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November 10, 2003

Mercury fillings implicated in Parkinson's

Mercury, contained in millions of tooth fillings which are leaking toxic metals into our organism on a daily basis, has long been suspected of causing damage due to the inherent toxicity of the compound.


Note the scull and crossbones on this label for dental amalgam containing mercury and other metals. (Click on image to enlarge)

Professor of physiology and biophysics Dr. Fritz Lorscheider of the University of Calgary, Canada, says he found and recorded the damage caused to neurons by the mercury contained in mercury amalgam fillings.

Now there is an indication of what may be the exact mechanism which is directly implicated in bringing about the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Prof. Galzigna, former holder of the chair of biochemistry of Padova University, has told an international biological dentristry congress held this weekend in Padova, Italy, that mercury has the capacity of transforming dopamine, a naturally present neurotransmitter in the brain, into a toxic compound called dopaminochrome.

Friday, 7 November 2003 15:42
Accusing mercury in tooth fillings: it leads to Parkinson's


Mercury used in tooth fillings is heavily suspected to contribute to the appearance of symptoms of this serious neurological disease. This is what was announced by Prof. Lauro Galzigna of Padova, former holder of the chair of biochemistry of Padova university, on the first day of the international congress of biological dentistry, which was chaired by Prof. Raimondo Pische. Prof. Galzigna has told the congress participants - researchers from all over the world who came together to discuss the risks of mercury and other heavy metals in dental amalgams and as used in dentistry - of the first results regarding the connection between mercury and Parkinson's disease. "Mercury - says Professor Galzigna - could be neurotoxic by transforming the organism's dopamine into a toxic compound called dopaminochrome. Dopamine is a natural neurotranmitter that is vital for the functioning of the central nervous system. The lowering of dopamine concentration in brain tissue is an important biochemical sign of Parkinson's disease. Patients who have the illness are given l-dopa, a precursor of dopamine. "Mercury transforms dopamine - adds the professor - into dopaminochrome, which plays an extremely important role in the the appearance of Parkinson's symptoms.
The congress of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry, chaired by Raimondo Pische, was opened by Oscar Carli who brought the best wishes of the Order of Medical Doctors, of the National Association of Dentists and of Padova University, as well as Dr. Daniele Vanni of the Orthodontic Society. For two days, researchers of universities from all over the world, including the Italian "La Sapienza" of Rome, "San Rafaele" and "Politecnico" of Milan and the University of Bari, discussed the great risks of mercury and heavy metals suggesting the use of "metal-free" products.
A thing that couldn't be missing: mention of the magician who in a local TV program has stated that he cures patients of tumors. Prof Carli has again warned public opinion of who, without being a medical doctor, is promising miraculous cures.

Here is the original as appeared on Yahoo News in Italian:

Venerdì 7 Novembre 2003, 15:42

Sotto accusa il mercurio per le otturazioni: provoca il Parkinson


Il mercurio usato nelle otturazioni dentali è fortemente sospettato di contribuire all'insorgenza dei sintomi della grave malattia neurologica. L'annuncio è stato dato nella giornata inaugurale del Congresso internazionale degli Odontoiatri biologici, presieduto da Raimondo Pische, dal professor Lauro Galzigna di Padova che è stato Direttore della Cattedra di biochimica clinica nell'Ateneo di Padova. Al congresso che vede riuniti studiosi da tutto il mondo per discutere sui rischi del mercurio nell'amalgama per le otturazioni e di metalli pesanti usati in odontoiatria, il Professor Galzigna ha presentato i primi risultati sul rapporto mercurio e Parkinson."Il mercurio- dice il professor Galzigna - potrebbe esercitare un'azione neurotossica trasformando la dopamina, presente nell'organismo, in un composto tossico denominato dopaminocromo. La dopamina è un neurotrasmettitore naturale necessario per il funzionamento del sistema nervoso centrale. L'abbassamento della dopamina nel tessuto cerebrale è un importante correlato biochimico della malattia di Parkinson. Al paziente colpito da questa malattia per la terapia si somministra la dopa che è un precursore della dopamina". "Il mercurio trasforma la dopamina - aggiunge il Professore - in una sostanza, il dopaminocromo, che reciterebbe un ruolo molto importante nell'insorgenza dei sintomi della malattia di Parkinson".
Il congresso dell'Accademia internazionale di Odontoiatria biologica, presieduta da Raimondo Pische è stato aperto da Oscar Carli che ha portato il saluto dell'Ordine dei medici, dell'Associazione nazionale dentisti e dell'Università di Padova, e dal dottor Daniele Vanni della Società di Ortodonzia. Per due giorni studiosi delle Università di tutto il mondo, fra cui le italiane "La Sapienza" di Roma, "San Raffaele" e "Politecnico" di Milano e l'Università di Bari, discutono dei grandi rischi con l'uso di mercurio e metalli pesanti proponendo il ricorso a prodotti "metal-free". Non è mancato un accenno alla vicenda del mago che in una tv veneta diceva di curare i pazienti di tumore: il professor Carli ha, ancora una volta, messo in guardia l'opinione pubblica da chi, non medico, promette cure miracolose.

See also these related links: Toxic Tipping Point
Are the CDC, the FDA, and other health agencies covering up evidence that a mercury preservative in children's vaccines caused a rise in autism?

Mercury on the Mind - By Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD
Although they afflict widely different age groups, autism and Alzheimer's disease share a common cause: mercury. Dr. Boyd Haley, professor and chair of the chemistry department at the University of Kentucky, and Dr. Bernard Rimland, founder of the Autism Research Institute, presented evidence at this year's Doctors for Disaster Preparedness meeting that connects mercury with these diseases.

The scientific truth about amalgam - Poul Moeller

Mercury : The Winged Messenger - Book on mercury and autism

Mercury and Autism - Safe Minds

Mercury and Vaccine Link to Autism

Discover Magazine - March 2005: Our Preferred Poison
A little mercury is all that humans need to do away with themselves quietly, slowly, and surely

US FDA: Maybe It's Time for the Hercules Solution...
There is no better simple example of FDA corruption than that illustrated by the FDA division assigned the task of regulating US dentistry issues. The situation is so bad there that, recently, the legal team for an activist group put FDA legal counsel on "Official Notice," threatening to file "Fraud on the Court" briefs if, and when, FDA dental division employees reversed themselves once again. The intent was to force the dental division to stop obfuscating the "mercury amalgam" tooth filling issue. The FDA dental division sees, as its mission, the preservation, at any cost, of the current dental system - one based on "image" rather than "health." Official dentistry wants no part of "what happens in your mouth affects your whole body."

Wall Street Turns Thumbs Down to Mercury Fillings
A stunning report by Bank of America Securities advises that dental products company Dentsply, the #2 manufacturer of mercury fillings, realign its operations to sell only the resin and other filling materials. The report came after the latest ADA meeting in San Francisco, where the buzz throughout the meeting was whether mercury fillings would be banned or phased out.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Monday November 10 2003
updated on Friday December 10 2010

URL of this article:


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..."Based on the best available scientific evidence," concludes Dr. Offit, "parents can be confident that vaccines are overwhelmingly safe, as well as effective in preventing infectious diseases."... I have yet to see any convincing evidence of safety or efficacy on Vaccines yet we continue to be abused with above lies. by these so called "experts" assume they are experts at lying... ..."The FDA's VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System) receives... [read more]
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My comments are inerted in bold italics in body. See also: Pharmaceutical Quality Control Myth Chris By Mark Benjamin Investigations Editor Published 7/20/2003 8:45 AM WASHINGTON, July 20 (UPI) -- The screaming started four hours after 8-month-old Chaise Irons received a vaccination against rotavirus, recommended in June 1998 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for every infant to prevent serious diarrhea. Within a day he was vomiting and... [read more]
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Alarming expose of research manipulation
Dr. Weldon's letter (at end) should make everyone question what they are 'officially' told The Autism connection is amply demonstrated when autistic children are cured though Mercury detoxification see: Mercury and Autism: Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!): Mercury Detoxification Consensus Group Position Paper Autism: a Novel Form of Mercury Poisoning [Short Version] [Long Version] Vaccinations Contributing to Rise in Autism? [Transcript] Aired 11/20/02 on CNNChris Gupta>... [read more]
November 15, 2003 - Chris Gupta




Readers' Comments

This is brilliant infomation for parkinson sufferers. Would like to know the best and safest way to strip mecury fro the body.

Posted by: michael brereton on November 5, 2005 07:44 AM


Will getting rid of mercury fillings reverse Parkinsons symptoms or is it too late?

I was diagnosed after having two years of extensive dental work done! Coincidence?

Posted by: patty on November 21, 2005 07:51 AM


I am 23 years old and was diagnosed with PD 3 years ago. I also recently discovered an extreme amount of mercury in my system. Will my symptoms reverse or will I have PD forever.

Posted by: katie on February 25, 2006 01:07 AM


I was able to practially eliminate the high amount of mercury per before-and-after blood tests. The method is simple and was recommended by a health clinic: Take Epsom salts baths every few days (the salts leach out toxins). As for getting the mercury removed from your teeth, you need to be very careful -- disturbing the amalgam can release more mercury into you; do not go to just any dentist -- find one of the few who recognizes the dangers of mercury and has experience using special procedures to remove the fillings safely. Also, removing fillings can traumatize the tooth and lead to a need for a root canal (especialy if one's immune system is overloaded already).

Posted by: Courtney on February 25, 2006 03:11 AM


For taking mercury out of the body, I'd look into NDF or NDF Plus. They are both oral chelation systems from BioRay with impressive trials to back them up. I recommend you do a web search and read up on them. would be the premier starting place. Good luck.

Posted by: Brian on February 25, 2006 07:31 PM


i am confused. does removing mercury from teeth reverse parkinsons or not. i have had parkinsons since 1999

Posted by: jennifer on August 29, 2008 06:01 AM


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