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September 23, 2008

Enzymes: Non Toxic Biopesticides

The chemical companies will tell us that to kill pests we must poison them. The drawback is that after some time, the poison instals itself in the environment and even if we do not directly come in contact with it while trying to wipe out insects, we find traces of it in our food and drinking water, or drifting over from that neighboring field planted with soy beans that has just been sprayed to eliminate the bugs attacking the crop.


Soybean Pod Borer - Image credit:

There are about 50 to 60 million insect species on Earth - mankind has named only about 1 million and of those, only about 1 thousand are considered "pest" species, and of these, already over 50% of these insects have become resistant to synthetic chemical pesticide poisons. Each year mankind loses about 25,000 to 100,000 species of insects, plants and animals due to man's "ecological footprint. But, after poisoning the planet and contaminating every living thing for the last 60 years with these dangerous and ineffective pesticide poisons, man still has not successfully eliminated, or much less controlled, even one species of insect considered to be pests! And still, mankind continues to use more and more pesticides to try to "keep up"! Even with all of this expensive pollution - we continue to lose more and more crops and human lives each year to the use of pesticides.

Steve Tvedten (The Ideal Pesticide) is a former pesticide applicator - I think that is what you call the people that come to exterminate the ants or cockroaches in your back yard. He is a reformed pesticide applicator, since he got sick from being in contact with the chemical poisons. But he hasn't just stopped working with pesticides - he invented and patented a non-toxic form of pest control - using enzymes.

Here is an explanation of how he does it.

- - -

Biopesticides: Effective and safe pest control

My original biopesticide patent covers the use of basically food-grade or GRAS (generally recognized as safe) items to safely and far more effectively control even resistant pest problems. Basically, the biopesticide utilizes a natural process that safely and far more effectively destroys even resistant insects, arachnids, molds, fungus, odors and bacteria.

Part of the science behind how Protease enzyme works as a natural pest control agent is that all insects undergo a molting cycle in which they naturally produce a small amount of Protease enzyme to create a chemical "zipper" that splits open a seam in their exoskeletons so they can emerge from their shell and grow larger. Without this vital Protease enzyme, insects would be trapped inside their own exoskeletons and be crushed to death by their own growth. There is no possibility that insects or arachnids can ever develop a resistance to Protease enzyme as a physical control agent because their very existence depends on it!.

Indeed, enzymes play many vital roles throughout the insect kingdom. Maggots naturally produce enzymes to help soften up food for digestion. Spiders and scorpions inject their prey with enzyme and allowing it to predigest the victim. Insectivore plants such as the Venus fly trap also use enzymes to digest insects. Even pests like bacteria and mold naturally use enzymes to break down dead organic material on a cellular level.

In The Best Control II IPM encyclopedia - I outline how through my many years of pest control field research, I have continually proven that Enzyme-based compositions are the safest and fastest knock-down "pesticides" available on the pest control market today. Most insects die in about sixteen seconds when exposed to Protease enzyme and a surfactant blend. Ticks and spiders are arachnids, and have stronger outer shells than arthropods, so they require about two minutes to be destroyed. The dilution rate of the enzyme and surfactant blend can be calibrated to remove only chosen insects such as aphids, but weak enough to protect beneficial insects such as honey bees and lady bug beetles. .

Pest Control has long sought a 'Holy Grail' idyllic pesticide; one that is totally safe for humans, yet certain death to insects, arachnids, molds, bacteria, and viruses that would never become obsolete. This 'Perfect' pesticide would be not only be non-toxic but permanently effective too. But, the "industry" continues to only use/misuse various synthetic toxins.

Sadly, humans do not have the biological tolerance to synthetic pesticides that insects and other pests do. But conversely, most insects and arachnids do not have any biological tolerance to my safe and far more effective protease enzyme and surfactant biopesticide formulations, such as Lice R Gone. Click on the following url - - and watch the lice literally disslove.

My second patent increases the diversity of the claims and notes that there is a definite safety factor when using enzymes to control pest problems.

Steve Tvedten

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posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Tuesday September 23 2008
updated on Friday October 15 2010

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