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June 04, 2007

Charles Walters: Minerals for the Genetic Code

Minerals, the elements of the earth, are the basic building blocks for life. They are needed for enzymatic reactions, to form vitamins, and to keep the human organism's homeostatic balance of liquids, among other things. Yet, minerals are generally relegated to an existence in the shadows of other, more complex substances.


Vegetables supply minerals - image:

Acidity or pH of body tissues and fluids depends on minerals, according to this article. Not only does proper pH balance depend on minerals, it is extremely important for good health:

"There are complex biochemical processes taking place in the body constantly in an attempt to keep blood pH as near perfect as possible. These are known as the pH buffering systems. These buffering systems need a good balance of minerals to work effectively. If we are getting inadequate mineral intake from the food we eat, we are going to start having problems with our pH balancing systems.

And if our pH is unbalanced, what is the result? Well, by now you should start having a good idea. Pick your disease, choose your unbalance. Cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, allergies, obesity, just name it. If you don't feel good, one of the basic things that stands between you and perfect health is your body's pH. Your basic metabolic body balance."

The mineral deficiencies in high tech crops, fast-growing varieties of wheat and rice which fueled the green revolution, are so severe they have been found to impair proper brain function and to have undermined the intelligence of a substantial part of the population, especially in the developing countries.

Now Dr Charles Walters has written what appears to be an interesting book on the value of minerals in nutrition and health. Minerals for the Genetic code! is a work that encompasses the whole route minerals take from presence in the soil to absorption by plants we use as foods, to their function in human metabolism and their correlation with out genes. Gary, a friend and internet activist, sent an introductory comment and some excerpts...

- - -

“Let food be your medicine”
-- Hippocrates, father of medicine

Minerals for the Genetic code! - By Charles Walters
– published by Acres USA – available at:

According to Minerals for the Genetic Code, there is a way to heal abnormal genes… the book contains a mapping/correlation of specific mineral deficiencies to specific diseases…. there is a mapping among the physical, chemical and biological… a correlation between specific vertebrae in the body and the relative ability to assimilate a specific mineral aided by a specific amino acid….. the critical role of the farmer …. the stupidity of agri-business…. the species threatening dangers of genetically engineered foods….. the foregoing relationships to cell propagation, health, and life span… the critical importance of trace minerals to deal with specific diseases.

The story begins with Mendeleyev's Chart of elements, proceeds to the Walter Russell chart who rewrote Mendeleyev and moves to Dr. Olree’s adaptation of Russell’s chart and generation of the Biological Periodic Chart.

My further introduction to this book includes a reference to:
1) an assessment of the state of affairs (agriculture, food supply, health)
2) their implications, and
3) potential solutions

to a fundamental health crisis in United States caused by mineral-lacking food, crop contamination, subsequent food processing and genetic engineering of plants.

An information backdrop to why this book is so important and why you should read the book is the following statement: Dr. Linus Pauling (1901 – 1994), brilliant scientist and winner of two Nobel Prizes stated:
“You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

In 1936, Rex Beach presented document #264 to the US Senate, which discussed Dr. Charles Northen’s research on the prevalent mineral depletion of America’s soil. At that time, North America’s soils were estimated to be hugely lacking in mineral content and 99% of Americans were considered mineral deficient.

Dr. Northen concluded, “Healthy plants mean healthy people. We can’t raise a strong race on a weak soil.”

Studies today confirm Dr. Northen’s conclusion that the mineral content of soil does in fact affect the mineral content of the food grown in it.

Unfortunately, 68 years later, little has been done to better the mineral content of North America’s soil. The 1992 Earth Summit soil mineral depletion report showed soil depletion in North America to be at 85 percent, the highest in the world.

Really, one might ask “just how important are minerals to maintain health in the human body?” The answer: absolutely critical.

To be redundant, it turns out that certain processes in the body and certain organs in the body need specific minerals to function well. If the minerals are not present, illness and even death can occur.

So, the assessment is: Houston, we have a problem; the United States soils are depleted of nutrients and plants cannot grow which contain a normal measure of minerals. Herbicides, pesticides are used to deal with predators of unhealthy plants fertilized with petrochemical products. We have and are creating genetically engineered crops.

The implications are that consumption of these plants, especially after current processing methods, will inadequately nourish humans and furthermore that the insufficient nourishment to the human body will eventually result in illness of that body. The agricultural use of herbicides, pesticides and petrochemical fertilizers used to deal with depleted soils and unhealthy crops enter the human body and cause cellular damage and injure chromosomes. Additionally, genetically engineered plant genes and bacteria have the potential to kill humans (see below) and or, cause mutation.

The long term solution is to
1) improve the soils (remineralization, elimination of toxic chemicals on the crops),
2) process the food so that it retains more nutrients using less chemical additives during the process,
3) and proceed with genetical engineering in a more prudent manner with better testing and regulation prior to consumer consumption.

The short term solution is:
1) to ingest organic mineral and trace mineral supplements with amino acids, and
2) vote with your dollars (choose food wisely).

The book “Minerals for the Genetic Code” is about the problem assessment, its implications and solutions. It is a book which profiles a scientific breakthrough in the understanding of the relationship between amino acids and minerals and how specific minerals can help reacquire balance in the body where an illness exists… and much more.

Examples/excerpts from the book:

Part One

1) Iodine is absolutely essential for thyroid function. The thyroid gland produces thyroxin, and thyroxin is absolutely essential if you want to metabolize sugar. (p xi)

2) … fluorine trumped the iodine…. the thyroid pathways keep your memory working and brain functioning… when fluorine enters, it shuts down 72 known iodine pathways, and ….. you end up getting…. people who can’t remember their names. (p xiii)

3) Sodium fluoride! It’s basically a poison…. added to the drinking water during World War II in German concentration camps. They soaked up all the lithium and made the prisoners more depressed and easy to manage.…. The fluoride issue emerged from the underworld of science the day the president of the Canadian Dental Association reversed the society’s position, one held during his professional lifetime. (p xviii)

4) … the cells are all protein producers. Trace nutrients govern the link of protein… Accordingly Olree set our to discover which individual amino acid was governed by which individual trace mineral.

5) .... almost all defects and malfunctions in the young are not the consequence of mutation resulting from damage to the genes as a primary cause, but are due to the disconnect between nature’s design of the human form and the nutritional support our agriculture and food processing allows…. (p 1)

6) Nutrients that increase enzymes build immunity. … The human body is able to correct malfunctioning genes 90% of the time, usually within 24 hours… (p 2)

7) The cancer patient … is dying of cachexia, malnutrition and wasting away. … all because somewhere in the cell replacement cycle of seven years the system ran out of selenium.. (p 2)

8) But genetics cannot be altered that way with impunity, not with GMO (genetically modified) food or malignant nutrition. (p 5)

9) Prednisone has been implicated in altering over 200 genes. This mean that it interferes with over 200 pathways. (p 6)

10) … the AMA has missed the train on probiotics…. Nothing but probiotics was required to treat this patient. (p 7)

11) … every form of cancer is a child of selenium deficiency. (p 9)

12) Splenda shrinks the thymus gland between 30 and 50%. (p 9)

13) …declining fertility levels brought on insect attacks for the crops and ill health for animal and man consuming them. (p 19)

14) … health problems started with the soil. (p 20)

15) Sir Albert Howard said modern agriculture was operating on two false premises, partial and imbalanced fertilization and toxic rescue chemistry. (p 25)

16) …Dr. Jerome Weisner, a science adviser to President Kennedy, … when facing a United States Senate Commission to examine Silent Spring. Using agriculture pesticides… is more dangerous than atomic fallout. (p 33)

17) If a physician treated the average citizen with one shot of penicillin every day for a year, the likely result .. a suit for malpractice. … this is exactly what feed companies have been doing to livestock and poultry. (p 35)

18) Cellular damage because of malnutrition has always been the primary cause of the classic diseases in animal husbandry: rinderpest, brucellosis, foot-and-mouth disease, John’s disease, etc. (p 37)

19) ….and almost all the chemicals used in agriculture can injure chromosomes, either by altering the chemistry of a single gene so that the gene conveys improper information, called “point mutation,” or by actually breaking the chromosomes, called “deletion.” (p 37)

20) Simplistic nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NKP) fertilization means malnutrition for plants, animals, and humans… (p 39)

21) Toxic rescue chemistry (pesticides, herbicides, etc) hopes to salvage a crop production that is not fit to live so that animals and humans might eat it, always with consequences… (p 39)

22) Carcinogenic, mutagenic and teratogenic molecules of toxic-rescue chemistry have no safe level and no tolerance level. (p 40)

23) out of every three persons in the United States can expect cancer during his or her lifetime. (p 40)

24) … our crops as a disgrace to a civilized society… (p 40)

25) Blame for this state of affairs has been handed off to the gene and to God…. (p 40)

26) Allergies are becoming pandemic. … children en masse have become lactose intolerant… milking herd…. treated with a bovine growth hormone… pig genes inserted into vegetables, chicken genes into potatoes, fish genes into tomatoes, strange genes into lettuce (p 41)

27) Splicing genetic material into a hog has no ethical implications for some… There are too many people who rarely trouble themselves thinking about ethics or consequences. (p 42)

28) Monsanto (corporation) ….. author of pollution (p 43)

29) Scientists with career interests are quite defensive when their type of genetic engineering is questioned. (p 44)

30) The problem is that when you put a single new gene into an organism, it isn’t a perfectly controlled process. … Can’t control all of those effects because living organisms are so complex. ….. we are approaching this genetic technology blindsided… there have been quite a few surprises (p 47)

31) … this genetically engineered cotton…. to be resistant to the bollworm…. The bollworms ate this stuff like it was cotton candy… now class-action lawsuits against Monsanto…. cottonseed oil is present in a lot of foods.. (p 48)

32) ..horrible examples… tryptophan … genetically engineered the bacteria…. on market without further testing… argued … still tryptophan, just produced by another method (genetically engineered)…. 1,500 people disabled…. Seven were killed….. perfectly safe if made in a natural way.. disappeared off the shelves of health food stores…. embarrassing to the FDA…. to the biotechnology industry…. put a spin in that made the food supplement industry the scapegoat… wasn’t a food supplement problem but a genetic engineering problem, a biotech problem, and a regulatory problem. (pp 49, 50)

33) Now, overnight, we are changing our foods… at the level of the DNA blueprint of these foods. … not just with one food, but with virtually every grain, legume, vegetable, fruit, nut, and berry out there. …. already been engineered by the biotech industry… not all on the grocery shelves yet…. no way we can adjust …. (p 51) (and no obligation to label them genetically engineered)

34) …every drug ...has some… side effect… synthesized means that it is artificial… genetic engineering is a genetic alteration…. virtually every food we eat will have some small side effect associated with it…. degradation ... of human food supply (p 52)

35) …if we had the complete working blueprint of a corn plant, it would fill the shelves of a major library…. we don’t know it all.. the proprietary company will claim they have stabilized the transgenetic line… the truth is something else… scientists have noted quite a deviation from the stated order, bits and pieces having disappeared…. chromosome order has been disturbed…. (p 53)

36) …overcome species barriers…. DNA… get into other unrelated species (p 54)

37) … immediately worrying is that they also use antibiotic-resistant genes….—if they get into bacteria that cause disease—would make those infections untreatable… (p 54)

38) "...The Americans have been eating it for maybe a decade now, since 1994, and there is no evidence at all that anybody has died from eating GM food." But of course, nobody has rally been looking, and as you have no labeling, you don’t even know yourself if you have eaten GM food. (p 56)

39) …Centers of Disease Control’s own study, published in 1999, found that incidences of food-borne illness have risen from twofold to tenfold as compared to a 1994 study. (p 56)

40) Arpad Pusztai revealed that genetically modified potatoes caused damage to test animals. (p 56)

41) … now a matter of record that insects coming out of GMO fields are themselves genetically modified. (p 57)

42) Genetically modified food means genetically modified bacteria that eat the genetically modified food…. (p 57)

43) .... but now these genetically modified genes are causing plants never intended to be genetically modified to submit to the genetically modified bacteria, activity now moving from species to species to species. Weeds are not exempt from this modification. The last scare of all suggests a genetically modified world. (p 58)

44) Some plants are now exhibiting a capacity to spin away from the GMO blueprint in several generations, which may be one reason behind Monsanto's contract forbidding farmers to save seeds or replant saved seeds, and forcing them to buy the latest generation of seeds from the Monsanto corporation. (p 58)

45) …yellow rice… so-called miracle crop… offering impoverished people better nutrition… damming finality that golden rice produces lower levels of beta-carotene than hoopla has suggested… (p 59)

46) In 1981 Richard Olree wrote down his first master chart revealing the relationship between minerals and subatomic particles of the human spine. … his own revelation: the mineral-amino acid connection for the messenger RNA (p 61)

47) … appropriate to point out that the degenerative metabolic diseases known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s Disease all relate to yttrium deficiency. Olree likes to think that some of these cases can be improved to some extent. (p 62)

48) The degenerative conditions cited above ask for yttrium, boron, and the spice turmeric, with maximum does of selenium. (p 62)

49) Olree... one man advocate for remineralization of the earth, the use of minerals in dealing with metabolic disease conditions... (p 65)

50) An amino acid is a simple protein. An enzyme is built by a group of amino acids held together by molecular forces. (p 64)

51) ...colleagues answer, “What in the world have minerals to do with genetics.” … It is not an easy thing to penetrate minds that believe they have all the answers ... when they’ve still to learn the question. (p 65)

52) Each of the 64 valence sequences has a mineral key. (p 66)

53) …. people worked on DNA sequencing. It was a case of refusal to allow conclusions to flow from the evidence. …. The obvious connection between health and minerals was overlooked. (p 68)

54) The fairy tale for grown people has been and remains that everything can be solved with a drug and nothing but a drug. (p 68)

55) The National Institutes of Health suggest that dietary selenium decreases cellular changes that lead to prostate cancer. (p 70)

56) In other words every form of cancer is a form of selenium depletion. (p 70)

57) It was as short-sighted as the medical society endorsing genetically modified food without even one database telling the population the long-range consequences. (p 75)

58) The future of medicine and healing cannot remain the property of pharmaceutical entrepreneurs. (p 78)

59) Health maintenance must fall under the purview of the farmer first of all… modern medicine has a habit of making incredible assumptions…. (p 78)

60) Research and pragmatic observation tell us that Alzheimer’s disease is a consequence of aluminum in, around, and on our food supply, and in our water. …. natives of India know that turmeric added to the diet of the patient … can help reverse the syndrome…. Active ingredient is curcumin and the mineral boron. (p 79)

61) The failure to understand minerals and their relationship to cell propagation and maximum life span has become a monument to wooden-headedness. (p 80)

62) The single food most capable of repairing DNA is the red Beet. (pp 80)

63) Genes that do not express, genes that get broken, genes that are erroneously expressed as a consequence of broken chromosomes, all can be repaired ….. (p 81)

64) “They should disband the FDA, and start up a brand new agency of government named “The Genetic Stability Institute.” (p 82)

Part Two

65) There are 64 three-letter codons on the Standard Genetic Chart, Dr. Olree has superimposed a mineral chart over the Standard Chart. Each codon is therefore affiliated with an amino acid and also with a mineral. (p 90)

66) Of course there is really no junk DNA. (p 95)

67) Are programs hatched by scientists educated beyond their intelligence delivering genocide? (p 98)

68) The word should go forth that selenium can either extinguish AIDS or quench its thirst. (p 98)

69) Iodine is the thermostat for the human body. … you will get rid of all your fibrocystic tumors. They’ll just dissolve and go away.” (p 102)

70) The brain can’t develop without iodine. … a baby without iodine will turn out to be mentally retarded. (p 103)

71) We are now looking at second, third, and fourth generations nurtured on phosphoric acid from soda pops. We are into the second generation on NutraSweet. Within ten years we will be in our second generation on Splenda. The intake of aspartame assures a pandemic of diabetes, and a fifth generation retarded by fluorine in the water supply. “We are in our third or fourth generation of DNA’s being scrambled before reproduction, better genetic selection first being ruled from the field,” is the Olree assessment. (p 103)

72) Fluorine inhibits iodine uptake by the thyroid glad, hence a deficit of thyroxin and an inability to metabolize sugar, among other things. (p 103)

73) Hormones that are built with fluorine instead of iodine…. force the body…. getting rid of garbage hormone. The legacy is .. a burned out genetic code. (p 103)

74) …aluminum drives boron down… drags all the bromine out of the equation leading to Parkinson’s syndrome. (p 107)

75) … MS (multiple sclerosis) came down to two broken genes.

76) These few points indict the use of aluminum in foods and cosmetics. Aluminum suppresses yttrium. (p 110) … yttrium enhances the absorption and distribution of selenium. (p 111)

77) A recent study performed by Larry Clark at the University of Arizona showed that the essential trace element selenium may reduce the incidence of and mortality from cancers in several sites in the body. (p 116)

78) In pregnancy, the arsenic level goes up tenfold if the child is to be a boy. Without such a level, spontaneous abortion becomes the inevitable result. Pine needles crushed and steeped as a tea in boiling water deliver enough arsenic to prevent miscarriage. (p 118)

79) Splenda is a sugar molecule that has had a chlorine molecule synthetically attached… studies show consumption of Splenda is related to a 30 to 50% loss of thymus function, which means immunity is being canceled out quickly. (p 121)

80) In the wild, Chronic Wasting disease is usually a consequence of a low ratio of manganese to copper. (p 121)

81) Chromium (especially in the form of chromium picolinate) is referred to as the master regulator of insulin… signs of possible deficiency include diabetes …. and depression…. (p 121)

82) … a kidney stone is, super-saturated kidneys with calcium and not enough magnesium to keep it in solution…. (pp 125)

83) A wake-up routine of 3 A.M. usually designates a calcium or magnesium deficiency. (p 127)

84) If the sulfur load in the body becomes depleted, joint cartilage wears out. (p 130)

85) The greatest depletion of magnesium and other minerals that creates havoc with people is the consumption of phosphoric acid, which is found in popular colas… causes rapid depletion of magnesium… This causes the depletion of selenium…. Upsets the calcium metabolism and disturbs all the minerals … (p 132)

86) The center of the chlorophyll molecule is magnesium. If you remove the magnesium molecule from the center of chlorophyll, and insert an iron molecule in its place, you now have hemoglobin. That’s how closely tied is the chlorophyll-hemoglobin connection. The whole basis of the food chain is the sunlight-chlorophyll-magnesium factor. The cow eats grass. She avails herself of that instant conversion, giving man – the head of the biotic pyramid—meat and milk. It is a very efficient system—sunlight to meat! The mineral inventory found in beef is awesome. These great natural benefits are canceled out when the cow is restricted to a feedlot, fed carbohydrates, bypass protein, cattle cake, and bicarbonate of soda. (p 179)

87) Meaningful suppliers of supplements are under assault worldwide by Codex amateurs. On July 4, 2005 a meeting in Rome Italy finalized the iron color around the neck of the public, guided the World Trade organization and NATO. … At issue is Codex Alimentarius, the WTO document that takes off our hands the problem of self-government. ….Codex allows food supplements, but the dosages are to be so low as to be meaningless. … put our health in the hands of physicians, a discipline that knows little more about nutrition than a jackrabbit knows about Sunday. ….The change of U.S. Congress standing up to the WTO is about the same as that of the Brooklyn Bridge suddenly levitating.… Codex Alimentarius hopes to tightly control vitamins, minerals, enzymes and almost all essential nutrients embodied in food supplements. They will be treated as pharmaceutical drugs, ergo available only by prescription…. They are to be manufactured by pharmaceutical companies from synthetic materials and genetically engineered substance. …. If the German experience means anything, we can expect food supplements to carry pharmacy prices. We’re informed that $200 for vitamin E capsules is typical.

The book can be obtained from:

See also:

Codex Alimentarius - The Sinister Truth Behind Operation Cure-All

The Health Movement against "Codex Alimentarius"

Codex Alimentarius Adopts Vitamin Guidelines


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Monday June 4 2007
updated on Monday November 29 2010

URL of this article:


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Readers' Comments

I wrote about this back in 1999. Not as good but I pointed it out in my first book, Triumph Over Hepatitis C.
I am happy that it is being taken a step futher.
Thank you for bringing this to us!

Posted by: Lloyd Wright on June 5, 2007 09:46 AM


My husband and I try to take our mineral and trace mineral supplement every day, because we know the importance of getting them into every cell in the body. We would also like to think that changes in farming methods will bring better nutrition, but we are also believers in realism, that`s why we will keep on supplementing our diets.

Posted by: Jamesina Goulbourne on June 5, 2007 11:57 AM


great article. I\'ll add that mineal depletion of soils is dynamic entropic process that we are excacerbating with ag practices as is stated well in article.

A critical factor in dead and dying temperate forests worldwide is mineral depletion. Soils are rebuilt with mineral additives. I have been involved with mineral supplementation to soils for 30 years and can attest to the vitality of plant materials grown over those in depleted soils and this is especially true for trees.

Thank you for bringing up the matter of nutritionally empty bags of water vegetables. A lot of illness is caused by mineral depletion, the veterinarians are not wrong.


Posted by: Neal Perrochet on June 5, 2007 05:48 PM


My utmost Thanks for helping to bring this information to the forefront . " Minerals For The Genetic Code" by Charles Walters is an outstanding 'work of art' in my opinion . I have been singing its praises for the past few years , and have advised my many clients to read it . The entire population needs this kind of information ,especially those in the production of healthy livestock and healthy crops , so that we can have healthy people . Sincerely, Ruth Flack .

Posted by: Ruth Flack on May 30, 2010 01:55 PM


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