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December 28, 2008

Aids: An Iatrogenic Depopulation Strategy?

It is hard to make sense of the numerous contradictions in the official explanation of what causes Aids and how to best fight the scourge. But then - the confusion may be fully intentional. Aids as a strategy and cover for de-population would make perfect sense. It is race specific, its victims are the poor and socially deviant, and if we believe the press, the whole population of the African continent is at grave risk. A high percentage of those treated eventually do die. What they die of is the hard question that must be asked.

Aids testing, prevention and treatment are promoted by the medical/pharmaceutical world and by the mainstream press as essential counter-measures. Yet both Aids testing and treatment target certain racial and social groups and the populations of developing countries, especially if they are located on the African continent.

The interpretation of test results is largely arbitrary. Prevention consists of giving both mother and child a highly toxic shot of medicine, and treatment - more often than not - seals the fate of the victim. Treatment leads to a more or less certain death. All that is promised is that the death will be slowed by "life extending" drugs.

What makes me think of a deliberate strategy with regards to Aids and the confusion that surrounds it, is the point-blank refusal of the reigning pharmaceutical/medical establishment to even address those contradictions, to discuss in an open way with those who point out that something's not right. Perhaps I am too suspicious, but it seems to me that so much bungling cannot be the result of mere inadequacy.

Contradictions, Contradictions

Some of the most egregious contradictions I have found over the years are:

Tests identify people who "have Aids" but they do not find a virus, merely some specific proteins that could be (and apparently are) associated with a host of non-Aids conditions.

The interpretation of tests is different for people with different life stories. Likelihood of a positive test result is increased by being gay or promiscuous, by being of African descent or just by living in a poor part of town, yet "universal testing" is being advocated.

In Africa, the definition of Aids does not rely on a test. It is sufficient if you have the symptoms of several of the diseases that are rampant there, diseases brought on by poor hygiene and by bad nutrition.

Instead of helping Africans overcome the endemic diseases of their continent with better sanitation and freshly grown produce, we send them toxic Aids drugs and industrially produced, often genetically modified grains.

Prevention and treatment of Aids are always highly toxic. More Aids victims die of iatrogenic liver disease brought on by the doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs than of the "opportunistic" diseases that a failing immune system is said to bring on.

People who refuse treatment often do not get ill - especially if they adopt a healthy lifestyle - some have been documented to stay healthy for decades.

Most people who take Aids drugs suffer horrible "side effects", among them immune deficiency brought on by the drugs. They also die early. Yet no studies have been done to compare a natural, healthy regimen of nutrition and good life with the recommended antiretroviral drug treatment.

The isolation of the viral entity that is said to cause Aids has never been published in a peer-review journal. The virus cannot be isolated from sick individuals. No one has shown how the viral entity actually CAUSES immune deficiency. Yet a Nobel prize has recently been awarded to Luc Montagnier and a collaborator for the discovery of HIV.

That rabbit hole is very deep. The more you dig, the more absolutely incomprehensible facts and contradictions emerge.

One of the most articulate critics of the Aids orthodoxy is Dr Andrew Maniotis, a Professor of Pathology and Program Director in the University of Chicago's Department of Pathology, Anatomy, Cell Biology and Bioengineering.

In the following piece, Dr Maniotis highlights the failures of the paradigm that says Aids is caused by an infective agent called HIV and it must be treated with anti-retroviral drugs. In the second part of this post, Dr Maniotis comments on an article in the New Statesman that comments on the controversy around Aids.

Perhaps I should be clear that Dr Maniotis, while pointing at the various inconsistencies, does not advocate any conspiratorial view of Aids. If I imply such a conspiratorial (de-population) connection, that view is mine alone.

The failures of the HIV/Aids hypothesis

According to former NIH director, and Nobel Laureate, Harold Varmus who formed the committee that named “HIV” “HIV,” retrovirus-derived DNA sequences (genes that come from viruses whose genes are made out of RNA instead of DNA), may be ancient molecular “parasites” in their associations with other organisms. As such, they may not be recognizable as foreign molecules to the human immune system (which explains the STEP trial and 60 other "HIV" vaccine disasters, perfectly).

Thus, “retroviruses” or their components are not immunogenic (capable of being seen as foreign by the human immune system), because “HIV’'s” molecules, and those of other “retroviruses” are not seen as foreign or non-self,” because they are, and always have been, part of the incredible repertory of the combinatorial complexity of the normal human genome. Supposedly, if we are around on this planet millions of years from now, the human immunoglobulin cassette (that part of the T-cell genome that immunologists claim can be instantaneously rearranged to respond to foreign antigens) new immuonglobulins will continuously be produced to counter any “foreign” molecular challenge, which are not yet present on this earth yet. Therefore, we have NOT sequenced the total human genome, because some of it’s sequences don’t yet exist. And they may not exist in persons said to have “AIDS,” hepatitis B or C or D, as a response to a foreign virus, but these signatures may instead represent the breakdown products of autoimmune diseases that cause cells to spit out “virus-like particles.”

As molecular parasites, and as response of our own cellular reactions to common diseases, foreign proteins or metabolic and even psychological stressors such as an AIDS or cancer death sentence, “retroviruses,” their genes, and their molecules, may be simply a byproduct of our stressed cells, because they always have been, are, and always will be, made by our own cells.

The amazing thing is that: some antiretroviral drug regimens in some people (almost half of them it appears) can stop the cells from producing these stress responses and their consequent virus-like particles as shown in the German drug addiction clinics by Heinrich Kremer and Juliana Sacher. But these doctors warn, when taken long-term, HAART will cause damage to the bone marrow and others systems, as literally dozens of mainstream clinical trials have demonstrated.

It isn’'t only the 60 vaccine failures that raise issue with the “HIV=AIDS” hypothesis. And it isn’'t that cures for cancer or “HIV-disease” have been foiled in every case by “mutation.”

Other failures of the “HIV=AIDS” hypothesis include:

The failure to really isolate “HIV,” from all other objects in the Universe, or to explain what its confusing presence in healthy drug-naïve persons means;

The failure to appreciate, that the association of a molecular marker with any disease state, does not prove, disprove, or even suggest causality;

The failure of the Nobel committee to appreciate, in the case of Montagnier’'s and Barre-Sinoussi’'s recent award of the Nobel Prize, that their Patient One’'s “viral” isolate,” was derived from a fellow with swollen lymph nodes, a history of syphilis and syphilis treatment the year before, a history of gonorrhea, a history of cytomegalovirus infection, a
history of herpes I and II infection, a history of Epstein-Barr virus infection, and God knows what else;

The failure to appreciate, in the case of Robert Gallo'’s so-called amplification of “HIV” markers in stimulated tumor-cell cultures not killed by “HIV,” that “HIV markers” are detectable in less than half to a third of of 72 healthy persons, and not persons now considered to be AIDS patients. And as shocking as it is, a failure to appreciate that there still is no rational or acceptable cell culture model or method to grow HIV” in Petri dishes;

The failure of the Nobel committee to appreciate that,

a) “HPV” (human papilloma viruses) molecular sequences that are sometimes associated with cervical cancers are just that: they are molecular sequences, not Human papilloma viruses. HPV virus particles, to date have not been shown to induce cervical cells or any other kind of cells to become cancerous, and

b) the failure of the Nobel Committee to acknowledge and heed the widely publicized warnings in the Journal “College of American Pathologists (CAP),” and also by senior investigators at the National Cancer Institute, and the company Digene who make “HPV” molecular tests, that HPV-sequences” have not been validated against the clinical occurrence of clinical cervical cancer. In this context, the Nobel committee also failed to appreciate the shameful carnage currently being perpetrated by the so-called first cancer vaccine GARDASIL (made by the same company Merck, who 20 years ago claimed that their hepatitis B vaccine was the first “anti-cancer” vaccine, before France filed a class action suit to stop the hepatitis B vaccine mandate for its young citizens, because it harmed so many);

The failure to sequence the “HIV” genome as a consistent pattern or sequence, or to identify specific proteins that are not also found in normal, “non-infected” contexts;

The failure to inform the public (and most scientists) that reverse transcriptase is not specific to viruses, nor are the gag, pol, env, p24, and other so-called “HIV-specific” genes and their products, which all can be detected in normal, “non-infected” contexts, and which are published on Medline;

The failure

a) to block transmission of “HIV” or AIDS in mother to child transmission studies (MTCT) as shown by the Cochran Meta-analysis and other peer-reviewed reports, which showed increased “HIV mutation rates” after black box label drugs such as nevirapine were discontinued in the U.S., and ashamedly administered to more than eight hundred seventy five thousand African mother-infant pairs by Max Essex of Harvard, and others and

b) the failure to acknowledge or appreciate that safety officers of the NIH, such as Dr. Fishbein, who monitored such trials as a safety officer, were fired, while those individuals such as Edmond Tremont who directed the nevaripine trial(s) were not even reprimanded after he had changed the data in safety reports that Dr. Fishbein and others had uncovered, in order to push forward George Bush’s PEPFAR pogrom and the eugenics pogram on Africans;

The failure to understand why ARV’s (anti-retrovirals) in some individuals, can prevent "AIDS syndromes," because their toxicity to normal immune cells can not only can block these cells from expressing HIV-specific” molecules as a normal response to a physiological stress, or as evidence of a rare genetic polymorphism, but because these drugs are so toxic, that like antibiotics, they suppress both fungal and bacterial growth, but cannot prevent theoretical virus proliferation, because if the HIV” paradigm is correct, these genomes of “HIV” are rapidly integrated into the DNA of the “infected,” and will never be sensitive to drugs designed against their “molecules.”

The failure of microbicides, condom campaigns, and circumcision, that more often than not, have increased the rate of detecting “HIV’s” molecular markers, instead of decreasing them among African human “lab rats;”

The failure to

a) appreciate the disaster and infant mortality caused by breast feeding dissuasion campaigns, designed to decrease infant mortality from “HIV-infection,” but which increased infant mortality 20 times in formula fed infants, compared to mother-infant pairs that didn'’t listen to their doctors, and who weren'’t dissuaded from breast feeding, and

b) the failure to appreciate the corresponding terrorism that has been waged against new mothers to promote formula dumping on 3rd World nations, and perhaps because of a hatred of the human female’s breast and the disgusting nature of breast feeding;

The failure to acknowledge how projected and WHO-manufactured “HIV” and AIDS” prevalence and incidence rates have not materialized, and how they have been recently dismissed by world AIDS leaders such as Kevin de Cock as signaling the end of the “heterosexual AIDS era” (except of course among people of African descent or homosexuals who have been selectively biased during “HIV” testing campaigns, or selectively targeted during HIV-preventative” microbicide or circumcision campaigns, or manufactured from “best guess estimates” based on STD clinics or perinatal clinics);

The failure to explain how “HIV'’s” latency makes sense from a biochemical point of view;

The failure to support the progress of Doctors Without Borders, who recently showed how the cheap food supplement plumpynut, when given to the children of Niger, the poorest nation in Africa, has reversed the infant mortality rate, and without antibiotics or drugs, or without significant funding, as was revealed on 60 minutes;

The failure to develop a consistent in vitro model to detect “HIV” infection;

The failure to develop any “HIV” animal model, while “HIV” exposed chimps now rest in their 27 million dollar retirement homes because they never developed AIDS after injection with AIDS patient sera or “HIV;”

The failure of the biomedical establishment to offer and provide support to pursue and fund at least 17 other hypotheses that have explained or have even reversed in some cases, the development of acute Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome;

The failure to pursue and fund inexpensive treatment regimens such as those developed in the German drug-abuse clinics by Heinrich Kremer, Juliana Sacher, or in Africa in Niger, by Doctors Without Borders who fed starving children plumpynut, and by many others who have shown they can reverse immunosuppression non-toxically, and with a minimum, or in most cases, with a complete lack of HAART;

The failure to appreciate why prostitutes and sex workers don'’t acquire HIV’'s” molecular markers, or develop “AIDS,” unless they are also chronic immunosuppressive illicit or pharmaceutical drug users or abusers;

The failure to account for why Human “HIV” transmission studies have not shown “HIV” or “AIDS” transmission between serodiscordant couples, or among health care workers inoculated with “HIV-tainted” blood, or why the spouses of “HIV-positive” hemophiliacs and “HIV-negative” partners have failed to seroconvert or develop AIDS after numerous unprotected and repeated exposures to their “HIV” positive spouses;

The failure to address the phenomenon announced as recently as February 14th, 2008, in San Diego, California, when the local county health department made quite a big deal out of the fact that all sexually transmitted diseases in their local gay community have risen by an astounding 800 percent since 2003, including syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia, while “HIV” infection rates have dropped since 2003 in the very same gay community;

The failure to explain how there can be large numbers of so-called Long-Term-Non-Progressors, or Elite Controllers, who never acquire any illness, although they may test positive for “HIV’s” molecular signature for more than two decades, or how it is possible that ICL-AIDS patients to test negative for “HIV” but who are thought to have “AIDS;”

The failure to account for how T-cell numbers or “viral load” don'’t indicate any effect of a viral presence or infection, or explain why viral load continues to be aggressively monitored despite the fact that no virus has ever been observed in the blood of a so-called “HIV-positive” individual harboring high “viral load” as measured by PCR (polymerase chain reaction);

The failure of the AIDS establishment or Nobel committee to acknowledge the significance of the recent Semmelweis “clean hands” award to Peter Duesberg for initially alerting the scientific community as to the impossibility of the “HIV=AIDS” hypothesis, and to appreciate the significance of the co-presentation of that award to investigative journalist, Celia Farber, for her initial expose regarding the iatrogenocide committed against gay men during the high-dose AZT era;

And finally, the failure of “The AIDS Establishment” or “AID$ incorporated,” to address in any invited public forum, or in the media, why none of their more than 33 “HIV” test kits first initially patented and launched by Robert Gallo and Abbott Laboratories claim they can’'t detect “HIV,” and continue to state on their package inserts, that the significance of “HIV’'s” molecular signature is not known.

It isn’'t all bad news. There have been some successes. Donald Rumsfeld’'s former biotech company, Gilead Biosciences, make the AIDS cocktail drug atripola, which is now making obscene amounts of money in a plethora of AIDS pogroms (as well as Gilead’'s Tamiflu to fight the global “bird flu pandemic”).

It is also a cheerful news that George Bush’s PEPFAR pogrom was funded by a propagandized and hoodwinked congress, and will now move forward to dump these and other rank poisons on millions of Africans, and other 3rd World nations like India, China, and others. We also have much to be optimistic about because drugs like nevirapine were withdrawn from use in the U.S. a few years ago because of its rank liver-destructive toxicity, especially in women, and are now continuously being dumped on Africans and other of the World’s most vulnerable.

Another piece of good news is that Kevin de Cock who is a World AIDS leader, announced recently that “heterosexual AIDS is over,” except of course, and according to the WHO and to him, among large segments of Africa, and the African American community perhaps, who remain problematic not because of some difference compared to whites in their heterosexual behavior, but simply because they are black. It is my argument that such institutionalized racism, cultural phobia, and targeted selective testing biases have come to define the current “AIDS pandemic.”

It is also hopeful that with the stroke of a pen, Mr. Obama’'s administration could reverse the current carnage that is occurring in the black community in all our major cities, and reduce the AIDS deaths in America to those reported in every other civilized country of the world, simply by changing the diagnostic definition of AIDS as other countries have.

Such a pen stroke could save billions of dollars for our failing petrochemical and pharmaceutical economy that refuses to support the development of renewable energy, while it is being developed in civilized continents like South America and Europe. Such a pen stroke also could at the same time save many of our white 13 year-olds (like Ryan White who died of a liver bleed, and whose misfortune because he was a hemophiliac was exploited with the help of the moralistic Jesse Helms to advance the Ryan White Act during the Reagan administration). With the stroke of a pen, President Obama could even save the occasional “low risk” always faithful to her husband” soccer mom, or boy-scout-leader dad, from the devastation that will occur because of the universal testing proposed by the CDC, the American Society of Pediatrics, the AMA, and other physician organizations to test everybody over the age of 13, everyone who enters an emergency room, the entire African American population of New York City, and of course, every infant born in a hospital. A pen stroke could save thousands of “low risk persons,” who will at low frequency, be convicted of being “HIV-positive” because they had a recent flu or hepatitis B vaccine.

Andrew Maniotis, PhD.
Visiting Associate Professor of Bioengineering,
University of Illinois, Chicago

- - -

Expanding on the preceding article, the following is taken from two comments Dr Maniotis posted to an article in the New Statesman where Mike Barrett reviews a book: Virus: the co-discoverer of HIV tracks its rampage and charts the future - by Luc Montagnier

Monkey business. Aids is still killing millions in Africa
Mike Barrett charts the controversy surrounding its discovery

Comments by
Andrew Maniotis
31 October 2008 at 13:28

Global health strategies on AIDS require evidence not emotions

In July 2000 one of us visited Mseleni General Hospital in the Maputaland area of South Africa (within KwaZulu-Natal province), one of the poorest regions of the country. When the nurses' supervisor was asked to identify the hospital's wards she identified them as follows: 1) ob-gyn, 2) childhood maladies, 3) accidents and personal injury trauma, 4) mental illnesses, and 5) tuberculosis.

Not one word about AIDS or HIV. Perhaps all five wards implicitly incorporated HIV or AIDS? She never said. An explanation for the nomenclature of the wards at Mseleni Hospital may be gleaned from the data available in the May 2006 publication by Statistics South Africa, entitled Mortality and Causes of Death in South Africa, 2003 and 2004: Findings From Death Notification which includes vital statistics back to 1997. [Statistics South Africa, Mortality and Causes of Death in South Africa, 2003 and 2004: Findings from Death Notification, Pretoria, May 2006, Statistical release P0309.3].

This publication arranges data in a statistical category called "Leading Underlying Natural Causes of Death" for South Africa from 1997-2004, an important period in the political history of the country. In 1999, the year that Thabo Mbeki succeeded Nelson Mandela as President of South Africa, there was a total of 9,782 deaths (in a country with a population then of 42 million) whose cause was officially listed as "HIV Diseases." It is well known that these statistics were derived from only one flawed "HIV" test result, a practice which has been completely debunked as having anything to do with generating accurate statistics, but not headed by the AIDS Establishment. Nevertheless, that number represented 2.6% of all deaths in South Africa for 1999.

In the province of KwaZulu-Natal (whose northernmost district is Maputaland), in 1999 the total number of deaths attributed to “HIV Diseases” was 1,899, or 2.3% of all provincial deaths that year. Perhaps officials at Mseleni General Hospital had good reasons not to devote a special ward to “HIV diseases?” For the next five years there ensued bruising scientific debates (which the AIDS orthodoxy scorned as “denialism”) in which a constant questioning of the efficacy of HAART and ARVs was juxtaposed against the scare-monger predictions of a looming "HIV/AIDS" holocaust about to engulf South Africa.

So what really happened?

In 2004, the total number of South African deaths (in a country then of 47 million) whose cause was officially listed as "HIV Diseases" was 13,220. That number represented only 2.3% of ALL deaths in South Africa that year, a decrease from 2.6% five years earlier.

For both 2003 and 2004, "HIV diseases" were officially ranked #21 in the list of leading causes of death for South Africa. We have no way of ascertaining from this data exactly how any attending physician, health care worker, or coroner knew for certain that so-called "HIV disease" was the underlying cause of death. Meanwhile, in KwaZulu-Natal for 2004, the total number of deaths attributed to “HIV disease” that year was 3044 which corresponded exactly to the same 2.3% of all provincial deaths that were reported five years earlier.

It is our contention that statistics amassed on “HIV disease” and/or “AIDS” are littered with inconsistencies and absurd projections that invite criticism. For an example of how inflationary figures routinely characterize orthodox HIV and AIDS statistics, one need only consult the latest annual volume by S. Buhlungu, et. al. (eds.), State of the Nation: South Africa 2007 especially the chapter by H. Schneider, et. al., entitled, "The Promise and the Practice of Transformation in South Africa's Health System" [Sakhela Buhlungu, et. al. (eds.), State of the Nation: South Africa 2007, Cape Town: Human Sciences Research Council, 2007].

That chapter utilizes a table that alleges that for 2000, HIV/AIDS was the #1 cause of death in South Africa, accounting for 30% of all the 410,000 deaths reported in the country, or 123,000 HIV/AIDS deaths.

Compare that alarmist data with the sober statistics given in mid-2006 by Statistics South Africa, which state that for 2000, HIV diseases numbered 10,321 or 2.5% of all deaths. In other words, even in 2007 Schneider and her associates retrospectively increased the number of HIV/AIDS deaths for 2000 in South Africa by 12 times! The data on death rates from “HIV diseases” from 1997 to 2004 in South Africa reveals other interesting anomalies from select provinces:

1) In 1997 in KwaZulu-Natal Province, “HIV diseases” accounted for 2.2% of all its deaths; in 2004, it was 2.3%.

2) In 1997 in Mpumalanga Province, “HIV diseases” accounted for 2.3% of all its deaths; in 2004 it was 2.2%.

3) In 1997 in Limpopo Province, “HIV diseases” accounted for 2.3% of all its deaths; in 2004, it was 2.0%.

4) In 1997 in Free State Province, “HIV diseases” accounted for 3.9% of all its deaths; in 2004, it was 2.1%.

5) And even for South Africa as a whole, in 1997 “HIV disease” was said to account for 2.0% of all deaths; in 2004 it had risen to 2.3%, but that was down from 2.6% in 1999.

It appears that President Mbeki’s skepticism had some merit and was empirically based. This stands in sharp contrast to his critics, whose resort to personal vilification and vicious slurs, revealed the reflexively irrational and vindictive manner whereby HIV/AIDS mainstreamers respond to anyone who dares to challenge their assumptions.

Several years ago, a Kenyan AIDS trial was interrupted because a 53 percent reduction in acquisition of "HIV" among circumcised men was observed. Out of 2,784 men studied in the trial, 69 men were “HIV” positive: 22 of these were circumcised, and 47 uncircumcised. Many, if not all 69 of them, had received prior (or concurrent) treatment for penile infections, and 28 of the 69 had serologic syphilis at the outset. A year before, it was claimed that a trial of 4,996 HIV-negative men in Rakai, Uganda, showed that HIV acquisition was reduced by 48 percent in circumcised men. These results have now been thoroughly debunked with a new study that showed no difference between circumsized and uncircumsized men.

In the past, AIDS science by press release, has led to horrible consequences for hundreds of thousands during the AIDS era who were experimented on with toxic "life saving" or "life extending" drugs. Uncertainties exist because data has been acquired at STD clinics or from trial participants with genital ulcer disease (GUD) or other infections. The relative roles (if any) of biological versus cultural practices that influence "HIV" acquisition have been challenged by the WHO. Uncertainties regarding the damage done by microbicides also exist, which apparently increase the frequency of reported genital lesions and the feared spread of "HIV." The ability or inability to neutralize "HIV" by washing with mild or concentrated detergents is in question, and the transmission of "HIV" from human to human by providing evidence of seroconversion has yet to be provided in a form that constitutes as careful a study as the 10 year study that followed 175 serodiscordant couples for 10 years that found no conversions (the Padian Study). Uncertainties also exist because of the vastly different rates and efficiency of transmission said to be associated with heterosexual, homosexual, and IV drug use in different regions, and, because of the ability of gamma globulin in neutralizing "HIV" among well-nourished and healthy individuals. Uncertainties also exist especially because of the validity (and invalidity) of different test kits to identify "HIV" positive participants, and the role (or non-role) of T-cells in progression to AIDS is also still in question. The role of circumcision in preventing transmission of "HIV" and acquisition of AIDS in Africa is further complicated by compelling evidence from a series of recent studies that identified nosocomial (hospital and doctor-medicated) "HIV" transmission as the single most critically important factor for the spread of AIDS in Africa, which accounts for many anomalies and conundrums that cannot be explained by a sexual transmission hypothesis (see Gisselquist).

From the 1950s into the 1980s, unsafe injections may have contributed to the silent spread of HIV-positive test results in Africa in much the same way that other types of vaccination campaigns, including injections for schistosomiasis and other treatments in Egypt, established "hepatitis C-positive" test results as a major blood-borne pathogen. While evidence for nosocomial transmission of "HIV" continues to accumulate since the long established fact that hepatitis B and flu vaccines cause "HIV" positive tests in some individuals, six Bulgarian health care workers (The Tripoli Six) were almost executed by firing squad in Libya for their alleged role in supposedly transmitting "HIV" to 426 Libyan children, which, according to Luc Montagnier were the result of an influx of "Sub-Saharan" health-care workers to Libya (read black people).

The sanctity of breast-feeding also has been violated by the champions of the “HIV=AIDS” hypothesis. It is the image in the Vatican of Michaelangelo’s Pieta - Mother Mary holding her dead child. In fact, the practice of brow beating African women to dissuade them from breast-feeding and passing onto their infants “HIV-infection” increased the death-rate in formula-fed infants some 20 times, compared to mother-infant pairs that weren’t dissuaded from breast-feeding. For instance, on Monday, July 23, 2007, in Nkange, Botswana, it was reported by Craig Timberg, Washington Post Foreign Service, that in Botswana, steps to cut AIDS proves a formula for disaster:

"Doctors noticed two troubling things about the limp, sunken-eyed children who flooded pediatric wards across Botswana during the rainy season in early 2006: They were dying from diarrhea, a malady that is rarely fatal here. And few of their mothers were breast-feeding, a practice once all but universal."

"After the outbreak was over and at least 532 children had died — 20 times the usual toll for diarrhea — a team of U.S. investigators solved the terrible riddle."

The word, “disaster” appears with alarming frequency in the AIDS literature. For instance the term "Challenger disaster" was used by Robert Gallo to describe the latest of the multi-million dollar "HIV" vaccine failures (that not only have failed to protect anyone from acquiring "HIV's" non-specific molecular markers in 60 vaccine trials to date, but have increased the rate of testing positive so they were halted just last year).

Are there other disasters?

Yes. The failure to block transmission of “HIV” or AIDS in mother to child transmission studies (MTCT) is part of George Bush’s PEPFAR pogrom, and also qualifies as an unmitigated disaster. For instance, a recent 2007 study accomplished increased rates of “virological failure” (nevirapine resistance) in 20% to 69% of women and 33% to 87% of infants after exposure to a single, peripartum dose of the black box label drug nevirapine given in Africa to 875,000 mother infant pairs. This 20-69% of women and 33-87% of infants will be now treated as hopeless, drug-resistant “AIDS” patients whose therapy failed to suppress virus (virological failure). Grade IV events aren’t available for previous trials of this kind that failed because the records were washed away in “The Great Flood,” according to Edmont Tremont (one of the heads of the NIH's AIDS program), which is why he felt it was necessary to change the nevirapine trial safety data.

Football strategies and religious ideology also have been used after repeatedly failed human “HIV/AIDS” microbicide trials. Microbicides are noxious chemicals that supposedly kill "germs" like "HIV.” White Western AIDS doctors go to the African continent to encourage the smearing of these toxic microbicide creams on the genitals of Africans. Although a top AIDS researcher, John Moore of Weil Medical College, claimed his multiple monkey "SIV" insemination experiments proved that his “SIV-fighting” (not “HIV-fighting”) microbicide worked because it absolved his monkeys from contracting “SIV” after he inseminated them multiple times, human microbicide trails were halted because these vile mucosal irritants, like the STEP trial vaccines, caused “more” “HIV infections” in microbicide recipients, than there were in placebos. (February 1, 2007, Tests of Drug to Block H.I.V. Infection Are Halted Over Safety: The Conrad Trial. By Lawrence K. Altman):

"Efforts to develop a topical microbicide to prevent H.I.V. infection during sex suffered a surprising setback yesterday when researchers announced that they had stopped two full-scale trials for safety reasons."

"The trials, in Africa and India, involved a chemical, cellulose sulfate or Ushercell, and were the second failure of a potential microbicide in a full-scale trial in recent years. In one of the latest trials, a standard check by an independent scientific committee found an increased risk of H.I.V. infection among women who used cellulose sulfate compared with those who used a placebo gel."

"In 2000, a large full-scale trial showed that the only other microbicide candidate, nonoxynol-9, was unsafe when it had been expected to be effective. Subjects in that trial developed a higher incidence of H.I.V. infection, presumably through ulcers caused by chemical irritation."

To examine the potential value of circumcision versus the possibility of nosocomial transmission, misdiagnosis, and other possibilities regarding the acquisition of AIDS in Africa, we reasoned that examination of both established and new AIDS policies that will affect millions of people should include the vital statistics generated by Africans themselves if they are available, as well as recommendations by physicians who have direct, empirical knowledge of African AIDS from their hospital or clinical setting.

A wealth of data was obtained directly from Statistics South Africa and other sources, which reported for both 2003 and 2004, that "HIV diseases" were officially ranked #21 in the list of leading causes of death for South Africa, and constituted between 2-3% of all deaths throughout most regions. These statistics, reported by Africans themselves, are supported by historical, sociological, and cultural considerations, by the accounts of prison officials, as well as by both African and foreign doctors who have written about how serving medical care to Africans has changed or not changed over the period of several decades. These observations further suggest that the state of affairs regarding "HIV/AIDS" in Africa has nothing to do with sexual activities, but reflects the changing nature of African political economies since the late 1970s, its devastation on African lives, in some regions, because of the traumas of civil war violence, and the damage to African culture and society due to a proliferation of "HIV" testing, and flood of "HIV/AIDS" health care opportunism.

Drug studies to date have not been properly evaluated in order to compare with circumcision statistics from Kenya, regardless of what the complete data from the Kenyan study will show, if they ever are published. It has been admitted unabashedly that more than 875,000 African mother-infant pairs have been experimented on in this fashion.

It is concluded that global health strategies for AIDS, like any other public health activities, should be based on evidence instead of racist notions regarding sexual behavior. Many of the basic assumptions regarding the probability that "HIV" leads to "AIDS" are clearly wrong, contradictory, and defy common sense, to the extent that the "HIV/AIDS" hypothesis should be retracted, and a full examination of where we went wrong, conducted, so we can learn from "mistakes." It is perhaps the individuals in leadership roles in our own government who press release these kinds of distortions and propaganda, or who direct these trials and distort data, who must be held legally, and criminally responsible?

Andrew Maniotis, Ph.D.,
Visiting Associate Professor of Bioengineering
212 SEO, MC 063
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL 60607

Charles L. Geshekter, Ph.D.
Professor of African History
California State University
Chico, California 95929

... and a further comment by Andrew Maniotis
31 October 2008 at 19:34

What I forgot to add is:



A likely explanation of the origin of “HIV” comes not from notions of monkey or ape-to-human transmission due to Africans smearing monkey blood on their loins for sexual orgies as published in The Lancet and other top journals (1), nor was "HIV" likely transmitted to African children or their parents by playing with or by eating dead monkeys or chimps as "bush-meat" because their parents couldn't find or afford toys or food (2). "HIV" did not emerge from a Special Virus Program conspiracy that the U.S. government planned for population control or for germ warfare. "HIV" did not crawl out from a monkey or chimp kidney culture used during the manufacture the hepatitis B vaccine or other vaccines.

Recent studies in gene research suggest that the so-called specific markers of “HIV” are produced by our own non-specific endogenous DNA sequences called retroelements or "retroids."

A retroid is a special kind of mobile gene sequence that has been associated with diseases such as multiple sclerosis, and with normal biological functions involving the placenta (3). It is known that these retroid sequences make cellular proteins that are expressed by normal uninfected (healthy) yeast, insects, and a variety of mammals (4), 50% of healthy dogs (5), "uninfected" rhesus monkeys, chimps, and humans (6). Retroelements are now known to be important sequences for telomere replication at the tips of normal and cancer cell chromosomes (7). Once claimed by AIDS scientists to be a specific molecular component required for "HIV" replication, retroids and specifically reverse transcriptases (RT) are now seen frequently in market magazines concerning biotechnology stocks (8,9) in the context of normal, non-pathological situations, despite what AIDS proponents continue to claim about the specificity of RT to exogenous retroviruses. p24, another protein once thought to be the unique capsid protein that makes up the proteinaceous shell of “HIV” is now known to be expressed in the thymus glands of "HIV-negative" children (10). An "HIV" positive result can also occur when some infants are exposed to the proteins in cow's or goat's milk (11) as well as after the flu vaccine (12), hepatitis B vaccine (13), in normal pregnant women (14), under conditions of stress caused by disease, drugs, oxidation, or malnutrition, or dozens of other factors or reasons (15), but paradoxically, not after specific "HIV" sequences or proteins are directly injected into "HIV-negative" "HIV-vaccine recipients.

That these endogenous human genetic elements exist but yet are ill-defined has been shown again and again to be likely from studies on presumptively named "HERVs" (Human Endogenous Retro-Viruses) such as the "Phoenix viruses" (presumptively so named because nobody has shown that endogenous infectious "retroviruses" exist). "HERVs" (viral-like particles that look like "HIV" virus particles are supposed to look) can be produced by infecting (transfecting in Petri dishes) cells with certain sequences of DNA or RNA (16), which then are replicated and packaged by the cells into virus-like "enveloped" particles that look identical to "HIV." Modern analyses of the human genome database (which presumably wasn't derived from anyone infected with "HIV") have revealed more than 120,000 full-length retroids containing (once thought to be) specific viral reverse transcriptase transcripts (17).

Although the "HIV=AIDS" Establishment is always saying the "HIV viruses" reverse transcriptase sequence and other parts of its genome are mutating every time a patient dies while on “life saving” anti-retroviral drugs that supposedly target this and other "HIV-specific" gene sequence products, genomic analyses show that these retroid reverse transcriptase elements are among the most stable transcripts that make up these retroids. In other words, amongst gene sequence analysts, it is the sequence stability rather than the instability or mutability of the reverse transcriptase sequence itself that make these 120,000 retroelement sequences possible to classify as distinct sequences (17), while at the same time, the AIDS Establishment points to the mutability of these same sequences as the reason why they have failed to find a stable target in "the AIDS virus."

Clinical evidence that this non-specific retroid hypothesis is correct and is the cause of "HIV's" molecular signature(s) is supported by therapeutic studies conducted in connection with German drug rehabilitation clinics by Heinrich Kremer M.D., who was Medical Director of the Federal Clinics for Juvenile and Young Adult Drug Offenders for five German counties, including Berlin, Bremen, and Hamburg, Dr. Juliane Sacher, and their colleagues, who two decades ago noticed a paradox:

"AIDS patients had high, sometimes extreme amounts of gammaglobulins (immunoglobulins, antibodies), 35-40, even 45% instead of the normal 18%. But Dr. Sacher had learned in her training that T4-cells are called "helper" cells because they enable B-cells to become plasma cells which produce gammaglobulins. How could it be that patients supposed to be low in T4-cells were producing excess gammaglobulins? The answer, shown by research in later years, is that the T4-cells are not destroyed (until anergy results later), they merely absent themselves from the blood and move elsewhere (the lymph nodes)."

"In the late 1980s and early 1990s it was realized that there are two kinds of T4-cells, namely Th1 and Th2. In "HIV/AIDS" patients, the balance was shifted toward Th2 and away from Th1, i.e. a lack of Th1 and an excess of Th2. Those Th2 cells move into the lymph system to assist B-cells to produce gammaglobulins. Hence the oft-noted swelling of the lymph nodes in "HIV/AIDS" patients, reflecting chronic and rather intractable inflammation."

"This [phenomenon] also explains why "cocktail" "HIV/AIDS" therapy works. It is cytostatic---it kills cells---and thereby attacks the processes that caused the inflammation. When the lymph-node inflammation subsides, the count of the T4-cells in the blood increases again as they move back into the blood. Recent work has indeed shown that these cells are not newly generated; they never were destroyed in the first place. To this day no one has shown how "HIV" is supposed to kill T4-cells."

Thus the German "HIV/AIDS" team first proposed that the immune cell Th2/Th1 ratio is imbalanced in "AIDS" patients, and a consequent hypergammaglobulinemia characteristic of "HIV's" molecular signatures result, which can be modulated in profoundly immune suppressed patients through the toxic effects of the ARVs, at least for a while. Although the information about these observations have been suppressed and funding for the studies was withdrawn by the German government without explanation after early enthusiasm for the progress of Drs. Kremer Dr. Sacher and others (18), currently Dr. Kremer and Dr. Sacher and their colleagues claim to have been curing AIDS patients with glutathione, alpha-lipoic acid, patient-specific amino acid profile restoration as well as vitamin, mineral, and trace element restoration in a patient-specific manner for 20 years. Also, cysteine, Ginkgo, proteolytic enzymes, mild aerobic exercise, and other non-toxic means have been employed successfully in these German drug clinics for 20 or more years to reverse immune suppression, "AIDS," and "HIV-disease."

Furthermore, according to these "HIV/AIDS" physicians, in these therapeutic trials, HAART has only occasionally been given for short periods of time successfully in some of the profound immune suppressed cases, because this toxic cocktail antagonizes the imbalanced proliferation (disturbed TH1/TH2 ratio) of these cells, because they are rank cytotoxic poisons. Both in non-symptomatic "HIV" patients and in some profoundly suppressed "AIDS patients," HAART has the ability to dampen the molecular markers that these imbalanced sets of cells generate (and which are read as high viral load although no virus particles have been photographed or isolated). At higher doses HAART may antagonize raging bacterial infections, protozoa, and fungal infections. However, if given chronically, it is now well established that HAART will eventually wipe the immune system out and render the patient anergic and bone-marrow depressed, not to mention the toxic effects of the HAART regimens given chronically exert on the intestines, platelets, and other tissues that lead to mal-absorption disorders, neuropathies, and lypodystrophies, heart failure, and liver destruction.

Dr. Sacher and her colleagues essentially have shown that relatively gentle treatments described above can in most cases reverse "AIDS-indicator illnesses," far more reliably, and completely than HAART.

Although the funding of Dr. Sacher, and her colleagues was abruptly ended without explanation years ago, even the AIDS Establishment now sees the merits of their approach. For example, one of the staunchest supporters of the "HIV=AIDS" hypothesis recently wrote:

Immune Activation in HIV Infection More than Just Markers

By Richard Jefferys

"At the recent International AIDS Society conference in Sydney, Mike Lederman reminded attendees that abnormally high levels of immune activation were described in the first case reports of gay men with AIDS in 1981. The authors of those reports, led by Michael Gottlieb, specifically noted the "increased percentage of cells bearing the thymocyte-associated antigen T10." This antigen is now known as CD38, and an extensive literature—particularly the work of the late Janis Giorgi, an immunologist at UCLA—demonstrates that CD38 expression on CD8 T cells correlates strongly with the rate of disease progression in people with HIV infection" (in many instances, more strongly than viral load and peripheral blood CD4 T cell counts).

Translation: In the absence of any clear mechanism to explain how "HIV" damages immune cells, the AIDS research enterprise is beginning to focus their attention on issues regarding the immune system raised by their early critics such as Dr. Sacher, Heinrich Kramer, The Perth Group, Peter Duesberg, Kary Mullis, and others, that they had fought so hard to silence and many of whose funding was abruptly stopped.

"It has also become clear that immune activation is a broader phenomenon than just CD38 expression on CD8 T cells. CD4 T cells are also over-activated and additional T cell activation markers—such as HLA-DR—are elevated along with levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines including TNF-alpha, IL-6 and IL-1beta."

Translation: In other words, "AIDS patients" are immunologically abnormal in ways that a simple virus infection cannot explain.

"The role of immune activation in HIV infection has generally received less attention than HIV-associated immune deficiency."

Translation: A disproportionate amount of money (all of it) has been directed at how "HIV" works and virtually no money has been directed at hypotheses in which "HIV" doesn't play a major role (like immune activation), or which plays no role at all in immune deregulation syndromes.

"But recently, immune activation has received renewed attention for a number of important reasons:"

Translation: The head of the Swiss Blood Bank, Alfred Hassig, Dr. Kramer, the Perth Group and others have been discussing oxidative stress and immune activation (a more generalized issue than simply immune activation) for years and being censored and defunded: Jefferys and the AIDS Establishment say it's time to look at these hypotheses more closely because the simple virus-centric "HIV=AIDS" paradigm has repeatedly, and without exception failed.

"-Immune activation—but not viral load—has emerged as the critical factor distinguishing pathogenic immunodeficiency virus infections—such as HIV infection in humans and SIV infection in rhesus macaques—from non-pathogenic infections, such as SIV infection in sooty mangabeys and African green monkeys."

"-Results from the large SMART trial, which evaluated the strategy of interrupting ART in a large population of more than 5,000 HIV-infected individuals, clearly showed that the relative risk of clinical events not normally considered to be AIDS-related was higher in people who interrupted therapy."

Translation: Clinical events that are "non-AIDS related" tend to be due to side effects of drugs that cause non-AIDS-indicator syndromes such as heart disease, liver failure, neuropathies, lipodystrophies, coagulopathies, etc. Unfortunately, the trial was prematurely ended, and it didn't have a control group of "HIV-positives" that were given no pharmaceutical intervention.

"Many of the events—such as cardiovascular, liver and kidney disease—are associated with inflammation and immune activation, and recent analyses of the SMART results are suggesting that levels of biological markers known to predict an increased risk of these events were raised by treatment interruption."

Translation: Like hepatitis B infection and liver disease, no clear association between a virus and tissue destruction has been discovered in the context of "HIV/AIDS," so now they are looking for the mysterious "autoimmune" after-effects on major organs never associated with the targets of the "HIV/AIDS" hypothesis before (outside the context of drug toxicity and drug damage often mistaken for the AIDS-indicator diseases). But Jefferys and his AIDS Establishment are 10-20 years late with this view because Robert Root-Bernstein, The Perth Group, Kary Mullis, and others had already proposed autoimmune mechanisms years ago as the basis of AIDS.

"-The effectiveness of ART in restoring immune responses to opportunistic pathogens has greatly reduced the incidence of opportunistic infections, but even individuals on long-term ART with well-suppressed viral load typically show elevated levels of T cell activation compared to uninfected controls as well as markers of incomplete immune restoration (e.g. persistently skewed CD4/CD8 ratios)."

Translation: An activated immune system is characteristic of AIDS and is independent on the level of "virus", and AZT and HAART. And although these drugs do permanent damage to the immune system depending on dosage and duration of treatment, they may be partially effective in some individuals for a while by acting as anti-bacterials and perhaps anti-fungals. Although the drugs may unreliably suppress the responses of the immune system so that "viral load" appears to go down, Jefferys is saying here that these drugs don't appear to affect in most cases the long-term autoimmune oxidation that will destroy tissues of the body in persons who are hyperimmune activated for any one of dozens of reasons. In other words, "HIV," if it existed, isn't suppressing the immune system leading to AIDS. In fact, now the AIDS enterprise is saying that something is stimulating the immune system so that it becomes destructive to tissues that have nothing to do with AIDS-indicator diseases, or which may have nothing to do with "HIV," as is the case with many chronic autoimmune diseases.

"This suggests that these individuals may remain at increased risk for conditions associated with inflammation and/or perturbed T cell homeostasis (e.g. the cardiovascular events mentioned above and autoimmune-like phenomena)."

"Taken together, these findings argue strongly for a renewed focus on unraveling the causes and consequences of immune activation and inflammation in HIV infection."

Translation: There is no correlation between "viral load" and morbidity as much as there is a correlation between the onset or consequences of hyperimmune activation, and the typical autoimmune responses and tissue damage that accompany hightened immune activation (not AIDS which is a depression of the immune response) that has nothing to do with a virus.

"But exactly how this is occurring—particularly the extent to which HIV antigens are involved versus other potential sources of activation such as bacteria leaking across the gut mucosa—remains unresolved."

Translation: There still is no experiment that can account for how "HIV" can cause AIDS.

"These questions are no longer solely of interest to academic immunologists, they are now increasingly recognized to have a vital relation to the transmission and pathogenesis of HIV infection and AIDS."

Perhaps this is why, in 2007, it was announced that viral load is only able to predict progression to disease in 4% to 6% of any HIV-positives studied, challenging much of the basis for current AIDS science and treatment policy for any individual who tests "HIV" positive [24. Rodriquez B, Sethi AK, Cheruvu VK, et al. Predictive value of plasma HIV RNA level on rate of CD4 T-cell decline in untreated HIV infection. JAMA 296(12):1498-506, 2006;Cohen J. Study says HIV blood levels don't predict immune decline. Science 313(5795):1868, 2006].

Everybody has "HIV": p24, the capsid protein of "HIV" is detectable in everybody's cells.

One of the co-founders of the "HIV=AIDS" hypothesis, Dr. Robert Gallo, has claimed that in a stadium full of "HIV-negative" people, not one molecule of "HIV" will be present (personal communication). By contrast, the DAIDS (Division of AIDS) culturing manual claims that if "HIV-infected" cells from human blood express more than 30 units of “HIV-specific” p24 protein on 2 or 3 separate tests ...

See also:

Cognitive dissonance: a human condition
Here Henry Bauer, author of a book titled "The Origin, Persistance and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory" and author of an excellent blog that looks behind the news on Aids, details how it is impossible for scientists steeped in AIDS orthodoxy to even consider that there might be alternative explanations for what they are looking at. The lie has become so pervasive it is nigh impossible to even make someone look at it to see.

Video: Denying AIDS: The HIV Industry, Political Denialism, and Mass Genocide
(removed from YouTube)
Denying AIDS means to to rethink what we have all been told about HIV, about AIDS and about Africa. Mass hysteria in the world media outlets about African AIDS on a daily basis would drive a person into rage when noticing how hyped up estimates and statistics are and how Scientists feed the market for Antiretrovirals. Denying AIDS means to replace Toxic drug regimens with medications for the same classic diseases running rampant in Africa, the need for food, shelter, clean water and better sanitary conditions. Denying AIDS does not mean to deny diseases - every country has had them. Denying AIDS means to let go of the phoney construct the HIV Industry invented.

HIV/AIDS like parapsychology: science or pseudo-science?
"HIV/AIDS" fits a commonly postulated criterion for recognizing pseudo-science: the proponents insist that there's overwhelming evidence on their side while being unable to cite a manageable number of specific publications containing definitive proof; for example, publications that demonstrate that a positive "HIV"-test means that active virions of "HIV" are present in the patient (as opposed to taking cellular material from the patient, incubating it with a whole mess of pottage, and then finding miscellaneous proteins or bits of nucleic acid that are presumed to come from virions — something one could never know without having had in hand, at one time or another, some actual certifiable virions derived directly from an AIDS patient [what used to be called "isolation" --- and still is, except by retrovirologists]).


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday December 28 2008
updated on Thursday December 23 2010

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Readers' Comments

YES you are right. Debeers has been funding weapons for all the tribes in Africa for decades to help them kill themselves off to insure the multinational companies can control all the gold, diamonds and other resources... Check the September 2003 Issue of The Ecologist about The Bushmen of The Kalehari

Posted by: Eric on January 1, 2009 06:17 PM


I'm not sure that I believe there is any more of a conspiracy going on with regards to HIV/AIDS as compared to any of the other diseases and treatments being pushed by big pharma, such as the push for HPV vaccines, antidepressants, ADD and ADHD drugs. Only time will tell.

But, what I do believe is that homosexuality, promiscuity, and even being poor or more likely to experiment with drugs, may be an offshoot of the wireless boom.

Exposures to this type of radiation (cell phone towers, etc...) can cause certain changes in the brain which could lead to changes in hormones, thoughts, etc...

Something to consider, rather than go with society's immediate inclination to chastise these groups of people. Google the Bioinitiative Report. I'll bet there are more gays in large cities where exposures are highest.

Posted by: Carol on February 2, 2009 08:32 PM


It is highly interesting for any researcher to think about and consider the information that is at hand to form a working knowledge about "HIV" Aids. First of all, Dr Gallo himself testified in an Australian Court of appeal that he found the so called "HIV" only in about 40 of the patients and readily agreed that by itself is not the cause of Aids. If a virus was the sole cause of Aids, he would have isolated the virus acording to the KOCH principles that are the foundation in virology and electronmicroscopy would have revealed such a virus, including the "budding process" since it is bandied as an enveloped virus. So far only "particles" have been observed.

Interestingly, Dr Gallo, according to his patent, has been growing the "HIV" in an immortal line of T4 cells, the very cellshe says are targetted and destroyed by the "HIV". In all probability, it is the suppression of the biochemical pathways that yield T4 cells that accounts for the depletion and lack of T4 cells rather than an actual direct targetting and destruction of T4 cells.

The following note, at the biochemical level is especially interesting:-

"As molecular parasites, and as response of our own cellular reactions to common diseases, foreign proteins or metabolic and even psychological stressors such as an AIDS or cancer death sentence, "retroviruses,�? their genes, and their molecules, may be simply a byproduct of our stressed cells, because they always have been, are, and always will be, made by our own cells."

The Perth Group and my articles have pointed out that these are nothing more than polymer proteins called actins that have been broken up by excess free radicals especially hydroxyl radicals and people with poor and chronic malnutrition and those using drugs and chemicals or exposed to them would therefore be the the groups most likely to have the Aids symptoms. Clearly, in these groups, then it is an oxidative stress problem that suppresses the cells of the immune system and the thyroxine pathway that is involved in the formation of T4 cells that leads to the extablishment of the "opportunistic infections".

As pointed out over and over again, prevention and treatment of Aids are always highly toxic. This toxicity is suppressive and destructive to the immune system and helps deplete the antioxidants and minerals in the body and further aggravates the problem as the natural antioxidant defense system weakens and the biochemical collapse of this system kills the patient. Andrew Maniotis has correctly asserted that, more Aids victims die of iatrogenic liver disease brought on by the doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs than of the "opportunistic" diseases. I have stated that toxic drugs like AZT, which are toxic by inhalation and can cause the same symptoms of Aids are the very drugs to be avoided by Aids patients.

Since toxins, including viral toxins also produce oxidative stress, blood from patients who have had a viral infection would, very likely, show up these particulate molecular matter. Is it any wonder that editorials in medical journals and researchers have shown in their studies that people recovering from flu and malaria and a host of other conditions are likely to test positive on the "HIV" test kits, creating the well known but alarming situation of false positives? These studies prove that the "HIV" test kits do not test for a viral specific protein nor its specific antibody but something quite obviously associated with stresed-out cells.

Reflecting further, it is not only the toxins from viruses and other microbes that can suppress the immune system in malnourished people, more so the chronically malnourished but the allergens from parasites including the malaria parasite and from protozoa appear to be a factor in producing the so called Aids symptoms. Peole recovering from malaria seem to test positive by the "HIV" test kits.

Most people do not know that each of these test kits display a disclaimer that they cannot be used to diagnose and treat Aids!. However, if parasitic and protozoal allergens are factors in the development of Aids symptoms, these symptoms are merely being confused with regard to their causation as such allergens can be as toxic as chemo-drugs. In the above articles the professors pint out as follows:-

"Doctors noticed two troubling things about the limp, sunken-eyed children who flooded pediatric wards across Botswana during the rainy season in early 2006: They were dying from diarrhea, a malady that is rarely fatal here. And few of their mothers were breast-feeding, a practice once all but universal."

I have observed vision impairment and sinking eye in the early stages when the occular tissues is infected by protozoa. These prozoa can be killed by natural phytochemicals and antioxidants obtained in the nano-form from edible substances with known anti-parasitic properties and formulated into sprays that are very rapidly absorbed through the dermis. Life blood analysis confirms the infestation and the killing of such protozoa with rapid improvements in vision.

Blastocystis is a well known parasitic cause of diarhoea. Parasitic infections are very common in people in Africa as pets and farm animals are hosts to such protozoa and are easily transmitted from such hosts but medical science needs to focus and document from studies the health problems arising from chronic inflamations caused by allergens from parasities especially from protozoa (see Health Freedom: ALLERGENS FROM PROTOZOAL INFECTIONS AND CHRONIC INFLAMMATIONS).

Chronic inflammation caused by protozoal allergens can suppress the human immune system and may have a troubling relationship with the spread of AIDS that is not yet properly recognized. Leishmania is a protozoal parasite transmitted to humans through sandfly bites. The allergens may be the primary cause of the destruction of the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and throat and surrounding tissues; or visceral, resulting in wasting while concurrent infections result in pneumonia and diarrheal disease and bleeding secondary to thrombocytopenia and impaired liver function. In visceral leishmaniasis, the parasite infects macrophages throughout the reticuloendothelial system, compromising the immune system.

Malnourished people have relatively lower levels of B vitamins (including B12) and have decreased immunity. Protozoal infections suppress the immune system and accelerate the onset of opportunistic infections (e.g., pneumonia, tuberculosis) and their allergens promote chronic inflammations that aid the proliferation of disease conditions. In malnourished people as in poor communities in Africa, most patients will be expected to die before their CD4 counts reach the low levels generally observed in seropositive AIDS patients in richer societies as in European communities (see: Aranka Anema and Koert Ritmeijer, Synopsis, Treating Leishmaniasis and HIV/AIDS coinfection in Ethiopia, May 24, 2005, CMAJ 172 (11)).

When CD4+ T cells are fewer than 200 CD4+ T cells per microliter (µL) of blood, cellular immunity is lost, leading to the condition known as AIDS. Protozoal infection of macrophages or the allergenic destruction of macrophages by protozoal allergens can also reduce CD4 cell counts. In a European study, 79–90 of people with HIV–visceral leishmaniasis coinfection were found to have CD4 cell counts of less than 200 106/L (Alvar J, Gutierrez-Solar B, Molina R, Lopez-Velez R, Garcia-Camacho A, Martinez P, et al. Prevalence of Leishmania infection among AIDS patients [letter]. Lancet 1992; 339: 1427). In Ethiopia, most patients die before reaching such low CD4 counts (see: Aranka Anema and Koert Ritmeijer, Synopsis, Treating Leishmaniasis and HIV/AIDS coinfection in Ethiopia, May 24, 2005, CMAJ 172 (11)).

Aids appears to be a multi-factorial health problem, as pointed out by certain scientists. It is associated with the supression of the thyroxine pathway and consequent low T4 cell and direct suppression of immune function through severe oxidative stress especially in people with chronic malnutrition and it appears to be caused by chronic inflammation whether by drugs and chemicals and/or protozoal allergens in malnourished people. Dr Gallo's testimony in the Australian Court of Appeal helps to rule out a viral cause but supports the contention that the viral infection is either the result of suppression of the immune system through oxidative stress and the viral toxins aid the development of Aids symptoms as they continuously provide stress to the immune system as in MGV infection. It could also be a latency disease of the EBV associated with oxidative stress ( - THE EPSTEIN-BARR VIRUS IN AIDS) but the idea of molecular parasites may not be correct as these may be nothing more than actin molecules produced by stressed-out cells that have been broken by the excess free radicals (See: Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society - Are Malnutrition and Oxidative Stress the Cause of gp41, gp120 and gp160 in Robert Gallo's HIV Isolate?
Beldeu Singh).

Further research should shed more light on this proposition, either way. That is the nature of science but the Aids industry does not like any notes or challenges to the Gallo Aids Dogma, even if it is fundamentally flawed.


Posted by: Beldeu Singh on March 17, 2009 11:36 AM


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