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February 08, 2007

PBS' Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America - More Pabulum For The Masses

The slick "Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America" is the first of 3 PBS TV programs for supposedly healthier heart. The remaining two programs to be aired at a later date are: "Take One Step for a Healthier Heart with Larry King" and "FAT: What No One is Telling You".

All are sponsored by the same cabal* who brought you this disease via the nutrient depleted, addictive and toxic chemical added processed foods; surgeries; and last but not least the supposed magic of generally toxic drugs.

*As always we have the pharma sponsors in this case "GlaxoSmithKline"; "America On the Move Foundation" - a non profit organization masquerading as an ideal American apple pie front for the food and medical industry; then there is "American Association of Retried Persons" (AARP) whose magazine is loaded with advertisements and advertorials for drug companies targeting the most venerable.

"America On the Move Foundation's" National Presenting Sponsor is PepsiCo's brands including Tropicana®, Gatorade®, Baked! Lay's®, Quaker® and Diet Pepsi®; other National Sponsors include LEAN CUISINE®, Spenda®, etc.

Nutrient deficiency is the primary reason for heart, for that matter any, disease given that we don't have a deficiency of drugs - only nutrients! Without the building blocks needed by our body to repair and rebuild our immune system nothing is going to work - QED. Besides being toxic the drugs generally create the very deficiencies that originally caused the disease!

The health system is really a disease management system, perpetuated by the huge profits being made by pharmaceutical cartels and related industries. Disease mongering is the name of the game. Apart for emergencies such as accidents etc., some drugs like antibiotics when used sparingly and when needed (still not without side effects), while most others, such as cholesterol lowering, arthritis etc. medications, frequently cause more harm than the disease they are supposed to help.

This incessant preoccupation with more and more toxic and frequently fatal drugs is unconscionable. How quickly Tambocor, and similar drugs that killed thousands of people are forgotten and this in spite of much safer natural alternatives that were then and are still available. Most of these modalities are simple to clinically prove and many have already have superb track records on efficacy. One only needs to read Thomas J. Moore's excellent book "Deadly Medicine" to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Obviously, no one will spend the time and money for clinical trials, as in many case these safe alternatives will actually cure the disease and will not provide for long term "disease management" opportunity that the more profitable 'suppress the symptom' drugs provide.

Clearly, one is not going to find this information on these slick PBS broadcasts. Where the supposed "sound evidence based" medicine is the standard of care and naturally shall be the limelight.

While the program has not aired yet, a cursory look on the PBS site provides plenty of fodder to dabble in - not surprisingly, no real solutions to heart disease are there: Some examples follow:

I tuned in and logged on for resources, tips, and tools (as per the ad for the for the first episode: "Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America" currently (2007-02-07) on my site suggested) to find out how to protect myself and was offered a risk assessment questionnaire among other arm waving solutions such as...


"Do you eat 5 or more servings of fruit and vegetables per day?"

Oh yes of course they will continue to give lip service to nutrition etc. knowing full well that most are not likely to follow this advice and even if they did most will fall pry to all the processed foods masquerading as multiple daily servings obviously made by the food sponsors. The fact that our food is nutrient depleted and often toxic is not even on their radar let alone an area of concern. Then they tell us to take the useless RDA level supplements full of toxic additives to boot!

Saturated Fats

"Try to eat unsaturated fats, like liquid vegetable oil, on most days."

Above is a recipe for cancer among other things See: Re: Saturated Fats And Heart Health


"Unhealthy blood cholesterol levels"


Cholesterol Does Not Cause Coronary Heart Disease

Cholesterol: Myths and Truths

The Hidden Truth About Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

Frequently Asked Questions About Statins

An excellent resource is at:

--- Nutrition, Health & Heart Disease; Cause and Prevention ---
- Health is determined by the nutrients you happen to NOT get -

I could go on and on but none of this is likely to be discussed in these politically correct TV programs.


Another one of their ads also on my site starts with a quote: "Ami's husband Philip, 44, worked out, played golf, and died suddenly of a massive heart attack."

Now then anyone with slightest knowledge will tell you the important role magnesium can play in some heart patients. In fact, most doctors never even check the magnesium level. Further Magnesium** and other nutrient deficiencies can be induced by the very drugs meant to help heart problems.

**Eisenberg MJ, Magnesium deficiency and sudden death (editorial), AM Heart J 1992 Aug; 124(2):544-9

For more see Dr. Ron Grisanti report here. Given the sponsors above and the lack of profit from such a substance it is conveniently ignored. Here is what happened - Magnesium: Research Misconduct?

What about Nutrients in Drinking Water and heart disease? See:

Protective Effects of Magnesium (Full report is here - excerpt follows.)

Epidemiological studies have repeatedly indicated that a benefit of magnesium is to reduce the occurrence of sudden death from cardiovascular disease. Singh (10) conducted an intervention study using two cohorts at high risk of cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality. One cohort (206 subjects) was given a magnesium-enriched diet and the other (194 subjects) remained on their usual diet. The magnesium-enriched diet contained 1,142 mg/day whereas the usual diet contained 418 mg/day of magnesium. The high magnesium diet included 880 mg/day calcium whereas the low magnesium diet included 512 mg/day of calcium. The occurrence of sudden death was 1.5 times more common in the usual-diet group. This finding is consistent with prior studies showing low intake of magnesium is associated with arrhythmias (8,9)... page 102

Conclusions: These findings suggest that low magnesium concentration may contribute to the pathogenesis of coronary atherosclerosis or acute thrombosis.

Is low magnesium concentration a risk factor for coronary heart disease? The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study.

The Mineral That Could Have Saved 4 Million Women

Further all their self serving evidence based rubbish will not help if one is deficient in Vitamins C, B, D, E, and minerals such as Iodine, Selenium etc.. And I don't mean at useless RDA levels. These nutrients will not only prevent but also cure heart disease and are discussed elsewhere on this site but are totally ignored in the business of disease.


Orthomolecular Solutions to Heart Disease

Vitamin C beats statins in cholesterol - heart disease

Are statin drugs an expensive version of vitamin D?


Are they aware of the connection of heart decease and Fluoride? Fluoridation increases periodontal disease which has become the primary focus for dental researchers because of the very strong links which have been made to other conditions such as heart disease (Loesche 1994, 1998; Herzberg and Meyer 1996), as well as infants with low birth weight and premature births. For heart disease the association is stronger than for smoking (Loesche et al, 1998).

Extracted from: Fluoride, Gingivitis and Oral Cancer

S. Morris, et al., "Hyperhomocysteinemia and Hypercholesterolemia Associated with Hypothyroidism in the Third U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey,"Atherosclerosis 155 (2001): 195-200.

Hidden Danger in Your Drinking Water and Toothpaste

If so why is it still being added to our water? Bet no one will discuss this. Why not?


It is well known that homocysteine levels are a better predictor than cholesterol for heart decease yet this is not routinely done? Given that it can be easily controlled by Vitamin B. Why is this test not used extensively? Yet the toxic cholesterol lowering drugs are all the rage, even when homocysteine is a better predictor. Many prescribed cholesterol lowering drugs such as Cholestipol and Cholestyramine prescribed to reduce heart disease, may actually cause it by raising homocysteine levels and depleting a whole host of nutreints!

J.W. Eikelboom, et al.,"Homocystferine and Cardiovascular Disease:A Critical Review of the Epidemiological Evidence," Ann. Intern. Med. 131(5) (September 7,1999): 363-375. You need to read past the abstract!

And Finally their quote...

"Some people may need medications as well. So take one step. It's never too late."

Yea right very smooth indeed! Here is what you get:

Yet Another Study Shows Low Cholesterol Increases Risk Of Early Death!

Common Drugs Linked To Sudden Cardiac Death

Medical system is leading cause of death and injury in US

I bet dollars to donuts that almost none of the above will take centre stage in these so called heart health broadcasts.

All the talk about "New Preventative Therapy" likely to be discussed in these programs is simply hollow rhetoric. The solutions to the prevention of heart disease are embedded links in the above paragraphs and have been known for a long time....

You now know more than all the hot air from the likes of those behind the PBS infomercial/entertainment pretence - weather consciously or unconsciously lack of quality information will only keep us on the same old treadmill.

Bill Sardi's - Coronary Calcification broadcast from Radio Liberty on behind scenes is an absolute must listen.

Why this ad is on this web site?

Many of you maybe wondering why this ad was allowed on this site given its contrary views?

I am trying to avoid a paternal stance here, in that I am beginning to strongly feel that people must find and use information and not be misled by experts and even web sites like this. In spite of all the data generated here, and laid out for all to see regarding statins, many continue to write what they should do to reduce their cholesterol. This in spite of the answer staring them in the face! Very frustrating - no more hand holding. Clearly those who take matters in their own hands have a distinct advantage. An advantage that may very well save their lives. We are continually conditioned to depend on something or some expert. We need to recognize this and learn to think for ourselves or we will continue to be fodder for commercial interests.

Think it better to confront this rubbish by exposing it rather than suppressing it. The erroneous perception that somehow a blog magazine etc. are extrinsically connected to what they advertise needs to be questioned and measures taken to reverse this recent commerce friendly perception. I remember reading magazines 20 to 30 years ago were one was first and foremost free to criticize often adversely a given ad or product. Instead of the advertisers threatening to withhold future ad revenue they often were obligated to explain their stance. In the case of a product review, often improvements were made based on the criticisms and suggestions of the said product!

Ads such as this provide great opportunity to expose behind the scenes shenanigans. By rejecting such ads we play into their commercial game and little is accomplished...

Chris Gupta


posted by Chris Gupta on Thursday February 8 2007
updated on Wednesday August 1 2012

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Readers' Comments

Dear Chris Gupta:

Thank you for your valuable work. I have enjoyed many of your articles and have found this to be a source of absolute truth, as I have verified through independent sources.

However, a friend of mine asked me the following question when I recommended your website to her, and I would like to ask you how I can best answer her:

"Before I quote Chris Gupta, who is he? What are his credentials?"

I sincerely thank you in advance for any information you may be able to provide.

- Phil Urias


Thanks for the kind feedback Phil, regarding your friend - it is a sad commentary that people have literally stopped thinking for themselves. They are so dependent on experts*, institutes, governments etc. who are largely industry shills. Suggest you tell her exactly as you say in that to verify all information through independent sources regardless of the source. All of us have a brain so why can't we use it! The answer: dependencies makes people easy to control - it should be incumbent for her to understand this.

My bio is at:

*"Science became an educated cadaver of thought, above which congregate expert players. If the encyclopedia of the ignorance of the acknowledged authorities in the history were to be published, it would number many fat volumes. Nothing will interest scientists anymore. They are like oxen which feed of fenced-off pasture."

Prof. Wlodzimierz Sedlak

Posted by: Filiberto Urias on February 13, 2007 05:21 PM


good article. I am glad this was the first one that came up in google's search engine when I put in the title of the pbs movie

Posted by: chris on May 29, 2008 11:15 PM


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