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May 25, 2006

UK: Challenge to Prince Charles over Alternative Medicine Backfires

On Tuesday 23 May 2006, we were treated to news - here an article in The Times - of a letter from thirteen prominent but conservative doctors in the UK who challenge the wisdom of integrating alternative therapies in hospitals and doctors' practices. The slur was time coincident with a speech by Prince Charles to the World Health Assembly, urging that the alternatives be given more space.

But it seems the operation may be backfiring in unexpected ways. For one, Prince Charles insisted unperturbed that "orthodox medicine has much to learn" and he told the World Health Assembly: "The proper mix of proven complementary, traditional and modern remedies, which emphasises the active participation of the patient, can help to create a powerful healing force in the world."

Others are taking the UK doctors to task over their proposal to only allow "evidence based" therapies to be reimbursed by the health system's funds. Apparently they overlooked that most of today's medical practices are neither evidence based nor well researched, and that pharma-based "western" medicine is itself one of the leading causes of death in the western world.

wrldEcnmy_c_txt 2.jpg
click for larger image

My feeling on this is that yes, we could make the evidence base a standard and perhaps we should really do so. But then let's have all the evidence at our fingertips. That would mean drug trials are not done only against placebo or against another, older drug, but also against an appropriate modality of nutritional, herbal or other alternative intervention. This way, evidence will clearly show what is better and perhaps medicine can gradually overcome the stigma of being the big killer of our times.

Public reaction seems to be with the Prince - a poll associated with the BBC's article shows a growing percentage of respondents are in favor of reimbursing complementary medicine.

The reactions to the "letter of thirteen" question the qualifications of our official western version of medicine to call itself evidence-based. Let's start with the reply by Neil Levin, a clinical nutritionist, to The Times, which gave ample space to the challenging letter:

- - -

From: Neil Levin 
Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2006 4:47 PM
Subject: My letter submitted to the Times of London today

Whose evidence?

Could someone please tell me which of the conventional medicine treatments meet the "evidence-based" standard that some prominent British physicians are demanding the National Health Service trusts apply to funding requests (NHS told to abandon alternative medicine, May 23)?

Certainly not even the concept of a 98.6 ¬į F healthy body temperature for everyone is strictly evidence-based, as it was first postulated many decades ago but accepted without independent verification through stringent collection of data from multiple centers. Nor is non-emergency bypass surgery, which was accepted as conventional reimbursable treatment for many years without a single trial to compare results with alternative methods, including diet and stress reduction. Modern science tells us that bypass surgery does not increase one-year survival rates without additional interventions.

Perhaps these physicians are referring to the safety evidence of the drug Vioxx, recently withdrawn from the market after previously undisclosed dangers? Or NSAIDs drugs (common painkillers, such as ibuprofen), which were recently associated with a 30% increased risk of first hospital admission for heart failure. Or acetaminophen, responsible for a majority of liver failures reported by hospitals.

Nor do cholesterol control measures meet their brave new evidence standard, especially the use of total cholesterol as a marker of cardiovascular risk. Science does not show a clear benefit in reducing total cholesterol, especially when half of all cardiovascular incidents affect people with total cholesterol levels below 200 showing no previous symptoms. Even the statin drug ads list a disclaimer in their fine print. However, oxidized cholesterol is a risk factor.

Perhaps cancer therapies come to mind as evidence-based. But 40% of all cancer patients die from malnutrition, while some oncologists reflexively warn against taking supplements that have been shown in published studies to prevent side effects and enhance their own conventional cancer therapies. And cancer rates have risen over the past few decades, while many billions of taxpayer and charity funding have been spent on devising new, patented, for-profit treatments.

Did they forget the 100,000 annual deaths from prescription drugs that were used as directed, under doctor’s supervision? Or did they simply forget to read their scientific journals that publish thousands of studies on vitamins, minerals, herbs and other alternative therapies?

I guess I am confused. These physicians seem to have one evidence standard for their own brand of medicine and another for everyone else’s. Have the followers of Hippocrates become hypocrites?

Neil E. Levin
Certified Clinical Nutritionist
Diplomat in Advanced Nutritional Laboratory Assessment
Bloomingdale, Illinois, USA

bnfcial-txc-thrpies_c 2.jpg
... full size

Mike Abrahams, long time owner of a health store in Bristol and promoter of decent (organic) foods as well as natural therapies, echoes these sentiments with the following comment:

Date: Tue, 23 May 2006
From: Mike Abrahams
Subject: Complementary Medicine Unscientific - Copy of letter sent to the Times


So our top brains pontificate that complementary medicine is unscientific, a waste of money and should be abandoned.

When less than 15% of orthodox medical intervention is supported by good science and less than 5% of all published research is "scientifically sound" (The BMJ's own findings - references follow), do I detect a case of pots, kettles and black here? These gentlemen are denigrating a set of tried and tested disciplines with that supreme confidence born only out of total ignorance (and possibly, fear) of the subject. (And I include the infamous Prof Ernst). How, when over 250,000 are known to die annually in the west as a direct result of properly applied medical treatment, can they pillory an approach that will have at least the same placebo performance as orthodox medicine without the inherent slaughter.

This is Prof Baum's second attempt to ridicule the Prince of Wales. His first attempt was shot down by the BMJ in Oct 2004, and he has done nothing to change his argument this time. Which raises the question - why has he (Baum) ignored the evidence and disinterred his discredited claims once more?

References supplied below.

Mike Abrahams

2 Smith R. Where is the wisdom? BMJ.1991;303:798-799.
3 Journal American Medical Association 2000 Jul 26;284(4):483-5 

- - -

Will The Times publish these comments? Perhaps not, but then - who cares. The press is steadily losing relevance, especially when it is seen to snuggle up to vested interests such as - in this case - big pharma, seen to be doing much damage to both our health and the environment.

The Alliance for Natural Health, a UK-based but pan-European campaign organisation working to protect and promote natural health care, weighed in on the issue as well. Dr Robert Verkerk, Executive and Scientific Director, said

"It is unfortunate that Professor Baum and colleagues fail to recognise the wide range of so-called complementary or alternative medicine - or CAM - practices which are clearly scientifically or clinically proven. Judicious adoption of particular therapies into mainstream medicine would help increase the efficiency and safety of medical practice, as well as reduce overall costs. These are inevitably important concerns for the NHS."

In a Times editorial titled Physician, heal thyself, Jerome Burne, author of a forthcoming book to be titled Food is Better Medicine than Drugs, chimes in to point out the wrongly targeted attack by Prof Michael Baum, promoter and principal signatory of the "letter of thirteen".

Not-Genocide_c 1.jpg
... full size

Many thanks to Emma Holister, UK-born artist and health activist living in France, for sending along this follow-up comment in The Times and for contributing the cartoons.

Comment - The Times: Physician, heal thyself

by Jerome Burne

PROFESSOR Michael Baum, who laid into alternative medicine yesterday, is right to be concerned about wasting scarce NHS funds on “unproven or disproved” treatments. But he has the wrong target in his sights. If he wants to root out hype dressed up as science, he would do far better to focus on conventional drugs.

Far too many prescription drugs are marginally effective and carry risks out of proportion to the conditions they are designed to treat. Drug side- effects kill around 10,000 people a year in the UK — three times the number killed on the roads — and cost the NHS more than £4 billion. Patients are being perfectly rational in seeking alternatives and it is simply outdated medical arrogance to condemn them for it.

Only last week it emerged that one of the antidepressant SSRI drugs increased the risk of young adults committing suicide — a possibility that the companies had always strenuously denied even though in 2003 doctors had been advised not to give these drugs to anyone under 18 because of a suicide link. The evidence for that official ruling dated to 1996 but had never been published. During the intervening years British doctors were prescribing more SSRIs to children than any other country in Europe and yet there was no proper evidence base for this at all. Treating those children by changing their diet or with acupuncture seems sane by comparison.

The scandal surrounding the anti-inflammatory drug Vioxx — withdrawn from the market in 2004 because it doubled the risk of developing heart disease — is another example of a heavily hyped drug prescribed to millions for whom it was not appropriate. Evidence that there was a danger was once again downplayed or ignored; one expert estimate puts the number of Americans killed or harmed by a drug they took to ease aching joints at 140,000.

Professor Baum demonstrates no understanding of why people are searching for alternatives to his remedies. In any other business, blaming your customers for deserting you would be regarded as self-defeating. If he’s serious about safety and cutting costs, he could start by demanding that drug disasters are followed by an official inquiry and that testing of promising non-drug therapies is properly funded.

See also:

Daily Mail: The great health debate: Complementary medicine
Lively discussion by readers allowed to comment the article

The Independent: The Big Question: What is complementary medicine, and should the NHS be funding it?

BBC: Doctors' letter: In full

The Guardian: Doctors' letter sparks NHS alternative therapies row

BBC: 93-year-old - 'I know they work'

The Complementary Medical Association's Response to the recent letter to The Times from Dr Baum and Colleagues

The NHS, alternative medicine and Prof Baum
The move by Professor Michael Baum and chums to get alternative medicine banned on the National Health Service is an over-reaction so extreme that it borders on paranoia. Prof Baum and 12 other signatories including Edzard Ernst, Britain's first professor of complementary medicine (family motto: "I have not come to praise alternative medicine, I've come to bury it") have written to the UK's primary care trusts, urging them to stop offering alternative medicine...


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Thursday May 25 2006
updated on Tuesday November 30 2010

URL of this article:


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Readers' Comments

Great cartoons

Posted by: tom on May 26, 2006 02:07 PM


Education does not create an open mind nor a research mentality. It does provide a filter that becomes permanent in many professionals and they see only through that filter. Then, there is the usual comfort with dogmas that exist within that filter or dogmas that construct that filter and precipitates resistance to change or rersistance to a better alternative. Even professors, who got comfortable with certain surgical procedures resisted laparoscopy and to be able to use the new method, it meant retraining.

The filter that becomes the box in which medical professionals live and work can prevent progress in good science. Such a box creates orthodoxy. Orthodoxy is not confined to religion and the clergy. It also suffocates alternative approaches in science or management.

The fact in alternative medicine is that most drugs are toxic and are immunosuppressive but the orthodox medical professionals do not disclose this fact to their patients. The fact that most disease conditions are caused by free radicals or are ROS induced or ROS-NO induced and that lipid peroxidation is asociated with disease conditions is ignored by the medical orthodoxy. The fact that lipid peroxidation is higher in persons with degenerative conditions is mainstream science but the medical professionals ignore it, simply because their toxic drugs do not address these root causes or initiating factors.

The fact is that most drugs are toxic is that they present free radical generating capacities that produce side effects and complications and many of these drugs compromise the natural antioxidant defense mechanism in the body by depleting natural anitoxidant enzymes sucg as coenzyme Q10, catalase, SOD and glutathine etc. There must be more funds to research the depletion of such enzymes when drugs are administered.

Thew fact in natural antioxidant therapies is that there must be effective free radical scavenging to improve the Krebs cycle output and improve cellular function and the bodies production of natural biomolecules that promote healthy functioning or healthy biochemical pathways and boost the functioning of the body's immune system. Drugs usually work the other way around.

Drugs are drugs but the orthodoxy wants then labeled as medicines. As science has proven, only natural antioxidants are free radical scavengers in the body that can improve cellular function, improve natural antioxidant enzyme levels and improve health or improve quality of life and the medical orthodoxy fears this fact.

Finally, there must be a proper scientific examination of all deaths related to cancer. Yes, 40% of all cancer deaths may be due to malnutrition because chemo-drugs deplete micronutrients in the body as well but many more die of oxidative stress that breaks the blood-brain barrier. This must be the subject of scientific inquiry and research.

The GROUP of Britain's leading doctors has urged every NHS trust to stop paying for alternative medicine and to use the money for conventional treatments and these doctors also ask trust chief executives to review their policies so that patients are given accurate information. Yes patients must be given accurate information, mandatory by law, on the toxicity of drugs and their side effects and how their long term use depletes natural antioxidant enzymes in the body, which at low levels are in fact predictive of cell death and death.

The link between higher suicide rates in person given drugs that act in the brain such as antidepressants etc has a scientific explaination. They generate free radicals in the brain that increase lipid peroxidation in the cell wall of brain cells and the subsequent free radical chain reactions cause more harm. This must also be the subject of scientific studies. Those drugs are not part of the brain's natural biochemistry.

Yes, we do not expect the mainstream media to carry such messages or such news to the public but who cares? The information will still spread from free radical/antioxidant studies published in science and medical journals through the internet.

For instance, orthodox medicine says there is no cure for hypertension and so, you must take drugs just like you take food to control you condition and that means your liver will have to metabolize toxic chemicals. In alternative medicine, or perhaps more accurately - in antioxidant therapy, it can be demonstrated that rapidly acting antioxifant sprays made from extracts of fruits, leaves and flowers and spices can bring down blood pressure within 30 minutes! It can go down from 130/86 in persons below 45 years to 118/78 in 30 minutes. In older persons (eg 72 years), it can go down from 140/88 to 136/78 in 30 minutes and continue to reduce to 128/78 over the next few days (without intervention) and further antioxidant therapy can have more beneficial effects.

It is a matter of time before natural antioxidants become part of standard therapy and the orthodoxy and drug companies fear that paradigm taking root as more than 30% of patients already seek alternative treatment. Hence, prominent physicians must act quickly to save their business that is based on the drug paradigm, as Britain's top 13 doctors have done.


Posted by: BELDEU SINGH on May 27, 2006 03:52 PM


Emma Holister, the artist who created the cartoons, sent along this piece by Martin Walker, author of books critical of mainstream medicine. Martin comments on the political background of this attack...

Martin Walker is one of the very few investigative journalists in the Health Freedom Movement who has consistently exposed the corrupt forces behind the attacks on alternative medicine. Here is an analysis of the latest attack by Baum and Ernst. I have included my two Quackbusters cartoons - apologies to those who may already have seen them.



Author of Brave New World of Zero Risk and Dirty Medicine: Science, big business and the assault on natural health care

Every time there is an attack on alternative medicine people write similar letters in response, defending these therapies but always, there is a lack of analysis, historical or otherwise. This means that although the number of replies and combative responses is growing and we are 'learning' in that sense, no one seems to be describing the supporters of orthodox medicine in their context and drawing attention to conflict of interest and vested interest. Consequently it always looks as if these critics are serious people with important things to say, rather than shallow half wits guided entirely by vested interest.

Dr Michael Baum was a founder member of the Campaign Against Health Fraud (now called HealthWatch). HealthWatch, which is linked to important US lobby groups CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation into Claims of the Paranormal) and ACSH (American Council on Science and Health) has been responsible for a whole series of attacks on alternative health, CAM and especially homeopathy.

Other signatories to the Times letter also have links with HealthWatch, most particularly Ernst who over the last decade has campaigned consistently against alternative medicine (and can most accurately be described as the only Professor of alternative medicine in Britain who argues the case for pharmaceutical medicine). Ernst spoke at the 15th Annual meeting of CSICOP held in London where he delivered a quite childish but supposedly humorous deconstruction of alternative medicine to the assembled twenty odd anoraks in the audience. At that meeting amongst his own people, Ernst made no attempt to be even vaguely academic or supportive of alternatives.

Within the last two years, HealthWatch has been taken over - it has been floundering for years - by the new industry-backed lobby groups, The Science and Media Centre and Sense About Science (SAS), these groups are backed with bundles of money from the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries (ABPI) as well as individual drug manufacturing companies. They are linked to some of the most avid de-regulating 'libertarian' US lobby groups.

The founder of the Campaign Against Health Fraud (HealthWatch) Caroline Richmond, has been writing for these lobby groups over the last couple of years and providing information for  Mike Fitzpatrick  who is both a member of SAS and makes journalistic contributions to Spiked, the online news vehicle of the ex-Revolutionary Communist Party members who are now deeply embedded in the pro-science Lobby Groups.

It was the above organisations working out of the Royal Society, which sent a letter to the Times with a list of signatories protesting about critics of GM crops. In this case however, environmental organisations and journalists like George Monbiot (the Guardian newspaper) organised with considerable effect against them. Why, oh why, can't supporters of alternative medicine do the same! Apart from my two books, Dirty Medicine and Zero Risk, no one has come forward to organise web sites with an ongoing critique of these industry-backed lobbyists.

One last point, Prince Charles is to be congratulated for his continuing and committed support for alternative medicine but if I was him I would certainly get frustrated at the lack of serious support. In the early 1980s, it was Charles who opened and became a patron of  the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. In 1990, the Centre was wrecked by a bogus scientific paper published in the Lancet, which claimed that women with breast cancer who attended the Centre died more quickly and in greater number than those who had orthodox treatment. The unfortunate response to this attack, was again, constant picky academic arguments about whether or not the paper's writers had got their statistical analysis correct.

What there should have been was a full blooded political assault on HealthWatch and its associates, the writers of the paper and the connivance of the Lancet in its publication. Fiteen years later alternative medicine is coming under increasing attack from industrial vested interests but we are unfortunately responding in the same piecemeal manner. It's time that supporters of CAM and alternative medicine, really did get their political act together. While environmentalists, greens, anti-corporate critics and pharmaceutical company critics, have all formed political fact gathering organisations and write consistently about the corporate lobbies which are managing skewed news, the practitioners of homeopathy and other valuable therapies, appear utterly unable to organise against the threat they are facing.

Anyone who wants to read in greater depth about any of the above, should obtain copies of my books Dirty Medicine and Brave New World of Zero Risk and perhaps visit the websites:

Zero Risk and

If we don't make ourselves aware of the history of these attacks we will never be able to combat them and they will gradually incur increasing damage.

Regards, Martin Walker.

Here the two quackbuster cartoons included by Emma Holister:

... laughing stock

... barking mad?

Posted by: Sepp on May 27, 2006 07:15 PM


Andrew Saul comments by email:

Dear Sepp,

Have you seen this?


Posted by: Andrew W. Saul on May 29, 2006 11:10 AM


A comment received by email:

When will we ever learn

As the exchange between orthodox medicine and Prince Charles UK, moves into the focus of international media, we should take a good look at what this is really all about.

There is a war going on out there between Health and Sickness and its bigger than we realize at first glance.

The orthodox medicine men are about to lose billions and not because the alternative therapists are getting smarter or more savvy in the market. Quite the opposite.

It is al because those at the top of the pharmaceutical industry became both greedy and without ethics, betraying doctors, patients and health agencies all over the world. The public made the first move without consulting anyone. They just took their cue from intuition and began avoiding harm. They needed a second opinion, but it was also and alternative opinion.

At first, they did not expect miracle cures, they were just trying to avoid harm. They found incredible benefits, far beyond what they have expected. This was too good to be true. Not only did they avoid the harm of drugs and their lingering secondary effects but they found cures that they have been told never existed.

Nothing was done to temp them by the alternative community of helpers.

It was a mass public move and a new horizon opened.

Doctors of vision and conscience recognized it for what it was and began to re-educate themselves.

Others just wanted to cash in and pretend to be knowledgeable in alternative ways.

The pharmaceutical industry rushed to congress and demanded new laws making it illegal to openly practice healing. They asked for suppression of information that educated the public and the doctors in all modalities that took business away from them. Anything that healed was bad-mouthed and that included some of their own best doctors.

The public just kept on moving further every day from the aggressive cut, burn and poison regimes af a so called scientific profession that was becoming less scientific and more commercial every passing day.

Then it started happening, as if the people were getting help from an angel the drug industry started losing its control.

More than half of doctors began referring their patients to alternative curers. Even more doctors began using these methods themselves.

People who visited non-medical health care givers could not be reimbursed by insurance or government health schemes, but this did not stop the people from moving away from drugs and secondary effects. There was a net gain when cures were permanent and visits need not be so scheduled and regular.

The orthodox industry sees it as a travesty. They lose big, the customer gains big, the customer gains big, but the new breed of alternative therapist does not get rich at all because cures mean that the disease industry begins to shrink.

The greatest travesty in the eyes of the big drug industry that lurks in the back rooms of every clinic and hospital is the loss of very big grants to test their toxic substances on animals and quite often people. Billions every year are extracted from governments via bureaucrats who arrange the resources.

Even greater the losses when the inevitable truth gets out about 150 years late that proves the ineffectiveness of vaccines.

Then the shame of being exposed as con-men who duped the public into believing that germs cause all disease when it is suddenly realized that cellular damage and neglect causes most disease.

And not the least but their greatest fear of being brought to justice for millions of deaths that were deliberately caused for the sake of greed and sheer disdain for the average persons right.

This is why they fight so hard to hide and avoid the day when we will ask the inevitable questions.

These very rich and very corrupt disease experts are quite scientific in ways that do not heal and they are not at all interested in discussing it in an open court, a second Nuremberg trials, this time to expose the guilty


Posted by: RMR on May 30, 2006 12:31 PM


My husband was urgently admitted to hospital in Feb 2001. Immediately two drugs he had been taking for four years on a repeat prescription were withdrawn. He was eventually diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and died on 10 May 2001. I looked into the prescription drugs in question afterwards in depth and found that authentic clinical trials clearly showed the drugs concerned cause Non Hodgkins Lympyhoma and other cancers. I did take the matter to a solicitor and over the course of two years I gradually began to realise the solicitor was clearly in league with the negligent medical personnel and the drugs industry. The result of this two year supposed investigation was that all my husband's hospital records disappeared off the face of the earth and the solicitor brought in 'hired guns' of experts (clearly associated with the drugs industry all their working lives) and I got nowhere. Meanwhile, the 'ordinary' prescription drugs which are being given out to millions of people on a daily basis, often on a repeat prescription (like my husband) are no dout causing many, many more deaths and I can't do a thing about it. The names of the drugs concerned are available plus all the literature I obtained referring to the same drugs, including clinical trials.

The very large amount of evidence I accumulated entirely by myself, including GP's records, clearly shows the medical personnel treating my husband committed manslaughter and no doubt will go on to commit this to other people. For instance: in quite a few letters sent to the GP the medical personnel clearly referred to side effects relating to the drugs concerned which were happening to my husband but inexplicably they ignored them and proceeded to up the dosage of the drugs concerned.

Posted by: Barbara A Taggart on May 30, 2006 02:42 PM


alternative & ayurvedic therapies work 100%.these r not fake one. they r already authentic one provided back from eras ago.these days a lot of research work is going on to prove the authenticity of these therapies globally.

Posted by: vaidya pardeep gupta on May 31, 2006 07:25 PM


Martin Walker is right in saying that alternative medicine is coming under increasing attack from industrial vested interests but we are unfortunately responding in the same piecemeal manner. But not always...though in most instances, the key issue is funds for developers of alternative medicine and research in alternative medicine by serious scientists. For instance, in antioxidant therapies that use only natural antioxidants, there is a paucity of funds to conduct studies on the increases in serum antioxidant blood levels in patients with different conditions and in different age groups and in post-menopusal women, which said research helps to place such therapies on proper footing and help patients make choices. More research and more of such scientific information can help provide better responses that are not piecemeal responses.

Nevertheless, in the case of that particular study that attempted to show that women who attended Bristol Cancer Help Centre died more quickly and in greater number than those who had orthodox treatment requires a proper scientific response. It must not be just a "counter study", so routinely used by Big Pharma to discredit research that would harm their markets, market-share and revenue streams. Done more frequently, a new culture would be born as part of scientific temper that seriously questions "counter studies" such as the 1990 "bogus scientific paper" published in the Lancet, which claimed that women with breast cancer who attended the Centre.

There must be new legal provisions to deal with scientists who "create bogus" reports that do not serve the interest of science but serve rather the interests of pharma business at the expense of truth and public health. There are scientists today who take instructions from private funders of pharma research and they must be exposed.

We must, by now already accept the fact that any new natural therapy or any new clinic or any new centre that attempts to provide alternative approaches to allophatic treatment with drugs will come under "scientific attack" or at least a scare, especially when it is effective or effective to a large extent compared to toxic therapies by drugs. And, therefore, there must first be some research and statistics to support such alternative approaches even though, we must expect "counter studies" funded by big business or perhaps even sabotage by contamination of natural bioproducts follwed bt a "tip-off" to the regulatory authorities.

Ayurveda was well established in India before the British came to India. But, after the British established the Raj in India, they made ayurveda illegal and began to establish allophatic hospitals. After independence, the ayurvedic hospitals and clinics re-emerged in India, especially in the state of Kerala where a host of problems are treated, including chemical poisoning, coughs and colds and snake bites and degenerative changes in tissues in the body.

Recently in Malaysia, a doctor sent a Letter to Editor and his letter, stating that alternative therapies are not effective enough to form part of the primary health care system was published in the New Straits Times (NST)(signed Dr, Chris Anthony of Butterworth). I responded in substantial detail, and to see to the fact that it was not a piecemeal response, I challenged the doctor to treating patients, starting with hypertension, hole-in-heart etc and we can include colds, fibroids and headaches, rapid healing of scars and wounds and aches and pains in post-menopausal women. As expected, the NST did not publish my letter.

These letters by allophatic doctors and other pro-allophatic letters supporting chemo-therapy have begun appearing in the mainstream media after the Government announced that it intends to allow the practice of alternative medicine in Government Hospitals at three centres and it is currently preparing the guidelines.

I certainly hope that Dr, Chris Anthony of Butterworth accepts my open challenge so that we can go about organizing it under the auspices of an international panel of scientists, post-graduate doctors and professors.


Posted by: BELDEU SINGH on June 1, 2006 07:12 AM


Plse keep on exposing danger of chemical drugs.

Posted by: (Naturl in deed) bulane on June 3, 2006 09:24 PM


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