psychiatric drugs & suicide (PDF)
This report by Swedish investigator Janne Larsson examines the (psychiatric) drug history of persons who have committed suicide in Sweden. Janne says that the drugs, far from being the panacea they are made out to be, actually cause many of the suicides but doctors and patients aren't told.

Statin warning for pregnant women
Current clinical guidelines already recommend that women who are pregnant should stop taking statins but the advice is based on the knowledge that cholesterol is essential for normal fetal development.

New research from The University of Manchester has shown that even water-soluble or 'hydrophilic' statins, such as pravastatin, can affect placental development leading to worse pregnancy outcomes.

Chemotherapy contributes to a quarter of cancer deaths: study
The study was done by the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Deaths. The enquiry's members are drawn mainly from British medical royal colleges.

Most of those patients looked at in the study had chemotherapy as palliative treatment to relieve the symptoms of cancer - a cure had already been ruled out.

The report found 40 per cent of them suffered significant poisoning as a result of the treatment.

Why won't our doctors face up to the dangers of radiotherapy?
It is clear that radiation damage is a significant health care issue. Yet, to date, there has been no national attempt to collate statistics that would enable any significant research work to begin.

Remarkably, it is not even officially classified as a specific medical condition; nor is there any definitive information on how to deal with it.

US: Rep Henry Waxman Renews Call To Ban Ads For New Drugs
“It is in these first few years of a drug’s life that drug companies often aggressively market their products and engage in direct-to-consumer advertising. This increases the number of consumers exposed to safety risks of new products long before those risks are truly understood,” Waxman said at a conference sponsored by The Prescription Project, a group critical of industry marketing.

Wyeth Paid Ghostwriters To Boost Prempro
Wyeth paid ghostwriters to produce medical journal articles favorable to its Prempro hormone replacement therapy, according to Congressional letters seeking more info about the drugmaker’s involvement in medical ghostwriting, The New York Times reports, adding that at least one article was published even after a federal study found the drug raised the risk of breast cancer.

FDA Scientists Warn Of Deaths Connected to 4 Asthma Drugs
"Two federal drug officials have concluded that asthma sufferers risk death if they continue to use four hugely popular asthma drugs - Advair, Symbicort, Serevent and Foradil...."Sudden deaths among asthmatics still clutching their inhalers have fed the debate."

There seems to be an emerging pattern of drug related deaths of patients who suffer from conditions that are not normally a cause of death. In other words - it's the cure that kills, rather than the illness.

On December 10th, a Nobel Prize will be awarded for finding HPV and proving its link to cervical cancer to Dr Harald zur Hausen. However there is a missing link in this – for he failed to find a way to persuade cells to make his virus.

Does HPV vaccine lessen our chances of getting this cancer? If the virus is present in many healthy people it seems unlikely it to be the cause. If the ‘co-factors’ are the main causes, then a vaccine cannot give us immunity. It has also to be said that the vaccines have not yet been proved to work– as the cancer takes 10 – 60 years to appear and the vaccines have not been tested for more than a few months.

Book: Fear of the Invisible
Janine Roberts in her book "Fear of the Invisible" raises some basic and very serious questions about the validity of the concept of vaccination. She also delves into the research that has been done on AIDS, SARS and the Bird Flu. Prepare for eye opening revelations. An introduction to the book and the themes of its chapters can be found on the site Liam Scheff has reviewed the book here.

Collateral damage from HIV/AIDS
Enormous harm has been caused by the mistaken view that “HIV-positive” signifies infection with a fatal retrovirus that can only be held in check by highly toxic medication to be administered until the patient dies.

By now, millions of people have been subjected to this iatrogenic damage; including some unknown but large number of babies, whose mitochondria (central to cellular energy processes) have been irreparably debilitated. We know of people who tested positive only because of anti-tetanus shots, or flu vaccination, or surgical procedures...

Recreational HIV drugs
Anti-retroviral drugs used to treat HIV/Aids are being bought and smoked by teenagers in South Africa to get high. Reports suggest that the drugs are being sold by patients and even healthcare staff for money. . . . Aids patients themselves have been found smoking the drugs instead of taking them as prescribed. . . . Smoking the pills has a hallucinogenic and relaxing affect. . . . ‘When you look at them, just a few seconds after taking it, they are in another world’ . . . . The children do not know where they are and they stop making sense. . . .

Liam Scheff: Why I Write about Aids - Reduce the Burden. Remove the Stigma.
We have robbed citizens not only of their lives, but of their ability to fight for life, to hope for life, to overcome illness, to prove us wrong, to surprise us, to teach us, to correct the errors of our too-sure judgment. Instead we enforce their death through daily reminders - drugs, tests, and the stigmatizing label: “unsafe, and permanently infected.”

We’ve got to reduce the burden on Aids patients. We cannot ethically, morally or spiritually take their death as pre-ordained, lest we enforce it by over-medicating, over-burdening, and over-reaching with an hypothesis, or a belief, whose effectiveness may well be spent, and whose validity is long past. We must open ourselves to re-considering this problem; we may discover, if we allow ourselves to, that it can be solved with a different, more open, more compassionate, and more hopeful approach.

Global warning: We are actually heading towards a new Ice Age, claim scientists
British and Canadian experts warned the big freeze could bury the east of Britain in 6,000ft of ice. Most of Scotland, Northern Ireland and England could be covered in 3,000ft-thick ice fields.

Professor Crowley said the stark findings do not mean we should stop fighting warming.

But he urged: ‘Don’t push the panic button.’

‘There’s no excuse for saying “we’ve got to keep pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,”‘ he told Reuters.

‘Geologically it’s tomorrow, but we have lots of time to argue about the appropriate level of greenhouse gases.’

Video: Al Gore sued by over 30.000 Scientists for Global Warming fraud
KUSI-TV Weatherman and founder of Weather Channel leads 30,000 Scientists in lawsuit charging Al Gore with fraud in Global Warming Scam. Also supporting the Scientists are 9000 PHD researchers.

Credit crunch? What credit crunch?
The credit crunch is not nearly as severe as the U.S. authorities appear to believe and public data actually suggest world credit markets are functioning remarkably well, a report released on Thursday says.

Yes, but banks already made off with billions of dollars - but then, perhaps that was the purpose of the exercise?

- - -

Got things to say .. have news to share?

- - -

More information out there...

There is much I cannot cover but other sources for this kind of information exist and are active.


Dr Mercola's health blog and Mike Adams' Natural News have great health information.

The Alternative Medicine Yahoo Group is a place where you can discuss and exchange information on what is happening in the world of natural health.

For the influence of electromagnetic waves from radio, mobile phones and other radio emitting devices, check out the emfrefugee group on Yahoo.

If you are interested in a different take on the news that isn't health centered but is certainly fun, check out Robin Good TV News.

A few sites to keep up to date with the other side of world affairs, the stuff you won't necessarily find on your tv or in the papers:

... and remember,

The individual is supreme and finds its way through intuition


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday December 14 2008
updated on Wednesday August 15 2012

URL of this article:





Readers' Comments

This is one of the most informative sites on the net...thank you for all the research.

Posted by: Jay Keating on December 15, 2008 11:55 AM


I've been sick since early 1986 (OCD). Then in the early 90's I developed SEVERE depression, anxiety, and an ever-worsening OCD. Then mid-90's chronic Lyme/coinfections.

I learned wireless technology was making me sick. Three cell phone antennas were installed on a water tower less than an eighth mile from my home, and I was also using a cordless phone - often sleeping next to the base. All of my pets were sick and dying YOUNG, too.

The honeybees are dying. The bats in the Northeast are dying. The pelicans are flying around dazed.

I urge anyone with a strange illness to google EMF Refugee and the Boinitiative Report and Freiburger Appeal.

Please keep posting articles like this for awareness. I thank you tremendously.

Posted by: Carol on January 13, 2009 01:40 PM


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