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August 06, 2008

The Cholesterol Scare - Are You A Victim?

"Your cholesterol has a tendency to be high - you better take this medication to prevent a future heart attack. Don't worry about side effects, there are a few but they're very rare."

Who hasn't heard their doctor say something like this before? And who hasn't then started to take these drugs, exactly like the doctor told them? According to a recent article in Forbes - The World's Ten Best-Selling Drugs: "Pfizer's cholesterol pill Lipitor remains the best-selling drug in the world for the fifth year in a row. Its annual sales were $12.9 billion, more than twice as much as its closest competitors." So looking at the sales figures, it seems that lots of people are believing their doctors and have dutifully started their statin drug regime.

"Every year, millions of people fall victim to the very deceptive, highly profitable cholesterol scam" says David Tanton, PhD, and he adds that if you are one of those people, "It’s time to take action: Get off them immediately, before they do any more damage."


Dr. Tanton graduated from Clayton College of Natural Healing with a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition, and is the research director of the Soaring Heights Longevity Research Center.

In his article The Cholesterol Scare: Are You One Of Millions Of Victims? (PDF) Tanton tells why it isn't a good idea to follow the "lower your cholesterol" craze. He details the many important functions especially the LDL (low density lipid) fraction of cholesterol has in keeping us healthy, and how interfering with its production or absorption can seriously put things out of whack in a human body.

"LDL cholesterol plays many critical roles in both the body and brain. It forms the very basis of our hormones, and vitamin D, which provides many benefits. The majority of cholesterol is found in the brain, where it serves as an insulator for neurons. Cholesterol even removes toxins from the blood stream, preventing potential damage to the arteries. Cholesterol is part of every cell wall, and plays a critical role in sealing and stabilizing damaged or weakened arteries."

He does not recommend to use drugs to lower cholesterol.

"When our LDL is excessively elevated, it’s an indicator that we need to address the underlying problem that our cholesterol is attempting to deal with – not take a cholesterol- lowering medication. The most likely contributors to elevated LDL are: low vitamin C, toxins, low thyroid, elevated homocysteine (the rogue amino acid that damages the arteries, and oxidizes cholesterol), and even stress, as the body actually uses LDL to produce stress hormones!"

Dr. Tanton's article also touches on what happens when cholesterol is driven too low. Instead of protecting from heart attack, a recent study showed that a combination of two cholesterol lowering drugs actually resulted in the plaque growing nearly twice as fast as it did in those who only took one drug. The question is, according to Tanton, why is the FDA just looking on, and even condoning recommendations for kids to be cholesterol checked and eventually prescribed statins.

Follow the money

All I can say is - follow the money. Doctors are known to have been getting kickbacks for prescriptions, pharmaceutical companies stand to make TONS of money, and many of the the underpaid people in government health ministries are often invited on weekend outings and all-paid conferences by pharma's representatives. Who would want to abandon such lucrative business and such great opportunities to be friends?

If you are taking a statin drug or know someone who is, or if your doctor is pushing you to start, please read Dr. Tanton's article first. Also, look at another article on this site and pay special attention to the readers' comments describing the side effects people experienced when taking Lipitor and other cholesterol lowering drugs. Those are real life, first-person accounts of human tragedy and ruined lives.

Tanton: The Cholesterol Scare: Are You One Of Millions Of Victims?

Lipitor: Side Effects And Natural Remedy

- - -

Books by Dr. Tanton:

Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, And Stimulants - Dangerous Drugs on Trial

This book exposes a major marketing scheme that is currently under way, and unfortunately our children are the primary targets! The new federally mandated TeenScreen program is nothing more than a deceptive marketing scheme to place as many children as possible (even preschoolers), on one or more highly profitable, although unbelievably dangerous drug.

This mandatory mental screening process was deliberately designed to assure that many perfectly normal children would now qualify for one or more of these very profitable drugs. And it s making its way across America through public schools!

Only one of the sixteen drugs being promoted for children s use was actually tested on, or approved by the FDA for children s use! With approximately 575 potential side effects associated with Prozac that were listed with the FDA, and over 20,000 law suits settled by the maker Eli Lilly, to date, the question is: Why is Eli Lilly still being allowed to promote Prozac for even pregnant mothers, and very young children? Their tremendous influence with the FDA has to be obvious, and unfortunately places millions of children at extreme risk as a result.

A Drug-Free Approach To Healthcare

Combining holistic methods, Dr. Tanton is able to provide preventative measures and remedies for 18 common health ailments, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux disease, arthritis, and back pain. Detailed regimens are provided for each condition, as well as real life examples of Dr. Tanton s methods of treatment. Depending on a lifetime of medication is seldom necessary, comments author Dr. Tanton. In most cases, patients blindly rely on a doctor s prescriptions and the same medicines they are taking to cure one problem could be having a totally disastrous effect on another part of the body. By turning to organic supplements, side effects are eliminated and the body can begin to repair almost any ailment in a safe and natural way.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Wednesday August 6 2008
updated on Tuesday October 19 2010

URL of this article:


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January 31, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger




Readers' Comments

I finally got my hubby into the GP for blood pressure medication, and the GP prescribed a statin because of his having slightly elevated BP, smoked, and his age, WITHOUT even waiting for the lipids panel results!

I strongly suggested he wait until his lipids results came back before starting, and sent him spacedoc's url. His lipids panel was within normal limits (traditional panel, not the newer tests that look at lipoprotein a, and particle size).

I told the dr that unless he had dangerously high cholesterol, I planned on talking him out of statins. The dr didn't argue at all.

But if he had high cholesterol, I would have made sure to give him CoQ10 supplements to offset the dreadful side effects of statins, while lowering high-glycemic foods to lower triglycerides.

Posted by: Shreela on August 6, 2008 11:49 AM


My own cholesterol level was a little high, so I took green tea capsules, omega 3, vitamin c 500mg, and vitmain b3 every day for six months. My level then returned to normal.

Posted by: michael on June 22, 2009 04:53 PM


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