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April 19, 2005

Canada: Class Action Accuses Banks of Illegal Creation of Money

John Ruiz Dempsey, criminologist and forensic litigation specialist filed a class action suit on behalf of the People of Canada alleging that financial institutions are engaged in illegal creation of money, reports Tom Kennedy, a Canadian activist for economic reform.

One of the best kept secrets is the mechanism of money creation in today's economic system. Although not really a secret at all, the fact that money is created not by and for the people who use it and not even by the government, but is issued by commercial banks when giving loans to private persons or government, is hidden by what could be described as thick clouds of smoke, put out by economists and government departments.

The complaint was filed Friday April 15, 2005 in the Supreme Court of British Columbia at New Westminster. It alleges that all financial institutions who are in the business of lending money have engaged in a deliberate scheme to defraud the borrowers by lending non-existent money which are illegally created by the financial institutions out of "thin air."

The legal action brings to the fore one of the major economic "drag factors" - the interest charged by banks for money that technically and legally is not theirs to lend, because even governments end up paying interest to banks lending money for public spending, and they in turn charge tax payers. A large part of every country's tax revenue goes first and foremost - before any "internal" spending - to payment of interest, largely because of the basic flaw in our way of creating money by the rich and for the rich.

Here is some more detail about the class action filed in Canada.

Class Action Suit Filed on Behalf of the People of Canada

forwarded by Tom Kennedy

New Westminster, B.C., April 15, 2005. 

John Ruiz Dempsey BSCr, LL.B, a criminologist and forensic litigation specialist filed a class action suit on behalf of the People of Canada alleging that financial institutions are engaged in illegal creation of money.

The complaint filed Friday April 15, 2005 in the Supreme Court of British Columbia at New Westminster, alleges that all financial institutions who are in the business of lending money have engaged in a deliberate scheme to defraud the borrowers by lending non-existent money which are illegally created by the financial institutions out of "thin air."

Dempsey claims that creation of money out of nothing is ultra vires these defendants' charter or granted corporate power and therefore void and all monies loaned under false pretence contravenes the Criminal Code. 

The suit which is the first of its kind ever filed in Canada which could involve millions of Canadians alleges that the contracts entered into between the People ("the borrowers") and the financial institutions were void or voidable and have no force and effect due to anticipated breach and for non-disclosure of material facts.

Dempsey says the transactions constitute counterfeiting and money laundering in that the source of money, if money was indeed advanced by the defendants and deposited into the borrowers' accounts, could not be traced, nor could it be explained or accounted for.

The suit names Envision Credit Union ("Envision"), a credit union; Laurentian Bank of Canada ("Laurentian Bank"), Royal Bank of Canada ("Royal Bank"), Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce ("CIBC"), Bank of Montreal ("BOM"), TD Canada Trust ("Canada Trust") and Canadian Payment Association ("CPA") as civil conspirators.

The plaintiff in the lawsuit is seeking recovery of money and property that was lost by way of confiscation through illegal "debt" collection and foreclosure. The Plaintiff is also seeking for the return of the equities which rightfully belong to the People of Canada, now being held by the defendant financial institutions as constructive trustees without color of right.

At all material times, these defendant banks and all of them have no legal standing to lend any money to borrowers, because:

1) these banks and credit unions did not have the money to lend, and therefore they did not have any capacity to enter into a binding contract;

2) the defendants did not have any cash reserve, they are not legally permitted to lend their depositor's or member's money without expressed written authorization form the depositors, and:

3) the defendants have no tangible assets of their own to lend and all their "assets" are "paper assets" which are mainly in the form of "receivables" created by them out of "thin air," derived out of loans whereas the monies loaned out were also created out of thin air.

Other than bookkeeping and computer entries, no money or substance of any value was loaned by the defendants to the Plaintiff. In all of the loan transactions entered into between the Plaintiff and the Defendants, the financial institutions did not bring any equity to any of the transaction.

All the equities were provided by the borrowers. The practices of the defendant financial institutions alleged in the complaint starkly contrast the practices of responsible and ethical money lenders who actually lend real, tangible, legal tender cash money.

The complaint alleges that the loan transactions are fraudulent because no value was ever imparted by the defendants to the Plaintiff; these defendants did not risk anything, nor lost anything and never would have lost anything under any circumstances and therefore no lien has been perfected according to law and equity against the Plaintiff.

The foreclosure proceedings which comes as a result of the borrower defaulting on such fraudulent loans were carried out in bad faith by the defendant banks and credit unions, and as such, these foreclosures were in every respect unlawful acts of conversion and unlawful seizure of property without due process of law which always results in the unjust enrichment of the defendants.

The suit alleges that the defendants utilize fraudulent banking practices whereby they deceive customers into believing that they are actually receiving "credit" or money when in fact no actual money is being loaned to their customers. However, the complaint describes a practice whereby there is realistically no money other than ledger or computer entries being loaned to the borrowers.

Rather than real money being received by the borrowers, "electronic" or "digitally created money", created out of nothing, at no cost to the financial institutions are entered as "loans" into their customers' accounts. The borrowers are then required to pay criminal interest rates for the money they never received. The suit alleges that the defendants effectively turn consumers into virtual debt slaves, forcing them to pay for something they never received, and then seizing their properties if they can no longer pay the banks with real money.

There is no law in Canada that could remotely suggest that the defendant financial institutions have the legal right to create money out of nothing. Dempsey says: "only God has the power to create anything out of nothing."

The class action suit, the first and the biggest of its kind in Canada is intended to give the justice system the opportunity to prove to itself and to the People of Canada who is really in control or whether they would continue to allow itself to be used by the banks as a tool in their unlawful and fraudulent banking practices which always ends in the enslavement of the people and confiscation of the people's properties.

Two other class action suits were filed by John Ruiz Dempsey against the banks. The first one was filed by Dempsey on behalf of Ian Dennis Gravlin of Calgary, Alberta and Pavel Darmantchev of Kelowna, B.C. versus the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. This matter is set for case management conference hearing on April 26, 2005. The Plaintiff expects a stiff opposition from the defendant's law firm. Madam Justice Garson is the case management judge assigned to the case.

A second class action suit was filed against MBNA CANADA BANK on behalf of Pavel Darmantchev of Kelowna, B.C., Ian Dennis Gravlin of Calgary, Alberta and Dena Alden of Vancouver, B.C.

A copy of the Dempsey legal action as filed can be found here to download as PDF.

- - -

February 2006:

John Dempsey says that the class action that is the subject of this article will be heard in court Feb 27, 28 and Mar 1st, 2006. See the link for more information.

Download file

And here a report of what happened in court:

"The People vs The Banks"

Vancouver, British Columbia, February 27, 2006

The People shut the court down after about twenty minutes into the hearing scheduled to be heard on February 27, 28 and March 1, 2006. After intensive questioning by the People represented by John-Ruiz: Dempsey, Pavel-N: Darmantchev, Pedro Liong and Otto Luinenburg, the presiding judge, Nicole Garson got out of the courtroom and left after she gave the Sheriff an order to clear the courtroom. Game over, the banks' motion to dismiss the People's claim will not be heard - at least for now.

The People came prepared, knowing they are being led to the slaughter by the banks' lawyers and the judge who prior to becoming a Supreme Court judge represented the banks lead counsel for one of the defendant banks - TD Canada Trust; obviously a clear conflict of interest which she refused to admit. Pavel said: "she had lots of chances to recuse herself in order to avoid confrontation but she failed miserably, presumably under the order of someone higher than herself."

John filed a Notice of Motion to be heard by the Chief Justice Donald Brenner. Judge Garson took it upon herself to "hear" the motion in clear violation of the Rules of Court which gave the moving party the sole right to set his own motion for hearing. John was never given the opportunity to file a Notice of Hearing; in fact it is not too clear how the motion came to be heard or what caused John's motion to be heard; the People suddenly received a "Reasons for Judgment" released by judge Garson on December 9, 2005. The People have no recollection of any hearings being set or heard regarding John's motion (see - Dempsey et al. v. Envision Credit Union et al., 2005 BCSC 1730). It appears like Garson J. decided to "hear" the motion and become the judge of her own cause - in violation of the legal maxim: nemo judex in sua causa.

Apprehension of bias has been clearly evident since justice Garson was appointed as case management judge. Her first biased act was to prevent John from representing others despite the fact that John had private power of attorney agreements with Pavel, Ian (Gravlin), Pedro and Otto to represent them in court. As attorney-in-fact, it is trite law, established by generations of jurisprudence, John can do all things that his principals can legally do. The law regarding power of attorney has existed long before any statute such as the Legal Profession Act came into existence. Yet, the same judge who is supposed to be our protector and public servant decided to violate and impaired the People's right of contract.

As humans, we have human rights and our rights are not subject to statutory control. It falls within the sovereign individual paradigm as reflected by the following US Supreme Court case:

"The individual may stand upon his constitutional rights as a citizen. He is entitled to carry on his private business in his own way. His power to contract is unlimited. He owes no such duty to the State, since he receives nothing therefrom, beyond the protection of his life and property. His rights are such as existed by the law of the land [Common Law] long antecedent to the organization of the State, and can only be taken from him by due process of law, and in accordance with the Constitution. Among his rights are a refusal to incriminate himself, and the immunity of himself and his property from arrest or seizure except under a warrant of the law. He owes nothing to the public so long as he does not trespass upon their rights." Hale v. Henkel, 201 U.S. 43 at 47 (1905).

Justice Garson has shown her true colors and where her allegiance lies by barring John to carry out his fiduciary duties to those who have agreed to be his lawful attorney based solely on "judicial discretion." Judicial discretion has no validity when there is positive law; judicial discretion cannot abrogate a living man or woman's natural rights; judicial discretion cannot overturn common law or statutory law. In the case of the said power of attorney contracts entered into between John and the people he represents, the contracts are even protected by the Power of Attorney Act of British Columbia. Garson J's blatant disregard for the law is recorded in her Reasons for Judgment in Gravlin et al. v. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce et al, 2005 BCSC 839.

Justice Garson has shown her willingness and determination to bend over backwards to the whims and wishes of the banks by bulldozing all the bank class actions into one single action despite the objections of all the representative plaintiffs involved in these class actions including "The People vs. The Banks" class action. Although the class actions involve similar causes of actions, not all the defendants are the same. One thing is obvious however; the banks' lawyers are clearly attempting a judicial holocaust by herding all the class actions into one single gas chamber (or judge chamber) so that all the class actions can be slaughtered by one single judge/executioner in one fell swoop. John and his co-plaintiffs will not allow that to happen. They represent the People of Canada; they have the duty to ensure that such a planned massacre against the People does not happen. "The People are counting on us," John said, "this is not up to one single judge to decide on our class actions, it is the People who will ultimately decide on the People's fate, not judge Garson, this is the law of the land."

There are other reasons why John and his friends believe that they are being led to the slaughter such as: Garson J refused to strike the banks' statements of defence that really forms no reasonable defence. For example, all the banks' defence says that the class actions are frivolous, vexatious, scandalous and an abuse of process, a typical boiler plate defence that corrupt court courts always allowed corrupt defendant lawyers to get away with. Such a defence is no defence at all because it does not state why the class action suits are frivolous, vexatious, scandalous or an abuse of process. It is an insult to the People who know the truth.

Garson J has also allowed the banks to get away with serious violations of the Rules of Court and established legal procedures by allowing the banks' lawyers to refuse to produce documents, answer Interrogatories, and Notices to Admit. Based on our observation, it has been the normal practice of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, the highest courts in the province to apply the rules only when they see fit. Unrepresented litigants, particularly those who are not too familiar with the rules of court have lost their cases due to such unfair double standards. The People must follow the Rules of Court, but the lawyers and judges, particularly those who gets paid handsomely by the banking cartel need not be concerned about any rules. They make up their own rules as they go along, and they have judges that makes them right all the time.

As living men and women, we can only deal in truth. We can only deal with what is wrong and what is right. The admiralty courts like the supreme courts and appellate courts of the province only deal in arguments, in fictions, in make-believe laws created by them, the "just us" society. This is only one of the reasons why we have to shut them down. We have no time for their arguments. Either they deal with us in truth, or we will have nothing to do with their corruption. We are here to set the People free, by way of the truth, not by arguing in court. People lose in court because they argue. People are not allowed to argue in court, only the "officers" of their admiralty courts are allowed to make arguments in court. We play our own rules in their courts - "for we can do nothing against the truth but for the truth."

Justice Garson could not stand truth in her court room. Pavel asked her many times: "are you a public servant?" Garson J refused to answer a simple question with the truth. We already know the answer - she is nothing but a public servant, she is our servant. Garson J. lost it when the People in the court room themselves asked her: "why can't you answer a simple question - are you a public servant?" That was all the heat she could take that day. She stood up and started to leave and ordered the sheriff to clear the court room. However, before she managed to get out of the court room, John and Pavel told her: "You're fired Nicole." And all the People in the court said so: "You're fired."

At any rate, the matter is res judicata or already decided by virtue of the fact that the banks have no answer to John's Affidavit of Truth he filed in court. The affidavit was intended to solicit answers from the banks and establish the truth. In commerce, truth is established by an affidavit. An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce. The time for filing a reply has now passed. This means that the People have already established the truth in accordance with the law of commerce. In commerce, truth is sovereign and as sovereign, we, the People have already established the truth. We have no time for the banks' and their lawyers' arguments. They are precluded by estoppel.

So that was the end of that. We are ordering the transcript to make sure that no one could tamper with the records if they have not yet done so already. We will publish the contents of the court transcript as soon as we receive it. What's going happen next? Nothing. We, the People are not going back into that temple until the court has established that they have in rem or subject matter jurisdiction over us. As sovereign men and women, they have no power over us, unless it was given to them from above; or unless we accept their assumed power or jurisdiction. God bless you all.

John-Ruiz: Dempsey

One of Many

- - -

Some earlier updates...

Updage August 10, 2005:

New Westminster, B.C., April 10, 2005. Plaintiffs Lovey Cridge, a retired forensic accountant and John Ruiz Dempsey, a criminologist and forensic litigation specialist, both residents of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, filed their amended Statement of Claim on August 2, 2005. The original class action suit filed on behalf of the people of Canada was filed on April 22, 2005.

The suit alleges that the government of Canada has engaged in a deliberate scheme to defraud the people of Canada through its illegal use of an invalid or non-existent statute, namely, the Income Tax Act of 1948 which has never been properly enacted according to law. The statement of claim alleges that the Plaintiffs which includes all of the People of Canada as the purported „taxpayers‰ have been defrauded and continues to be defrauded by the Canadian government, its collection agents, the now privatized Canada Revenue Agency (the former Revenue Canada), and robbed of their wealth and fruits of their labour through an elaborate scheme of coloured, illegal and unlawful seizure of property and money through the use of various coercive schemes, threats of fines and incarceration using the bogus and non-existent tax law, and the unlawful revisions thereof namely the Income Tax Act as contained within the Revised Statutes of Canada.

The class action suit is a result of more than five years of research and study of de facto Canadian federal statutes. The Plaintiffs says that there is no such thing as a lawful Income Tax Act in Canada. This so-called Act, is not a valid and lawful Act; this "Act" was unlawfully fabricated in violation of the Constitution of Canada, namely, the British North America Act of 1867 as it existed at the time of the purported enactment of the illegal Act.

The impugned Income Tax Act of 1948, as well as many other federal acts enacted by the de facto Canadian government since 1931 have not been enacted properly pursuant to the laws of England and Canada. The Income Tax Act of 1948, with unlawfully created versions thereof incorporated within various derivatives of the Revised Statutes of Canada are now fraudulently being used by the Defendants to rob the Plaintiffs and all the people of Canada.

For a bill or Act to be lawful and valid, the bill must be passed by the Canadian Parliament and the Senate. The Income Tax Act of 1948 was never passed by the Senate. After the bill has met the approval of the parliament and the senate, the bill must be assented to by the representative of the real Crown of England - the "Royal Assent" by the Governor General. At no time had this purported Act been given a Royal Assent by the Governor General if at all. And finally, pursuant to the Canadian Constitution, any Act that has been given a Royal Assent must be published in the Canada Gazette. At no time had this purported Act been published in any Gazette.

There has not been a lawfully appointed representative of the Crown since 1931 to the present. In order to circumvent this problem, the then ruling Prime Minister of Canada, William Lyons MacKenzie King signed the infamous Letters Patent of 1947 which gave the de facto Governor Generals all the powers of the Crown, including the power to give Royal Assent. This unlawful practice still goes on today. The ruling Crown of England is precluded by its own law to appoint Governor Generals. Again, to thwart this issue, King and the de facto Prime Ministers who came after him started to appoint their own Governor Generals.

Notwithstanding the fact that the said Income Tax of 1948 has not been lawfully passed by the Parliament, nor had it been given a Royal Assent, nor been published in the Canada Gazette, the Canadian government, took it upon themselves, to collect income taxes and extorted monies from the people of Canada without any colour of right, and without legal or juristic authority from 1948 to the present, and continues to collect and extort monies and properties from the people of Canada unlawfully.

Those who resisted or refused to pay income taxes were either arrested and falsely incarcerated, charged under various false criminal offences and their properties were unlawfully seized or confiscated contrary to the Magna Charta, the English Bill of Rights 1689, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Plaintiffs claim that the government and its agents also violated the Canadian Bill of Rights of 1960 after its enactment as well the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms after it was enacted and accepted as law that is enshrined within the Constitution of 1982 in Canada.

To further carry out its fraud and deception, the Canadian government "revised" the bogus Income Tax Act of 1948 (Income Tax Act - 1948, c. 52) and fraudulently and without colour of right, incorporated the illegal Act within the 1952 Revised Statutes of Canada (see R.S.C. 1952, c. 148). To further conceal their deception, the Defendants again revised the unlawful and counterfeit Income Tax Act (now with the reference to the year „1948‰ removed) and integrated this "new" Act with the 1970 Revised Statutes of Canada (see R.S.C.1970, c. 1-5). Again, to further obscure the truth and complete the "colouring" process, the 1970 (R.S.C. 1970, c. 1-5) Revised Statutes of Canada was again revised and further became the 1985 Revised Statutes of Canada (R.S.C. 1985, c. 1 (5th Supp)).

In all of the above machinations, debauchery and wicked manipulations and fraudulent misrepresentations, the government of Canada failed to fully hide the fact that Canada never had a valid and lawful income tax act or statute that could have justified the colossal crimes and unlawful acts perpetrated by the Canadian government against its own people.

The Plaintiffs, Lovey Cridge and John Ruiz Dempsey on behalf of the People of Canada, with the help of other researchers searched law libraries and archives for any proof that the impugned Income Tax Act might exist. The Plaintiffs found no evidence of it. The Plaintiffs say such "Act" simply did not exist and are therefore claiming for damages including the return of all money and property wrongfully confiscated (stolen) by the Canadian government from its people.

- - -

Update August 22, 2005


VANCOUVER, British Columbia: Almost five months to the day of the initial filing of the biggest class action suit in Canada, John Ruiz Dempsey on Behalf of the People of Canada versus Envision Credit Union, Laurentian Bank, CIBC, Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust, The Canadian Payment Association and others, the lawyers representing the financial institutions are gathering steam to try to stop John Ruiz Dempsey, a criminologist and forensic litigation specialist from proceeding with their application to the court to strike Mr. Dempsey's statement of claim in whole or in part. Hearings are set for September 12 and 13 at the Supreme Court in Vancouver. The statement of claim alleges among other things, creation of money out of nothing, fraudulent misrepresentation, money laundering, fraud, charging of criminal interest rates and breach of contract. A copy of the Statement of Claim is available for download through

"This without a doubt will be a precedent setting case that is sure to change the face of the banking system in Canada forever. Without even taking into consideration the potential damages, the sheer numbers of people alone who potentially can participate in this action, will in my estimation make this case the largest lawsuit ever filed for Class Certification in this nation", stated John Ruiz Dempsey.

The banks are being represented by two of the largest law firms in Canada such as Borden Ladner Gervais with 670 lawyers and Fasken Martineau Dumoulin with 500 lawyers. This is clearly a David and Goliath case where these lawyers are moving to tread heavily on Mr. Dempsey and the People of Canada he represents.

News Conferences are currently being arranged and will be held September 9 in Vancouver and Montreal. Various citizen groups and freedom movements as well as other special interest groups representing thousands of Canadians from across Canada are expected to rally in support of this action.

Media representatives wishing to attend any of the News Conferences, or wanting to ensure that they are on our mailing lists, or wishing to arrange for interviews with legal, forensic and other experts after any of the News. Conferences, should call to ensure that their current information is on file.

In Montreal, Quebec
Contact: Bruce Margolese
(514) 294-3284

In Vancouver, B.C.
Contact: John R. Dempsey
(604) 597-1475
E-Mail: or

Since sending out a News Release in April announcing the filing of the Class Action Law Suit, we have been inundated with calls from persons asking if it is too late to become involved.

The answer is NO. As long as you fit ANY ONE of the five criteria listed below, you can apply for registration for Class Participation. While we would like those interested in becoming involved to do so on a timely basis, as it adds strength to our efforts, a cut-off date for participation will be established (I believe by the court at a future date).

The criteria for participation is as follows:

1. If you have been involved in any kind of loan transaction with any bank or financial institution you are eligible to participate;

2. If you did not know that banks and financial institutions are engaged in illegal creation of money, you are eligible to participate;

3. If you were told by your bank or financial institution they loaned you money without receiving "cash" or "legal tender" money or currency, you are eligible to participate;

4. If you were unaware that the bank or financial institution made you sign a promissory note or loan application form and 'monetized' the said note or form by way of your signature, you are eligible to participate;

5. If you or your family have suffered or are facing foreclosure or seizure of property or debt collection by banks or financial institutions as a result of any loan or debt transactions with any bank or financial institution, you are eligible to participate.

It is important to note that you DO NOT have to be object or victim of any debt collection, foreclosure or any other legal proceeding to participate.

It is also important to note that having your "debts" to any bank or financial institution, DOES NOT PRECLUDE YOU from registering to participate in this legal action.



Information are available from our website:

Alternatively, you can drop us a note, stating your desire to participate in accordance with the applicable criteria itemized above to effect your participation at this time. However, the above mentioned website contain valuable information regarding banking fraud as well as a very important information regarding class action suits, the legal system, bank fraud and scams, illegal debt collection which you should be aware of prior to your next visit to a bank or financial institution.

If there is more than one person in your family wishing to participate, each participant should fill out a registration form. Where children under the legal age are involved, parents or guardians should complete a registration request for each child, on their behalf.

Please ensure that all requests for registration are legible and contain your full name, complete mailing address, phone numbers and fax numbers and e-mail addresses where applicable. It makes our job of communicating with you that much less costly and more efficient.

Financial Contributions:

The registration forms will provide for a minimum contribution for registrants. However, if your financial situation absolutely prohibits a financial contribution at this time, do not let this dissuade you, send in your form. We have seen first hand and understand some of the devastation that unlawful creation of money has caused. Those who are able to contribute more, please be generous, as many others much less fortunate through no cause of their own, are counting on you.

- - -

Update received from John-Ruiz: Dempsey:

"Vexatious Litigant" back in Court

Vancouver, B.C. November 7, 2005: John-Ruiz: Dempsey, British Columbia's most notorious "vexatious litigant" will be in court on Monday, November 21, 2005 to attend an "Appointment to Settle" filed by the Law Society of British Columbia. Dempsey said he will be attending said appointment subject to payment of $5,000 per hour for a minimum of 8 hours as compensation for all his trouble.

On September 13, 2005, Mr. Justice James W. Williams of the Supreme Court of British Columbia released his decision based on a hearing filed by the law society held on August 4, 2005. Mr. Dempsey attended the hearing but did not participate in it claiming that neither the court nor the Law Society of British Columbia had any jurisdiction over him as a Child of God with indisputable title of Minister of God and as a sovereign, free born, sentient, living and breathing man. Dempsey told Justice Williams that in order for anyone to have jurisdiction over him, they must prove that: they are above God; they are equal to God; they stand between him and God; or they have document upon the face of it has a verifiable signature of God. Dempsey claims that neither Justice Williams nor the Law Society of British Columbia was able to produce any of the above.

Notwithstanding, Mr. Justice Williams ordered that until such time as John-Ruiz: Dempsey becomes a member in good standing of the Law Society of British Columbia, Dempsey among other things is permanently prohibited from holding himself out as a lawyer, appearing as counsel or advocate, drawing, revising or settling a document for use in a proceeding, judicial or extra-judicial, commencing, prosecuting or defending a proceeding in any court in his own name or in the name of another except where he is an individual party to a proceeding acting solely on his own behalf.

Justice Williams also declared Dempsey a "vexatious litigant" pursuant to section 18 of the Supreme Court Act and required that Dempsey must inform the Law Society of British Columbia of any proceedings presently initiated or which may be initiated or may be instituted in any court in British Columbia.

John-Ruiz: Dempsey rejected the court order by returning the copy of Justice Williams' decision marked "VOID FOR LACK OF JURISDICTION" 3 times on the face of the document. Dempsey said no one, not even a judge have the power to create laws or court orders out of thin air especially when such order violates a man or woman's inalienable rights as free men and women. This is an area where statute law is in direct conflict with universally guaranteed and God-given human rights. Dempsey further said that the court or the law society have no rights other than the ones we give to them as sovereign men and women as opposed to "persons."

Dempsey has filed a formal Constructive Notice of Child of God Status in the Supreme Court of British Columbia on August 4, 2005. Mr. Justice Williams is not too happy with such Notice.

Dempsey also claims that Mr. Justice Williams has violated his Oath of Office which Dempsey has accepted under the terms and conditions of his Notice of Acceptance of Oath of Office he served Justice Williams on August 9, 2005. Dempsey served Justice Williams a Notice of Default for violating his Oath of Office and is asking the judge to pay him 10 million dollars for damages. Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm wrote Mr. Dempsey a letter saying they (the judges) will not be replying to Dempsey now or in the future. Mr. Dempsey served Mr. Justice Williams a Notice of Dishonor dated October 21, 2005 as formal acceptance to the judge's decision to ignore Dempsey's claims.

Dempsey is also claiming damages against the Law Society of British Columbia and the law firm Hunter Voith for interfering with his contractual relationship with various individuals as attorney-in-fact.

John-Ruiz: Dempsey has gained world-wide notoriety for the class action suits he filed on behalf of the People of Canada against Canada's major financial institutions regarding illegal creation of money out of nothing. The lawsuit is the first of its kind where anyone has filed any major lawsuit on behalf of the people of a nation against banking institutions.

Dempsey and a retired accountant, Lovey Cridge have also filed a class action suit against the government of Canada claiming that the Income Tax Act does not exist because the said Act has not been properly or lawfully enacted. Mr. Dempsey claims that Canada has never existed as a sovereign nation and therefore cannot lawfully create laws out of thin air without the mandate of its people. He says Canada ceased to become a dominion of Great Britain since 1901 after the death of Queen Victoria and that after 1931, Canada has been existing as a de facto state controlled by anarchists and international "banksters."

Dempsey says, it is the truth that sets people free but the legal profession and the courts see Dempsey as a threat to their de facto existence and are therefore endeavoring to eliminate or silence him at all costs. He says Canada does not have a lawful and validly enacted constitution because the people of Canada have always been in slave status. The British North America Act (BNA) 1867 and its derivatives, Constitution Act of 1867 and 1982 are de facto British statutes which ceased to exist after the death of Queen Victoria in 1901.

Supporting documents available upon request via email to: or

Update April 2006:

The People vs The Banks - First Anniversary

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, April 15, 2006.

Exactly a year ago today, on April 15, 2005, we filed the biggest class action suit in Canada - "The People vs The Banks." This class action created shock waves in the heart of the world's banking business that deals in unlawfully created, non-tangible, non-existent digital money.

The class action involves millions of people in Canada. Despite the mainstream media's continued biased reporting, the news of the class action suit has traveled all over the world. The whole world is watching, waiting to see how the banks and the courts are going to stop John-Ruiz: Dempsey from proceeding with this major lawsuit.

The suit arises from the fact that banks as credit-lenders flourish only because of fraud and deception, breach of contract, deception, unjust enrichment, unlawful conversion and illegal creation of money. The Plaintiff (as well as the other millions of people), the "borrower" is always the source of the principal amount of any alleged loan by virtue of his "promise" to pay (the "promissory note"), from which a negotiable instrument is generated, i.e. "money," pursuant to commonly accepted banking practice which the credit-lender then converts into another form (bank draft, cashier's check) in accordance with their lending policies which is then reissued in the form of a "loan." This "loan" is nothing more than accounting entries on the bank's ledgers, because the financial institutions like the defendant banks, loans nothing of substance, and are forbidden by banking regulations from loaning the bank's cash or assets.

Money simply does not exist. What we call money, the Canadian bank note they call "legal tender" is not money. It has no intrinsic value. It costs two cents to make a five dollar bill as well as it is for a hundred dollar bill. It is money by decree; it is money only because the government says it is money. Worse, in this case, the "money" in question in this lawsuit is the privately created, digital, computer generated money surreptitiously created by the banks and "loaned" to their unsuspecting borrowers with criminal interest at no cost to themselves.

As far as the representative Plaintiff, John-Ruiz: Dempsey is concerned, the People of Canada do not owe the banks any debt or money. It was the other way around. John says: "How can we owe them anything when we never received anything of any value [substance] from these banks?" The money which was assumed to have been credited into the borrower's account was derived from "thin air" - God's money, or money that never belonged to the banks at all. The banks have no legal right to use God's money and pass them on to the unsuspecting borrowers and call it a loan and then start charging usury. This is nothing but pure skullduggery.

"Only God can create something of value out of nothing ... no action will lie to recover on a claim based upon, or in any manner depending upon, a fraudulent, illegal, or immoral transaction to which Plaintiff [the bank] was a party." Per Justice Mahoney in First National Bank of Montgomery v. Jerome Daly, 12/07/1968.

In First National Bank above, (more popularly known as the Credit River decision) further stated: "The [bank's] act of creating credit is not authorized by the Constitution and laws of the United States, is unconstitutional and void, and is not lawful consideration in the eyes of the law to support anything or upon which any lawful right can be built." - Justice Martin V. Mahoney.

The above Minnesota trial court's decision is holding the federal reserve act unconstitutional and void; holding the National Banking Act unconstitutional and void; declaring a mortgage acquired by the First National Bank of Montgomery, Minnesota in the regular course of its business, along with the foreclosure and the sheriff's sale to be void. This decision, which is legally sound, has the effect of declaring all private mortgages on real and personal property, and all U.S. and state bonds held by the Federal Reserve, national and state banks to be null and void. This amounts to an emancipation of the nation from personal, national and state debt purportedly owed to this banking system. Every American (as well as Canadian) owes it to himself, his country, and to the people of the world for that matter to study this decision very carefully and to understand it, for upon it hangs the question of freedom or slavery.

The above statement by Justice Mahoney also holds true in Canada because there is no law in Canada, whether federal or provincial, that remotely suggests that it is lawful for any bank to create money out of thin air and then use this created money as valuable consideration whereby they could now loan this created money as principal and then charge their unsuspecting victims interest for the rest of their lives! This is legalized slavery.

An earlier decision by the Supreme Court of Canada which dealt with the same issue of lack of consideration per Henry J.: "...I know of no law to oblige me to pay it. When I deliver and execute a note, I am presumed to have received a consideration for it, and I am therefore bound to pay the legal holder or endorsee, but it would be contrary to every equitable, and I may say legal, principle to make me pay in the other case, where I received no value, or did no act from which such may be presumed." Scott v. R. (1878), 2 S.C.R. 349.

The People have a strong case. The only problem is money, and the banks have lots of it. The banks have been known to spend $100,000.00 or more trying to collect a $5,000.00 claim. The banks simply cannot afford to have any precedents. They can afford to pay their highly paid lawyers and perhaps even bribe the judges in order to achieve their evil goals.

Just recently, the banks and The People were compelled to appear before Madam Justice Garson, the assigned case management judge who heard the banks' lawyers argue that the statement of claim should be struck in whole or in part. The banks argue that the People's claim has no merit based on their flimsy arguments that the pleadings are either vexatious, frivolous, scandalous and abuse of process. However they all failed to show why the claims are vexatious, frivolous, scandalous and abuse of process.

John and his team, submitted the truth, that the court has no jurisdiction to hear or decide the case simply because the judge herself is in direct conflict of interest. Prior to Judge Garson becoming a judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, she worked for one of the defendant banks, TD Canada Trust. John filed a motion to have Garson recused. This motion was intended to be heard by the Chief Justice himself. Notwithstanding, Garson took it upon herself to decide on the motion to recuse without any notice of hearing being filed which violates the maxim: "nemo judex in sua causa" which means that one cannot be the judge of his/her own cause. Garson saw nothing wrong with that.

During the last hearing on April 6, 2006, John personally served Garson a Writ of Summons and Statement of Claim. John and others filed this lawsuit against Garson in her personal capacity for interfering with John's personal right of unlimited contract with his principals. The suit also named another judge, Justice James Williams who, without proving any jurisdiction or proof of claim or evidence against John decided to grant an injunction against him from representing other people in court because he is not a member of the BAR or law society. With this writ filed against Garson as a defendant, this judge is now in clear conflict without any excuse.

At the hearing on April 6, John and the others told Garson they will not accept any decision or order made or done while she is in direct conflict of interest and without proper jurisdiction. However, knowing how she made her previous decisions that have no foundation in law or fact, it will not come as a surprise if this judge puts her blindfold and ignores the law in order to give the banks a great favour. The whole world will have the opportunity to see whether or not the courts deserve the kind of respect they think we owed them. Needless to say, the ball is in their court.

Whatever happens, this is only the beginning. The greatest battle, "The People vs. The Banks" has only begun. This battle will continue until the tables of the money changers have been overturned once more. If God be for us, who can be against us? May God Bless Us All.

Please contact us by email at: or

Visit our websites at: or

- - -

Update February 2007:

Day of Reckoning
February 24, 2007

Free again, free, free again. I have just returned from jail a few hours ago. As you already know, I was unlawfully incarcerated because I openly exercised my own set of values. Now their admiralty/maritime, statutorial court(s) have decided that full exercise of my inalienable human rights is now a contemptible act. Since when has it become a crime to exercise your natural God-given human rights?

As you are [mostly] all aware, I was sent to jail for doing what is right; I was unlawfully confined by the paper government who calls themselves, "The Province of British Columbia;" The Law Society of British Columbia; The Supreme Court of British Columbia, etc. My unlawful incarceration meant nothing to anyone. It was a total waste of my time which can never be regained.

Their only accomplishment is that they were able to delay my schedule which they know is very important because it involves a lot of people who are depending on me to complete. Please accept my profoundest apology for any problem my unlawful incarceration has caused you.

Notwithstanding, I just wish to express my deepest appreciation to all of you who in spirit and in truth did express love and care while the powers that be decided they must punish me for defending people's internationally guaranteed and recognized human rights. Thank you all so much because your love and care have shielded me from any pain or suffering our common enemies have sought to inflict upon me. Your prayers worked too. The Lord stayed with me all the time.

From the bottom of my heart, I also thank all of you who sent me wonderful cards and letters. Words may never be able to describe how your loving support had become a pillar of strength for me. You are all so wonderful, I love you all.

The law society and the evil judge who conspired with them failed to inflict any pain. It was a time well spent. I turned to Psalm 142:7 "Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise thy name: the righteous shall compass me about; for thou shalt deal bountifully with me." They may think that they have imprisoned me but my heart, soul and spirit was free.

Even though I was held in unlawful confinement, my incarceration was nothing but an unlawful deprivation of my liberty, robbing me of time and money that I can never regain; it was also a violation of my human rights and the human rights of those who depended on me. Such violation of human rights was carried out without due process of law.

I can't say that all went exactly as planned because I really did not have any plans other than to go in and place all my bets on the truth which no one there was able to refute. While in jail, I was surrounded by righteous people, indigenous peoples from all parts of land, which made me feel more secure than when I was outside of those walls. I never felt I was imprisoned at all.

The entire hearing was a fraud, complete with circus-like atmosphere. The legal system can't handle the truth. But the Law is the Law of Truth. The Law Society of British Columbia could not understand truth; therefore their judges, all of which are the products of that man-made "just us" system have no idea what is required to be a man of the truth.

I also thank these criminals for doing what they do; it makes me want to keep going forward, with more fervor, more zeal, more determination, to keep fighting the good fight of faith. The good fight is never over, so we never lose.

What is truth?
This is a question asked by Pontius Pilate before the Lord Jesus Christ who never answered the Procurator. That question has been asked and answered when He said, "I am The Way, The Truth and The Life, no one cometh to the Father but by Me."

Pontius Pilate knew what The Truth was, because he declared it when he said regarding Jesus Christ, "I find no fault in this Man." The Truth then is when one cannot find fault in anything.

"For we can do nothing against the truth but for the truth." 2 Corinthians 13:8

In my life, I have always followed the truth no matter where the truth might lead me. I have always been good to all people in need. The truth can be seen in the eyes of the people who know me.

What is Justice?
The greatest trick Satan pulled is that he did not exist. He revealed his own version of the truth, that evil is good and that good is evil. But Satan does exist; I saw his face when I looked at the judge, Barry M. Davies and the lawyers for the law society, Peter G. Voith and Shannon Ramsay. These people have sold themselves to the devil. They are the devil incarnate.

When I took up the fight against the devil himself in the form a Supreme Court judge and the hordes of demons who call themselves the Law Society of British Columbia, my battle was fought tooth and nail, fire with fire. Phil 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." I cannot fear because God is with me.

Even the biggest bully in the block – the de facto paper government is small because my God is bigger than all of them. God is my right, and God is my justice.

These bullies could not even define justice if it strikes them in the face. They have no idea what justice is because all the days of their lives are spent inflicting injustice in exchange for money. Their entire legal system was created out of injustice and therefore anything created out of injustice can only breed further injustice. Injustice is the only thing all of them could understand because injustice happens to all of us. The so-called "justice" these lawyers and judges waves in front of us is nothing but outright fraud; a lovely ideal that manifested itself when that evil judge sent me to jail without just cause.

When we come face to face with these infidels, there is only one question we need to ask them: "What is justice?" Only a man and woman, with a pure heart can answer that question. These judges and lawyers who have sold their hearts and minds to the devil will never be able to answer that question – three words: "What is justice?"

Good judges follow the law; weak judges follow their superiors. Justice can only be achieved when truth supports the argument. Justice is a result of being just.

In their "just us" legal system, the judges' job is to decide who has the best lawyer. Therefore the lay person who comes unrepresented or self-represented is guaranteed to lose, 99% of the time. They do not only bend the law in their "just us" system, they also break it at will without due regard to those who might be hurt or be damaged by it.

Their laws are like cobwebs that catch harmless little flies but lets wasps and hornets to break through. They allowed the banksters to continue to rob us and their taxmen to continue extort taxes against us under non-existent laws.

Those who are in that "just us" system believe their system is like science when the truth is, they are a few degrees from witchcraft, their system is always subject to being manipulated.

Truth and justice has to prevail, the people are behind me. It is far from over. They have made their bed and now they have to lie in it. What goes around comes around.

You, my friends, my people, my fellow human beings are all that stand between the victims of injustice and the authors of such injustice. It is all up to you do the right thing. There is wrong that needs to be set right.

Innocent people declare their innocence loud and long. The criminals and their lawyers and judges hide behind their man-made, copyrighted statutes because that is all they have. They are cowards, afraid of the truth, afraid of the light, because the truth will indite them. Every one of them is guilty; the law society their lawyers, their judges, they are also guilty of assault and battery, even the correctional officer and the attorney general for permitting it.

The law society and that evil judge knew I was innocent of any crime; I was an innocent victim of their heartless and discriminatory system, infested with out-of-control, runaway judiciary.

They claim I showed no remorse. What a bunch of claptrap. I have neither guilt nor reason for it. If anyone must show any remorse, it was judge Davies and Peter G. Voith, the guilty parties who ought to show it, not me.

But they are all members of the law society or more aptly, the law[less] society. What do they care about the law?

I have no time to wrestle with these pigs; wrestling with them will only make me dirty. And what's worse, is the pigs will only love it. All I did in court that day was that I bore witness of the truth, nothing more.

They call that hellhole a "correctional facility". What a misnomer, what a joke. If anything needed any correcting, it is the way these A-holes do to the people under the guise of "protecting the public." Protecting the public from what? The public could well do without these A-holes and their bogus claim that they are there to protect any human being. The truth is, they exist to serve the best interest of the corporations, the legal fictions, man-made paper entities created by them and for them only. The protection of people's human rights does not even come into the picture.

My day in court had been a total joke. It was a sickly event, the judge was a sick puppy who enjoyed abusing his power by openly violating and defying my international rights as a human being by committing crimes against humanity contrary to the Convention of Civil and Political Rights; the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948. The judge refused to even read these internationally guaranteed human rights into record.

Some people think we are crazy, but I don't think so. Because Christ said: "Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do it to me." "Blessed [are] they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 5:10.

I will not let anyone beat me. I will take what I have to take; and I will give what I have to give and when it comes time to do what I have to do what I have to do, I will not allow them to stop me. Isa 54:17 – "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue [that] shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This [is] the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness [is] of me, saith the LORD."

I was sentenced to go to jail because I did what was right. I would absolutely do it again, I have walked the walk, I have shown mercy and I have suffered for righteousness sakes.

If we run away, they will win. If there is anything I can do to make it right, I will do it. I have no fear anymore, I am completely free. What was done to me created me.

Their prisons are but stop over places to delay and deny justice. They placed me in one of their man-made hell. But my Creator did not take me this far to let me down. They handcuffed me, placed shackles on me, they treated me like a common criminal; the treatment I received was horrific. But in spite of all that, it was a place for the weary to rest. And for me it was a haven of rest. The Lord was there with me all the time. He gave me the truth and the determination not to let their criminal legal/justice system to break or faze me.

The Paper Government
This may come as a surprise to you to hear for the first time that "Canada" does not exist. But after you have read my message, you shall begin to know and understand that "Canada" not only does not exist, you will also learn that "Canada" is only a paper corporation much like Canadian Tire" or other forms of legal fiction (ens legis) or paper entity created by unscrupulous men and women to rule, plunder, exploit and to dominate other people.

Today, "Canada" is a "paper nation" created, controlled and dominated by criminal banksters and lawyers who work for the corporation government. It is certainly not a government of the people as most paper "Canadians" might think of what "Canada" is. It is neither a democratic government simply because the people have been given the privilege of suffrage with regards to some de facto right to vote their favorite politicians into certain positions within their corporate provincial and federal governments. Being allowed to elect politicians to rule over them does not make anything democratic, if at all. As mere paper corporation, "Canada" is anything but democratic. Neither is it a republic. "Canada" only exists on paper, in maps, legal claims, concessions, treaties, contracts, leases, grants and the list goes on ad infinitum. It does not exist lawfully and in truth.

The Government of Canada is neither a nation nor a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It is a government owned and operated by international banksters. The "Government of Canada" comes in many forms: the "Crown"; "Her Majesty the Queen"; "Regina", are simply some of the many front names used by the legal owner(s) and operators of the said paper corporation.

Ownership of the corporation is sometimes attributed to the "Royal Family". Are we talking about the "Royal Family" that now lives at Buckingham Palace? Then we are talking about the British crime family which is nothing but a criminal organization, the oldest crime family in the world. These are the people, along with their merciless hordes who committed the worst crimes against humanity such as genocide, ethnic cleansing, colonization, germ warfare, and other heinous crimes against humanity.

British law is nothing but a trip wire, designed to keep human beings poor. Their legal system is designed to keep us in our "proper place" – the total slavery of everyone; their version of the maxim "equal justice for all," which in reality is equal injustice to all. They treat every slave the same. But the slave cannot rise above his master.

None of their laws were made by the people and for the people. Their "law" is a broken record that testifies against the powers that be, statutes that warns the people not to tamper with their corrupt order of things, all designed to make the rich richer and the poor more poorer, to put everyone in jail if we decide to disagree with their "order of things", like "practicing law without a license which is total bullshit. The jail that they put me in tells it like it is. I did not see any rich kids in there. They have a separate jail for the ritz. I am not rich so they incarcerated me in a place where they warehoused all the criminals and drug addicts so they can create bonds that can be bought and sold to other paper corporations. Jailing people is big business which makes merchandise of human cattle.

They have decided that natural law no longer applies to them so they have created their own maritime/admiralty/statute laws which they claim now apply to us human beings. All these laws are paper laws; they only exist on paper. Now they claim they own the world because they claim they have the paperwork to prove it. They hate it when we rip their paper apart.

They have no money, so they use and abuse our human rights by stealing our labor, they steal our energy by not paying us quid pro quo. They steal our labor when they pay us with "paper money".

Those who claim that they are protecting the public [whatever that may be?] through the use of their suppressive man-made statutes [all paper based] are not really protecting anyone but those who are charged of such laws. The judges have laws to protect them from harm, they call it immunity, whatever that may be. The justice system, consisting of judges and lawyers who have turned the justice system into a monopolistic "just us" system for those who are "licensed" by the system to operate and profit from it. This is basically a license to steal, a license to do anything that would otherwise be illegal within their corporate paper world. The rest of the people who are not members of these exclusive societies are forced to pay dearly for the use of their legal system. Those who refuse or could not afford to pay for the services provided by the system are completely shut out from the "just us" system.

In other words, in their paper based system, if you have the paper, you are now licensed to do whatever the paperwork you hold says you can do. But that will not work for me. Unless you can produce, the paper that I signed that says you can do to me what I would otherwise not allow anyone to do, please get thee behind me Satan.

The world of fiction.

There is no such thing as "Canada". Such has been tacitly admitted by its own "Justice Department"[1] by their own failure to produce any cogent evidence that "Canada" and its so-called government are in lawful possession of any lawful authority to exist as a nation. This fact has been admitted by its own "Governor Generals" that the Government of Canada is de facto, meaning, it exists in fact only but it does not exist lawfully. This is a well known fact that is well-supported by history.

The brief history of "Canada" speaks for itself about the plunder, fraud, deception, genocide, slavery, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, germ warfare and all forms of crimes against humanity. They are all criminals. What is a natural thing for criminals to do? Commit crimes of course, such is what they have done to me.

"Canada" is an illegal colony of Great Britain, a dominion, meaning a possession, whose owner is a foreign power. It really doesn't matter what this foreign power now calls "Canada" these days, the undeniable truth remains that "Canada" is a colony, owned and operated unlawfully, in total violation of the United Nations Convention and International Law. Merely because the powers that be no longer use the words "dominion" or "colony" can hide the truth that "Canada" is a British colony. Neither does it alter the fact that "Canada" is stolen property.

The British came into North America (Turtle Island) and saw the vast area that yearned to be populated and "governed". They found the solution to their own British problem, that of over-population, too many people living and competing with each other in one tiny area called the British Isles. So they dumped all their vassals, serfs and slaves over here and changed the name of the place to "Canada" and made it a "dominion" or "colony" in violation of all existing international law. Under color of law, which was based only on paper, they created a paper colony. They stole the nation from under those whose rights are antecedent of any paper law that they created unlawfully to legalize their heinous crimes.

Simply repainting a stolen car does not exonerate the thief who stole the car. Neither does it alter the fact that the car had been stolen from the real owner. This is called "coloring the law". The British legal system operates within "Canada" under the same colored law.

And as this says
So shall it be,

John-Ruiz: Dempsey

[1] This fact was tacitly admitted by the Justice Department on July 26, 2003 [or even prior] by its failure to respond to David Butterfield's challenge of jurisdiction and lawful authority under the maxim: "he that is silent is deemed to agree."

- - -

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More class actions are being prepared in Philadelphia, Texas and other states.

Canada Revenue Agency Class Action

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updated on Wednesday November 17 2010

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Readers' Comments

Great info about the class action suit against the fractional criminal banks (ponzi schemes).

Posted by: Teresa on April 23, 2005 07:03 AM


Am proud of my neighbors in Canada. I only hope this will happen in the United States also.

Posted by: Elaine on April 23, 2005 03:49 PM


I am very much interested in this and would greatly appreciate it if you furnish me a copy, so the samething can be done here.

Warren Nelson

Posted by: Warren Nelson on April 23, 2005 05:16 PM


Money is created out of thin air for (ruining) taxpayers only! Try borrowing a dollar as a natural-person there is no way you can do that at a financial institution! The only way to regain our sovereignty as ‘natural-persons' is to understand that we willingly represent ‘Corporate-Canada' created entities we call taxpayers! Taxpayers have only privileges (Charter of Rights and Freedoms) and must obey the law (regulations) as written by a pseudo Canadian-government. Stop being the unwilling representative of the taxpayer. Accept responsibilities for yourself…

Posted by: Amery on April 23, 2005 10:32 PM


Anything created from nothing remains nothing that one can pay taxes with.

It is impoassible to pay taxes with money created out of thin air. No one wacnts us to pay taxes but we can be punished if we don't pretend.

The illusion called taxation is just one of many ways to regulate our consumption to
conceal the fraud of money created out of thin air.

Learn more ways.

Posted by: Wilber's axiom on April 24, 2005 07:23 AM


Watch the movie "money as debt" on Google video. It gives everyone the basic knowledge of how money works and how the banks create money out of thin air. It is a must see to fully understand the scam that is going on.

Posted by: on April 24, 2005 12:39 PM


May God bless these endeavors with success in freeing the debt slavery imposed on all "supposed borrowers".

Posted by: Paul Robinson on April 24, 2005 10:15 PM


This is great. Have not heard anything so great in my life. At least one lawsuit has been filed in a country. People in every country should organise and file such lawsuits in every country where banks creat money out of thin air to in effect own everything. Banks will say they whole money supply will disappear with they being able to creat money out of thin air. Let such money disappear, that will take the our slavery to the banks.

Posted by: alok on April 24, 2005 10:34 PM


I don't believe this lawsuit can hold up because it's based on a misconception that money is a finite commodity, like the gold supply, which is subject to the law of conservation of matter. This is just an attempt to dispute the validity of a debt the borrower voluntarily agreed to before he took the money he borrowed.

Money is intangible, just a symbolic representation of valuation. What is the "true value" of a dollar if it can buy a gallon of milk today, and a week later it can buy two gallons of milk? Due to inflation, deflation, and other factors, the value of money constantly fluctuates.

In the modern economy, as opposed to the feudal economy which was based on a finite supply of gold, dollars are merely symbols of value. This isn't building "castles of air", because the real value of those pieces of paper printed with official money symbols on them is that they are valid contracts to honor their market value. What is a contract other than air and paper? Contracts are based on faith, credit, and collateral - just like money, contracts are more than just "air and paper".

The value of money in the economy fluctuates, which means the dollar supply is not fixed and finite. That's why a bank can lend out money that isn't sitting *physically* in its vault without violating the law of conservation of matter. The government strictly regulates the amount of fractional reserve funds a bank is required to have in its vaults for every dollar it lends.

Federal Bank Insurance protects depositors against the danger of default. The decentralized banking system has kept the modern economy functioning smoothly for decade - obviously a dollar buys much less than it did a century ago, but wages are also much higher than they were a century ago. This is due to the "money multiplier effect" which operates to *multiply* the real value of every dollar printed by government mints at the beginning of the dollar's life-cycle, keeping in tune with the governmental "monetary policy" to grow the economy, and the central bank's "fiscal policy" to keep the rate of inflation low.

At the end of the dollar's life-cycle, excess dollars are recalled by the government treasury to be taken out of circulation and destroyed.

Posted by: Dr. P. MacIntyre on April 24, 2005 11:05 PM


Dr. MacIntyre,

I totally agree with what you are saying, but in this case there is no money being printed and it is only numbers on a screen with no value. If everyone went in and asked for their money, they wouldn't have it. Any of the money that is being printed is to replace the old bills & coins that are being destroyed. Everything else is done by database.

By creating money out of thin air, you dilute the real money system by adding nothing, but taking alot. Physical assets as opposed to cyberware.....

In my mind, a bank should actually have the money they have taken from us and if they want to loan it out, actually give the money to the person getting the loan. All above board and all provable on the books. Real assets. Something you can touch or see. Not just numbers on a screen.

I know that we will be using ATM's and online CC's almost exclusively in just a short period of time. It is inevitable. And if that is the case do you think the best people to administer this system is the current banks and their handlers?

Bottom line is they are creating assets out of thin air which they can turn into any kind of currency, diluting that currency and the whole money system as well.

Posted by: Brian on April 24, 2005 11:51 PM


Dr MacIntyre,

Most of your thesis is correct however...

A contract without consideration (full disclosure) is fraudulent and not enforceable.

When one goes to the bank and signs a promissory note the bank does not disclose that it is using the signature one puts on the bottom to create credit then modifying the instrument later with stamps thereby monetizing it.

Consideration is a meeting of the minds and I would surmise that out of 100% of the borrowers one asked 99% would probably claim that the bank lent them something of it's own as in an exchange of it's deposits. Since the borrowers are not told the truth and encouraged to think otherwise there can be no consideration. They have also not given permission to modify the contract subsequent to signing.

And furthermore when signs and agrees to pay back the money they received (past tense) they have just perjured because they receive nothing for three days due to reg Z truth in lending.

Although you are correct in theory in practice the contract is fraudulent.


Posted by: Mick Jekyll on April 25, 2005 03:31 AM


The "Doctor" is wrong (don't believe internet creds).

It goes back to the original goldsmiths, lending out paper receipts for gold they did not have, and collecting interest on this nonexistant gold.

The paper dollar by itself is not evil. It is evil because it was created by a private, for profit enterprise. The motivations behind the paper dollars we use are evil. We should create our own currency through our government, but we do not.

We lost control a long time ago, through the sinister dealings of a few greedy men. The doctor is a fool, because he believes that the people who DO control our money supply are good and just.

They are not.

Posted by: Dr. Internet on April 25, 2005 04:31 AM


padded with power here they come
international loan sharks backed by the guns
of market hungry military profiteers
whose word is a swamp and whose brow is smeared
with the blood of the poor
who rob life of its quality
who render rage a necessity
by turning countries into labour camps
modern slavers in drag as champions of freedom
sinister cynical instrument
who makes the gun into a sacrament
the only response to the deification
of tyranny by so-called "developed" nations'
idolatry of ideology
north south east west
kill the best and buy the rest
it's just spend a buck to make a buck
you don't really give a flying fuck
about the people in misery
IMF dirty MF
takes away everything it can get
always making certain that there's one thing left
keep them on the hook with insupportable debt
see the paid-off local bottom feeders
passing themselves off as leaders
kiss the ladies shake hands with the fellows
open for business like a cheap bordello
and they call it democracy
and they call it democracy
and they call it democracy
and they call it democracy
see the loaded eyes of the children too
trying to make the best of it the way kids do
one day you're going to rise from your habitual feast
to find yourself staring down the throat of the beast
they call the revolution
IMF dirty MF
takes away everything it can get
always making certain that there's one thing left
keep them on the hook with insupportable debt

Posted by: Bruce Cockburn on April 25, 2005 05:05 AM


While everyone appreciates the efforts of such idealists, actually what the banks are doing is perfectly legal. What the lawsuit is alleging is that the banks behaviour is immoral, not illegal.

Furthermore it is not the fault of the bank for profiting, it is the fault of the clients for participating in such a system.

Rathar than suing why not stage a boycott of the banking system? Impossible, huh? Better chance of that than beating the banks in court.

keep up the good work.

Posted by: eesnz on April 25, 2005 05:58 AM


Our great American poet Ezra Pound warned us all about the inevitable coming of this national travesty 70 years ago; by "Usura," Pound meant fiat currency issued by a private bank - "The Fed" - in clear defiance of our Constitution, (Article I, sections 8 and 10):

Canto XLV
by Ezra Pound

With usura hath no man a house of good stone
each block cut smooth and well fitting
that design might cover their face,

with usura

hath no man a painted paradise on his church wall
harpes et luthes
or where virgin receiveth message
and halo projects from incision,

with usura

seeth no man Gonzaga his heirs and his concubines
no picture is made to endure nor to live with
but it is made to sell and sell quickly

with usura, sin against nature,
is thy bread ever more of stale rags
is thy bread dry as paper,
with no mountain wheat, no strong flour

with usura the line grows thick

with usura is no clear demarcation
and no man can find site for his dwelling
Stone cutter is kept from his stone
weaver is kept from his loom


wool comes not to market
sheep bringeth no grain with usura
Usura is a murrain, usura
blunteth the needle in the the maid's hand
and stoppeth the spinner's cunning. Pietro Lombardo
came not by usura
Duccio came not by usura
nor Pier della Francesca; Zuan Bellin' not by usura
nor was "La Callunia" painted.
Came not by usura Angelico; came not Ambrogio Praedis,
Came no church of cut stone signed: Adamo me fecit.

Not by usura St. Trophime

Not by usura St. Hilaire,

Usura rusteth the chisel
It rusteth the craft and the craftsman
It gnaweth the thread in the loom
None learneth to weave gold in her pattern;
Azure hath a canker by usura; cramoisi is unbroidered
Emerald findeth no Memling

Usura slayeth the child in the womb
It stayeth the young man's courting
It hath brought palsey to bed, lyeth
between the young bride and her bridegroom


They have brought whores for Eleusis
Corpses are set to banquet

at behest of usura.

Posted by: John McConnell on April 25, 2005 07:42 AM


And who do you suspect is FUNDING all the terrorism(remember the $ billions made on short sales of UA and American Airlines -the two used(by remote-control technology) in the 911 attacks? And the Fed Govt refuses to tell us who the short-sellers were !). Your house, car, and labor (slave labor camps are planned by the Central Bankster scammers-see US Army document :"Civilian Inmate Labor on Military Bases")are COLLATERAL on the (fraudulent) DEBT!The Banksters are now attempting to collect everything from YOU ALL via financing terrorism which is used as an excuse to create dictatorial laws/powers-and enslavement.dc

Posted by: dave on April 25, 2005 08:17 AM


Watch the movie "money as debt" on Google video. It gives everyone the basic knowledge of how money works and how the banks create money out of thin air. It is a must see to fully understand the scam that is going on.

Posted by: Christ on April 25, 2005 12:33 PM


So just because borrowers choose to take credits against the bank instead of cash, it's fraud???

The plaintif is mixing MACRO econ effects with purposeful actions of individual banks.
They are VERY different things!

Posted by: DaveGillie on April 25, 2005 04:04 PM


The most important issue at stake here is not "legality" which can be changed to suit the desires of anyone in power. Everything Hitler did in Germany was "legal." Of course it's good to change laws, but people have got to know what banks are. They are the supreme evil institutions of this planet. They are controlled by private individuals. They create money out of nothing which governments must borrow at interest. It is the most destructive practice ever devised. The shareholders of the private central banks risk nothing, while the debtors must repay the loans (at 2-20 times the principle depending on interest rates) by producing real value by their services or labour. This practice totally enslaves and locks in the poorest 95% of people on the planet into debt-slavery and takes unbelievably massive chunks of government funds to pay off. We shouldn't be paying off any national debts to anyone. The money should be printed by our governments for us, free of debt or interest, and all national currencies should have the same trade value, so as to be just to the citizens of each country. Here are some choice quotes by some of history's more learned luminaries on the subject: "The financial sysem has been turned over to the Federal Reserve Board. That board administers the finance system by authority of a purely profiteering group. The system is private, conducted for the sole purpose of obtaining the greatest possible profits from the use of other people's money."Charles A. Lindberg, (R.MN)
"Whosoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce. And when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression orginate." James Garfield (President of the United States)
"If the Amercian people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and the corporations which grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." Thomas Jefferson (President of the United States)
"The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credit needed to sastisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of Government, but it is the Government's greatest creative opportunity. By the adoption of these principles the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity." Abraham Lincoln (President of the United States)
"If this mischievous financial policy, (debt-free government issued money) which has its origin in North America, shall become endurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains, and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe." Times of London.
"Nothing but widespread suffering will produce any effect on Congress. Our only safety is in pursuing a steady course of firm restriction - and I have no doubt that such a course will ultimately lead to the restoration of the currency and the recharter of the bank." Nicholas Biddle (President, American Bankers association)
"The Federal Reserve definitely caused the Great depression by contracting the amount of currency in circulation by one-third from 1929 to 1933." Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize wining economist.

Posted by: Stephan Larose on April 25, 2005 06:10 PM


I agree with everyone who feels the banks are frauding us. I can't recall a single instant when I found the bank slaving to help me build my home but when I missed a few payments I worked hard to pay them everyday, suddenly they showed up to take my home. I feel I did owe them the closing costs of monetizing my signature but that is all. They did nothing else for the money in which they have received from me over the years. I worked many years to pay for my home. The banks have offered not one red cent to pay me for what I have done. They take it all and I think that is fraud at it's worst.

Posted by: Teresa M. from OHIO on April 25, 2005 06:37 PM


Who do the ignorant think the banks are looking out for? They are private enterprises, answerable only to themselves. They enrich themselves to keep their power over the poor. They do not accomplish this through competition or hard work, they accomplish their stranglehold via deception and theft. I am dumbfounded as to how anyone can believe the banks to be carrying out any other kind of policy.

Posted by: Brandon on April 26, 2005 03:27 AM


Umm, if you conspiracy-nuts don't want to pay back the money that you borrow, then simply DON'T BORROW MONEY to buy your tin-foil hats!

Since you think paying interest is illegal, then don't use credit cards!

Nobody is stopping you from keeping all of your money in the form of gold coins buried in your backyard.

Posted by: Clarence on April 26, 2005 05:08 AM


See also: Canada Revenue Agency Class Action

Posted by: Chris Gupta on April 26, 2005 06:09 AM


Ah, the banks. This fight, though noble, is skewed in favor of the accused. Doesn't mean it shouldn't be fought; but pace yourself. Most of us have been unfairly screwed for so long that we have forgotten what it feels like to not be screwed. There is that faint voice that continues to remind us of something else, but then coffee break is over and it's back to standing on our heads again!
The good thing; no, the great thing is that there's hope! Ten years ago we did not have all of the information that the internet now supplies. We are able to access and find practically any info that we want. If you still get most of your news from the mainstream media - wake up! They're lying to you. It's like when the dentist ever so carefully inserts the needle to freeze your mouth before he begins the repair. If he does his job well, you won't feel the needle; just the anesthetic. The media works the same way; if they spin the tale well, you won't recognize the lie - but you'll behave as if what you have been told is true and chastise anyone that doesn't agree with you. Really though, you have been anesthesized.

The banks are not in business for our benefit. Currently, they survive on yours and my blood, sweat and tears.

The other great thing is that we are finally waking up to many of the cons that we have been subjected to. This pending court case is just one case in point. More and more, people like JR Dempsey are waking up and finally taking to task these parasites and come what may, are willing to step up and point out the obvious. Notice, this news worthy item did not hit the front page of the Province or the Sun - though it certainly should have. It was posted on the internet, where the mainstream media can't block to post.
This wake up I am referring to is a one way stream. The genie has been let out of the bottle and no longer can be put back. Once we begin to realise the extent of the con, the game is over.
A well rounded and perfect solution for much of our present situation has been created and is in progress. It is an interesting piece of legislation called NESARA. Look it up; the mainstream media currently is not allowed to talk about it; but we can. Once it is announced, our lives and our world will change.
Keep up the good fight Mr. Dempsey!!

Posted by: Paul on April 26, 2005 06:27 AM


In response to the fellow who charged we're all in the market for tinfoil hats, whether I transfer all my cash to gold or not, the world around me is still controlled by the overwhelming majority of business that takes place with the exchange of bits of paper created and controlled by private, FOR PROFIT enterprise-THE BANKS.

The loony ones are people such as yourselves, who NEVER question the awesome power and profitability of the banks. Fools like you accept it as a force of nature.

This power, the power and the sole right to create our currency, should be carried out by our own governments. But it is not. I guess that makes sense to people like you...people like you who are idiots.

Posted by: Bender on April 26, 2005 07:41 AM


The source which opened my eyes to this diabolically, evil procedure was G. Edward Griffin's book: "The Creature from Jeckyll Island". Kudos to Mr. Dempsey! The uSA also has a David fighting the Goliath banksters out in CA ... cheers to Kurt and Scott!

Posted by: Nancy on April 26, 2005 08:25 PM


Currency in the U.S.A. is made by U.S. Treasury government mints, not by Wells Fargo Bank! And anybody can give credit with interest to somebody else, not just banks! And anybody can start their own bank if you want to just like any other business! And if you don't want to pay back a loan, you're totally FREE not to borrow money! I don't use credit cards. But you can't force your opinion on everybody else not to borrow money from a bank to buy a home or start a business. Banks are a just businesses that provide a valuable service. Take it or leave it. Most people like having credit so they don't have to live in the Dark Ages.

Posted by: Clarence on April 26, 2005 11:25 PM


Look buddy, it's not anything we can avoid. Don't you fucking GET IT? The US Government BORROWS MONEY from the Federal Reserve, and the Fed is a PRIVATE CORPORATION. The loans are SECURED by our income taxes, and when there is too much of this debt-based money that we owe interest on in the system, we are TAXED AGAIN through inflation, which we cannot avoid, and the poorest people pay the most. If you're unemployed or on welfare, you are crucified by inflation. If you are a millionaire, you don't care. A PRIVATE CORPORATION is printing all of our money!!!! Duh!!! Imagine if McDonald's suddenly took over the printing of our money. Don't you think they'd be into PROFITS for THEMSELVES instead of serving the mass of citizens? People like you are why the Fed can continue to operate. People like me stand up and tell the truth, and then idiots like you defend billionaires. God help us all.



Posted by: Oh Clarrrrence... on April 27, 2005 02:00 AM


I always thought that a bank was just a safe place to put your money. You get paid a little for them to use your money, and they loan it out for more interest to make a profit, and they secure your money that they are using by tying the loans to property and houses.

I did not know about "fractional reserve," which really is creating money out of nothing, or legalized counterfeiting.

A bank loan is not given away. It is always tied to what you're buying, or to what you already have, like if you owned $200,000 worth of land but wanted a loan for a $10,000 car.

The bank DOES create the money from nothing, and then it disappears after you pay it back, but the labour or business you did to produce the interest is what makes the interest, which the bank keeps.

Allowing private banks to print (create) our money is wrong.

I finally understand it.

Posted by: Bobthebuilder on April 27, 2005 02:21 AM


after much thought and reading and research on the internet i must now conclude that the class action lawsuit as put forward by John Ruiz Dempsey is long in coming. I fully support Mr. Dempsey in this proceeding and I for one will be informing my family and my extended family members regarding this legal initiative as well as the fact that it has not been reported by mainstream media. It is also an election year here in British Columbia so a few well placed and timely questions to your candidate should be contemplated. Way to Go Mr. Ruiz

Posted by: Morris on April 27, 2005 05:33 AM


Yeah, as if the mainstream media would cover this!!!! That's where all their ads go. That's where they print those "Dear customer" letters whenever they merge or change the graphic design of their logos, or tell us "You're more than a number to us." Goddamn banks!

Posted by: Homer Simpson on April 27, 2005 06:18 AM


Great I agree. But you are fighting a bear with a toothpick.
President Kennedy started to end the FED,
President Johnson tore up the plan.

Posted by: C Heaney on April 27, 2005 04:54 PM


To Clarence,

The currency is printed by the treasury, through the bureau of printing and engraving, but not by the government mint. This newly printed currency, is sold only to the twelve federal reserve banks, for the cost of printing, which is 4.2 cents per bill.

Commercial banks have to buy the notes from the fed, at face value. You have to buy them from the commercial banks at face value, in order to put them into circulation. You can only pay for them with bank credits, created and put into demand deposit accounts,(checking accounts). You write out a check for $100 on your demand deposit account. That money goes out of circulation, and the currency you bought,$100, comes into circulation.

The money from your demand deposit account, which you wrote a check on to purchase the newly printed bills, could not and did not exist, until someone borrowed it at interest from a commercial bank. Time and interest makes the debt grow, but does not make the money supply grow.

Your checkbook money has now been destroyed and the new currency comes into circulation in your hands. The money supply didn't change, but the debt keeps rising, because there was no money created in the borrowing to pay the interest on the borrowing.
When a loan is taken out, we are always creating a debt greater than the debt money created, because no money is created to pay the interest on any loan.

This is why the system is fraudulent and causes monetary slavery. The borrower has to forfeit the collateral that was used to secure the loan, or more bank credit must be borrowed, at interest. A continuous growing spiral of neverending debt, until the interest debt grow so great, that you can't borrow money fast enough to pay for servicing the interest on debt. At this point the system must go kaput.

Mathmatically, we should reach this point approximately around or about the year 2015.


Posted by: jerryl on April 27, 2005 05:46 PM



Quote Robert Hemphill, credit manager, Atlanta federal reserve:

"If all the bank loan were repaid, no one would have a bank deposit and there would not be a dollar of coin or currency in circulation. This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. Whe one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless position is almost incredible, but there it is. It, the banking problem, is the most important subject intellectual persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important, that our present civilization, may collapse unless it is widely understood and the defects remedied very soon."

Quote: Russell Munk, Asst general council U.S. treasury:

"The actual creation of money always involves the extension of credit from private commercial banks."

You stated that "If you don't want to pay back a loan, you're totally FREE not to borrow money."

I would like to have you explain to me just how I can avoid paying my taxes, which go toward paying off the borrowing at interest that the government does? Doesn't that mean that I am paying off loans plus interest?

How do I go about avoiding paying the higher prices for products and services each year?
The interest on business loans has to gop into the cost of doing business, and is passed on to the consumer.
Doesn't that mean that I am paying for that business loan?

Take this example of how this debt system works.

If we started this system out from scratch, with no money existing.

I am the bank. I* have ten customers that need $100 each.

I loan each customer $100, at 10% interest. These loans are secured by their promises to pay back this loan by mortgaging their future productivity.

As you can see, I the banker have created $1000 in debt money, but because of the interest on the laons, have also created a total debt of $1100.

This $1100, can not possibly be paid back, when the total money supply is only $1000.

Nine of the customers would each have to capture through commerce $100 each from one of the borrowers in order to repay their loan plus interest. This would force the 10th borrower into bankruptcy.


Posted by: jerryl on April 27, 2005 06:20 PM


The last time the world had a truly just system of money in circulation was during the early years of the Bank of Amsterdam, when this bank served as a bank of deposit and issued certificates to depositors that could be transfered from person to person, with the knowledge that the stated amount of actual money (i.e., coinage with a consistent metallic content) was on deposit to be redeemed.

Every bank established thereafter was established by raising coined money from subscribers and taking coined money in as deposits (thereby creating a liability on the books of the bank). Then, when the bank made loans or paid its own bills to vendors and creditors, the bank would do so with bank notes or by double entry bookkeeping (when the vendor or creditor had established an account with the bank). As the banks grew in activities, the nominal value of its issued and outstanding bank notes inevitably exceeded the amount of specie in its vaults. This fraud became a general practice. To strengthen the "public confidence" in the banks, the bank officers would establish relations with other banks to provide specie when needed. As one would expect, this worked so long as general confidence in the banks remained high. When a panic occurred and people demanded their specie from large numbers of banks at the same time, the banks had no one to borrow from and were forced to close their doors.

The solution in the U.S. that was developed by the bankers and with Federal government support was the Federal Reserve System, privately subscribed by the banks but limited to serving as lender of last resort to its member banks.

One needs to look at the history of currency in circulation at the beginning of the 20th century to understand how currency came to be nominal rather than real in its exchange value. When the FED was first established, the paper currency in circulation was theoretically redeemable in so much silver from the U.S. Treasury. The paper currency was called a Silver Certificate. Silver, and some gold coins were still in circulation. Laws were then passed making Federal Reserve Notes the sole form of paper currency usable as legal tender. People were required to turn in their Silver Certificates in exchange for Federal Reserve Notes of the same nominal value. These new notes were, of course, subject to a major new form of monetary debasement: the Federal Reserve had the authority to issue currency to the Federal government in exchange for government IOUs.

The Federal government gained, when the FED board of governors was compliance, the ability to self-create credit. Federal Reserve Notes are, in effect, promises to pay nothing in particular.

These and other manipulations (e.g., making the private holding of gold illegal and attempting to fix its price in terms of "the dollar") all contributed to the continuous and inevitable erosion in the purchasing power of the currency.

Posted by: Edward J. Dodson on April 28, 2005 12:02 AM


Yeah, that's right. It was made illegal in the USA to hold gold. Fort Knox sukced it up, and then the gold was sold to the Fed, which later sold it again to international bankers. The USA got robbed of its gold by the Fed. Nobody knows how much gold is in Fort Knox. I learned that from the video: The Money Masters. It's a FREE download, too:

Posted by: Gold on April 28, 2005 01:53 AM


There is only one place country, I am aware of, that creates their own currency. This has been done for over 150 years. They have never had a boom or bust monitarily wise. They have a flat tax of 20%. Request from your nearest university a booklet called "The Guernsey Experiment".

Posted by: cdnpoet on April 28, 2005 05:22 AM


It's about time someone had the balls to stand up to these crooks and their thieving tactics. My hats off to John. Hopefully this will rub off on the sheepele in Amerika

Posted by: Rod on April 29, 2005 05:34 PM


Where do we get an electronic copy of the filing?

Posted by: Tim Deaton on April 29, 2005 11:36 PM


I know full well that under these conditions that if I were a capitalist, who needs a hundred workers to fertilize my capital, that on employing these workers, all the advantages are for me, all the disadvantages for them. I propose nothing more nor less than to exploit them, and if you wish me to be sincere about it, and promise to guard me well, I will tell them:

"Look, my children, I have some capital which by itself cannot produce anything, because a dead thing cannot produce anything. I have nothing productive without labor. As it goes, I cannot benefit from consuming it unproductively, since having consumed it, I would be left with nothing. But thanks to the social and political institutions which rule over us and are all in my favor, in the existing economy my capital is supposed to be a producer as well: it earns me interest. From whom this interest must be taken - and it must be from someone, since in reality by itself it produces absolutely nothing - this does not concern you. It is enough for you to know that it renders interest. Alone this interest is insufficient to cover my expenses. I am not an ordinary man as you. I cannot be, nor do I want to be, content with little. I want to live, to inhabit a beautiful house, to eat and drink well, to ride in a carriage, to maintain a good appearance, in short, to have all the good things in life. I also want to give a good education to my children, to make them into gentlemen, and send them away to study, and afterwards, having become much more educated than you, they can dominate you one day as I dominate you today. And as education alone is not enough, I want to give them a grand inheritance, so that divided between them they will be left almost as rich as I. Consequently, besides all the good things in life I want to give myself, I also want to increase my capital. How will I achieve this goal? Armed with this capital I propose to exploit you, and I propose that you permit me to exploit you. You will work and I will collect and appropriate and sell for my own behalf the product of your labor, without giving you more than a portion which is absolutely necessary to keep you from dying of hunger today, so that at the end of tomorrow you will still work for me in the same conditions; and when you have been exhausted, I will throw you out, and replace you with others. Know it well, I will pay you a salary as small, and impose on you a working day as long, working conditions as severe, as despotic, as harsh as possible; not from wickedness - not from a motive of hatred towards you, nor an intent to do you harm - but from the love of wealth and to get rich quick; because the less I pay you and the more you work, the more I will gain." Mikhail Bakunin 1814-1876

Posted by: Liam on April 30, 2005 11:36 AM


Great work. Please see the following links for more info on the Rothschild/Rockefeller/US Federal Reserve Banking Frauds (Patrick S. J. Carmack and Bill Still) (Alternative Trading Network and Specialized Direct Democracy XAT4) (Michael Chossudovsky, University of Ottawa, Prof. Economics)

(snipped some addresses not related to the question at hand - Sepp)

Posted by: Alexander James on April 30, 2005 07:39 PM


Um...some of those links are a little removed from the clear issue of a debt-based money problem :/

Posted by: um... on May 1, 2005 10:06 AM


It doesn't suprise me that there are comments that disagree or are somewhat apathetic to the cause. One thing that I find interesting about this class action suit is that it appears that the suit is going after the commercial banks under the premise of "fraudulent practice". Fact of the matter is that this case would be easier won in a class action suit for insurance fraud under the CDIC federally insured funding rules of the charter bank sections of the Bank Act...Considering that all monies are insured and that the CDIC could, would and should be forced to get charter banks out of their pockets.

Consider the fact that if you cash a cheque and it bounces, who does the bank go after? You the payee! And why? Well, no doubt because they expect the payee has no earthly clue that they actually acted in "good faith" but are pressured by a banking system to cough up on the monies that were received. Why go after the customer? Why not team up with the customer to assist the banks in stopping such cheque writing practices? To put it simply: Get money from you the payee, get money from the author of the "negotiable" yet fraudulent note and then to add insult to injury, money insurance debts are levied against the CDIC for retrieval
of "lost funds"...Doesn't that sound like insurance fraud on the federal level?

Instead of trying to fight them on a civil level, strike them where they fear that you will learn to tread...within their own banking laws! The Uniform Commercial Code would certainly do more harm to them in this matter if they became fully exposed.

Posted by: dataghost on May 2, 2005 12:18 AM


I am fighting back because they have already collected three times the money they presumably loaned me and I will not pay more.

Posted by: Cassie on May 5, 2005 01:27 AM


Whereas common law is the foundation of western civilization, justice and freedom, all Americans and Canadians are now subsumed under Admiralty jurisdiction or the law of the sea. Learn how you "volunteer" yourself into servitude and how your legal status today is no different from that of a black slave in early America.

Posted by: Kevin E. Abrams on May 8, 2005 12:14 PM


For the love of God please leave this webpage up for at least a month. I'm gonna put it in my local zine of 1000 copies.

Posted by: publisher on May 9, 2005 03:10 AM


What? Money is just numbers? Banks are for-profit organisations??!?!

Good heavens. Who'd have thought?

Posted by: Mike on June 5, 2005 05:46 PM


That's a typical comment, and a common sentiment among the masses.

I'll bet Mike probably has a good enough job, subscribes to cable TV, and has all the beer he needs after his working day is over. He's satisfied, and regards any talk of this kind about money as silly, as evidenced by his smarmy comments. He's likely not connected to the banking elite, but here he is, standing up for them.

It's like this, Mike. A private group of companies are issuing something that we all need. Ergo, they control this thing called "money," so they control all that happens with it, even if you don't loan money from them.

Posted by: moneyman on June 7, 2005 06:49 PM


Time for action:
On the nearest Sundat to new financial year,every village,town or city will stage a march from a appointed place of assembly and march to the place where speakers will address the marchers.Each person will carry a home-made placard specifying grief,loss,confiscation,bankrupcy,suicides, due to action of finance.
March should be silent ans solemn,no person should be accused of any wrong doing, just the system.
At the end of march all the signs and placards will be place in one big stack and burned as a sign that this is the end to this kind of slavery.
Speakers will demand compensation,removal of the burdens,warning will be issued to the government- act or suffer the consequences.
The need to create an organization is important because if we will remove the government from office for not protecting us we will need to provide an alternative.
Credit belongs to the nation not to the banks.
Bless you all Roman

Posted by: Roman Elgin-Stuczynski on June 28, 2005 10:08 AM


I'm very happy and hopeful to see people in other countries being informed and waking up to the truth. I am in the US working with Scott and Kurt and I hear there are people in the UK doing the same. This is a huge beast we are fighting and it is going to take a collective effort to win this battle in order to see change. This isn't about individuals getting something for free but rather exposing fraud and usury for what it is in order to initiate change. Those who oppose this or don't believe it are greatly misinformed or are accomplices to the crimes being committed. I pray truth will prevail even though history has shown that it rarely does in this world. Let's all get the word out as fast and as much as possible and fight this good fight together!

Posted by: Hopeful on July 13, 2005 10:43 PM


Good luck John! and BTW what is the definition of a Canadian dollar? #___ grains of gold +/or silver? but what specific numbers? Yours truly, Joe Haas, P.O. Box 3842, Concord, New Hampshire 03302 U.S.A., former 1980s subscriber to "The Main Street Journal" of now=

Posted by: Joe Haas on July 19, 2005 10:23 PM


At the end of the day we ALL know that the banks are crooks. The people who own the banks are also crooks. In fact their families have all been crooks for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years. It will NOT change.

The only way to change things is to take away their toys. And you do that by taking away their money.

We need to replace our currencies with another currency we all accept but is not controlled by the government or private corps. It has to be a non-profit situation to ensure that crooks are not involved.

It can be done very easily with ATM machines, online banking and actual money being printed and minted. Each dollar can be backed by gold, silver, diamonds, emeralds, stocks, land, etc. The list is endless as to what you can back money up with. Let the customer choose what they want their money backed up with.

There are a number of alternate currencies out there already. The biggest is the Liberty Dollar in the US, but has some members in Canada. They have about $20million dollars out there and growing.

In Calgary there is a similiar project called Calgary Dollars.

Of course there are bartering clubs etc. that help to take the toys away, but a new currency that is accepted by not only merchants and workers, but other countries is truly needed in order to end this charade by the banksters.

The time to analyze, blame, whine, ignore is over. It is time for action. If we do not participate in their games, we cannot be made to play. This planet is still a "FREE WILL ZONE" and we need to exercise our rights as soveriegn human beings now before it is too late and that option is taken away from us FOREVER!

Anyone with me?

Posted by: Brian on August 3, 2005 01:40 AM


Has everyone heard of the bankster's newest schemes to silence the truth about their known fraud?

In just a few weeks since Google stock has been placed for sale, the major stockholders list looks like a "who's who" of the federal reserve ownership.

Barclay Bank [owned by the Bank of England and also owns Haliburton - Cheney's funding system], Morgan Stanley [Chase's boys], Citibank, etc.....

So you can be on watch for website sabatoge just as they have done for the past 50 years by their ownerships in CBS,NBC and ABC.

The general public should know about these fraudulent tricks.

Posted by: Jim Bethea on August 9, 2005 07:23 PM


I have read many books regarding banking, I have also suffered hardships because of them too, such as a reposession and bankruptcy... recently I was the defendant in a lawsuit against Household Automotive Finance in which I presented very good evidence regarding my claims against them... by the way I was PRO SE cause I knew no attorney would help me. Anyway as in all cases regarding banks... the CEO did not show up to make his claim against me, instead by and through his attorney, anyway add a crooked judge to the mix... and well I ended giving up the vehicle and settling because had I lost the case, it would have cost me the vehicle, the $28,000.00 fraudulent debt against it, PLUS the purported $15,000.00 it was worth. I hope very soon a class action is filed in the US, cause I will be on that list.

Posted by: Jerry on September 5, 2005 06:18 AM


An update received from John Dempsey:

From: "John D"
Subject: The People vs. The Banks
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2005

Our class action suits, The People vs. The Banks, as well as the Darmantchev v. CIBC; Darmantchev v. MBNA; Luinenburg v. CIBC; Luinenburg v. MBNA; Liong v. CITI Cards; Liong v. Bank of Montreal; and Liong v. TD Canada Trust will be heard before the Supreme Court in Vancouver, B.C.

The banks have filed joint motions to strike our statements of claim and they are very confident and arrogant that their applications will be granted by the court. The hearings are set to be heard on September 12 and 14, 2005 at 9:00 a.m.

It is going to be very interesting. We invite everyone who can come to the Supreme Court at 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver, B.C. to support us in these hearings; let us all show the the powers that be that People Power cannot be beaten; let's fill up the courtrooms. This battle is for all of us, our fight for freedom from debt slavery.

Thank you for your support.

John R. Dempsey BSCr. LL.B

Posted by: Sepp on September 12, 2005 09:04 PM


Can anybody explain me How a Bank Creats money for itself.

Thanks and have a Great day

Posted by: Mohammed Ali on September 15, 2005 10:42 AM


This page explains it clearly:

Posted by: Mark on September 16, 2005 01:11 AM


Hello Clarence [April 26 post] Seen you are so compassionate towards the banks, then you are either a judge, a collection attorney or a banker.

No, no one minds paying the interest on money borrowed or even interest on a credit card if the banks were using their own money to lend to you.

But you should wake-up and realize that the banks loan you nothing of their own. The banks take your promissory note, endorse it - making it payable to them, just as you had provided them with a check.

This fraudulent act is called ultra vires and is criminal, just as the ways the banks deposit your promissory note into an undisclosed account [un-identifed to the consumer], whereby making this an act of "money laundering". This is also a violation of the RICO statutes Title 18.

Since you are such a friend to the banks fraudulent acts, then please explain how the banks can charge people a $30/35 fee for a bounced check when [as a senate investigation revealed] it costs the bank and average of $1.65 to perform their limited duties on such issues.

As for your statements "if people do not want to trust banks - then they can hide it in their backyards."

If this corrupt banking system was corrected and the crooks put in prison [where they should be] then people would have a much more feeling of security in dealing with banks.

The banksters have educated the masses for hundreds of years to beleive what they want to beleive, not what is really true. A great example of this is the fact that the FDIC alleges to provide protection for your deposits up to $100,000.00

If you understand the actual policy, they insure your deposits up to 100K if there is any assets left from a bank failure. The bank regulators allow these failed banks to operate for 60 days before giving notice of their failure. This is done so the banksters can funnel off the monies amongst themselves before they allow the customer to get their share of what is left over.

i.e.= if you have 100K in the bank and it fails, then you only get your share of the remaining assets to allocate your payment. This could mean that you get back one dollar for your 100K under the "alleged guarantee" from the FDIC. You might want to do a little research and discover who the silent owners of the FDIC are as well.

Hiding gold in your backyard is not a bad idea though, just as long as you do not let anyone know about it, because the Patriot Act allows governemnt to seize gold and property ??????

Long story short.....History has proven that now society operating under a "fiat" currency has ever existed for any noticable lenght of time.

Posted by: Jim Bethea on September 24, 2005 10:08 PM


From:  "John D."
Subject:  The People vs. The Banks
Date:  Wed, 21 Sep 2005

This is just a reminder to those who have not yet signed the Petition - The People vs. The Banks. You may visit the website here.

For those who have signed the Petition, thank you very much.

Please help spread the word to friends and family.

Much appreciated,

John R. Dempsey

Posted by: Sepp on September 27, 2005 07:28 PM


John Ruiz Dempsey analysis cannot be argued in reasoning terms it is abuse of the legal system and asking people to finance his beliefs is sinply unethical the case should and will be thrown out!!!!!

Kell Petersen

Posted by: Kell Petersen on December 29, 2005 08:50 PM


Kell Peterson should be more worried about abuse to the people, unless hes a banker! screw off Kell. We are all stupider having read what you had to say.

Posted by: bob on January 17, 2006 04:20 AM


Italian Central Bank To Pay Back Illegal Profits From Seignorage - Judge
A Justice of the peace in the southern Italian town Lecce has decided that the Italian Central Bank's practice to retain the seignorage on paper money for its own profit is illegal and that the money should be turned over to its rightful owners - the citizens of Italy. The amount in question is a total of 5 billion Euro for Italian Lira paper-money issued in the time period from 1996 to 2003. After 2003, the issue of paper money became part of the European Central Bank's mandate. Seignorage is the difference between the cost of producing banknotes and the nominal value of the notes.

The legal case was sustained by the Italian consumers association ADUSBEF, which deals especially with consumer implications of banking, financial and postal services as well as insurances. Elio Lannutti, the president of the association says that while the case is for one individual only, it opens a way for restitution of all the money illegally put into its own coffers by the Italian Central Bank, which is owned by Italian commercial banks. Lannutti says "we would like the money to go to the victims of financial cracks" adding that the government fund for that purpose is woefully lacking behind.
- - -

A bill to be introduced into the Italian Parliament is being prepared according to Giorgio Benvenuto of the DS center-left party.

In his sentence, the Justice of the Peace, Cosimo Rochira, explains the historical roots of seignorage: "When money was made of gold or silver, citizens could go to the mint with ingots of metal and get them transformed into coins. The sovereign, guaranteeing the value of these coins, got to keep a certain percentage of the metal, and that was called seignorage."

An expert opinion filed in the case says that the profit from money, which the Central Bank puts into circulation should rightfully go to the State, not to groups of private investors - the commercial banks - which are the shareholders of the Central Bank. The powers of the sovereign of old are today vested in the government and the people, not banks and insurance companies. In consequence, the judge ordered the Central Bank to pay the plaintiff 'his share' of the illegallly obtained profits from seignorage - 87 Euro.

Multiplying that amount by around 58 million, the number of Italian citizens, the liability for the Central Bank could be a whooping five billion Euro.

Payment is not automatic, however, so the consumers association is planning further cases with hundreds more citizens asking their share - until a general repayment scheme can be worked out.

Attorneys for the Central Bank have opposed the case, calling the demands "unfounded". There was no immediate comment from the Central Bank's press office.

The original report in Italian was published in La Repubblica

Posted by: Marco Saba on February 2, 2006 12:33 AM


John Dempsey says that the class action that is the subject of this article will be heard in court Feb 27, 28 and Mar 1st, 2006. See the link for more information.

Download file

Posted by: Sepp on February 26, 2006 08:28 PM


The People vs The Banks

Vancouver, B.C. March 4, 2006.

Despite the Requisition (new name for Praecipe) filed by the People adjourning the proceedings of last Monday, February 27, 2006 where the People shut the court down, the banks' highly paid lawyers will attempt to obtain judgments against the People who decided they will not be participating in any court proceedings until certain demands have been met and certain very important issues have been resolved.

The banks' lawyers led by Ross McGowan who is representing the Envision Credit Union, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust, the Canadian Payment Association, etc.; Andrew Borrell representing Royal Bank, Laurentian Bank, Laurentian Bank, etc.; and David Neave, representing CITI Cards Canada and MBNA, have placed the various representative Plaintiffs who are representing the People against the banks on legal notice that they intended to ignore the Requisitions filed on behalf of the People adjourning the proceedings generally or without a date.

Of course, the People's representatives expected the banks' lawyers will do something like that. These lawyers have no ethical concerns, they will do everything for the almighty dollar. John says: "because we know the truth is not on their side, these apostles of greed will try to take unfair advantage of our absence to attempt to obtain a default judgment against us." This modus operandi is nothing new. All lawyers who engage in debt collection cases, including foreclosure proceedings for the banks and their debt collection agencies obtain most of their judgments by default - because the debtors failed to file an appearance or statement of defence or simply by not showing up in court. The lawyers working for the banks rarely ever prove any valid or verifiable claim in court yet the corrupt judges in the provincial and superior courts rubber stamp all the judgments. Most of the time, judges played the role of prosecutor for the banks if the lawyers are not smart enough to overcome the problem of being unable to produce any validated or verifiable proof of claim which is always the case in 99.99% of all debt collection proceedings.

Whatever happens, John and the others will not be attending the hearings set by the banks' lawyers until the question of jurisdiction is resolved. We all know that the lawyers working for the banks do not care about honesty, equity or justice; if they do, they should have the will to say no to the banks who they know are all guilty as charged for all the claims contained in the statements of claim. Despite a mountain of evidence piled against the banks, these lawyers will attempt to argue that the People do not have any valid cause of action. Never mind the fact that the banks create money out of nothing, their anticipated breach of contract, void or voidable contracts, unjust enrichment, non-disclosure of material facts, breach of trust, breach of fiduciary duty, fraudulent misrepresentation, criminal interest rates, criminal conversion, and the list goes on and on.  We all know the banks' lawyers will do everything to please their masters so this will be the real test for the court to show any integrity and mercy in their system of justice. Courts have been known to kick those who are already down on the ground.

The banks' lawyers filed their own Requisition to adjourn the previously frustrated hearings set for February 27, 28 and March 1, 2006 to March 6 to 8, 2006. In order to be able to file their Requisitions, the lawyers who should be upholding the law and the rules of court violated the rules. They set the new hearing dates without consulting with the People. For example David Neave (MBNA and CITI CARDS) filed his Requisition right after the People shut the court down. He made a false claim that he filed his Requisition under the direction of judge Garson who abandoned ship and left the courtroom because she can't answer many of the questions presented to her by the People. We know Mr. Neave lied to the registry clerk who stamped his Requisition. Judge Garson made no such directive; if she did, she should have been heard by all the people inside the courtroom. In Mr. Neave's letter, he altered his yarn by saying his Requisition was made under the directive of the Trial Registry which is again another Barnyard Sewage (BS).

Notwithstanding, whether judge or the trial registry made anything such directive is irrelevant because neither the judge nor the registry have any authority to order us around as sovereign, sentient living and breathing souls. We are not crew members of their admiralty ships, neither are we galley slaves that they can order around. We are the real beneficial owners of the courts; they are simply there to serve us, not the other way around. It is time that these "officers of the courts" know who are the preferred shareholders and real owners of the ships in the docks.

We will not be there, simply because our Requisition to adjourn the hearings must stand. We cannot even afford to be seen in that court on day because to do so would give legitimacy to what the banks' lawyers are attempting to do on March 6 to 8, 2006. We must boycott the proceedings. Those who want to go may go. We cannot stop you. It might even be interesting to watch how the court would rubber stamp orders favorable to the banks which is what these lawyers intend to do.

Is it legal? Heck no. Every legal proceeding can be likened to a table with four legs. These legs are as follows: 1) the Plaintiff; 2) the Defendant; 3) subject matter jurisdiction; and 4) evidence. The absence of any or all of the above legs makes any order or decision of any court a nullity. We know for a fact that the banks' proceeding is already a nullity due to the fact that they do not have any evidence, neither does the court have subject matter jurisdiction. Without us being there makes the entire proceeding a total nullity.

The whole world is watching; and most of all, God is watching. We have nothing to fear.

John-Ruiz: Dempsey

For copies of all relevant documents, please email us at

Posted by: Sepp on March 5, 2006 11:27 AM


The World has a problem.

The Society has actually only one huge problem that has created with its own hands!.

It is a purely economic problem because it relates to the issuing of money.

The money-issuing is decided, controlled and managed by Private Entities and not by the democratically elected Governments. After centuries of counterfeiting, illegalities and Machiavellismes, these Private Entitles have now gone so far as to control and rule whole Nations, no more sovereign but slave to an economic and financial mechanism known as «seignorage» (with the addition of the even worse «fractional reserve» [banking system, n.d.A.]).

Very often, too often, the politicians of every Nation, called to defend and protect the People that have democratically elected them, are corrupt and collaborate with these ruthless «money creators». In this field, the laws themselves are created at the advantage of the International Bankers. Other laws that could help the People free themselves from this slavery are changed, distorted or simply ignored.

The current Banking System is based on a Disgraceful and Inhuman Fraud.
This Fraud is called «Seignorage» [or «seigniorage» - n.d.A.] & «Fractional reserve» [banking system - n.d.A.].

The information channels are manipulated and controlled by the economic power of Private International Bankers and no newspaper, TV or radio station will ever talk about «seignorage» and/or «fractional reserve». There have been Presidents and men known worldwide who died under the powerful and inexorable blows of these Supranational Entities.

Lincoln and Kennedy for example, died after having issued money in the name of the People and for the People, trying to release Americans from the slavery of Central Banks, disguised as «public institutions». To spread information on this worldwide taboo and contribute to unmask these stranglers of individual and collective freedoms is EVERYBODY's duty, a duty for EACH OF US. Search the Internet for keywords like «seignorage», «fractional reserve» and «public debt».

Read alternative information; do NOT blindly trust mainstream information. Support the cause by spreading this leaflet and letting real information reach other people by means of the Internet, look for information free of any political ideology enslaved to the Power of International Bankers.

Posted by: sandropascucci on March 6, 2006 09:50 PM


.....Great ... this is the Real Treasure revealing the truth let us unite and stand together against banks....I wish I could do something...
Let not the rich rule the poor.... its time to unite.... we the people the innocent people should unfold the truth to everyone whose being fooled....

Thanks for all the information I salute to bold heads....

Posted by: Raj on August 30, 2006 12:27 AM


It is about time that Canadians wake up to what is taking place in this country.

We are being told by all levels of

Posted by: Willie Dent on January 2, 2007 12:12 AM


Watch a movie on google video called "America Freedom to Facism" by Aaron Russo. This movie is what inspired me to get into this. Although it is about the american system, I believe ours is not much different just different names and currency.

Posted by: Visitor on January 15, 2007 04:09 AM


I found another gem about the income tax watch this movie on google video it is about the US system again but it is very informative and helps you understand the scam going on.

Irwin Schiff's Secrets of Living an Income Tax-Free Life

Posted by: Chris on January 21, 2007 05:43 PM


I have a question: Do our income taxes have to be apportioned to make them legal(Federal and Provincial)? Plus, is there a actual law that says we have to pay? And if so, where can I find this information on it?


Posted by: chris on January 30, 2007 09:25 PM


You know, all this is very interesting, It's an example of Monetary evolution and the direction it has manipulated us. But you know, when I was born no-one asked me if I wanted this system we live in, and never mind about banks or taxes, I don't even remember anyone asking me if I wanted a government. I mean, has everyone forgotten how governments themselves came to be. They instilled themselves into our civilization early in our history on the back of the Monetary System by using force, corruption and greed. How do you think kings and pharaohs came about. You see, the Monetary System is like a train that we ride in, a train in where generations upon generation of humans have been given birth too, lived and died for so long that, no-one in existence knows of any other way to live, we all take it as being gospel, we don't know any other way. Yet we look out the window and see the world go by and think that well, this is the way it is, and that the tracks must just go on forever. Then when we know or see anyone leave the train, they're never heard of again, so we accept it as the only way to live. Well, the tracks don't go on for ever, they can't, for even the world will eventualy die when our sun finally expands and explodes. But if we don't change the very core of how we live on this planet and stop this train, we wont even make it to the end of my childrens, childrens, childrens lives. In other words, when I get old enough to die, my children will see the begining of it. When my children get old enough to die, their children will be in the middle of it. And when their children get old enough to die, their children will see the end of it. Ask yourself something: What's the Lowest Common Denominator to anything? Trace it back centuries if you have to. Most things came about through the psychological influences induced by the Monetary System which plays with our entire decision making process on this planet, and how it manifests itself in our environment. Money itself isn't even real, it's just a concept, an idea that was thought up by a nobody thousands of years ago to ease the burdens that faced bartering. Look around, and see how it has evolved, we have pollution, poverty, crime, drugs, disease, famine, depleted resources, the list goes on. And where's the light at the end of the tunnel for our kids? Ha, there is none, it's more debt and monetary slavery, and we wonder why our children are falling through the system, it's because they see no goal, no point for existing, no hope. What is the light at the end of the tunnel? Work till your to old to function, just for a place to live and food to eat, and watch it just gets harder and harder. Don't worry about judging banks or governments...Judge ourselves, we perpetuate it by partaking in it.

Jewel in the sky.
Fools on a high.
See our end.

Posted by: Sepp for Steve on March 2, 2007 08:51 AM


could this be the next issue for the LIVE 8 worldwide concerts that totally accomplish something???

of course not

Posted by: SoItGoes on July 7, 2007 03:53 AM


Watch the movie "money as debt" on Google video. It gives everyone the basic knowledge of how money works and how the banks create money out of thin air. It is a must see to fully understand the scam that is going on.

Posted by: chris on November 7, 2007 07:30 PM


I just returned from Vancouver and would like to up date folks on the actions John Dempsey. John has taken thousand of dollars from people who are on the edge economically. John promised to eliminate their debt. This has not occurred for anyone involved with John, and this has been happening for years. Further, John started a mortgage elimination program and charge people again. John again collect thousand of dollars to undertake this action on peoples behalf.
I participated with some friends who were asked by John to make offers on homes they could not afford, and John via

would send funds from the $750,000+ in those people's account with John.

John took everyone's money, had them sign a contract that is non-binding in any country, and if you question john on what he says or does, he shows his true colors. Property offers were made, as instructed by John, and when it came time for funds to be sent to the seller, it simply did not happen. John told us he sent the funds, however, he wouldn't produce any paper to indicate funds being sent, told us he wired them, then said it was "a draft" that had to sent over the "border", etc, etc. All the offers expired, of course.
John Dempsey is a philopino con-artist who preys on people who are on the edge of bankruptcy. He maintains two mail drops (claims it is a corporate address of his ofices), doesn't want people to know how to find him physically, like most criminals of his type, and he will tell you what you want to hear, even if it conflicts with other statements in the same conversation. I have been unable to find one person involved with John who has had anything but promises, lies, and deceptions. Trying to arrange even a meeting with John Dempsey results in an amazing rant in e-mail form. Anyone who doubts this can ask for my copies, and certainly I can get you copies of others he has sent "his members".
John uses sites like this to create a facade for himself. This is as much of a deception as 911.

Posted by: Tom Duncan on September 26, 2008 06:01 PM


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