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November 25, 2007

The Aids Epidemic That Never Was - NewsGrabs 25 November 2007

Health Supreme's NewsGrabs are a selection of alternative health and other underprivileged news. Find what you may have missed in your everyday reading - watch out for these NewsGrabs on weekends.

Here is another week's worth of interesting stories and links collected for you:

High Percentage of Physicians, Nurses Take Supplements -

Black cohosh stops breast cancer -

Autism can be treated -

Garlic Extract Powder Capsules Are Not Medicinal Products - Says EU Court of Justice -

Cannabis may halt breast cancer -

Aristolochia: Manna from Hell - A health science detective story -

Africans as Guinea Pigs: Nigeria vs Pfizer -

Video: Sicko - Michael Moore on the American Health Care System -

Seroxat: Sufferers sue 'happy pill' firm for £30million -

Ritalin: The scandal of kiddy coke -

Atypical Antipsychotics for the Elderly: A Booming Business -

Houston TX - Drug Makers Accused Of Misleading Health Department -

Get kids vaccinated or go to jail -

Children herded like cattle into Maryland courthouse for forced vaccinations -

Colorado Pandemic Drill Offers Drive-In Flu Shot -

"We Did a Beautiful Experiment, But..." AIDS Vaccine Increased Risk -


Virus used in experimental HIV vaccines impairs immune response -


The Aids epidemic has been overstated, UN experts admit -

The Aids epidemic that never was and why political correctness influences too much medical spending -


Psychiatry: Human Rights Group Accuses Serbia of Torture & Abuse of Disabled Children & Adults

- - -

Higher Percentage of Physicians, Nurses Take Supplements than Consumers
The landmark "Life...supplemented" Healthcare Professionals (HCP) Impact Study found that more than three quarters of U.S. physicians (79 percent) and nurses (82 percent) recommend dietary supplements to their patients. The study also shows that an almost equal number -- 72 percent of physicians and 89 percent of nurses -- personally use vitamin, mineral, herbal and other supplements either regularly, occasionally or seasonally, which is a higher percentage than the 68 percent (1) of adults who report they take nutritional or dietary supplements.

Black cohosh stops breast cancer
The in vitro study, published in Phytomedicine, looked at extracts and compounds from black cohosh and related Cimicifuga species and found that the potential anti-cancer benefits were related to the triterpene glycoside content. The study adds to a small but growing body of research suggesting breast cancer prevention for a herb most commonly used by women to reduce menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes.

Autism can be treated
The other mom is Jenny McCarthy, who has just released a book about her experiences with bringing her son Evan back from autism . The book, entitled, Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism, was featured on the cover of People in the October 1, 2007, issue. She is spokeswoman for an organization called Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), which provides detailed information on what parents can do to help their children recover.

During their interview on Larry King Live, Jenny pointed out that while vaccines might not be the sole cause of autism, she believes they are a trigger, much like obesity is a trigger for diabetes. She also pointed out that her son had candida, a yeast infection, and as soon as this was cleaned up with an antifungal diet and an antifungal drug, Max started speaking complete sentences and his social development was back on track. Jenny said Evan’s experience is common among kids with autism.

Garlic Extract Powder Capsules Are Not Medicinal Products - EU Court of Justice
German health authorities have long held that garlic in capsules - although normally available as food supplements in other countries - may be sold in Germany only if registered as a medicine. The European Court of Justice has now decided a legal case initiated in 2005 by the European Commission against Germany over this restrictive view on garlic capsules. The outcome of the case: The German classification of garlic capsules as a medicine is excessive and violates the provision of free movement of goods inside the European Community.

'Cannabis' may halt breast cancer
The California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute team are hopeful that cannabidiol or CBD could be a non-toxic alternative to chemotherapy. Unlike cannabis, CBD does not have any psychoactive properties so its use would not violate laws, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics reports. The authors stressed that they were not suggesting patients smoke marijuana.

Aristolochia: Manna from Hell - A health science detective story
A long but well written article about aristolochic acid nephropathy, a kidney disease endemic to a certain area in Serbia that was thought to be caused by poisoned water. The cause of the disease was eventually found to be wheat contaminated with Aristolochia, a rather common weed and a medicinal herb that has been used in Chinese traditional medicine.

Africans as Guinea Pigs: Nigeria vs Pfizer
Pfizer has maintained it conducted the trials for humanitarian reasons. However, as Der Spiegel reports, "When they arrived in Kano, the Americans revealed that they were not on a humanitarian aid mission, but had been sent to administer medical tests. Physicians selected 200 sick children to test Pfizer's new antibiotic, Trovan. They had to be at least three months old and younger than 18, and they could not be HIV-positive or malnourished."

The central questions: Who should assume the risks and whose life should be put on the line to test new drugs and vaccines? How do you justify exposing impoverished people to the risks in the knowledge that they will not benefit even if the drugs prove safe and effective?

These questions are conspicuously avoided by the American medical research community--all of who have financial stakes in the business of clinical trials--either as shareholders or grant recipients, or their wages are dependent on industry.

Was this the template for John Le Carre's novel later made into an award winning film - "The Constant Gardener"?

Video: Sicko - Michael Moore on the American Health Care System
I just had an opportunity to see Sicko - the film Michael Moore made to document some of the hardships the American health care system visits on those who have to rely on it. I highly recommend you see it. A really is worthwhile film - for you Americans to find out what's going on and for you outside the US to appreciate how well off you are!

Here is a trailer to whet the appetite:

Seroxat: Sufferers sue 'happy pill' firm for £30million
Pharmaceutical giant Glaxo-SmithKline is facing a £30million damages claim from users of its anti-depressant Seroxat. Lawyers representing patients who insist the bestselling drug is addictive have issued the first of 600 High Court writs against the company, each seeking compensation of up to £50,000. Since first prescribed in Britain in 1990, Seroxat has been linked to at least 50 suicides of adults and children.

Ritalin: The scandal of kiddy coke
Eight months ago, Daniel, now 14, was put on Risperdal - an antipsychotic drug usually given to schizophrenics.

"It was as if my son had been replaced by a doped-up zombie,' says Hayley, 35, who took him off it a month later. I could hardly wake him in the morning. It was as if all his personality was disappearing, like a patient in a mental institution."

Last week, it emerged that around 8,000 British youngsters are being treated with this powerful tranquilliser and another, similar drug called Zyprexa - despite the fact that their dangerous side-effects range from diabetes to brain tumours.

Atypical Antipsychotics for the Elderly: A Booming Business
Testifying at a congressional hearing, Dr. David Graham, a prominent FDA drug safety expert, was asked if he had issues with any medications already on the market.

"I would pay careful attention to antipsychotic medications. ... The problem with these drugs are that we know that they are being used extensively off-label in nursing homes to sedate elderly patients with dementia and other types of disorders. ...

"But the fact is, is that it increases mortality perhaps by 100 percent. It doubles mortality. So I did a back-of-the-envelope calculation on this and you have probably got 15,000 elderly people in nursing homes dying each year from the off-label use of antipsychotic medications. ...

Houston TX - Drug Makers Accused Of Misleading Health Department
The Texas whistleblower lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson promises to topple the house of cards upon which the public mental health system rests. The suit by Allen Jones, formerly assistant Inspector General in Pennsylvania, and the Texas Attorney General charges Johnson & Johnson with concocting TMAP (Texas Medication Algorithm Project) a marketing scheme to increase sales of its antipsychotic drug, Risperdal.

The suit will unravel the fraudulent TMAP prescribing guidelines that were promulgated by a consensus panel of psychiatrists from the University of Texas, and promoted with the help of public officials--all of who were paid by J & J (and other Big Pharma companies). TMAP is a prescription drug scheme ensuring that the most expensive psychotropic drugs would be used, the exorbidant cost paid for by taxpayers.

Get kids vaccinated or go to jail
"It was very intimidating," Territa Wooden of Largo said of the letter. She said she presented the paperwork at the courthouse Saturday and resolved the matter.

School officials deemed the court action a success. School system spokesman John White said the number of children lacking vaccinations dropped from 2,300 at the time the judge sent the letter to about 1,100 Friday.

"It's cute. It looks like their parents are dragging them to church," [Circuit Court Judge C. Philip] Nichols said.

"People should have a choice" in getting their children immunized, said Charles Frohman, representing a physicians' group opposed to vaccines.

Children herded like cattle into Maryland courthouse for forced vaccinations as armed police and attack dogs stand guard
Organized medicine believes the People are too stupid to be allowed to make their own health decisions. Bureaucrats and physicians should be the ones making these decisions, we're told, and any person who disagrees with such decisions should be labeled a criminal, arrested and prosecuted. This is no exaggeration. It is, in fact, a shockingly accurate description of Maryland's current vaccination policy.

Following the American example, also Britain Plans Flu Shots for Everyone.

Colorado Pandemic Drill Offers Drive-In Flu Shot
The emergency health drill was well manned with health care professionals, media and local police fully capable of distributing large amounts of the vaccine, in a timely fashion, but the majority of volunteers spent most of their time standing around. and turned out with signs that said “Don’t drink the kool-aid”, “Vaccines cause autism” and a large banner that read “What is the Endgame”. As participants walked into the area they were handed informational fliers on the dangers of mass vaccinations, an Alex Jones documentary Endgame DVD, and a sticker that said “I want the Mercury Free Vaccine”.

"We Did a Beautiful Experiment, But..." AIDS Vaccine Increased Risk
"The Merck setback means that 25 years into the AIDS epidemic doctors are still far from having a protective vaccine. An international team of scientists has been recruited to determine precisely what went wrong. Meanwhile, leading researchers are re-examining their vaccine strategies, said David Ho, who has studied HIV since the epidemic began. "It's a giant step backwards," Ho, scientific director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York, said in a telephone interview. "It calls into question all the vaccines using related strategies that have been leading the field."

A giant step backward ... could it mean that vaccines as such are on their way out? Perhaps not, but vaccination sure has its dark points and a slew of critics.

There really cannot be a vaccine for Aids, if we consider this logically. In every other illness, vaccination leads to the production of antibodies. In Aids, the presence of antibodies is interpreted as having the infection! A stark contradiction in terms.

In a message to Liam Scheff, the journalist who blew the whistle on drug experiments on orphans in New York, Beldeu Singh from Malaysia explains why THERE WILL NEVER BE A VACCINE FOR HIV-AIDS.

Virus used to create experimental HIV vaccines directly impairs the immune response
Leading efforts to create an HIV vaccine have hinged on the use of viruses as carriers for selected elements of the HIV virus. Recently, however, evidence has emerged that some of these so-called viral vector systems may undermine the immune system and should not be used for vaccine development. Now, a new study from scientists at The Wistar Institute provides strong support for the idea that some viral-vector vaccines may cause more harm than good. The findings show that an HIV vaccine construct incorporating one of these viruses, called adeno-associated virus, or AAV, directly interferes with the immune response to the HIV virus. Specifically, while it induces HIV-specific T cells, as intended, those cells are functionally impaired in important ways.

There are two types of tests. The more recent and less frequently applied type uses the polymerase chain reaction, PCR, to look for bits of RNA or DNA said (but not proven) to be characteristic of HIV; the inventor of PCR, Kary Mullis, concurs with what the manufacturers of PCR tests say in their instructions: these tests cannot be used to diagnose infection by HIV.

Hodgkinson’s comment applies to the more traditional tests which look for proteins said (but not proven) to be characteristic of HIV–the so-called ELISA and the so-called Western Blot tests. The accepted “best practice” is to use ELISA and to confirm a duplicated positive result by the Western Blot.


But the Western Blot is no better than the ELISA. It is anything but well defined or unambiguous...

The Aids epidemic has been overstated, UN experts admit
Top scientists at the United Nations have finally admitted they have long overblown the scale of the global Aids epidemic. Flying in the face of its own doomsday forecasts of an ever-expanding Aids nightmare, a UN report published today reveals that the threat has been declining for nearly a decade.

The significant downward revision of the number of AIDS cases world wide confirms what critics have been saying for years: the epidemic is blown up out of all proportion. The motives range from money to control and power.

Actually, with HIV tests reacting to more than 60 unrelated conditions, there is no way of telling what the numbers might really be. Pregnancy is one of the conditions that produce false positive test reactions. Yet in Africa, pregnancy clinics are where HIV tests are done and so the estimates cannot be but wrong. The tests are based on circular reasoning, says Neville Hodgkinson.

The Aids epidemic that never was and why political correctness influences too much medical spending
Just as the Aids scare in Britain galvanised the bureaucracy of the state into expensive action, so the international agencies, such as the UN, the World Health Organisation and a host of Third World charities, were gripped by a sense of urgency about the need to tackle Aids. Yet it has turned out that much of this panic, however understandable, was misplaced...

What a mystery calling for further sophisticated research! The drug that treats herpes has no direct effect on HIV, yet when herpes is present as well as HIV, it eliminates some of the HIV! Maybe this offers a way of treating HIV/AIDS? Infect HIV-positive people with herpes, and then treat the herpes?

Henry Bauer comments on absurdities in the world of HIV and Aids. It may feel a bit disorienting to read what he has to say, but it certainly is liberating the mind to start working again in the face of inconsistencies that tend to shut down any possibility of logical analysis... I like his take on the Aids statistics in Russia.

Human Rights Group Accuses Serbia of Torture & Abuse of Disabled Children & Adults
An investigative report released on November 14, 2007 by Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI), "Torment not Treatment: Serbia's Segregation and Abuse of Children and Adults with Disabilities," details gross abuses against children and adults with disabilities who are forced to live out their lives in institutions. A 21-year-old man with Down syndrome tied to a metal crib for 11 years. Children, naked from the waist down, left to eat and defecate in their beds.

- - -

More information out there...

There is much I cannot cover but other sources for this kind of information exist and are active.


The Alternative Medicine Yahoo Group is another great place to get information on what is happening in the world of nutrition and other natural health options.

For the influence of electromagnetic waves from radio, mobile phones and other radio emitting devices, check out the emfrefugee group on Yahoo.

If you are interested in a different take on the news that isn't health centered but is certainly fun, check out Robin Good TV News.

Some more sites to keep up to date with the other side of world affairs, the stuff you won't find on tv:

And remember ...

"The individual is supreme and finds its way through intuition."


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday November 25 2007
updated on Wednesday August 15 2012

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