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November 24, 2006

Tamiflu, Vaccines May Spark Pandemic 'Bird Flu'

Some time ago, in an article titled 'Bird Flu', SARS - Biowarfare or a Pandemic of Propaganda? I asked a simple question: Is the much-hyped bird flu a real disease or are we being stampeded into a pandemic by propaganda? The strange appearance, two years earlier, of SARS, which seemed to have originated in a number of biological laboratories that worked to "modify" the bird flu virus to see whether it could possibly infect humans seemed suspicious. The propaganda, at the time, came from the US Centers for Disease Control, which made dire predictions of imminent megadeath. That was in the winter of 2004/05.


A swan in the Mosel river - (no, he doesn't have the flu)

Why should we worry about the Bird Flu now, two years later, when there have been only a handful of human cases world wide, practically all of them resulting from direct, intimate and prolonged contact with chickens or other domestic birds. Hasn't the virus demonstrated that it will not jump from human to human, despite all research directed at establishing how it could or should? Stefan Lanka, a German virologist who has been active shining some much needed light on the darker side of Aids, believes that there is more hidden under the virus scare than meets the eye. He also believes that 'the bird flu' may be being groomed to provide an excuse for some serious pharmaceutical mayhem.

Certainly, disaster planning proceeds at a great pace and counter measures including quarantine, liberal doses of toxic Tamiflu as well as vaccinations for all are just about ready to roll. Stragglers are encouraged to catch up. Africa has just been admonished to join the fight against the bird flu by WHO.

What is the most likely way for the pandemic to kick off? Perhaps that will have less to do with the appearance of a nasty virus than with the toxic counter-measures that are on hair-trigger alert. Stefan Lanka, in a recent interview conducted by Christopher Ray of FAKTuell, a German on-line news service, delves deeper into this possible scenario.

Here is my translation of this thought-provoking talk for you English-speaking folks:

- - -

Birdflu-influenza and idiots' vaccination for everyone

Christopher Ray

Interview of Christopher Ray with Dr. Stefan Lanka
18 November 2006 in the on-line news service FAKTuell

The ad for Tamiflu came last Wednesday by mail. The old marketing trick, big dark children's eyes, intended to wake the protector's instinct and to put the brain to sleep - can't miss it! It works well, every PR seminar teaches this trick no later than in the second lesson. Young dogs, young cats, and little kids...

We also reacted to the Roche ad in our editorial offices. However, our previous interview with Dr. Stefan Lanka (Dr. SL) of October 2005, which had been read by more than 8 million readers and was translated into several languages, made us pick up the phone to ask our expert.

Here is what he said:

What happened with the Bird Flu, Dr. Lanka? One doesn't hardly hear about it any more.

Dr. SL:
The bird flu did not sleep. The H5Nothings have become better and more evil. An outbreak of the bird flu is imminent. I don't know why there has been a break in the bird flu war. Whether it was due to the 8 million reads of the previous Faktuell bird flu interview, whether it was the publication of our bird flu book, whether it was a safety measure for the soccer championships or something else, in any case the bird flu vanished from the media in April 2006, just as if it had been banned by an invisible hand.

The bird flu had been put on EIS (ice) from one day to the next. EIS of course is the acronym for the Epidemiological Intelligence Service, arguably the most influential secret service of the Pentagon, which acts through the World Health Organization (WHO) to direct what's called public health measures of the majority of the world's nations, including the bird flu and the coming influenza pandemic as its intended result.

You really don't have any idea at all?

Dr. SL:
Perhaps the reason was that the Bavarian highest health authority in March of this year admitted during the klein-klein-action that no German government office has any clear evidence either for or against the existence of viruses and that this admission could have become public knowledge in any one of then active six legal cases. In fact the judges, prosecutors and lawyers seemed to be acting - more than ever before - beyond the law and in a way that would suggest remote control.

But nothing could be heard nor read about this.

Dr. SL:
That is no wonder. The judges, prosecutors and lawyers involved in the legal cases in Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Berlin and Italy successfully prevented - by means of fearful bending-of-the-law and intentionally defamatory reports in the media - the publication of the officially filed evidence from health authorities disproving the theory of infectivity and the fact that AIDS, vaccinations and the bird flu must therefore be considered crimes against humanity.

Those are heavy accusations.

Dr. SL:
But it is a fact that the health authorities, in their public statements, are following the lead of federal health minister Ulla Schmidt who said in 2004 that the existence of HIV has only been proven 'by consensus'.

Prof. Volker Hingst, the president of the highest Bavarian health authority confirms in his letter of 2 August 2006 the announcement of his chief specialist for infective diseases, Dr. Rinder, of 16 March 2006. What was said in that letter is that neither his own office nor any other German authority had any proof for or against the existence of viruses - but not to worry, there was an international consensus of the scientists involved, which meant the viruses existed even without any direct proof - just like that.

But what was the significance of this in the court case?

Dr. SL:
Well, this consensus is what so far allowed judge Weidmann of the Traustein district court to successfully shirk his responsibilities during an important appeal hearing on 13 September 2006. We are currently preparing a book about that case.

The judge copied, but only in his written decision, one for one the language of the federal Robert Koch Institute. Prof. Kurth, the head of that institute, had as recently as 17th of March 1999 lied in a letter, stating that the consensus-HIV had actually been photographed. Then in the year 2001, the Robert Koch Institute and the German Parliament have admitted that HIV cannot be isolated or photographed. On 5 January 2004, the federal minister [of health] admitted what is known but generally not said - that HIV is only a consensus.

Well, obviously they are shooting at you with real live ammunition.

Dr. SL:
That is not all. Another spectacular legal case of the South Tyrol regional government [in Italy] against us, where it seems highly likely that the disproof of the theory of infectivity (AIDS, vaccinations, bird flu and so on) will be publicly admitted, has been delayed. The date of the hearing was changed from 21 November 2006 to 6 February 2007, so that this year, only one date remains where things could get interesting - 24 November 2006 in Stuttgart, Germany.

There, a judge wants to sentence me in order to cover up the actions of those in the Baden Wurttemberg region of Germany who are responsible for crimes in connection with AIDS and vaccinations. But the real purpose of trying to silence me is to allow planning and action to proceed on the announced birdflu-influenza-terror, by poisoning a panicked population with Tamiflu, especially those citizens who are responsible for logistics and public order.

The district court in Stuttgart held a spectacular appeal hearing on 23 May 2006, cancelling a previous decision of the local Stuttgart court and sending the case back for re-trial, remarking that they were quite satisfied not to have to try that one. I had been sentenced without being heard, although my absence was justified because of illness.

That will be a hot end-of-year for you. Why do you bother?

Dr. SL:
This case is giving us a chance, even though a small one, for our klein-klein(little by little)-action to explode the greatest global crime, including - now especially - the bird flu.

Judge Brost and especially the Stuttgart prosecutor's office should in any case dress up with something warm to wear and if they are smart or have even a spark of dignity and honor they should give in and become heroes.

Again, the distinction between being a hero and a villain is as small as never before in known history. But since those people are habitually feigning to be stupid so they can go on and sentence people in accordance with their orders, I am afraid that - as experience has shown - their stupidity remains dominant.

Anyone who wants to come to the hearing on 24 November 2006 at 10 a.m. - Stuttgart is well worth the trip in this case - should phone the court the day before to make sure that the hearing will indeed take place.

Assuming these cases come out positively for you, will the bird flu then cease to exist?

Dr. SL:
No one should count on that, especially since we know that the German justice system hasn't really made a clean break with Nazi tradition. That spirit is alive and well today in the person of the current president of the federal Supreme Court, Gunter Hirsch, who articulates this in Legal Politics, [Zeitschrift fur Rechtspolitik] 2006, Number 5, 27.7.2006, page 161:

Here, the highest judge of the Republic describes the reality of justice quite openly, saying that judges orient their decisions in positive natural law and morals, not in the written law. He describes the factual abolition of Law and Rights. The fact that he has not yet been dismissed in dishonor shows that our nation of rights has been all but abolished and that both government and opposition are in agreement.

One more reason to quickly turn to your representatives, your health authorities and above all your completely uninformed local authorities to demand insistently that they stop the bird flu war-planning, because it seems to be getting quite serious now.

Bird flu-war, isn't that a bit of an exaggeration?

Dr. SL:
No, it is rather an understatement. For the interested public there are only few indications yet that preparations for the bird flu-war are being pushed ahead with ever greater determination. One of those is an article published in the Munchner Merkur of 11 November 2006 (Mass deposits for dead bodies, because burials are lagging), according to which plans for the catastrophe are being pushed ahead full speed by government, cities and townships.

Or that in Austria they will be selling government subsidized influenza-virus masks in front of every supermarket for the next four weeks.

Also the fact that the highest post of WHO, the US military-directed World Health Organization has recently been manned with a chinese bird flu expert and radical AIDS-chemo-for-all agent doesn't bode well. For some unfathomable reason our governments have already blindly submitted to that organization's dictates.

Don't you think you are painting a very bleak picture here?

Dr. SL:
Wish it were! There are two facts that made my blood freeze as I heard of them:

First, the decisions of the leaders of the influenza-pandemic test team of the now complete strategic games the Pentagon held with the 25 EU member states plus Iceland, Switzerland and Norway and

second, the planned poisoning of babies and small children by Tamiflu as ordered by WHO, which is an evil stroke of genius considering the fallacy of the theory of infectivity.

But let's go one by one:
In the beginning of October the 9th European Health Forum was held in Bad Hofgastein, Austria - organized by a very strange company.

The public was kept away by the extremely high attendance fees of 1,300 Euro (more than $1,500 US). One of the high points was a talk by the top agents of the Pentagon about the great success of the ongoing influenza-pandemic maneuvers: Stocks of Tamiflu are ready and plans for vaccinating the whole population are in place, but have not been standardized in all countries.

One of them said quite openly, that more than 50 % of the members of test teams have strong military connections.

During the conference it was admitted that it had been a mistake to say that the bird flu was transmitted by birds, because that had led to massive contradictions and to a loss of faith in science. It was suggested to say from now on that bird flu is spread by illegal meat transports and tourism.

The prediction now is that a new bird flu virus of the type H5N8, which spreads from human to human and is deadly, will be found by the World Health Organization in a Southeast Asian country, after which WHO will announce the global influenza pandemic and activate the plans that are in place.

The spreading panic will be increased in three phases. With the help of the media and the effects of Tamiflu the panic will spread in waves of chaos. Amidst quarantenes and the collapse of public order and the economy, as well as death by Tamiflu the pandemic will circle the planet twice. Then the population will be repeatedly vaccinated by force with specially effective vaccines. The most devilish aspect of the current plans, which clearly have become more effective, more evil and more promising is that now babies and small children have been included in the pandemic strategy. What do they say in the media? Animals and children will always make good stories.

Where did you get this information?

Dr. SL:
You can read that on the website of the organizer. The contents of the conference have also been summarized in the Medical Tribune. They also say it like it is.

Can you describe the effects of Tamiflu for our readers?

Dr. SL:
The perversion of this game becomes quite obvious when one understands that in biological reality there are no and there can be no illness-causing viruses, or when one has ascertained that the alleged viruses do not exist and that the testing procedures used are not validated and are therefore without any meaning.

Then one can also see that there is no sense in trying to use Tamiflu to inhibit an enzyme of the fictitious influenza viruses. And even biochemists are mute for fear of losing their place at the feeding trough. They don't say what any layman can quickly research in the internet: that Tamiflu does nothing but inhibit a vital enzyme of the human body called sialidase. When this enzyme is inhibited with Tamiflu, one of the effects is that the blood thickens and the transport of oxygen is hindered.

The first signs of acute oxygen starvation are altered consciousness and attacks of fear when perceptions take a rapid decline. If Tamiflu is given for longer periods of time then the result can be breathlessness and suffocation in as little as 2 or 3 weeks, depending on one's state of health.

These toxic effects of Tamiflu, which have induced the FDA to order warnings be added to the drug's label, are of course much more evident in children because kids, especially small ones, need much oxygen for growth.

Now, and you will see this around, starting in December, the license manufacturer of Tamiflu, Roche is going to place advertisements in medical journals that Tamiflu should be given to children from one year on. The motto seems to be: the earlier the better.

But not enough - they have the gall to recommend the cytotoxin for the preventive use, while the drug's license is only for treatment of influenza.

To be double sure, Switzerland-based Roche writes in perfect legalese on the [German] information sheet:
In exceptional situations and in case of a pandemic, preventive use of Tamiflu for adults and children from 1 year of age may be considered.

If it is true what you say, then that would really be a crime.

Dr. SL:
Yes, it is. But not only is it obvious to anybody that it is a crime to give babies (the earlier the better) and small children the same amounts of chemotherapy in the form of Tamiflu as adults, these people involved in the preparations for pandemic influenza have exceeded all decency: In Germany they have manufactured a sweet syrup made to taste for small children, and they are putting into that small bottle 16 times the amount of the cytotoxin of a daily ration as contained in a hard capsule for adults.

Obviously that is an information that isn't hidden, or is it?

Dr. SL:
No, everyone can read up on that. It is written in the advertisement you have sent me - in the text part. Anyone can imagine what will happen when a case of flu appears in the vicinity of a worried but naive mother or worse, when the pandemic is announced. Then the motto will be: Much does much good and indeed, there will then be - as predicted - an increased number of cases of illness and death of children. The prophecy will have been fulfilled.

Are you sure that this frightening scenario doesn't largely exist in your imagination only ?

Dr. SL:
It's all reality. Look, in the Doctors' News [Arzte-Zeitung] of 14. November 2006 doctors are told to keep an eye on Roch's influenza early warning system, either on-line or through the company's free fax service and to start preventive use of Tamiflu when Roche shades their districts in yellow or red, because that means that the influenza virus is going around in the area.

Even when there is no official data indicating influenza in the area, but when a patient shows very fast progression of symptoms, then the suspicion of the medical doctor will be sufficient for a decision to start preventive Tamiflu use. With this strategy it is possible that a sudden poisoning by Tamiflu may be interpreted as a case of bird flu or as the start of a pandemic, even without any action on the part of WHO. An outbreak of the predicted bird flu influenza pandemic is thus possible immediately and without further ado.

But why hasn't it started yet? We have been waiting for weeks already.

Dr. SL:
In Germany, vaccine trials are still going full blast. There isn't yet a sufficiently harmless vaccine, which could be given to the general population once an influenza epidemic has been declared.

The idea of vaccination clinics run by the disaster first-response organizations is on the table. The prototype vaccines are still too dangerous. In Bonn, some people who work for a disaster first-response organization were in intensive care for several weeks, after receiving a test vaccine.

They were pressed into silence with mafia methods, after they were first recruited into the vaccine trial by threats that they would suffer professional disadvantages if they refused. So far, all those involved are still keeping mum.

It is possible to see that universal vaccination of a whole the population in combination with - or perhaps started by - cases of Tamiflu induced poisoning which are then called cases of bird flu, will bring about the intentional breakdown of the whole infrastructure of society. Will Europe then be caught and crushed between two giants - China and the US?

These countries already have their harmless vaccine, without the neurotoxic and genotoxic substances that are hidden behind the innocuous-sounding term adjuvants. In Germany, preventive pandemic vaccines contain especially high concentrations of these long lasting poisons.

Prof. Loewer, head of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, which approves vaccines in Germany, has this to say: In times of pandemics, such damage has to be accepted.

You have collected such a lot of data that WHO could be expected to react. Or are you simply being ignored?

Dr. SL:
Historical chance has played its hand on this devilish plan in a way that - without yet being either recognized or appreciated by WHO - klein-klein has in these past years prepared the ground for its defeat. By our unique and insistent demands for evidence about viruses we have successfully established the evidence base regarding the knowledge of certain officials that all the allegedly illness-causing viruses are nothing but ideas.

Germany is unique in the world in that we are able to prove - in the case of HIV with judicial backing since 1997 - that the health authorities knew better.

The German Holocaust has already seen several revisions, both in the industrial nations and through the German justice system, with regard to the number of victims and the intentions of its actors.

On 3 July 1997 the Westphalian Allgemeine Zeitung in Dortmund has published the free-for-all justification for lies about AIDS and about the theory of infectivity in general, as given by judge Prause of the Dortmund lower court:

It has no relevance if anyone lied - no matter if mistakes were made in the politics of Aids.


But such an attitude certainly can't continue to work forever?

Dr. SL:
Yes, it can. The lies about AIDS have succeeded for two decades. They worked in the industrial nations on some and in Africa on many people with quite deadly effect. Now a similar scenario is intended to unfold in the industrial nations - spearheaded by the bird flu and brought to fruition with the planned influenza pandemic.

AIDS is now revealing itself as a global exercise in unquestioning acceptance, which just about everyone has followed, although any thinking person can see the inconsistencies of that story about a virus which in the industrial world can distinguish between heterosexual and homosexual men, and which in Africa seems to have lost all of its fixation on men with a different sexual orientation.

This sounds like you have become the victim of an absurd conspiracy theory or if you would like to spread such a theory here. What would be the sense of such destructive kind of planning?

Dr. SL:
Conspiracy theories make statements about motives. All conspiracy theories must therefore remain in the realm of speculation. Motivations are without importance. What is important are verifiable facts.

We are looking at verifiable facts. In the end we don't care if the concept, which is developing right now under the banner of 'bird flu' is the product of a schizophrenic mind or finds its basis in the criminal determination of hidden actors.

All conspiracy theories are directed towards convincing the alert citizens that they are completely under the control of some hidden, underground powers. The purpose of this is to keep everyone from acting.

Of course there is no question that some things are talked about and planned on the golf course or in other places, which are kept from public knowledge. But that has nothing to do with conspiracy theories.

Do you think there is a possibility of preventing the scenario you have painted from going into effect?

Dr. SL:
Of course.
Man is a historical being. Human society lives in history and that means it has a past, a present, but today it only has a possible future. Today we are experiencing a number of historical lines which have their origin in human spiritual actions.

I am making reference here to the development of technologies which depend on economic realities and which are becoming very obvious looking at predictions of climate change and catastrophic poisoning of the oceans. These realities have been created by humans and they will be overcome by humans - or not.

Also the medical/industrial complex has been created by humans. And in the same way, the concept of democratic nations based on law was thought up by humans, as has been the concept of the United Nations, the world organization of the community of nations. There is no question however, that these concepts and what is really going on are widely separated today.

But we do have these concepts, from the global level down to the smallest village in Germany, to the lowest court in Germany. We only have to sustain the development of the concepts.

Is that not a bit naive?
At least there are, from what you are saying, great economic interests and politically very effective behind-the-scenes forces active in this bird flu scenario, which certainly have more money and more influence than both of us together.

Dr. SL:
We are convinced that the starting point in all this is the theory of infectivity.

When we started, over ten years ago, to look into the theory of infective AIDS, we had no idea of the dimensions this would be assuming. At that time we thought AIDS was just a mistake. But today, after we have insistently demanded proofs, we are able to show that the whole theory of infectivity is invalid. It is grounded in intentional deception.

In the last 20 years or more Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer has shown with his New Medicine, that just about all of current medicine as taught in universities is founded on errors, deception and fraud.

This global fraud we are witnessing today is easy to expose - and also to overcome - by concentrating on the theory of infectivity and on the bird flu scenario: The contradictions and lies at the base of this fraud are getting ever more transparent.

German law makes it illegal for any public health employee to knowingly participate in such a fraud directed against the population. This is our problem, or if we look at the positive side of it, the challenge that has to be met, a challenge that CAN be met - if we want to do so.

But How?
In specific terms - how do you want to meet this challenge?

Dr. SL:
It has been more than 50 years that in Germany, we have had the construct of a democratic nation based on laws, where all power is to flow from the people.

For more than 50 years, we have treated this like someone who has a bathroom but does not use it. To stay with the metaphor: we need to finally think about using our bathroom.

As citizens we must not tolerate such deception by government offices as has been documented in our book "The Bird Flu - The US War Against Mankind" [Die Vogelgrippe. Der Krieg der USA gegen die Menschheit].

This intentional deception of the people by government offices in connection with the theory of infectivity has also been documented in other publications of the klein-klein-publishers.

The people are the boss. This is detailed by democratically legitimized laws. Every one of us has several ways - at least that is what the laws say - to demand that these laws are followed.

We as a people have acted for more than 50 years like a businessman who, for all that time, has never controlled his employees and who accepts their fraudulent actions directed against him.

Such a business would have long gone insolvent. No one in the industrial nations can seriously wonder why their governments are participating in the bird flu crime.

It was not part of the plan of these criminals that in the last few years, in connection with klein-klein and especially in Germany, more and more citizens have started to behave like citizens, have posed the question of proof in connection with the theory of infectivity. They have stopped accepting deception and lies by those in the employ of the state, who are still living the ideas of a dictatorship where everyone consents to everything and where no employee of the state is ever held responsible.

That sounds very good, but can it really be put in practice?

Dr. SL:
We do have a chance if more and more people put on their citizens hat and refuse to accept false statements and actions in connection with the unverifiable, klein-klein-[little-by-little]-disproved theory of infectivity, specifically with regard to the bird-flu-fraud and the influenza-pandemic-crime.

Those who wait for the pharmaceutical industry or the World health organization to act in the vital interest of people and thus also in his/her own vital interest will obviously wait in vain, until it is too late. True, time is running short, but we still have sufficient time at our disposal to ask, as citizens, that our government employees fulfill their basic duty of service and act in accordance with best knowledge, refusing to knowingly perpetrate lies that lead to participation in serious crimes.

And do you think you will succeed?

Dr. SL:
Those conspiracy theorists and critics who hide the fact that health, life and our future have anything to do with politics are supporting the erroneous view that the individual cannot do anything. We only show that the individual has room for action.

Little by little [klein-klein] we have shown by our work in these last years that single citizens are certainly able to make the official deceptions in connection with the theory of infectivity, with AIDS and vaccinations and now with the bird flu and the planned idiots' vaccination for all based on lies about an influenza pandemic, ever more transparent and provable.

In a real democratic nation based on laws, such an idiots' vaccination based on lies about influenza viruses would not be possible. We still do not know exactly what new nano-particle-neurotoxins and what so-called genetic components are in the new pandemic-influenza vaccine, which the federal government has ordered making an advance payment of 60 million Euro.

But it is certain that there will be other substances in addition to the currently used mercury and aluminium hydroxide. These neurotoxins are causing mental retardation - they are destroying the growing generation in Germany - but they might seem harmless against what is yet to come.

Can you summarize in a simple way what you believe needs to be done?

Dr. SL:
I am staying with the bathroom metaphor. It is not enough that we have owned a bathroom for 50 years. We should start thinking how we might put that bathroom to good use. It is not enough to have the concept of a democratic nation based on laws, which is what we have had since 1949 by our federal 'basic law' and the state constitutions. We should use that concept in a proper way - as citizens of the state, as a people.

We are not the state's employees and we don't work for the politicians. State employees and politicians are to serve the people. That is what the constitution demands, although state employees and politicians seem to be having problems with that.

This becomes quite obvious from the fact that all politicians and state employees are still participating in criminal bird flu panic-making, although it appears from the results of the question of evidence, that more and more this happens against better knowledge and to the detriment of the people.

Aren't they establishing a bird flu related professorship at the university of Konstanz, just close to your home? Wouldn't you like to apply and clarify a few things?

Dr. SL: (laughs)
At my university! That would indeed be very interesting. But you can be sure that such a professorship has not been established to clear things up. For the consensus, I would be the wrong man on that post. No, we have to continue little-by-little. Participation in a serious crime against humanity by state employees and politicians against their better knowledge must become more and more transparent. This will happen when ever increasing numbers of citizens address their state employees and politicians to demand true and clear statements about the planned dulling of man's wits through vaccinations in connection with pandemic influenza.

Those who are waiting for the pharmaceutical industry to so something positive are going to wait in vain.

See also:

Bird Flu In Perspective - Public Fears Exaggerated

British doctors to get Tamiflu warning
Doctors in the UK are to be warned that the bird flu drug Tamiflu could be linked to psychiatric problems including suicidal behaviour, it emerged today... a 10-month review by the US Food and Drug Administration ... found 103 cases of "neuropsychiatric adverse events", including the deaths of a 17-year-old boy who was killed after jumping in front of a truck and a 14-year-old boy who fell after climbing on a balcony railing.

Dr. Archie Kalokerinos on vaccination
Dr. Kalokerinos is well known worldwide as the doctor who spent much of his time fighting for the wellbeing of the Aboriginal inhabitants of Australia. He wrote down his experiences in the masterpiece "Every Second Child". Instead of being rewarded for doing so, he was harassed and his methods were disregarded by the authorities, probably because they were too simple, too cheap and too efficacious to fit modem medical standards. Dr. Kalokerinos pinpointed the increase in vaccination campaigns as the reason why, at a certain point, up to half of the vaccinated Aboriginal infants died, obviously from an acute vitamin C deficiency provoked by the vaccination.

FDA panel to review Tamiflu's effect on brain
A Food and Drug Administration panel on Tuesday will review reports of abnormal behavior and other brain effects in more than 1,800 children who had taken the flu medicine Tamiflu since its approval in 1999, including 55 in the USA. Twenty-two of the U.S. reports were considered "serious," with symptoms such as convulsions, delirium or delusions, says Terry Hurley, spokesman for drugmaker Roche Laboratories.

None of the U.S. cases resulted in death. But in Japan, Hurley says, five deaths have been reported in children under 16 as a result of neurological or psychiatric problems. "Four were fatal falls, and one was encephalitis in a patient with leukemia," he says.

Yet governments all over the world are spending rivers of money for stockpiling this drug, which apart from having serious safety problems is only marginally effective.

An interesting (anonymous) comment on the article:

"Tamiflu is another pharmaceutical which was derived from a natural plant compound. In this case the source is the Chinese Star Anise plant from S. China. Gilead Sciences developed Tamiflu from this plant in order to create a product which could be patented and monopolized by the drug's licensee, Hoffman Roche. The original natural anti viral, biotivia's bioflu, from which Tamiflu is derived, is safe and effective but can not be patented since it consists of extracts of naturally occurring plants. Again greed triumphs over reason and safety. The natural compound is still available but ignored since Tamiflu was intoduced."


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Friday November 24 2006
updated on Thursday November 18 2010

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Image credit: Fons Reijsbergen The way we raise chickens in factory farms has been named as the cause for the spread of avian flu or 'bird flu'. Wendy Orent, the author of "Plague: The Mysterious Past and Terrifying Future of the World's Most Dangerous Disease" writes in an editorial titled "Blame Big Chicken" in PittsburghLive: According to University of Ottawa flu virologist Earl Brown, lethal bird flu is entirely... [read more]
March 26, 2006 - Sepp Hasslberger

Better Than A Flu Shot - Vitamin C Does The Trick
The flu season is upon us another time with a vengeance. This year, we have a special propaganda bonus - the bird flu - although it has very little to do with the flu that gives us the sniffles in any normal year. There is no vaccine for the bird flu because it is a bird virus that "has not yet mutated to be transmitted between humans" but we are... [read more]
November 14, 2005 - Sepp Hasslberger




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In a 1992 book, Superpigs and Wondercorn, Dr. Michael W Fox mentions "a weakened form of the avian leukosis virus [that] has been inserted into poultry and passed on to three generations of birds".
It is interesting to me that this is many years before the public has heard of avian flu. Wonder if you know any more about this.


Posted by: ellen on November 28, 2006 06:19 AM


This doesn't particularly surprise me, although I have no further specifics.

But I do think that efforts to mutate different virus species (to make them usable for biological warfare) have been going on for decades. We can only thank the Lord that medicine seems to have it all backwards with regard to infective diseases...

Perhaps one or the other of the readers of this article has more...

Posted by: Sepp on November 28, 2006 09:54 AM


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