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April 17, 2007

New Study by Ramazzini Institute Confirms Aspartame Carcinogenic

Dr. Morando Soffritti of the European Ramazzini Foundation will present the results of a new study confirming the carcinogenicity of Aspartame on April 23, 2007 at the Mount Sinai Medical School of New York, where he also will receive the prestigious Irving J. Selikoff Award.


Aspartame, the artificial sweetener made by Searle/Monsanto was found to cause cancer in laboratory animals already in the original studies that were submitted to the FDA when approval was asked to put it on the market. The justified doubts of the FDA's scientists were overridden when Donald Rumsfeld called in his political markers.

Another study conducted in Spain by Trocho et al came to similar results, identifying a transformation of parts of the molecule into formaldehyde as a probable cause. Later, a study of the European Ramazzini Foundation confirmed the sweetener's carcinogenicity in laboratory rats and seriously questioned its safety. But industry, through the European Food Safety Authority, succeeded in diverting attention from the damaging findings, calling them an artifact of the study's design.

Now, a new, long-term study on Aspartame has been completed giving lower dosages but confirming, once again, the carcinogenicity of the sweetener. See the announcement from the Ramazzini Foundation here:

- - -

New aspartame data to be presented at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in NYC, USA

(Original here)

A second study conducted by the European Ramazzini Foundation (ERF) confirms the carcinogenicity of aspartame. The results of this study will be presented April 23, 2007 at the Mount Sinai Medical School of New York, where ERF Scientific Director Morando Soffritti will receive the third Irving J. Selikoff Award.

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener consumed by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. It is used in over 6,000 diet products including soft drinks, chewing gum, candy, desserts, yogurt as well as in pharmaceuticals, in particular, syrups and antibiotics for children. In 2005, the European Ramazzini Foundation published important experimental data demonstrating the carcinogenicity of aspartame. These data demonstrated for the first time that aspartame is a carcinogenic agent, inducing various types of malignant tumors in rats, even at dose levels currently considered acceptable for humans.

As soon as carcinogenic effects were perceived during this first study, the ERF began a second long term experiment, administering aspartame at low doses in feed to rats beginning during fetal life.

In a world exclusive, Italian news station TG2 announced on April 13th that the European Ramazzini Foundation will present the results of this second study at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine at the end of April when Scientific Director Dr. Morando Soffritti will receive the third Irving J. Selikoff Award. The news story may be viewed at:

- - -

The FDA has long known of the damaging nature of the sweetener. At one time, it published a list of 92 diverse side effects and in part serious reactions to consumption of the stuff.

Here is what Betty Martini, who has been warning tirelessly of the toxicity of Aspartame, says about the FDA's list:

Aspartame illegal

As many may know, aspartame is on the market illegally. It's adulterated as discussed by the National Soft Drink Assn (now American Beverage) and in the congressional record. Because you cannot ship an adulterated product for sale it, therefore, violates Interstate Commerce. Dr. Adrian Gross, FDA toxicologist, told Congress that aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment which forbids putting anything in food that caused cancer in animals. It's also a drug, an addictive excitoneurotoxic carcinogenic drug that interacts with all drugs and vaccines, and is masquerading as an additive.


Aspartame - sweet poison - Image credit: Healingdaily

Additives by law must be inert or non-reactive. Inert products do not produce a list of 92 documented symptoms from 4 types of seizures to coma and death, nor necessitate a 1038 page medical text. (Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, H. J. Roberts, M.D., or 1 800 827 7991.) Nor would consumers using this product need to be detoxed. "What To Do If You Have Used Aspartame" by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D.,

Here is the Board of Inquiry Report of the FDA revoking the petition for approval of aspartame, after it kept it off the market many years and they attempted to have the manufacturer, Searle, indicted for fraud. Note in the commentary above it is a clip from Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World,, James Turner, Washington, D.C., attorney explains how Donald Rumsfeld who was then CEO of Searle called in his markers and got aspartame, this deadly poison, on the market for human consumption.

Here are the 92 the FDA agreed were symptoms for aspartame. However, there are many more in Dr. Roberts medical text:

Dizziness or Problems with Balance
Change in Mood Quality or Level
Vomiting and Nausea
Abdominal Pain and Cramps
Change in Vision
Seizures and Convulsions
Memory Loss
Fatigue, weakness
Other neurological
Sleep problems
Change in Heart Rate
Change in Sensation (Numbness, Tingling)
Grand Mal
Local Swelling
Change in Activity Level
Difficulty Breathing
Oral Sensory Changes
Change in Menstrual Pattern
Other Skin
Localized Pain and Tenderness
Other Urogenital
Change in Body Temperature
Difficulty Swallowing
Other Metabolic
Joint and Bone Pain
Speech Impairment
Other Gastrointestinal
Chest Pain
Other Musculo-Skeletal
Sore Throat
Other Cardiovascular
Change in Taste
Difficulty with Urination
Other Respiratory
Change in Hearing
Abdominal Swelling
Change in Saliva Output
Change in Urine Volume
Change in Perspiration Pattern
Eye Irritation
Muscle Tremors
Petit Mal
Change in Appetite
Change in Body Weight
Change in Thirst or Water Intake
Unconsciousness and Coma
Other Extremity Pain
Problems with Bleeding
Unsteady Gait
Blood Glucose Disorders
Blood Pressure Changes
Changes in Skin and Nail Coloration
Change in hair or nails
Excessive phlegm Production
Sinus Problems
Simple Partial Seizures
Any Lumps Present
Shortness of Breath on Exertion
Evidence of Blood in Stool or Vomit
Dental Problems
Change in smell
Other Blood and Lymphatic
Complex Partial Seizures
Swollen Lymph Nodes
Shortness of Breath Due to Position
Difficulties with Pregnancy
(Children Only) Developmental Retardation
Change in Breast Size or Tenderness
Change in Sexual Function
Dilating Eyes

Several people have asked for this list so they could forward it to the media when the manufacturers, front groups and professional organizations funded by the manufacturers put propaganda in the press. Even the FDA has lied about the existence of this report. I do have it on FDA stationery which I have faxed to the press many times when they tried to deny it. This report was gotten through Freedom of Information.

If you do forward this to the press be sure you always include the Diane Fleming story who is in Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, and the Artificially Sweetened Times ( Her husband died from methanol poisoning from aspartame and she was convicted of poisoning him even after passing 3 lie detector tests, and was the one who called the police because she didn't know aspartame liberates free methyl alcohol. Also we are taking aspartame brain tumor cases in New York and New Jersey.

Safe Alternatives: Stevia and Just Like Sugar (Whole Foods and Wild Arts).

All my best,
Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097
770 242-2599 and
Aspartame Information List,

See also:

Letter to FDA: Why are you lying about aspartame?
Betty Martini has written an open letter to the Laura Tarantino of the FDA regarding the press release that negates cancer-causing effects of aspartame, an artificial sweetener also known as nutra sweet, equal, canderal and spoonful. The FDA's release, placed just before news of a second italian study that seems to confirm aspartame toxicity was to be published in New York, reads...

EFSA Opinion Reaffirms Aspartame Safety Stance
The Panel concluded that:

• The majority of the lymphomas and leukemias observed appeared to have developed in rats suffering from inflammatory changes in the lungs, which is characteristic for chronic respiratory disease. In accordance with the previous view of the AFC Panel, these changes were not considered to be related to the treatment with aspartame.

• The increase in incidence of mammary carcinoma is not considered indicative of a carcinogenic potential of aspartame since the incidence of mammary tumours in female rats is rather high and varies considerably between carcinogenicity studies. The Panel also noted that an increased incidence of mammary carcinomas was not reported in the previous ERF study with aspartame which used much higher doses of the compound.

Overall, the Panel concluded, on the basis of all the evidence currently available including the last published ERF study that there is no indication of any genotoxic or carcinogenic potential of aspartame...

Certainly there are indications that aspartame might be dangerous to health, whether the added tumors are caused by aspartame directly or by some secondary mechanism.

Just for the sake of argument - what would be wrong with recommending that human studies on aspartame be performed ... to compare the health of aspartame consumers with that of people who don't touch the stuff.

I predict that such a study would lead to some interesting new insights.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Tuesday April 17 2007
updated on Thursday December 16 2010

URL of this article:


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Aspartame: UK Parliamentarian Calls For Ban
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June 10, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger




Readers' Comments

No evidence that sweetener causes cancer says the FDA in a recent communication sent out over the media wires.

Betty Martini comments: "The news release that aspartame doesn't cause cancer would be laughable if it wasn't so sad that FDA simply will not tell the truth."

On August 1, 1985 the FDA's own toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross, told Congress at least one of Searle's studies "has established beyond ANY REASONABLE DOUBT that aspartame is capable of inducing brain tumors in experimental animals and that this predisposition of it is of extremely high significance." ... In view of these indications that the cancer causing potential of aspartame is a matter that had been established WAY BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT, one can ask: What is the reason for the apparent refusal by the FDA to invoke for this food additive the so-called Delaney Amendment to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act?

The Delaney Amendment makes it illegal to allow any residues of cancer causing chemicals in foods. In his concluding testimony Gross asked,

"Given the cancer causing potential of aspartame how would the FDA justify its position that it views a certain amount of aspartame as constituting an allowable daily intake or 'safe' level of it? Is that position in effect not equivalent to setting a 'tolerance' for this food additive and thus a violation of that law? And if the FDA itself elects to violate the law, who is left to protect the health of the public?" Congressional Record SID835:131 (August 1, 1985)

So what happened in between for the FDA to say aspartame is not a carcinogen? Perhaps someone sprinkled fairy dust and changed this deadly excitoneurotoxic carcinogenic drug into something entirely different.

From the FDA Task Force Report:

* "Excising masses (tumors) from live animals, in some cases without histologic examination of the masses, in others without reporting them to the FDA." (Schmidt 1976c, page 4 of US Senate 1976b). Searle's representatives, when caught and questioned about these actions, stated that "these masses were in the head and neck areas and prevented the animals from feeding." (Buzzard 1976a) [Martini: Frankly, a burglar could think of a better alibi! And just how many brain tumors were excised that weren't caught?]

* "Failure to report to the FDA all internal tumors present in the experimental rats, e.g. polyps in the uterus, ovary neoplasms as well as other lesions." (Gross 1987a, page 8) FDA caught Searle red-handed filtering out neoplasms, excising tumors from rats, putting the rats back in the study and when they died resurrecting them on paper. But then what would you expect, as aspartame breaks down to a brain tumor agent, DKP. There were so many tumors found, more mammary tumors than brain tumors, thyroid, pancreatic and testicular tumors, ovarian and uterine, etc. The reason the FDA revoked the petition for approval was because of the brain tumor issue, and the fact it couldn't be proven safe. You will find the URL in this report to the current FDA Commissioner.

* Then in 2005 the prestigious Ramazzini Study was released showing aspartame to be a multipotential carcinogen and confirming those original FDA studies. So the aspartame manufacturers with their government influence immediately began to try to rebut this study. It would have made a great movie, the things that went on. They would have been laughing in the aisles. First they called a 10 year old multifood form a huge cancer study of aspartame with 1/2 million people. The multifood form was sent out by AARP asking elderly people if they remembered what they ate in the past 12 months. Frankly, I call it the Oatmeal-brownie study, although they asked if you remembered eating strawberries in season and if you had a hysterectomy. Of the 56 questions aspartame was only mentioned "once". In that question it was really asking if you drank coffee or tea, and if so what sweetener. Otherwise, it said to go to number 27 and answer whether you take vitamins. What this form didn't ask is if you were using any of the 6000 or more products containing aspartame. Here is the real report.

* Now what to do? They had the European Food Safety Authority review the study, and they said the rats got cancer because they had respiratory disease. Well anyone knows that respiratory disease is the dying process. Dr. Soffritti wrote a press release on this "bizarre" statement. And everybody laughed but the EFSA did not apologize so I simply reported them to the Universal Court of Justice and some committee members links to Ajinomoto. Then one member on the committee confessed that industry pressured them to hi-jack science. They certainly owed Dr. Soffritti an apology but they simply hid their head and hoped it would blow over. The fiasco went on and on. There were even complaints that too much aspartame was used.

* So, Dr. Soffritti simply did a new study using lower doses. Guess what, even in lower doses aspartame caused cancer, of course - after all, its a carcinogen!

* Since Dr. Soffritti will be releasing this on Monday, the FDA decides to write this fable that aspartame does not cause cancer. Just forget their own records as mentioned above that say that it does, even by their own FDA toxicologist. Yep, they are just sprinkling fairy dust and trying to make the public believe these independent prestigious studies are fairy tales. But they won't get away with it because the world now knows.

It's even in medical books like the medical text on the global plague - Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic by H. J. Roberts, M.D., and Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D.,

* In fact, if you want to see some of the brain tumor victims simply see the aspartame documentary on the poisoning of the world by this deadly poison - Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, or Barnes & Noble.

* After all formaldehyde is known to cause cancer and the formaldehyde converted from the free methyl alcohol accumulates in the cells, damages DNA - and literally embalms living tissue: And the molecule of aspartame breaks down to diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent. It just stands to reason that brain tumor agents will trigger brain tumors!

* Some years ago NutraSweet admitted that formaldehyde had been implicated as a carcinogen when inhaled but assured the world that it had not been proven to be the case when taken by mouth, like in using their product. That was just after the Olympics in Atlanta, so I wrote this note:

The Formaldehyde Olympics: by Betty Martini

I so appreciate the statement from the NutraSweet web page:

"Formaldehyde has been implicated as a possible carcinogen when inhaled, but this hasn't been shown to be the case when its taken by mouth."

Barbara Mullarkey says NutraSweet's excuse is there's never been a study. Can't you see it advertised: "Needed: applicants for double blind medical study, to drink formaldehyde to determine its carcinogenicity.

Whether you drink alcohol or inject it; you'll get just as drunk. Whether you drink formaldehyde, inject or breath it, you'll get just as dead. By consuming low doses for years, constantly and continuously you just take longer to die, and you get to enjoy more misery: seizures, blindness, MS, migraines, perhaps diabetes, etc, but you'll finally be just as dead as if you drank a pint or so to begin with. It sure makes undertaker's work easier, less embalming, as one observed: "bodies come in with high contents of formaldehyde."

It's a fine idea to test formaldehyde as a libation, and I've got the solution. (pun) Since the executives at Monsanto/NutraSweet are unconvinced as to the toxicity of embalming fluid as a drink, let's test it ... on THEM! Let's set up a study with Monsanto execs chug-a-lugging various concentrations for six months. Say, 5 shots a day, about the consumption by some DietCoke/Pepsi/Equal/Slimfast/Aspartame addicts. So we'll scientifically calibrate how much/long it takes to kill, blind or paralyze you. The matter will be settled.

To get the ball rolling on this ground-breaking [really!] experiment I pledge a 55 gallon drum of formaldehyde. I'll also donate a $50 casket spray for the gold medalist in the competition. We could call it: THE NUTRAPOISON OLYMPICS. It's a little late, but we can ask the Olympic Committee to kick in for the coffins. And we can invite the IAT, The International Association of Terrorists, to the Games, advising them that bombs will be unnecessary because the whole thing will be a killer. Only problem, 4 years from now the winners won't be able to defend their titles, but can be honored by a moment of silence.

In fact, we could expand these Games to include any other poisons
which haven't been drink-tested: Rattlesnake venom, Arsenic, Hydrogen Cyanide, Plutonium, Essence of Black Widow, Nightshade, etc.

Watch for Formaldehyde Olympics, part II.


P.S. The Merck Manual says under formaldehyde: "This substance has been listed as a carcinogen by the EPA."

And so years later, the FDA is still lying, just like the commissioner did to the New Mexico Legislators: Interestingly, the FDA attempted to have Searle indicted for fraud under Title 18, Section 1001, stumbling and lying . Unfortunately, both US Prosecutors hired on with the defense team and the statute of limitations expired. Now the FDA is just as guilty under Title 18, Section 1001. I bet they don't bring this poison home to their families.

The manufacturers and the FDA, front groups, etc. continue to lie daily but its all a matter of public record:

Please don't cover this type of news when its obviously false and can be proven as such. Here's a history:

The FDA must be stopped from continuing to get away with lying, and such obvious deceit. At least publish my letter or the government records. Let the public have the facts, not fairy tales.

This new study by Ramazzini is the death knell for aspartame which at one time was listed with the pentagon in an inventory of prospective biochemical warfare weapons submitted to Congress: This dreadful poison even triggers birth defects and mental retardation. Today 1 in 150 is born autistic. The term ADD and ADHD were not even used before the early l980's when aspartame was approved. It's an abortifacient and killing babies.

Tell the public the truth!

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097
770 242-2599 and
Aspartame Toxicity Center,

Posted by: Sepp for Betty M. on April 22, 2007 08:42 AM


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