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November 01, 2006

Australian Challenges HIV's Existence in Court

Some days ago, Yahoo News Australia reported on an unusual challenge of a man who was convicted of spreading the Aids virus by having unprotected sex:

An HIV positive man convicted of endangering the lives of three former partners through unprotected sex is appealing against his conviction, claiming the HIV virus does not really exist.

It is believed to be the first time the existence of HIV has been challenged in a court of law.

Andre Chad Parenzee is awaiting sentence for having unprotected sex with three women who were unaware he was carrying the HIV virus.

But his lawyer, Kevin Borick, today argued that Parenzee's conviction should be quashed because there is no scientific proof that HIV actually exists.


Expert witness - Eleni Papadopulos, Perth, Western Australia

Mr Borick will call evidence from two Western Australian based scientists, who will argue that the virus has never been isolated, current testing regimes are inconclusive and that there is no proof HIV is transmitted sexually.

Prosecutors plan to call evidence from five HIV experts, who will claim that Parenzee's defence argument was debunked by the scientific community in the 1980s.

The Australian has a more complete article. But contrary to what is said in these articles, this is not the first time that the existence of HIV has been challenged in court.

According to a report by Karl Krafeld and virologist Stefan Lanka, published on Indymedia, judge Hackmann of the District court of Dortmund, established in a public hearing on 15 January 2001 that neither Montagnier (1983) nor Gallo (1984) had isolated a virus in connection with AIDS: their papers did not contain photographs of any virus isolated in accordance with the correct scientific procedure. This information had been reluctantly supplied to the court by Dr. Marcus, spokesman of the German Robert Koch Institute, the official scientific authority in Germany on questions of AIDS. Marcus confirmed that indeed no such photographs exist, neither in the original papers of Gallo and Montagnier, nor in subsequent research.

There is a small but growing minority of experts who say that the official explanation of the AIDS syndrome caused by a stealth virus called HIV is not scientifically tenable. Some links to what these experts are saying can be found on this site. A recent addition to the ranks of those who think the official theory does not hold up under scrutiny is statistician and assistant professor of mathematics Rebecca Culshaw, who describes why she quit her AIDS-related research work in an article on Lew Rockwell's site: Why I Quit HIV.

Some years earlier, Neville Hodgkinson, a UK journalist, discussed the shortcomings of HIV science in a well documented article, published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration: AIDS: Scientific or Viral Catastrophe?

The expert witnesses called by the defense in the Australian case are Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and Val Turner of the Perth Group. Here is a description of their testimony in the case from the article in The Australian:

Perth-based medical physicist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, who has a Bachelor of Science and works as a medical engineer at Royal Perth Hospital, told the court that HIV was mistakenly identified by a French scientific team in 1983, which was headed by Luc Montagnier.

In a 50-page Powerpoint presentation, Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos said AIDS had nothing to do with HIV, which - if it existed at all - was not a retrovirus and not transmitted between people by sexual intercourse.

Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos argued that HIV had never been isolated, and was only identified in 1983 by a process called "reverse transcription", which is said to create retroviruses.

She said the reverse transcription observed by Dr Montagnier in 1983, the so-called "discovery of HIV", was not specific to HIV.

She said the main risk factors for getting AIDS remained the passive role in anal intercourse, and intravenous drug use.

Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos claimed AIDS was caused by prolonged exposure to semen, which oxidised cells, degrading them and led to numerous other serious illnesses - the AIDS-related illnesses - which end in death.

Secondly, she cited numerous scientific papers that concluded that vaginal sex did not transmit HIV.

Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos cited a 1997 published paper by University of California researcher Nancy Padian that calculated the risk of a male transmitting HIV to a female at 0.0009 per cent, for each act of vaginal intercourse.

According to the Padian paper, a man would have to have sex with his wife three times a week for 27.4 years to expose her to a 95 per cent risk of passing on HIV.

Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos's colleague at the Perth Group, Val Turner, testified that the testing of HIV was "indirect" - it measured the presence of proteins and antibodies in blood assumed to be triggered by HIV.

Mr Turner said there was no test to directly detect HIV.

- - -

Canada - 15 Years For Unprotected Sex

A similar case was decided in British Columbia last year, says Croft Woodruff, who tried to raise the same kind of defense, but with little success:

This past year a black man here in British Columbia was convicted and sentenced (on the face of it - railroaded) to fifteen years in prison for having unprotected sex with several women without informing them he was HIV positive. Not all his sex partners were HIV positive which blows holes on the claim HIV is easily transmitted via sexual contact.

The attorney was told by yours truly that the manufacturers of the test kits have a disclaimer which states the tests are not to be used in the diagnosis and treatment o HIV/AIDS.

He was also told that over 80 different conditions including pregnancy, the flu and Hepatitis B shots, multiple sclerosis, measles, and pregnancy could cause a false positive and that this was admitted by no less an authority than the New England Journal of Medicine which, in an editorial, stated that the tests were unreliable because of so many conflicting results from lab to lab, country to country and interpretations.

Surely a competent judge, presented with such facts, would have ruled differently.

The problem is some lawyers apparently can't seem to care less. The original legal team for the Saskatchewan Rough rider football player, Trevis Smith - also a black man - were also informed about the contradictions regarding the HIV tests. They withdrew from the case, which is still on and has been taken up by a new lawyer from Montreal, Quebec.

I cannot believe how inept the science reporters in the "press" (electronic) or print are that they can't recognize the contradictions and the fact that the principles of immunology and vaccinology have been turned up side down.

If and when those on the HIV/AIDS band wagon finally develop a vaccine for HIV - how will they tell it if it works? By inducing an HIV positive antibody response?

To produce a successful vaccine you need a virus. After 26 years they have not found or isolated a virus in spite of all their technological sophistication, electron micrographs and billions of wasted dollars to finance all their futile research. Electron microscopic pictures occur only in black and white. What has been published are conputerized figments of an artist's imagination or micrographs of colorized cellular debris that do no show the consistent pattern typical of a virus.

No virus, no vaccine and no Nobel Prize.

As my late lamented friend, John Yiamoyiannis, PhD, once said. "The good news is - HIV does not cause AIDS. The bad news is that AZT and recreational drugs do."

Croft Woodruff
Vancouver BC

- - -


Liam Scheff on HIV tests and transmission

Liam Scheff, a US-based independent journalist who has been researching the HIV/AIDS issue for years and who is perhaps best known for exposing illegal forced AIDS drug testing in a New York orphanage, has recently provided some links that may be relevant for those who would like to get deeper into the question of transmission of the 'virus' and the reliability (or rather the lack of it) of the various so-called HIV tests:

Heterosexual Transmission
We have been told for years that heterosexuals in Western countries are at great risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS. But the promised epidemic has never occurred. Even in groups that should be at risk, such as the wives of hemophiliacs, sexual transmission appears to be very rare.

Referenced Quotes about HIV/AIDS Tests and Measurements
Antibody tests are the most commonly performed. Usually an ELISA test is performed, and then repeated if positive. Following that, for positive ELISAs only, a Western Blot (WB) is performed. ELISA is not a Yes/No test, it is only a continuum of color change that is interpreted in this way because of an arbitrary cutoff point. Western Blot has the purported HIV proteins separated on a strip, with various methods used for interpretation (varying from country to country, and from organization to organization). Both types of tests measure antibodies, which in many diseases are considered a sign of immunity (particularly in the absence of symptoms). Why are antibody tests considered a sign of fatal disease in HIV/AIDS? Why are two of the same type of test used to validate each other?

Transmission of HIV and AIDS
The primary means of HIV transmission are believed to be sexual contact (particularly among gay men in Western countries), dirty needles and through blood products (whole blood tranfusions or blood clotting factors for hemophiliacs). If two people share a non-infectious health risk factor, does the acquisition of HIV antibodies or AIDS-defining diseases prove transmission? Do people with these risk factors get ill even when they are not HIV-positive?

Concerns about HAART (Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy)
HAART is the therapy, composed of multiple anti-HIV drugs, that is prescribed to many HIV-positive people, even before they develop symptoms of AIDS (and without considering that many will never develop these symptoms). The therapy usually includes one nucleoside analog (DNA chain terminator), one protease inhibitor and either a second nucleoside analog (“nuke”) or a non-nucleoside reverse transcription inhibitor (NNRTI).

Regarding the HIV tests, of which even the manufacturers say that they are not reliable for establishing infection with a virus, Liam provides some commented test literature:

HIV ELISA Test - Vironostika

Reveal Rapid Test

OraQuick Rapid HIV Test Label

UK HIV Test Guidelines - Official

HIV Interpretation Presentation - Australia

HIV test Interpretation Strategy Paper

CDC instruction/quiz for HIV test interpretation

Report of a False-Positive HIV Test Result and the Potential Use of Additional Tests in Establishing HIV Serostatus

Expert witness says HIV 'doesn't exist'
Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos, a medical engineer from Royal Perth Hospital, dismissed recent World Health Organisation and United Nations reports that outline the world AIDS epidemic. Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos said there were no published reports that conclude HIV exists or could be linked to AIDS. The 5000 people who signed the Durban Declaration in 2000, which says AIDS was an epidemic in Africa, linked to HIV and spread by sexual contact, were backed by politicians, not scientists, she said.

HIV experts line up to refute denier
Flinders University emeritus professor Peter McDonald, who conducts research on HIV-AIDS, said members of The Perth Group, led by Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, "should not be tolerated by their institutions who are employing them as scientists and medical professionals".

I wonder whether "HIV denial" will be made a punishable just like questioning the historical record of the holocaust in Nazi Germany... before the truth about HIV and Aids comes out for all to see.

See also:

AIDS: Court Case Exposes Scientific Contradictions


by Beldeu Singh


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Wednesday November 1 2006
updated on Wednesday December 8 2010

URL of this article:


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Readers' Comments

This was received by email. I am posting it here as it adds and clarifies Croft's view on the matter of HIV and Aids - Sepp.

- - -

Just what does scientific validation really mean?

This morning (November 1st) at 7:00 AM, CBC Radio News reported that all the herbal remedies promoted in health food stores for cold prevention are not backed by science.

That's funny - ALL the drugs licenced by Health Canada and the US FDA and used for the treatment of HIVAIDS or as a prophylaxis (to slow down the onset - since the mantra is - you are HIV positive you are going to get AIDS) have never been properly or adequately tested. The licensing process was fast tracked for "humanitarian purposes" even though the studies were and are seriously flawed.
For example: studies not double blinded as claimed - since the placebo control groups tested the medication they were getting. Finding the placebo did not contain the drug (AZT) under study and not wanting to miss out on this new wonder drug, they made certain they were getting it - thereby skewing the study outcome.

Further more, all the HIV tests have never been licenced by the so called regulators (Health Canada and the US FDA) for that purpose. In addition to that well unpublicized fact by an incompetent media, the patent holders of the test kits have a disclaimer saying these tests are NOT to be used for the purpose of diagnosing or treating AIDS. Disclaimers those offered the test are rarely - if ever shown - in violation of their right to informed consent.

By the way - if a vaccine against HIV is ever developed - so far no luck after 26 years - how will the pseudo scientists know it will work? The test for vaccines as to whether or not they will work are the presence of antibodies they are meant to induce. Antibodies against HIV induced by an HIV vaccine? Hey - at present - if you have antibodies against HIV that means you are HIV positive and according to the mantra of the adherents of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis, you are going to get AIDS and die! That is not science but something else. Immunology has been turned on its head!

After 26 years - no virus, no vaccine, no Nobel Prize.

Croft Woodruff
Vancouver BC
604 502 9277
604 421 1951

Posted by: Croft Woodruff on November 2, 2006 05:29 AM


Thanks to Croft Woodruff and Emma Holister for forwarding this information:

Proscecution's top expert witness opposes jail for HIV cases

Comment by Croft Woodruff:
One might well ask - is the North American Media heeding the admonition presented by the chair and VIP attendees of AIDS 2006 Conference in Toronto last August? That admonition was the media must suppress any dissident (scientific or other wise) view that questions or challenges the HIV=AIDS=Death hypothesis of what is now recognized as AIDS Inc. The face of Modern Medical Science has the evil scowl of the worst phases of totalitarianism. Dogmatism=Nazism=Fascism=Communism = loss of freedom of speech and the right to dissent.

- Croft Woodruff

Witness opposes jail for HIV cases
Jeremy Roberts
The Australian, 22 February 2007, p7.

COURTS should not jail men for sexually transmitting HIV to partners, according to a private email by a prosecution expert who testified this month against a man convicted of exposing three women to HIV.

Emeritus professor Peter McDonald sent the email to scientists in the US on Saturday, three days after he told an Adelaide court he "had no doubt" HIV caused AIDS.

Defence lawyers were sent the email and showed it to Supreme Court judge John Sulan in a hastily arranged hearing on Tuesday. Justice Sulan has called Professor McDonald back to be cross-examined on the document next Wednesday.

Professor McDonald was pivotal in marshalling more than six highly regarded HIV scientists and clinicians to give evidence. He is an expert on infectious diseases and for 15 years up to 2002 chaired the national committee that provided funding for HIV research.

The witnesses appeared in the appeal of Andre Chad Parenzee, 36, who was convicted last year of endangering the lives of three women with whom he had unprotected sex despite knowing he was HIV-positive.

The prosecution was rebutting members of the HIV sceptic Perth Group, who claimed HIV had never been adequately identified in the laboratory and could not be said to cause AIDS.

In the email, Professor McDonald says Parenzee's jailing was "inappropriate". He also admits to doubts over the link between HIV and the onset of AIDS.

However, he told The Australian his email did not contradict his testimony. There was "some conjecture" among scientists about the mechanism by which HIV leads to AIDS, he said, but this "in no way destroys the notion that HIV causes (immune system) cell reduction and causes AIDS".

Posted by: Sepp on March 1, 2007 06:46 AM


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