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April 22, 2007

Aspartame, the FDA, Bees and Mobile Phones - NewsGrabs 22 April 2007

Health Supreme News Grabs - a selection of alternative health news and related bits of information ... a window on emerging trends.

In this issue:

Australia: Pan Pharmaceuticals Witch Hunt - Antoine Béchamp Vs. Louis Pasteur - New aspartame study - Effect of aspartame on oncogene - AIDS Vaccine Trials - Video: AIDS: DAVID CROWE SPEAKS OUT - Arcoxia - Drug industry influence, FDA corruption - FDA ON LABELING IRRADIATED FOODS - Pharma litigation - ADHD drugs? - Texas Vioxx Lawsuits on Hold - "Mental Health Lessons" from Virginia Tech - Seung-Hui Cho a Mind Controlled Assassin? - Psychiatrist Calls Diagnostic Method Dehumanizing - HRT link to ovarian cancer - Court Declines to Rule on Mercury - Nanoparticles can damage DNA - UK: fight against drugs 'a total failure' - India: GMO test data - Engineering livestock - When Bees Disappear - Mobile phones wiping out bees? - Bumblebee decline - Silent Spring, Revisited: Bee Dieoff - Cell Phones Possible Cause of Mass Disappearances of Bees - Cell phones Invisible hazards of the wireless age - Sharks - Food Giants Produce Renewable Diesel - Civilians in Space - Australian scientist debunks global warming -

- - -

Australia: Democrats Demand Howard Apologise for Pan Pharmaceuticals Witch Hunt

For those of you who remember the Pan Pharmaceuticals mega-products-recall of more than 1500 products that targeted natural nutritional products in Australia in 2003 and broke many a small business' back: Four years later, the court finds Pan CEO Jim Selim innocent. Of course the damage has been done, and a major source of competition to pharmaceuticals was removed from the Australian market or at least heavily impeded, for a good long time.

Antoine Béchamp Vs. Louis Pasteur - Almost 100 Years Later The Truth Remains Buried To Support A Lie
Dr. Antoine Béchamp noted the importance of lifestyles as the key to prevention and success against all diseases almost 150 years ago! He backed it up with thorough scientific precision, as a practicing physician and researcher who was degreed in and a university professor of chemistry, biology, physics and pharmacy. The sound conclusions of Béchamp for lifestyle changes such as wholesome nutrition and environmental, hygienic cleanliness were ignored in favor of other "solutions" that profited industry and required "heroic" medical interventions.

New aspartame data to be presented at Mount Sinai School of Medicine
A second study conducted by the European Ramazzini Foundation (ERF) confirms the carcinogenicity of aspartame. The results of this study will be presented April 23, 2007 at the Mount Sinai Medical School of New York, where ERF Scientific Director Morando Soffritti will receive the third Irving J. Selikoff Award.

Effect of aspartame on oncogene and suppressor gene expressions in mice, Katalin Gambos, Istvan Ember, et al, University of Pecs, Hungary, In Vivo 2007 Jan; scores of their relevant past studies since 1977: Murray 2007.04.14
If the reality is that the three components of aspartame are complexly toxic in large doses for months and years for many groups of humans, then surely the inevitable exponential evolution of science will make many facets of the problems increasingly evident, and much more quickly.

All Not Well With Global AIDS Vaccine Trials
Why were phase-1 safety trials for an HIV vaccine started in India days before the release of the results of the same trial in Belgium and Germany? And why were phase-2 trials of the same vaccine conducted in Africa? But such questions have been met with a deafening silence from the India office of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) which has coordinated research and development of the vaccine.

Video: DAVID CROWE SPEAKS OUT - David Crowe, long-time AIDS dissident and President of the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society, is interviewed by Gary Null in preparation for Gary's new video, AIDS Inc. David discusses a number of different issues, including the inaccuracy of HIV tests, the lethal nature of the HIV drugs, the lack of evidence that HIV is transmitted through heterosexual intercourse, and AIDS in Africa. To purchase the complete AIDS, Inc. video, go to

FDA whistle-blower shifts Arcoxia fight to Europe
Graham, of the agency's Office of Surveillance and Epidemiology, warned an FDA advisory panel Thursday that Arcoxia would be "a potential public-health disaster" because it raises heart attack and stroke risk. The panel voted 20 to 1 against recommending approval of Arcoxia, which critics have likened to Vioxx, the arthritis drug Merck withdrew in September 2004 because of cardiovascular safety concerns. Graham said Friday that he wants to figure out how many extra strokes and heart attacks may have occurred in Europe since Arcoxia went on the market there in 2004. "I'm hoping that in Europe they reconsider this drug," he said. "It's clearly killing people."

Americans fed up with drug industry influence, FDA corruption, says Consumer Reports survey
More than four out of five Americans think drug companies have too much influence over the Food and Drug Administration, and 84 percent believe that advertisements for prescription drugs with safety concerns should be outlawed, reveals a striking new survey from Consumer Reports. The survey results, based on a telephone survey of 1,026 American adults conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center reveal the Food and Drug Administration to be alarmingly out of touch with the concerns of the American people.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed new federal regulations that will allow manufacturers and retailers to sell controversial irradiated foods without labeling them, as previously required by law. Consumers are justifiably wary of foods bombarded with nuclear waste or powerful x-rays or gamma rays--since irradiation destroys essential vitamins and nutrients, creates unique radiolytic chemical compounds never before consumed by humans, and generates carcinogenic byproducts such as formaldehyde and benzene.

Big Pharma mired in litigation
The anti-epileptic drug, Depakote (valproate), marketed by Abbott Laboratories, is one of the most heavily prescribed medications for off-label use. Experts say the evidence of harm caused by Depakote is just beginning to emerge...
Bayer is under fire for hiding the adverse effects of the anti-clotting drug, Trasylol, used in heart surgery...
Another drug on the legal chopping block is the Parkinson's drug, Permax. As far back as December 2002, doctors at the Mayo Clinic reported heart valve disease...
During the last 2 decades, the antidepressants, known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, have been prescribed for more unapproved uses than any other class of drugs in history. SSRIs have now been linked to suicidality, extreme violence and homicide, several life-threatening birth defects, abnormal uterine or gastrointestinal bleeding, a decrease in bone mineral density, fertility problems, sexual dysfunction, and a severe withdrawal syndrome...
Pfizer is still being sued left and right over adverse effects related to the epilepsy drug Neurontin...
In another case, Traci Reilly, of Naperville, Illinois, developed breast cancer after applying Protopic and Elidel for a condition that caused patches of discolored skin on her breast. Protopic and Elidel belong to a class of drugs known as calcineurin inhibitors...

ADHD: too many kids on drugs?
... at an international conference about ADHD held at Edinburgh University last month, neurologist Baroness Susan Greenfield warned of the potentially harmful long-term effect of drugs commonly used to treat ADHD on the developing brains of young children. This is particularly pertinent given the 10-fold increase from 1996 to 2004 in Scottish prescriptions for methylphenidate - the generic name for the psychoactive drug widely known as Ritalin.

Ruling Puts Texas Vioxx Lawsuits on Hold
Merck's attorneys argued a 2003 Texas law prevents Ledbetter from claiming she wasn't properly warned about Vioxx. The law, passed as part of tort reform efforts, says a drug manufacturer is not liable in allegations it failed to provide sufficient warnings about its product if the drug in question came with warnings approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

The Real "Mental Health Lessons" from Virginia Tech
The answer to vengeful, violent people is not more mental health screening or more potent mental health interventions. Reliance on the whole range of this system from counseling to involuntary treatment failed. There is not a shred of scientific evidence that locking people up against their will or otherwise "treating" them reduces violence. As we'll see, quite the opposite is true. So what was needed? Police intervention. Almost certainly, the police were hampered in taking appropriate actions by being encouraged to view Cho as a potential psychiatric patient rather than as a perpetrator. It's not politically correct to bring criminal charges against someone who is "mentally ill" and it's not politically correct to prosecute him or to remove him from the campus.

Seung-Hui Cho Was a Mind Controlled Assassin
Charles Mesloh, Professor of Criminology at Florida Gulf Coast University, told NBC 2 News that he was shocked Cho could have killed 32 people with two handguns absent expert training. Mesloh immediately assumed that Cho must have used a shotgun or an assault rifle. "I'm dumbfounded by the number of people he managed to kill with these weapons," said Mesloh, "The only thing I can figure is that he got close to them and he simply executed them." Mesloh said the killer performed like a trained professional, "He had a 60% fatality rate with handguns - that's unheard of given 9 millimeters don't kill people instantly," said Mesloh, stating that the handguns Cho used were designed for "plinking at cans," not executing human beings.

Leading American Psychiatrist Calls DSM IV Diagnostic Method Dehumanizing !
In her critical article in the Schizophrenia Bulletin, Dr. Andreasen makes some astounding acknowledgements--including the fact that American psychiatry is a veritable wasteland in need of "a reverse Marshall plan so that the Europeans can save American science by helping us figure out who really has schizophrenia or what schizophrenia really is..."
Dr. Andreasen points an accusing finger at psychiatry's reliance on an invalidated diagnostic guideline: "The DSM has had a dehumanizing impact on the practice of psychiatry. History taking—the central evaluation tool in psychiatry—has frequently been reduced to the use of DSM checklists. DSM discourages clinicians from getting to know the patient as an individual person because of its dryly empirical approach.

HRT linked to ovarian cancer risk
A large UK study has found hormone replacement therapy significantly increases the risk of ovarian cancer. Figures from the Million Women Study suggest 1,000 extra women in the UK died from ovarian cancer between 1991 and 2005 because they were using HRT. The researchers, writing in the Lancet, said HRT increased the risk of ovarian, breast and womb cancers.

Court Declines to Rule on Merits in Moms Against Mercury v. FDA -- but Suggests Road Map to Victory
The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that it lacks jurisdiction (the statutory authority to rule) in Moms Against Mercury, et al. v. FDA, adding the decision is not a ruling on the merits of our cause and implying a remedy could lie in the U.S. District Court. The Court opinion: It appears to suggest an ongoing violation of law. The Court holds that FDA may not approve mercury amalgam by using a "substantial equivalent" test. But that is exactly what FDA is doing when it approves mercury amalgam applications.

Nanoparticles can damage DNA, increase cancer risk
When nanoparticles find their way into cancer cells, they can wreak havoc, according to Sara Pacheco, an undergraduate researcher at the University of Massachusetts. Yet very little is known about how they behave in the environment or how they interact with and affect humans. "Unfortunately, only a very small portion of research on nanoparticles is focused on health and safety risks, or on threats to the environment," Pacheco said. "I am concerned because so many new nanoparticles are being developed and there is little regulation on their manufacture, use and disposal."

Britain's fight against drugs 'a total failure'
The study, 'An Analysis of UK Drugs Policy', has been written by two internationally respected experts, Professor Peter Reuter of Maryland University in the US and Alex Stevens, senior researcher at the European Institute of Social Services at Kent University.
Their findings are a scathing indictment of decades of education, prevention and awareness-raising campaigns intended to warn youngsters about the perils of narcotics. The three main strategies into which successive governments have ploughed tens of millions of pounds - mass media campaigns such as 'heroin screws you up' in the 1980s, initiatives in schools aimed at pupils as young as seven and targeting of vulnerable groups - have made little or no difference, it says.

Danny Kushlick, director of the pro-legalisation Transform Drugs Policy Foundation, said the new study backed his view that attempts to discourage drug use were pointless. 'We know from evidence that misuse of drugs is related significantly to social ill-being and social deprivation. You cannot deal with that stuff with education and prevention or through teaching younger and younger children. You deal with it by redistributing wealth and improving wellbeing.'

Prohibition has never worked. The Netherlands practically eliminated its drug related problems by making drugs legal. Moralism is quite counter-productive. So now we hear that Britain wants to raise the age for drinking legally to 21?? - it seems they have a long way to go before they'll understand.

India: GMO test data ordered to be disclosed
Chief commissioner Wajahat Habibullah of the Central Information Commission of India has directed the department of bio-technology to make public the data generated from the tests carried out on transgenic crops by agro-biotech companies. In response to a petition filed by Greenpeace India, Habibullah pointed out that the request of the applicant for toxicity and allergenicity tests on genetically modified (GM) rice, mustard, okra and brinjal cannot be refused under the RTI [the Indian Freedom of Information] Act.

Cloning and GMO Engineering livestock
The sudden overwhelming proliferation of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations; the FDA approval of cloned meat and milk from cloned cows unlabeled at the consumer level; the Monsanto patents pending on GMO hog breeds; and the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) are all synchronized elements of the covert roll out of Monsanto's “GMO livestock conversion plan”. Modeled after Monsanto’s “acreage conversion plan” for GMO grains, Monsanto and co-licensing partners will claim corporate ownership of hog breeds under patent and trademark law.

When Bees Disappear, Will Man Soon Follow?
On a recent conference call, Dr. Carlo laid the blame for the sudden demise (often within 72 hours) of entire bee colonies on the recent proliferation of electromagnetic waves (EMF). He cited the startling statistic that, at present, there are some 2.5 billion cell phone users around the world. While this (plus the explosive growth of cell phone towers) used to be the major concern, the problem has been significantly exacerbated by the recent introduction of satellite radio. Dr. Carlo commented that the constant electromagnetic background noise seems to disrupt intercellular communication within individual bees, such that many of them cannot find their way back to the hive.

The problem could well be in our unbridled use of electromagnetic radiation in communications, which is one of the great unacknowledged health threats not only for humans, but it may be killing the bees as well.

Are mobile phones wiping out our bees?
It seems like the plot of a particularly far-fetched horror film. But some scientists suggest that our love of the mobile phone could cause massive food shortages, as the world's harvests fail.

They are putting forward the theory that radiation given off by mobile phones and other hi-tech gadgets is a possible answer to one of the more bizarre mysteries ever to happen in the natural world - the abrupt disappearance of the bees that pollinate crops. Late last week, some bee-keepers claimed that the phenomenon - which started in the US, then spread to continental Europe - was beginning to hit Britain as well.

The theory is that radiation from mobile phones interferes with bees' navigation systems, preventing the famously homeloving species from finding their way back to their hives. Improbable as it may seem, there is now evidence to back this up.

Bid to halt bumblebee decline
I suspect not only are honeybees in decline, but other species of bees/insects as well. Here is an article on bumblebees going extinct - at least some species.

Silent Spring, Revisited: Bee Dieoff Shows Importance of Watershed Based Commodity Ecology Oversight
This is an open discussion of the bee die-off that is being observed not only in the US but also in several other - mainly European - countries.

Cell Phones Join Pesticides & GMOs as Possible Cause of Mass Disappearances of Bees
In bad news to mobile-attached ears, British researchers are suggesting that phone radiation could be disrupting bees' navigation systems. Research has shown that bees act differently around power lines, and a recent study found that up to 70 percent of the little stingers failed to return to hives that contained cordless-phone docking units. The implications, of course, go beyond bee welfare; Albert Einstein -- if not a bee expert, a relatively smart guy -- once said that in the absence of the busy crop pollinators, humans "would have only four years of life left."

Cell phones Invisible hazards of the wireless age
Dr. George Carlo, a mobile phone industry whistleblower, recently presented a talk in Vancouver about how electropollution from wireless technology can cause brain damage, cancer and an array of mental illnesses. I checked his facts against recent, peer-reviewed scientific papers and the results were startling. A quick search revealed five excellent studies from 2006 that provide strong evidence of serious problems from electromagnetic signals from cell phones. In contrast, several review studies that pooled results from 10 to 20 other studies suggested the evidence isn’t conclusive either way. However, these reviews may have been diluted by the inclusion of some studies with ties to telecommunication industry funders.

Sharks: not cute, not safe
Marine predators are on the verge of extinction, yet the fishing industry is ripping the environment to shreds - and with impunity
A study in this week's edition of the journal Science reveals the disastrous collapse of the ocean's megafauna. The great sharks are now wobbling on the edge of extinction. Since 1972 the number of blacktip sharks has fallen by 93 percent, tiger sharks by 97 percent and bull sharks, dusky sharks and smooth hammerheads by 99 percent. Just about every population of major predators is now in freefall.

ConocoPhillips-Tyson Foods to Produce Next Generation Renewable Diesel
ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP) and Tyson Foods, Inc. (NYSE:TSN) announced a strategic alliance to produce and market the next generation of renewable diesel fuel. The alliance plans to use beef, pork and poultry by-product fat to create a transportation fuel which will contribute to America’s energy security and help to address climate change concerns. Using a proprietary thermal depolymerization production technology, the animal fats will be processed with hydrocarbon feedstocks to produce a high-quality diesel fuel that meets all federal standards for ultra-low-sulfur diesel.

Odd Couple Aim to Put Civilians in Space
American engineer Burt Rutan and British tycoon Sir Richard Branson may seem like they come from different planets. Yet the improbable duo are in the same orbit – forming the Spaceship Co. in 2005 to launch ordinary people into space without government help. Branson recently told a trade show in California that construction of the Rutan-designed SpaceShipTwo will be ready within a year, followed by another year of flight tests. If all goes well, Virgin officials say the spaceship will be unveiled by early next year with the maiden commercial launch in 2009.

Top scientist debunks global warming
Solar activity is a greater driver of climate change than man-made carbon dioxide, argues Ian Plimer, Professor of Mining Geology at the University of Adelaide and winner of several notable science prizes. “When meteorologists can change the weather then we can start to think about humans changing climate,” Prof Plimer said.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday April 22 2007
updated on Wednesday December 8 2010

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I would like to know why the FDA has not been the target of class action suits based on its well-recorded incompetency, corruption, and inability and/or unwilliingness to protect American taxpayers from dangerous prescription drugs and industry practices, in additon to wasting taxpayer money on punitively harrassing alternative treatments and supplements.

Posted by: Stella Reinwald on April 23, 2007 02:06 PM


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