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June 22, 2008

FDA sees 'fraud' in Cancer treatments - NewsGrabs 22 June 2008

FDA warns about fraudulent cancer treatments
The Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on teas, supplements, creams and other products that falsely claim to cure, treat or prevent cancer even though they are not agency-approved drugs. All are available for sale on the Internet.

"FDA is very concerned that consumers will purchase these products on the Internet and use them instead of products that have been proven safe and effective," said Michael Levy, director of the agency's new drugs and labeling compliance division.

Just wondering - can anyone name some of those "safe and effective" cancer treatments? Chemotherapy? Radiation?

Gotta be kidding!

The FDA's crackdown shows how little trust the public has in the toxins advocated by "orthodox" medicine to cure cancer and other ills. They are looking around for alternatives, so the FDA steps in - once more - to protect the business of pharmaceutical disease management.

125 Cancer 'Cures' That the FDA Calls Fake

This article is especially interesting for the comments people left. It seems many are waking up to the fact that pharmaceutical officialdom is leading them down the garden path...

Irish health group welcomes 'no' to Lisbon treaty
Ireland's rejection of the European Union Lisbon Treaty has strengthened the resolve of the country's independent health store retailers as well as food supplement manufacturers and wholesalers in their campaign against EU regulations.

"The overall message to Europe is to back off and that can only help our cause. This adds to the considerable unease that industry and consumers have been registering in regard to some of the laws that have been written. This would have been a significant factor in deciding the vote because our industry's concerns would have added to the mainstream concerns and doubts."

Lack of vitamin D rampant in infants, teens
"Vitamin D deficiency is much more of a health problem than anyone realized," says Catherine Gordon, director of the bone health program at Children's Hospital Boston. In the June issue of the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Gordon and her colleagues found that 40% of infants and toddlers tested below average for vitamin D.

"Vitamin D deficiency was twice as common in teens as we assumed it would be," she says.

Adults still risk vitamin D deficiency
Vitamin D also may play a role in preventing diabetes and hypertension, according to the National Institutes of Health. A study in last week's Archives of Internal Medicine found that men 40 to 75 with below-normal vitamin D levels had a higher risk of heart attack.

Study links vitamin D to colon cancer survival
The results showed that individuals with the vitamin D levels in the highest quartile were 48 percent less likely to die (from any cause, including colon cancer) than those with the lowest vitamin D measurements.

"Our data suggest that higher prediagnosis plasma levels of [vitamin D] after a diagnosis of colorectal cancer may significantly improve overall survival," the authors wrote. "Future trials should examine the role of vitamin D supplementation in patients with colorectal cancer."

Study indicates grape seed extract may reduce cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer's disease
Lead study author Giulio Pasinetti, MD, PhD, of Mount Sinai School of Medicine and colleagues found that the grape seed extract prevents amyloid beta accumulation in cells, suggesting that it may block the formation of plaques. In Alzheimer's disease, amyloid beta accumulates to form toxic plaques that disrupt normal brain function.

The researchers tested a grape seed polyphenolic extract product sold as MegaNatural-AZ, made by Polyphenolics, which in part supported the study. Polyphenolic compounds are antioxidants naturally found in wine, tea, chocolate, and some fruits and vegetables.

Flawed St. John's Wort Study on ADHD Failed to Use Active Form of Herbal Extract
Recently a study purporting to discredit the time-honored use of the St. Johns Wort herb for pediatric use for kids labeled ADHD was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. This paper was heavily influenced by Harvard's Dr. Joseph Biederman. Dr. Biederman made headlines and a New York Times editorial in the past few days because he and his colleagues failed to disclose more than $3,200,000 in drug company money in violation of the universities disclosure policy.

Placebo supplement spawns opposition
The sugar pill, marketed by Efficacy Brands, was introduced on the US market in March this year, and is currently being sold at $6 for a bottle of 50. The product is called Obecalp - or 'placebo' spelt backwards.

"This is not a lawfully marketed product, and it shouldn't be on the shelves at all," said Daniel Fabricant, PhD, science and regulatory affairs vice president at the Washington DC-based Natural Products Association (NPA).

I wonder what the big deal is here. Is big pharma's placebo a sacred object of worship that no one may touch? Are they perhaps afraid someone is going to look into how THEY formulate their placebos?

Bacteria in Pork Showing Resistance to Antibiotics
Scientists are beginning to detect antibiotic-resistant bacteria in pork, pigs and some veterinarians, raising the issue of whether these so-called superbugs might find a new route to infect farmworkers or even people who eat pork.

Will Internet Addiction enter into Manual of Mental Disorders?
Like other addicts, users reportedly experience cravings (for better software, faster machines), withdrawal (logging off may cause irritability), a loss of sense of time (wee-hour fixes), and negative social repercussions (it's so much easier to date an avatar). Sound familiar?

Harvard Conflicts of Interest and the 'bipolar epidemic'
The astounding 'bipolar' epidemic among America's children has no scientific-epidemiological explanation. It is generated by financially-compromised child psychiatrists who "diagnose" normal, but irritable children whose behavior may be disruptive. Such children are misdiagnosed as having a severe, chronic, disabling condition--the current diagnosis du jour is bipolar. This "diagnosis" condemns a child to be exposed to the most toxic drugs (antipsychotics and anticonvulsants) whose documented severe adverse effects pose life-threatening risks for children and adults.

Doctor Advised Neurontin Warning But Was Ignored
Trimble described what he said was a “plausible biological pathway” that could lead from the compound gabapentin, or Neurontin, to suicidal behavior, hostility, and aggression, the paper writes He said that in 1995 and 1996, he was hired to write two confidential reports, because the drugmaker “was concerned about psychosis in relation to their drug,” according to the Journal. Trimble testified he was unable to find a link to psychosis, but noted effects of depression and aggression.

Lawyers for Pfizer argued the evidence linking the drug to suicidal side effects wasn’t scientifically sound...

U.S. Ranks Dead Last Among 19 Nations in Preventive Medicine
Researchers tracked how many preventable deaths took place in 19 developed nations between 2002 and 2003. A preventable death was defined as one that would not have occurred if the patient had access to timely and effective health care.

The United States ranked dead last, with 109.7 preventable deaths for every 100,000 people. France came in first, with 64.8, followed by Japan and Australia, with 71.2 and 71.3, respectively.

The shocking death of Tim Russert last Friday has left an entire nation wondering what happened. He was a model patient, doing everything his doctors asked. All major media have run articles trying to explain the nuances and difficulties in treating coronary artery disease. These articles find little fault in Russert’s care, trying to create the idea that his heart attack was just too hard to predict and that all that could have been done for him was done. I beg to differ. His death represents the failure of standard medical care to produce a positive result – an occurrence that is all too common in today’s world.

UK: Call to regulate 'unorthodox therapy'
But the experts, led by Professor Mike Pittilo, the vice chancellor of Aberdeen's Robert Gordon University, said unregulated treatments were putting patients at risk. They said acupuncture had been known to cause kidney damage when the needles were inserted too deeply, while herbal medicines had been found contaminated with steroids.

It is absolutely amazing to see the professor's passionate concern for our safety. He is suggesting to regulate "unorthodox" therapies that are orders of magnitude safer than "orthodox" medicine. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Better clean up orthodox medicine, which is where the deaths are occurring.

100s of UK herbals face ban as registration deadline looms
The British Herbal Medicines Association (BHMA) has urged companies to begin the registration process or allow products to face market extinction come the April 2011 deadline.

Some member states have registered no products so far, with others still to transpose the THMPD into their national legislatures. A BHMA spokesperson told NutraIngredients that 35 applications "was a remarkably small number" despite the MHRA being as "helpful as it possibly could". He said he did not know of any registrations that had been granted in other member states which he described as "an extraordinary situation".

This herbal medicines directive is a perfect example of how laws are made in the EU without knowledge of and without regard to the actual market situation. The registration procedure is financially out of reach of most producers of herbal supplements.

Some countries - Italy is one of them - are including herbs in the supplements category, but apparently the UK is planning to just say "too bad - you didn't register your herbs, now they can't be sold any more". A situation typical for the bureaucratic way of making laws that protect pharmaceutical industry turf without asking what the people want.

HRT Is OK says International Menopause Society - who are funded by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Bayer, Schering Pharma and Novo Nordisk Femcare!

HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy has been found to be associated with increased incidence of cancer and heart attacks, and was largely abandoned after some large studies found those increased risks.

The International Menopause Society, with funding from some pharmaceutical manufacturers, spins the warnings saying "it's not so bad".

Britain's children victims of the chemical cosh
The number of powerful psychiatric drugs prescribed to England's children has risen by more than half in four years, government figures have revealed.

GPs in England are handing out prescriptions for anti-psychotic drugs for children as young as seven at the rate of 250 a day...

UK: Doctors 'ignoring drugs warning'
"Evidence reviewed by the Committee on Safety of Medicines indicates an increased risk of stroke which particularly applies when these drugs are used by elderly people with dementia," the CSM said. It added: "The Committee has advised that risperidone or olanzapine should not be used for the treatment of behavioural symptoms of dementia."

Paxil And Placebo Suicides
Grassley cited a report prepared by Joseph Glenmullen, a Harvard psychiatry professor, for litigation in federal court in California over Paxil side effects. The report was unsealed earlier this year, but was missing some pages. Last week, those pages became available and include a section that describes in some detail how Glaxo allegedly manipulated so-called placebo suicides.

Exposed: Harvard Shrink Gets Rich Labeling Kids Bipolar
What Dick Cheney is to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, psychiatrist Joseph Biederman is to the explosion of psychiatric medications in American children. Recently, Biederman was nailed by congressional investigators and the New York Times for overestimating just how greedy an elite shrink is entitled to be. Beyond a peek into the corruption of psychiatry at its highest levels, the scandal is an opportunity to reconsider the Big Pharma financed view of why kids become disruptive and destructive.

Should doctors be 'selling' drugs for the pharmaceutical industry?
Drug companies will pay influential doctors up to $400 an hour to act as key opinion leaders, and some doctors earn more than $25 000 a year in advisory fees. Kimberly Elliot, a former award-winning drug company sales representative interviewed by Moynihan, reveals that drug companies desperately need key opinion leaders in order for doctors to believe what they are saying and prescribe their products, because drug representatives are often not believed. Essentially, she says, key opinion leaders are just salespeople.

So how independent are these doctors who have long term financial arrangements with drug companies?

Perverse Corruption as Doctors are Paid to Sell Drugs
The British Medical Journal is helping everyone understand just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Key doctors are paid big money to promote and sell drugs. An interview with a superstar drug rep reveals exactly how Big Pharma recruits and trains key doctors, and then pays them to make presentations about the company’s drugs with information and slides prepared by the company – and never do the doctors disclose the financial relationship. Just unbelievable.

UK: Drug warning for PMT sufferers
(PMT - Premenstrual Tension)
The National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome (NAPS) says more and more women are contacting them because they reckon they've wrongly been prescribed anti-depressants including Prozac and Seroxat.

The charity is worried potentially thousands more are being misdiagnosed as having clinical depression, when their symptoms are actually linked to their periods and don't last all month.

Unexplained Troop Deaths, Something Very Wrong With PTSD Treatments
"Military doctors prescribed Paxil, Klonopin and Seroquel for Johnson, the same combination taken by veterans Andrew White, 23, of Cross Lanes; Eric Layne, 29, of Kanawha City; and Nicholas Endicott of Logan County. All were in apparently good physical health when they died in their sleep."

23 people die and 123 are hospitalised after being given flu vaccine
23 people have died from heart attacks, blood infections and pneumonia after having routine flu jabs

There are now calls for further research to identify whether some people could be put in danger by having the jab. Ms Primarolo insisted the flu vaccine was safe and added: ‘The balance of benefits to risks remains overwhelmingly positive.’

Quite a death toll for a vaccine that is administered against an illness that does not normally result in death but at the most in a few days in bed. Wonder when Ms Primarolo last examined that balance she says is "overwhelmingly positive".

Unfortunately, government personnel's interests are heavily conflicted. On the one hand they are charged to maintain vaccination levels at as close to 100 % as possible, on the other they are the ones to determine the risk-benefit balance.

Forced Vaccination - Stand Up! Be Counted
But Vaccines are big business in America. Americans buy and are required to use more vaccines than citizens in any other nation in the world. The market for pediatric vaccines is predicted to quadruple by the year 2016 to more than $16 billion.

Vaccines are the only commercial products marketed and sold for profit that are not subject to product liability laws.

Serious vaccine reactions include brain damage and even death. More vaccines may not make our children healthier.

AIDS: De COCK AND BULL stuff and nonsense
Someone like De Cock who collaborated in authorship of this review article would, I suggest, find unbidden doubts making themselves felt about the whole business of HIV/AIDS epidemics; albeit those doubts might express themselves only in dreams—or nightmares.

Expressing such doubts in the light of day, and from within the World Health Organization, is tantamount to treason. No surprise, then, that WHO and UNAIDS quickly issued a joint “correction”...

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now likes to fill its reports with “Estimates” instead of with actual reported counts—the 2005 Surveillance Report, for example, has 7 tables of estimated cases of HIV/AIDS and AIDS; one of estimated deaths of people with AIDS; and for “Persons Living with HIV/AIDS, AIDS, or HIV Infection (Not AIDS)” there are 6 tables, 2 maps, and 3 figures of estimated data. All these estimates, of course, are outputs of computer models whose inputs include unsubstantiated assumptions plus — surely? — some counts of actually reported cases.

Orasure's Oral AIDS Test Has Too Many False Positives
The rate of false positives from the OraQuick Advance Rapid HIV 1/2 rose as high as 1.1 percent over the past eight months, or more than five times the level claimed in the kit's labeling, city health officials said. While the test meets U.S. standards and remains on the market, New York's sexually transmitted disease clinics stopped using it to screen saliva...

Aids tests are unworkable - see "No Gold Standard for HIV Testing"

14 die of cancer in seven years living next to phone mast with highest radiation levels in UK
Fourteen people living within a mile of a mobile phone mast that emits one of the highest levels of radiation in the country have died of cancer. Four of the deaths have been in a cul-de-sac yards from the site. A further 20 residents have developed tumours in the last seven years, although they have survived.

Dr Coghill said last night there was strong circumstantial evidence that the masts may have triggered depression in those from Bridgend who took their lives. “There is a body of research that has over the years pointed to the fact that exposure to mobile radiation can lead to depression. There is evidence of higher suicide rates where people live near any electrical equipment that gives off radio or electrical waves.”

Indian Govt to service providers: Warn mobile users!
Warning people about harmful effects of radiation from mobile phones, the Indian government has asked cell phone service providers and makers to avoid promotional advertisements showing vulnerable segments like children and pregnant women using cell phones.

The electromagnetic waves emitted from mobile phones can seriously damage the tissues of the users' brain, according to recent guidelines issued by the Ministry of Telecommunication.

The evidence is in - and it is overwhelming. Even at typical low power, cell phones and wireless technology cause severe biological disturbances in human cells. In August 2007, 26 medical and public health experts their Bioinitiative Report - available online - reviewing all the literature on the effects of electromagnetic radiation

- - -

More information out there...

There is much I cannot cover but other sources for this kind of information exist and are active.


Dr Mercola's health blog and Mike Adams' Natural News have great health information.

The Alternative Medicine Yahoo Group is a place where you can discuss and exchange information on what is happening in the world of natural health.

For the influence of electromagnetic waves from radio, mobile phones and other radio emitting devices, check out the emfrefugee group on Yahoo.

If you are interested in a different take on the news that isn't health centered but is certainly fun, check out Robin Good TV News.

A few sites to keep up to date with the other side of world affairs, the stuff you won't necessarily find on your tv or in the papers:

... and remember:

The individual is supreme and finds its way through intuition


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday June 22 2008
updated on Wednesday August 15 2012

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