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June 28, 2004

Medical Veritas: 'Tragic Consequences' of Childhood Vaccinations

The International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA) was formally launched May 30, 2004. Mandated to investigate and confront those medical and pharmaceutical interventions that are compromised by conflicts of interests, the IMVA takes, according to a description circulated by Mark Sircus, the group's initiator, an authoritative and compelling stand on diverse issues in the world of health and healthcare, challenging the positions of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on key aspects of the childhood immunization program.

Serious errors exist in policies that permit:  

inoculation of children with up to five vaccines during a single doctor visit;

the use of mercury as a vaccine preservative; 

newborn inoculation with the Hepatitis B vaccine prior to discharge; and,

all children 6 months and older to receive the flu vaccination every year.

These publicly approved policies are leading to tragic consequences that include, in large part, the 700% increase in autism over the past 10 years. In reality, these so-called interventions are large-scale experiments conducted at the expense of our young children, who are showing an increase in childhood cancers and other chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes, charges the IMVA.

Why were these untoward policies authorized? In one word: greed. Dr. Kate Scannell recently reported that,

"According to confidential documents recently acquired and reviewed by the New York Times, the U.S. drug company trade association PhRMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) intends to spend $150 million in the current year in hopes of influencing our domestic and foreign policy makers. The Times reports that PhRMA's budget for such lobbying activities during the fiscal year beginning July 1 represents a 23 percent increase over the prior year. The plan includes a $72.7 million allocation for lobbying at the federal level, $49.7 million for state lobbying efforts, and $4.9 million to lobby the Food and Drug Administration."

Medicine will never be safe as long as we tolerate the incursion of the power of pharmaceutical companies into the medical decision making process, since the profit motive interferes greatly with sound medical judgment. The IMVA recognizes that medical disasters are being perpetrated by the pharmaceutical industry. Hardly a week goes by without news or another report on the corrupting influence of these companies on the medical community. Instead of serving the interests of those who have entrusted them with their health, the medical establishment has become a legally sanctioned purveyor of death. 

Dr. Barbara Starfield estimates that there are approximately 250,000 avoidable deaths occurring at the hands of doctors each year, while Dr. Gary Null and his colleagues estimate the figure to be much higher -- 786,000 in the United States alone. Although these estimates have been published in reputable medical and health journals, they do not touch upon the tragedy of infants found dead in their cribs, or other babies thought to be shaken to death by their parents – outcomes that sometimes were later attributed to adverse vaccine reactions. These estimates also do not reflect the abominable situation in third world countries, where immunization is forced on sick and malnourished children who already have compromised immune systems.

The IMVA is also concerned about the dogmatic adherence to reductionistic paradigms that emphasize costly and dangerous surgical procedures that can only prognosticate minimal - if any - benefit.  With 8.9 million unnecessary hospitalizations and 7.5 million unnecessary medical procedures per year, we have many individuals thrust into the unnecessary danger of a potentially fatal consequence. Thus, invasive and unnecessary medical procedures must be considered as part of the deaths due to iatrogenic causes. Of particular concern to the IMVA, is the unnecessarily high C-section rate in the U.S. and other countries, and the entire medical process surrounding birth. The IMVA supports efforts toward achieving a more natural birthing process that minimizes the use of medications and drugs.

National and international medical and health organizations are in sort of a "Catch 22" predicament -- unable to honestly publicize deleterious effects of vaccines and other medical procedures, since this would lower public trust and confidence, which in turn would, for example, decrease vaccination rates and profits. Interestingly, the IOM and the CDC publicly declare they are clueless as to what is causing the notable increase in autism -- with one U.S. child in 166 affected. Some have gone so far as describing this problem as a modern holocaust. The major health organizations have lost their objectivity and dedication to human welfare, preferring to defend the interests of the pharmaceutical companies that flood these organizations with money and staff.

The long-standing use of mercury as a preservative in vaccines is perhaps the greatest medical nightmare -- a case in point screaming for dramatic changes in the medical establishment  -- and speaks of the need for the IMVA as an independent review body. It is here where the love affair of medical science and pharmaceuticals has abandoned all ability to reason. And, writes Sharyl Attkisson, in a recent CBS New report,

“the results could be devastating to vaccine makers and federal health officials who have steadfastly defended the use of mercury, a potent neurotoxin, in childhood vaccines.”
We often worry about the terrorists abroad, but medical terrorism is discreet and cleverly disguised in a facade of short term "safety studies." The bottom line is that hundreds of thousands of American children are living with the fallout. The cost to raise those surviving with late-onset learning disabilities and autism following childhood vaccination is staggering and has become an immense burden that is compromising school systems and impacting society in general. Medical authorities have chosen to ignore the documented observations of thousands of parents, whose children were previously noted at well-baby visits as developmentally normal, but then lost language, social contact, and regressed into autism following vaccination.

The IOM, CDC, AMA, AAP, WHO, UNICEF and FDA are proving to be ineffective in gauging vaccine safety and other critical medical interventions. Either inadvertently or deliberately, public health organizations have endangered the health of the nation and the world with an arrogance that has led, step by tragic step, to the present situation: infants being bombarded with toxic viruses and other biological components, injected one after another in a brutal attack on their immature immunological and neurological systems. Such arrogance has locked the entire medical establishment around the world into a pre-emptive war: injurious to children, yet threatening contemp -- or worse -- on any physician or scientist courageous enough to challenge the status quo. The void that once existed for an impartial international investigative group has now been filled in the IMVA.

Tragedies are evident in many areas including: food additives and preservatives, pesticides, water fluoridation, cancer and AIDS treatments, anti-depressive medications, and other drugs having only marginal, if any, benefit. The IMVA supports improving nutrition as a first line of defense against disease--it promotes wellness rather than continuous disease and treatment cycles.

The IMVA's  goal is to resolve the above problems by creating a new medical paradigm through a synthesis of all primary healthcare paths, eliminating aspects not standing up to close scrutiny.  The IMVA will continue to expand in its role as a truly independent body to public health, providing balanced information to parents, patients, and physicians. Our conviction is that better-informed people will have a great impact on better medical treatment.

International Medical Veritas Association

Gary Goldman, Ph.D.
Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD
Michael Primero, B.Sc., M.Sc.Soc
Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, Ph.D., DABT, DABVT 
Jewel Euto, Ed.D, Ph.D., N.D.
Michael Godfrey, M.D., MB.BS, FACAM, FACNEM
Boyd Haley, Ph.D.
Viera Scheibner, Ph.D.
John Parks Trowbridge, M. D., FACAM, Dipl. ABCMT
Bob Dublin, DC
Nancy Massotto, Ph.D.
Sandra Desorgher, MA-FScN
Maureen Fontaine, B.Ed, ECS
Bronwyn Hancock, B.Sc., Cert. Nutr.
Luciana Valentim, B.Sc Oc, B.Ed - Liason Brazil
Sallye Wentz
Dawn Winkler
Joan Mootry
Bob Flint - Liason Maine
Edda West - VRAN - Canada
Georgia Janisch
Liam Scheff
Ingri Cassell

While in the UK, "shaken baby syndrome" is being reviewed widely to eliminate injust prison sentences, in the US people continue to languish behind bars for what the vaccine manufacturers should rightly take the blame.

The following is an appeal by Lisa Mullenax, recently published in Nexus Magazine.

My beautiful 3 1/2-month-old baby Lucas was killed by adverse reactions to vaccines and overdose of medications. As a result, my husband and I have lost our home, our savings, our careers and our reputations because we were accused by the medical establishment of having killed our precious baby. Our lives have radically changed in this past year. The police investigated our son's death for 11 1/2 months and then came by surprise and indicted my husband. My husband, Alejandro, is currently incarcerated due to incompetent physicians and blatant medical malpractice. He is charged with first and third degree murder and the state of Pennsylvania is seeking the death penalty.

Please read the following toxicology report written by Dr Mohammed Al-Bayati. This highly respected toxicologist and pathologist conducted a thorough investigation into the true causes of our son's death, which led him to make some startling discoveries. His extensive report was recently published during a "shaken baby syndrome" conference co-hosted by Nicholas Regush and Sandy Mintz and available at Red Flags Weekly. The evidence produced in his report will speak for itself. We have two physicians that concur with Dr Al-Bayati's diagnosis and numerous others are presently reviewing my baby's medical records.

We are not by any means an isolated incident. The "shaken baby syndrome" epidemic is becoming a national crisis as thousands of innocent people are being victimized by these false allegations. Many have been wrongly convicted. Please go to this website to read more.

We are asking for your assistance in exposing this witch-hunt to bring about an increased awareness of this growing tragedy and will in turn help to prevent future infant deaths. Until more cases like ours are exposed, babies will continue to die needlessly as a result of adverse reactions to these allopathic drugs. Devastating accusations will continue to destroy other innocent people's lives if the medical establishment continues to refuse to perform differential diagnoses once mention of "shaken baby syndrome" is made. The tragedy of many "shaken baby syndrome" findings is that they are based on a theory that has not been borne out by current scientific or medical evidence. There is a dichotomy between many of the medical experts - many of whom strongly debate the validity of this theory.

By disseminating this information, you will make it possible for others to learn from our personal experience. These iatrogenic injuries must be exposed. We are not asking for your sympathy; we are asking that you help us to change the way the medical profession currently deals with these injuries so that the same grave errors will not continue to be repeated. Our society has an obligation to its citizens to not allow these miscarriages of justice to perpetuate. A paradigm shift is approaching within the medical establishment and we must act now to expose this tragedy for the sake of our children.

Dr Al-Bayati is more than willing to help anyone in the same situation as ourselves, and to answer questions of the media. His contact details are: Mohammed Al-Bayati, PhD, DAB, DABVT, Toxicologist and Pathologist, Toxi-Health International, 150 Bloom Drive, Dixon, CA 95620, USA, telephone (707) 678 4484, fax (707) 678 8505, e-mail, website:

Please, we need your support. This can happen to anyone. Our Lucas has a healthy baby until he was administered his two-month immunisations. Young parents tend not to know or understand the potential lethal ramifications of immunizations and medications. My only goal is to increase awareness of this growing epidemic so that other innocent families are not afflicted by these heinous allegations - because no matter which of the two happens, the families' lives will be profoundly affected forever.

Lisa Mullenax
Hartstown, Pennsylvania, USA

The following website by Susan Kreider, RN, a vaccine-injured adult, has more information pertaining to our case.

From a recent communication (7 September 2004) of Mark Sircus - International Medical Veritas Association

Some people have commented that I am saving lives in writing the way that I do. But even those kind words cannot cast even a shadow on the agony I feel walking past a pregnant woman in the street while I say nothing. After completing my most recent essay, Mercury and Vaccines, I realized that I can no longer stand by doing nothing while the long lines of kids waiting to be hurt and/or killed continue to grow.

I live less than 100 yards from a public vaccine clinic. And most of you live within a few miles or kilometers at most from such a clinic, hospital or doctors office that injects children with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and several other highly toxic chemicals. I personally relate to the analogy of concentration camps, of long lines of innocents being subjected to medical experiments with toxic drugs that are not intended to heal. Sometimes I feel like many German's probably felt about doing nothing; in our case to stop or even protest this massive child abuse in any kind of affective way.

I have been thinking long and hard about what I can do and what we all can do to push harder for change. These past five months there has been a battle going on in my soul about this after I saw what the IOM and the CDC did with its white washing of the vaccine - thimerosal - autism link. And I have been waiting anxiously to see the results of Alan Yurko's case. Though extremely glad to see him walk free again we are reminded that we are dealing with stone hearted people who will not and cannot admit their error. This inability to admit error on a broad and deep level about vaccines and a whole list of other things is at the center of the great problem we are all seeing in the world of medicine and this will be the topic of one of my next essays - Medical Insanity Continued.

So I am personally pledging myself to organize locally here, in my newly adopted city, and in places around the world, peaceful protests to be conducted in front of such clinics. It is within our power to change the course of medical history though it will take a revolution, not only on the level of action but on the level of consciousness. It is we who need to change not the other guy. It is we who need to act. I think if we can organize enough such demonstrations the mass mind will be touched and serious doubt will be placed on the administration of vaccines that contain harmful substances.

We do not have to be afraid and use as an excuse what happened in the anti-abortion movement. Our demonstrations can be intelligent and informative and for sure non violent in action, effect and attitude. The key is not just in informing people who are sleepwalking their way into vaccine clinics without any idea whatsoever of the dangers waiting for their children. The idea is also to protest in a way that finally touches the mass mind through the mass media. If we can do this with intelligence and dignity and the media responds we will have started on the road to a true public review of the basic issues that the medical establishment is resisting and will resist to the bitter end.

I believe it is not intelligent for the IMVA to be anti vaccination. Rather it needs to be very specific about what it is for.

The IMVA is:

1) For the complete international elimination of thimerosal in all vaccines, including the 'trace' amounts from the manufacturing process.

2) Is for the administering of not more than one vaccine in a single day.

3) The IMVA calls for the elimination of the universal Hepatitis B vaccine for newborns and infants,

4) For the removal of the the universal flu vaccine for children and adults. There are, after all, natural and safe means of preventing complications from the flu.

5) We are for careful screening of all vacinees for contraindicating conditions, including malnutrition.

6) The IMVA is for mandatory safety precautions - specifically the administration of mega doses of vitamin A and C before, during and after all immunizations.

7) We are for the removal of aluminum and formaldehyde from vaccines,

8) and are for the creation of new standards for studies to prove the safety of vaccines beyond all doubt. Adverse reactions to vaccines need to be traced through long periods of time and not the extremely short period of time as is presently the case.

9) The IMVA supports the creation of new vaccine review boards that are free from conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical companies.

10) After reviewing carefully the latest findings of Dr. Gary Goldman and Dr. Ed Yazbak, and the review on their work by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, all just published in the The Journal of the American Physicians and Surgeons, the IMVA is recommending a halt to the administration of the MMR vaccine. Yet again information and statistics, in this case a study from Denmark, used by the CDC to defend the safety of the MMR, is being shown to reveal the opposite of what the medical establishment desperately needs it to reveal. Again conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical companies are showing its ugly face.

11) True scientific double blind studies need to be conducted which would include unvaccinated children.

12) The IMVA is for giving parents the freedom of choice, without fear of ridicule, retribution or any of the other accusations flung their way, when they choose not to vaccinate their children.

Even if the childhood vaccination schedule and the pharmaceutical companies survive these changes intact we will have won an enormous victory and have protected millions of children and their parents from prolonged suffering.

Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
Executive Director
International Medical Veritas Association

See also related: Toxic Tipping Point
Are the CDC, the FDA, and other health agencies covering up evidence that a mercury preservative in children's vaccines caused a rise in autism?

Vaccine Dangers (with lots of links to further information)

Why You May Not Want to Vaccinate - Making An Informed Choice

Vaccine Dangers & Risks: Learn What CDC Documents and Science Really Reveal

Vaccine dangers - a huge link collection on vaccination issues

VACCINATION - An injection of common sense? by Steve Ransom

Ministers have only themselves to blame for the latest furore

By Russell Blaylock, M.D

Discover Magazine - March 2005: Our Preferred Poison
A little mercury is all that humans need to do away with themselves quietly, slowly, and surely

Red Flags Weekly: Vaccines and Immune Suppression

A two-part article in the Washington Times on autism in the Amish community in the U.S. - highly interesting:
The Age of Autism: The Amish anomaly - The Age of Autism: Julia


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Monday June 28 2004
updated on Tuesday December 14 2010

URL of this article:


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Nigeria: Polio Vaccine Found Contaminated
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February 26, 2004 - Chris Gupta




Readers' Comments

An editorial from SOS Scotland on Sunday 5 in 1

Be truthful about vaccines or keep away from my children


OK, I thought I would be able to write something calm and balanced, drawing on both sides of the arguments for and against childhood vaccinations. But I'm so furious at being LIED to time after time by the government that nothing very calm comes to mind.

I made sure my children‚s vaccinations did not include the mercury- based preservative thiomersal, despite assurance from the Glasgow public health doctor himself, on the phone, that it was "perfectly safe".

Now, lo and behold, a new five-in-one injection is being spun as "good news, it‚s mercury-free" - so that we don't ask any questions about what else is in it or whether our babies should be injected with five diseases in one day.

According to the Department of Health, this is not because thiomersal isn't safe, it's about "reducing mercury in the environment". What total horse manure! What about banning mercury fillings for children then, as they do in Canada and other enlightened countries - wouldn‚t that help reduce mercury "in the environment" as well as in our children‚s brains and bloodstreams?

Instead of mercury, the new vaccination contains aluminium and formaldehyde, both known neurological toxins, held by some experts as equally responsible for autism. Just thought you'd like to know.

Formaldehyde - banned from cot mattresses because of a link to cot death - is going to be injected directly into our babies‚ bloodstreams at two, three and four months of age. I can't be the only parent who thinks this might be risky.

Inventing new vaccine cocktails is mega business, of course. Anyone heard of the patenting system? New vaccines are patented for 10 or 15 years, during which time maximum money is made from them. After that, the profits fall off. Unless, of course, you can come up with a new version to patent.

The MMR vaccine was introduced in the late 1980s - after some heavy sales pitching by the drug companies, no doubt - because the patents had expired on the highly safe and successful single Measles and Rubella injections in use in Britain for 20 years. Don't believe me? Just wait a year or two. The MMR patent is due to expire, but not to worry - the lovely new MMRV (which includes added chickenpox protection) will probably be snapped up by our gullible Department of Health instead.

Parents will be inundated with stories of How Chickenpox Kills to help us make up our minds.

It may be the goal of the medical establishment, or at least the vaccination manufacturers, to inoculate every illness out of existence, but new diseases, new mutations keep emerging. Our only true insurance policy is a fantastic immune system, and that‚s just what vaccinations stand accused of threatening.

Autism? ME? Asthma? Allergies? All extremely rare 30 years ago. You can find plenty of immunologists who will express concern at the links to mass vaccination.

When you catch, say, rubella, the virus enters your respiratory system first, so your immune system is on the alert before the disease hits your bloodstream. Your temperature goes up as your body fights back, finally your skin breaks out as the toxins are thrown off. The vast majority of children recover and have a lifelong immunity, passed on through the placenta and breast milk to babies.

Vaccinating a mutated or dead version of a virus directly into the bloodstream may not have the same effect. It may not be thrown off in the same way, it may not protect you for as long, it may not protect your baby.

Mumps used to be a childhood illness, but currently Strathclyde is suffering from a teen epidemic, although all these teenagers will have had MMR. Measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox can all be far more serious if you contract them as an adult.

It is extraordinary to think that my parents‚ generation were taken to measles parties as children, yet this illness is now being touted as a killer. One set of statistics I unearthed on an internet trawl claimed a child under five has a 0.01% chance of catching measles, a 0.3% chance of dying from it, yet a 0.2% chance of being autistic as a result of vaccine damage.

Yes, the Department of Health knows perfectly well that vaccines can damage children, the possible side-effects come listed on the box. But in the past, I have interviewed parents who have told me with tears in their eyes and certainty in their hearts that their children were fine before vaccination, yet their own doctors, the health board and the government will not accept their evidence.

I'm not anti-doctor, I‚m not anti-medicine (usually). But I am extremely anti-hogwash, propaganda, blackmail and misinformation. How can any parent expect to be given both sides of the argument from a GP paid a bonus to keep vaccination levels up?

Just tell us the truth. Let us make our well-informed minds up. Until then, anyone coming near my children with a new improved vaccination can take a running jump.

Posted by: Sepp Hasslberger on August 15, 2004 10:10 PM


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