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October 05, 2004

Water + Sunlight + Catalyst = Hydrogen - Are We Ready For It?

Recently, I sent out an e-mail message to some people interested in the energy dilemma, linking an article that describes a potentially very significant discovery on how to manufacture hydrogen without input of electricity. The article says:

Australian scientists predict that a revolutionary new way to harness the power of the sun to extract clean and almost unlimited energy supplies from water will be a reality within seven years. Using special titanium oxide ceramics that harvest sunlight and split water to produce hydrogen fuel, the researchers say it will then be a simple engineering exercise to make an energy-harvesting device with no moving parts and emitting no greenhouse gases or pollutants.

While this would be an alluring prospect, we seem not to be ready to use it. The system - like many others on the drawing boards - would require us to re-think our economic basics.

Our current energy policy is all about monopolistic control of energy sources, and oil is the classic source that has fueled our economies for decades. We go to war to gain control of the black stuff in the ground or to make sure it can be transported from where it is to where we need it. And an abundant energy source that depends only on water and sunlight, such as the one envisaged in the referenced article would go directly against our "need" to control.

An interesting discussion - with a friend in Montana called Wayne - developed out of the e-mail, which I would like to share with you:

Here is the original e-mail and the subsequent discussion with Wayne:

From: "Sepp (Josef) Hasslberger"
Subject: Water + sunlight + catalyst = hydrogen
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004

Unlimited energy supplies abundant in water; scientists can extract without emitting greenhouse gases


Australian scientists predict that a revolutionary new way to harness the power of the sun to extract clean and almost unlimited energy supplies from water will be a reality within seven years.

From: "Wayne"
To: sepp@...
Subject: RE: Water + sunlight + catalyst = hydrogen
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004

Hi Sepp; Yes. I read something like that in the paper the other day, using photosynthesis in a layer generates a current which is then used to split H2O. Or is this something different? It all comes down to the cost per generated KW. Recently here in Montana a new coal plant is being proposed in Great Falls (city of my birth actually, 250 mi east) that will cost (total) $1880/KW. I'm working on a slightly different idea: a flat plane of linear, mirrored strips that rotate at 7 1/2 degrees per hour (oriented north-south), in a sort of fresnel lens concept, that focusses the sunlight on a pipe above.

The bottom 1/2 of the pipe is covered with these new power chips that supposedly get 70% efficiency from any heat source. The remaining 30% of the solar heat goes into the fluid in the pipe and thence thru some type of heat engine like the stirling engine. The objective is CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP ... to cover VAST areas for solar collection. In the US it's about 10,000 sq miles (100x100) to produce the necessary electricity for our needs, as of about a decade ago. Sure, there are a LOT of ingenious solar designs out there but the PAYBACK period (outgo vs INcome) is the most critical number. So these japanese and australians may THINK they've got the best idea since sliced bread but read the book "The Solar Fraud", if you can't honestly address those issues ... look elsewhere for new energy answers. 30+years ago I moved to AZ and bought 10 acres of flat desert near Yuma, all hot to get in on the ground floor of solar energy. What a joke on me. At $10/sf for the collectors and whole system if would take $10 x 43,560sf/acre x 10 acres = $4,356,000 ... and 35 years+ just to pay it back (at retail KW rates no less). Now, what IDIOT banker is going to lend me $4.356M and wait THIRTY FIVE YEARS to see a dime of profit???!!! See the problem?

Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004
To: "Wayne"
From: "Sepp (Josef) Hasslberger"
Subject: RE: Water + sunlight + catalyst = hydrogen

Well Wayne,

this concept is slightly different from photoelectric, which has a low percentage capture of the energy.

If the chemical conversion, which splits water into hydrogen and oxygen, was efficient in terms of cost (I admit I have no data on that as yet) it would supply an immediately usable energy source, hydrogen, which is easily applied to all kinds of transport as well as stationary electricity producing applications. Imagine firing the coal plant they are building with hydrogen instead. It might work...

From: "Wayne"
To: sepp@...
Subject: RE: Water + sunlight + catalyst = hydrogen
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004

Hi Sepp; Actually all this solar/wind/tidal/geothermal energy-talk is a tempest in a tea pot. The PROBLEM is that MEG (vacuum energy) (Tom Bearden's work) and hydrinos (shrunken hydrogen atoms) (Dr Mills' discovery) would solve all of the world's energy problems practically overnight, BUT we can't afford to give them to the world. Why? Look around. If we give vast new energies to DUMB herd animals like the human race all you'll get is a much faster trashing of the biosphere. Would you leave a loaded gun in a nursery for children to play with? Sure, EVERYONE wants to be "empowered" and guess what? A free KW means a free MW means a free GW ... where does all that WASTE HEAT go when 7 billion people are each dumping that much WASTE HEAT into the biosphere? Then there's sandy's discovery of a true anti-gravity concept. What happens when everyone in the world has his own magic flying carpet? Unbounded JOY? WRONG! You would get the vast herds of poor people in the third world descending on rich areas (like the USA) as a plague of human LOCUSTS. To wit, 20:1 for every american. Could we feed/house/clothe all of them in our own homes? Imagine them taking over YOUR home, sleeping in YOUR bed, watching some strange foreign language TV broadcast on YOUR TV with YOUR remote ... and standing in line for an hour to use YOUR toilet ... Get the picture? Give them flying carpets ... and then watch them landing on YOUR lawn ... Thus we are between a rock and a hard place and thus the middle ground is "retro" s/w/t/g "green-clean" energy sources. Oil has just shot above $50/bbl on its way up to $100/bbl, as the world's oil supplies are fragile (iraq and terrorist bombings, hurricane Ivan in the Gulf of Mexico, labor strike in Nigeria, political problems in Venezuela, etc, etc) thus an ENORMOUS incentive to develop alternate sources. The PROBLEM there is the new energy field is like the keystone kops, everyone racing off in different directions and stumbling over each other ... and getting nowhere with getting all these ingenious concepts/devices on the shelf, everyone's fighting for the same, limited investment dollars. I've spent an ENORMOUS amount of effort in developing my 2 solar piano demo-devices, but for what? Some days I just say the hell with it all, get back into construction, a field I already know....

Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004
To: "Waynel"
From: "Sepp (Josef) Hasslberger"
Subject: RE: Water + sunlight + catalyst = hydrogen


yes, I know what technologies would function properly.

The problem with the poor countries could be solved easily but no one seems interested in making them economically self sufficient or even strong. We don't want their competition, but we're quite ready to take their resources and use their cheap (slave) labor, while keeping them in economic dependency. Changes in energy will go hand in hand with world wide changes in our economic system. As you so well point out, these changes are not practical at the moment.

What we're up against is the impossibility to allow diffused energy production (and diffused individual air transport) as long as we're trying to keep our countries closed to each other, as long as we are not allowing free movement of people. And we can't allow free movement of people unless we have a situation where everyone enjoys a comparable level of economic freedom and economic well being.

Got to widen our horizons to that - otherwise no free energy.

From: "Wayne"
To: sepp@...
Subject: RE: Water + sunlight + catalyst = hydrogen
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004

Hi again Sepp; We've both been interested in the energy picture and yet it really isn't energy that's the problem. It's the ancient reproductive "K" strategy: have as many progeny as possible so that SOME of them will survive the viscitudes of life (short, brutish and nasty). But in the last century or so, medicine has SAVED more of those "destined-to-die" and thus the average age has moved far above the historical levels; or as my brother-in-law puts it : after you've reproduced yourself, nature has no real use for you. Medicine has certainly saved me on more than one occasion. Thus a malthusian situation : when any species overruns its basic resource base one of 3 things happens : war, disease or famine; to reduce the population #s back to sustainable levels. The 4th option, for intelligent animals like us, is family planning; but there, again, you run into the religion-based "K" strategy(make more of "us" than "them"). So, it's going to take a world wide catastrophe to EDUCATE the human race into MATURITY, otherwise it's going to be the fruit-fly analogy. Probably you've read it somewhere : a certain fruit fly reproduces itself(in lush conditions)every 1/2 hour. If the earth was made of cheese and only 2(m&f)flies are there, in ONE WEEK with doubling of .5hr the entire earth would be FRUIT FLIES. The "cheese" in the case of homo-sap is digging for coal, minerals, damming rivers for hydroelectric dams, agriculture, aquaculture(fishing the oceans "dry"), nuclear waste, CO2 from HxCx burning....on and on. Even with this simple hydrocarbon energy source we're already creating a world wide garbage dump, give them MEG/hydrinos etc and it will just get WORSE...FASTER. So, the message is clear : you only get "grown-up" energy IF and WHEN you are GROWN UP. Or, again, you don't leave a loaded gun in a nursery for children to play with. Thus you'll hear all kinds of bitching and moaning about the desperate need for pure water, abundant a "shepherd" archetype you would like to respond as best you can, on the one hand(bose bonding); and yet, on the other hand, as a "hunter" archetype you don't want to have still more of your same kind of predator in your (fermi) turf(more lions on your patch of the african serengetti). Consider the current islamic invasion of europe(fast breeding algerians in france for example). Will church bells from gothic cathedrals or muslim prayers from minarets be tomorrow's european sounds? Think about it...

Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004
To: "Wayne"
From: "Sepp (Josef) Hasslberger"
Subject: RE: Water + sunlight + catalyst = hydrogen

Hi Wayne,

well argued, but there are some things that still don't make sense.

Yes reproduction, especially if unrestrained, will put the whole earth system in danger, but not in the immediate way you seem to think it does.

Earth does, contrary to popular belief, have the capacity to sustain its present population and more. We are routinely WASTING food, actually DESTROYING it in order to protect prices. We are also not making any effort to make developing countries self-sufficient in their own food production, because it is more profitable to sell them some of the food the West produces and at the same time to not have to compete against their exports in the food area. Our economic system is geared for that. Look only at agricultural subsidies to our own farmers that make this possible and that effectively cut off developing countries from the food export markets.

Overpopulation occurs when economic conditions are grave. People make more children in an effort to survive. They need them to have a chance in an economically hostile environment. As a matter of fact, once you have people living a comfortable life (like we have in the West), overpopulation is not an issue. Industrialized countries as a matter of fact have the opposite problem - not enough children.

Also the religious dichotomy between Christianity and Islam is a false problem. It's always the "us" against "them" mentality, that grows out of our basic economic mentality. We have the goods (the food, the industry, the war machine) and we are willing to use every one of these factors to keep controlling "them".

As long as we aren't willing to live in peace and more importantly, to let go of our fear of being "overrun" by a more numerous population from developing countries, we must "defend" our turf and in the process genocide whole populations like we are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is a vicious spiral without end. The solution lies in embracing, rather than excluding these populations from development and economic well being.

As for man ruining the environment, it is a direct consequence of our energy choices and our energy monopoly, where alternatives are not welcome and end up being suppressed. I do not agree that with different and more abundant energy sources being available to all, this environmental destruction would continue.

Our culture is not "superior" in some way to all the others, although, as you also mention, religion is keeping that notion alive.

I think we have to deeply revise our ECONOMIC approaches if we are to be successful in providing enough ENERGY to people to live comfortably in their own countries. Once we do so, all the other problems will sink into insignificance.

Related articles:

Goodbye to fossil fuels? Not quite yet - By Greg Lavine - The Salt Lake Tribune
This recent experiment at a national research laboratory in Idaho Falls, Idaho, may pave the way for an efficient means of extracting hydrogen from water. Hydrogen obtained through this method could one day replace fossil fuels in powering cars and trucks.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Tuesday October 5 2004
updated on Friday June 26 2009

URL of this article:


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Readers' Comments

A comment by e-mail from Bert in the Netherlands:

If the Australians are right about their Titanium trick, the world can solve energy production. Using less carbon-energy will lower CO2 output. Increasing Titanium energy output will increase O2. I am under the impression that that is exactly what the environmentalists crave for?

There is no "dumb herd animals like the human race." There are people who had the opportunity to be properly educated and there are those who hadn't that opportunity. There are those who suppress (2% of the world's population), there are those who are under their spell (25% of the world's population) and the rest are pretty normal people who try to lead a decent life.

Dumbness must be handled by education. Not by withholding vital new technologies from "mankind" under the pretentious argument of saving the biosphere.

Posted by: Sepp on October 5, 2004 03:02 PM


Another comment by e-mail, this one from Chris in Canada:

... it is this top down elitist attitude and greed to hog everything - especially by the rich - that we can't move the yard stick forward.

Not only is this phenomenon common between the 1st and 3rd world it also happens within their own respective countries.

I am always amused when I see people who think somehow they are the only ones who can make good decisions but others can't. It's ok for the 1st world to abuse resources but not the 3rd world! The fact of the matter is: in a level playing ground most could make sensible decisions but of course that's another story.

In many instances the 1st world could learn a lot from those "poor herds" they are poor by design (keep them bare foot and pregnant) but just compare how efficiently they live compared to their plunderers...

Posted by: Sepp on October 5, 2004 03:08 PM


Hmm well apart from the proverbial between the Ozzies and the Kiwis ... where is all of the water going to come from to power all of those cars ?

My understanding is that irrigation leaves a lot of people without sufficient to maintain the basic decencies of living.

All those cars and all that water vapour and perhaps huge sea gobbling desalination plants .. seems like there is oodles of boodle to be made there. At the expense of the have nots of course.

Perhaps climate change and the global warming may have a few bricks to throw into the air intake of our hubris ?

Posted by: Ivor Hughes on October 6, 2004 12:38 PM


Thanks for your comment, Ivor.

I believe that water is one of the least worries.

Rainwater is certainly not scarce, except in some very disadvantaged areas. If the basic idea works out, I could imagine collecting that precious liquid when it rains and using it - bit by bit - when the sun shines.

Certainly it would be preferable to burning oil for energy?

Posted by: Sepp on October 6, 2004 03:15 PM


A further exchange (by e-mail) between Wayne and Chris, which I post as it adds to the discussion:

At 05:39 AM 10/1/2004, you wrote:

Hello Chris; What is It is said that there are 2 basic methodologies to life: the law of the jungle and the Golden Rule. We are approaching an ecological/monetary/health/energy crisis in the world, the human race has become an out-of-control "fruit fly": populations exploding expotentially. Greater QUANTITIES of young children with greater QUALITITATIVE expectations = a looming Malthusian disaster (war/disease/famine as control mechanisms). As there are 3 basic archetypes (hunter/shepherd/farmer) there will be differing approaches to the coming traumatic events. Some believe that by simply giving the BILLIONS of poor people more water/electricity everything will get better. It's that naive nonsense, as "good intentions", that paves the road to hell. To wit, back in the 1960's/1970's there was a "green revolution" in 3rd world agriculture. Increased production meant everyone was fed ... fat and happy. It's this childishly naive attitude that is as damaging as anything else. The third world quickly swallowed that excess food production by breeding like flies. To wit, if you save someone's life in the orient you are forever responsible for that person. That's why life is not valued all that highly in the orient. So, save a starving person ... and you get a brief thanks (quickly forgotten) AND 10 times more starving people, in the next generation, as that guy goes out and breeds like a fruit fly. So, the coming terrors of the Book of Revelation have their roots in today's naive view of the world....

Chris responds:

Come on Wayne, why don't people here "breed like flies"? It is because without fail higher the standard of living the less the population - educate women and the population drops - these are well known solutions but the elite won't educate the poor even within their own countries like India - hence you have all what you say.

How many third world countries have you lived in? Having lived in both (1st and 3rd) world I can assure you that people everywhere simply react to their given environments. One does not throw condoms and food at people and then expect miracles as the clueless westerners are apt to do. ALL people have dignity and hence if you treat people like el stupidos things will go out of control as they are now.

I lived thorough this "green revolution in 3rd world agriculture. Increased production meant everyone was fed ... fat and happy." what a joke - it displaced millions of productive people as their traditional ways of life was suddenly displaced. This like so many inappropriate western ideas were destined to failure. If one wants to reduce the population then see the 1st para.

Most of the food shortages as politically contrived and have nothing to do with the shortage. We are never ready for anything it just happens and then the sink or survive sorts things out. Throughout history the rich are the one's who get it the worst as they are the ones with most to lose - so I don't think anyone can sit in an ivory tower make claims to if one is ready or not. If mistakes are not made then progress is also not made that is how we grow and learn QED.

uwaterloo is University of Waterloo in Canada.

Chris Gupta

The Laws of Ecology: "All things are interconnected. Everything goes somewhere. There's no such thing as a free lunch. Nature bats last."

by Ernest Callenbach

Posted by: Sepp on October 6, 2004 03:42 PM


Josef, water is a worry .... and especially water to drink and if you think
otherwise then you are sadly misinformed. I have travelled extensively on the
major continents. If you think they will not tax the rain then think again ...
and dont try to patronise me. Please read the attached file ... and as for
burning oil ... perhaps it would be better if we all got on our bicycles
instead of jumping in a car.

Not so kind regards

Posted by: Ivor Hughes on October 7, 2004 01:37 AM


Well said Chris Gupta ...

Srength to your arm

Posted by: Ivor Hughes on October 7, 2004 01:47 AM



I was not trying to patronise. Sorry if my reply made that impression.

Certainly water is a worry, especially drinking water, and it will be more and more as whole regional water reserves are bought up by multinationals. And yes, there have already been efforts to tax the rain.

I had read the article you attached to the e-mail reply, just yesterday, and I am in complete agreement that we should go for sustainable agriculture instead of the chemically sustained "agro-industry" we now have. Indeed I believe that a starting trend in that direction can already be seen here and there.

As for bicycles, fine if you just want to just go a short distance.

I personally think it is proper that we do have other means of getting from place A to B, and I believe that this form of transport should be climate neutral and not be otherwise environmentally damaging. That is why I believe that a form of fuel that does not depend on burning accumulated hydrocarbons is preferable to what we have now.

Posted by: Sepp on October 7, 2004 10:51 AM


(8 October - another comment from Wayne and my reply):

Hi Sepp; We seem to be faced with a dilemma: on the one hand we have hydrocarbon energy (85% of our usage here in the US) and all of its problems, ie, pollution, fragile supplies, growing chinese avarice, etc; and on the other hand MEG/hydrinos which is essentially the same as giving terrorists free A-bombs (too MUCH energy). Ideally we want to get to that cleaner and greener world, the reality is that more and more people (quantity) are increasingly willing to KILL for that better life they see on TV (quality). President Musharraf of Pakistan said it well: you can kill a single al queda terrorist, that is but a leaf on the tree, you can whack all of al queda, that is but a branch ... the real roots of terrorism are the millions of arabs that feel a total sense of desperation and powerlessness, thus asymmetric warfare (terrorism) is their only weapon (wrapped in religious justification). Yes, the primary need in the middle east is not oil, its WATER! Now, let's say that we can get sandy's anti-gravity machine out of the lab and put to work bringing WATER to the dry sands of the middle east; say by bringing icebergs from polar seas. What happens next? JOY! PRAISE ALLAH! ??? Yes, you'll get some good out of it, but a stable, non-growing population happy within themselves? GOD knows better, that's why the Book of Revelation is coming to a theater near you .... soon, psychics say they can't see beyond september 2012. That's just 8 years from now .... or as St Pete says: travel and knowledge will grow greatly in the end time (and I've already told you there's no such thing as time anyway).

Hi Wayne,

I understand your view, but cannot say I agree. Look close to home first.

You say "chinese avarice" but overlook that the US is using 25% of all energy with only 5 % of all population, so who is avaricious? It seems to me that the Chinese are merely catching up - albeit slowly - to what we have been used to for decades. If that endangers the system, obviously the system - as it is - doesn't work.

You say MEG/hydrinos is essentially the same as giving terrorists free A-bombs. You have been taught - by propaganda I would say - that "terrorists are out to get us". That is baloney. WE are the first terrorists. Check into the record of the US supporting repressive regimes who use terror methods on their populations. And by the way, try to put yourself in the place of the Iraqis by imagining the US having been invaded by China to be "democratized". Would you call your defense of your country "terrorist"? Certainly not. The point is, terrorism is entirely an act of desparation. We supply the reasons for the desparation - some react by "terrorist" means. The starting point is in our own policies, not the fact that some people are naturally terrorists.

Willing to KILL for that better life they see on TV? Not quite. Willing to take on the hardships of emigrating - even illegally - to countries where economic conditions are more promising, yes. Willing to kill, hardly.

Musharraf is right. It's the utter sense of desperation that drives some to terrorist acts. But that sense of utter desperation is not a thing that happens by chance. It is not a natural occurrence. It is the result of previous actions by our OWN governments, suppressing, killing, maiming, preventing others from leading their own lives in peace. Open your eyes man.

Water is an important need, both in the middle east as in much of the developing world. And we're in the process of selling that resource off to a bunch of multinational criminals. But what might even be more important, is agriculture, and LETTING OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE THEIR OWN STRONG ECONOMIES.

Revelation is interesting, but ultimately, we (mankind) do have our collective destiny in our own hands.

Kind regards

Posted by: Sepp on October 10, 2004 01:53 PM



I read the article and found it vague. My question for the Australian scientist is how much and what quality of water is needed. If the titanium cells could utilize regular sea water then we might have an abundance of nature resource. But if the cells require clean fresh water, as anyone living in or near the desert knows; there is a shortage of fresh water.

As I said when they are creating fuel out of sea water and creating fresh water as a by-product we they really have made a great discovery.

Posted by: Richard on March 7, 2005 06:18 PM


So what?

Posted by: Ivor Hughes on May 10, 2006 02:12 PM


It is very easy to burn the carbon dioxide trapped on the atmosphere by using the power of sun . The result we wuld get a clean healthy weather in our planet. It is easy to do an experemantel resreach in a small scale.

Posted by: hasan a. almasawi on December 26, 2007 01:02 AM


Well indeed Hasan, someone has thought of that as well. They are doing experiments - not really on a small scale judging from the article that I recently came across ... Sandia's Sunshine to Petrol project seeks fuel from thin air Sandia National Laboratory has demonstrated proof of principle and is building a prototype reactor for recycling carbon dioxide into a liquid fuel. S2P, "Sunshine to Petrol", has not been pursued with much vigor before, as experts thought it was technically or economically unviable.

Posted by: Sepp on December 27, 2007 04:13 PM


One of the flaws in all these arguments is darwinian theory, unfortunately though there are a great number of selfless people in the world the are in a minority. Picking from the previous posts the population explosion is likely to be solved by darwinian theory, when food supplies cannot meet demand the population will drop this will laso be most likely to affect those genetically pre-disposed to have more children as it will have a greater strain on there resources (sorry to sound heartless but our species for all its inteligence is not much more than clever monkeys.
The idea of using more green forms of energy is great but it isn't as profitable for energy companies and as very few power companies are run by enviromentalists this isn't going to change anytime soon, examine scientific patents purchased by the oil and energy companies over the past 30 years... the number of clever additives to make cleaner more efficient fuels probably numbers in the double digits, the only one I ever heard that made it into use was one used by CAT for mixing water with diesel in there diggers (ive forgotten the precise details it was so long ago)of all the others purchased none has ever made it to the pumps because it would lower the profit margin of petrol and diesel for these major companies which rely on their shareholders making big profits to keep the company going.
As for the lovely idea of using titanium dioxide for creating limitless clean energy try looking at the price for titanium and the current global production? Not throw in the cost of increasing that production ten fold? as a minimum where is the extra going to come from and what effect will an increase in demand do to the market price as the demand increases? How long a life can we expect from these catalysts (mining the materials and production of these devices is unlikely to be carbon neutral.
Looking at another point the responsibility for excess energy, consider the basics of science and conservation of energy, the earth is a self stabilising system there are very few ways for the planet to lose energy other than radiation which thankfully earth doesnt have a lot of the effects of all energy use neither create or destroy energy most is just transferred from one form to another. So we may be in for some massive changes in the planets weather but on the bright side the planet will survive without us.

The only real solution is a holistic approach to the planet, energy production is part of almost every science in one way or another, from sociology and psychology, Via meterology and climatology along with many other branches of chemistry, biology and physics coming full circle with economics. As Biosphere experiments have shown on a much smaller scale each small change can have many effects sometimes dramatic ones on other aspects of the system. To View this same problem on a planetary scale and believe that there is going to be an easy solution is just ignorance when we cant even claim to be close to understanding the majority of the interactions within portions of our planetary ecosystem.
The only thing that is going to save the human race from itself will be knowledge and a global conscience two things I'm afraid are unlikely to appear anytime soon judging by current evidence.

Posted by: sheesh on January 27, 2010 07:04 PM


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European Food Safety Authority cherry picks evidence - finds Aspartame completely safe

Did Aspartame kill Cory Terry?

Retroviral particles in human immune defenses - is AIDS orthodoxy dead wrong?

Vaccine damage in Great Britain: The consequences of Dr Wakefield’s trials

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Lipitor: Side Effects And Natural Remedy

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Candida International

What Does MHRA Stand For??

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Share The Wealth

Artificial Water Fluoridation: Off To A Poor Start / Fluoride Injures The Newborn

Drinking Water Fluoridation is Genotoxic & Teratogenic

Democracy At Work? - PPM On Fluoride

"Evidence Be Damned...Patient Outcome Is Irrelevant" - From Helke

Why Remove Fluoride From Phosphate Rock To Make Fertilizer


Evolving Collective Intelligence

Let Us Please Frame Collective Intelligence As Big As It Is

Reflections on the evolution of choice and collective intelligence

Whole System Learning and Evolution -- and the New Journalism

Gathering storms of unwanted change

Protect Sources or Not? - More Complex than It Seems



Islanda, quando il popolo sconfigge l'economia globale.

Il Giorno Fuori dal Tempo, Il significato energetico del 25 luglio

Rinaldo Lampis: L'uso Cosciente delle Energie

Attivazione nei Colli Euganei (PD) della Piramide di Luce

Contatti con gli Abitanti Invisibili della Natura


Diary of a Knowledge Broker

Giving It Away, Making Money

Greenhouses That Change the World

Cycles of Communication and Collaboration

What Is an "Integrated Solution"?

Thoughts about Value-Add




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