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April 23, 2008

Rethinking Aids Day - Scientists Call for New Thinking on HIV

On the 24th anniversary of the day a human retrovirus was named in a press conference, called by the Centers for Disease Control as "the probable cause of Aids" an international group of scientists says it is time to re-assess that belief.


Being diagnosed HIV-positive is a traumatic experience - emotionally, mentally and physically - HelpForHIV

In the 70s we had Richard Nixon's and Jimmy Carter's War on Cancer, an all-out well financed research program that sought to establish a viral cause and to find a cure for the Big C. Despite much work and huge amounts of money poured into the program, no such virus was found and - famously - no cure either. Much of this research centered on the so-called lentivirus or retrovirus family - a class of virus that turned out to be a harmless byproduct of the human metabolism, rather than a cause of any disease.

As the cancer research program folded for lack of results, a new focus was needed and a new direction of research. The announcement by Robert Gallo that a new virus, later named HIV or human immunodeficiency virus, was implicated in AIDS, gave that new focus and direction. But now, 24 years later, the hypothesis of HIV as "the probable cause of Aids" as Gallo had called it, shows signs of failure.

Not all patients have the virus. As a matter of fact, no clear and clean isolation of the virus was ever published in a scientific journal. The distribution of Aids does not match what one would expect from an infectious disease, no cure has been found and no vaccine is in sight either.

Scientists are defecting from the HIV=AIDS hypothesis, but there is great momentum in the money that funds research. As was the case with cancer, the only cause being looked into is a viral cause, because the only acceptable remedy is pharmaceutical. Other research has been terminated.

The cracks in the viral Aids paradigm are many and re-examination is needed. Here is the announcement of Rethinking Aids...

- - -

April 23 Is 'Rethinking AIDS Day'
International Scientists' Group Calls for New Thinking
On 24th Anniversary of HIV 'Discovery'

Small file

Rethinking AIDS, an international group of more than 2,500 scientists, doctors, journalists, health advocates and others, has established April 23, 2008, as the first Rethinking AIDS Day.

On April 23, 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo of the U.S. National Institutes of Health announced that he had discovered "the probable cause of AIDS," a new virus later named HIV. The world media and health authorities soon accepted HIV as the sole cause of AIDS, even though no proof was presented, either on that day or afterwards, that this type of virus can cause an immune disorder or is even actually present in all AIDS patients.

"This mistake has caused unimaginable devastation to real people", says Rethinking AIDS president David Crowe. "What have 24 years and hundreds of billions of research dollars given us?" he asks. "Tests that don't detect the virus, and toxic treatment drugs. Incorrect claims about HIV and AIDS have even included statistical predictions that have proved repeatedly to be wrong."

Through its events site linked at, Rethinking AIDS points out a range of activities that could help people learn the truth about HIV tests and medications, and empower them to ask for honesty and integrity in the medical and health advocacy communities. Questioning is vital to revealing the correct causes and treatments for the diseases collectively called “AIDS.”

Listings on the site include demonstrations and other events, petitions, videos, and requests for the public's own ideas for bringing accountability to AIDS science and reporting. Events posted already include presenting mock awards, handing out HIV testing information, donating educational books and videos, and attending Rethinkers' parties around the world.

Rethinking AIDS Day asks people around the world to consider that:

* Twenty-four years after Dr. Gallo's announcement, no scientific evidence has yet appeared in the medical literature that HIV has been isolated and purified from any AIDS patient.

* The testing protocols used to declare a person HIV positive do not directly measure HIV but instead detect biological markers thought to be associated with a virus.

* A positive result for these markers is assumed, but not proved, to indicate actual infection. No universal standard exists for positive and negative results, and interpretations vary among labs, health agencies and countries.

* Medications prescribed to HIV positives are toxic chemicals, well documented to destroy normal immune functions.

Based on the results of an unvalidated test, people around the world are consuming AIDS drugs that can cause many of the signs of AIDS, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of disease and death. For example, Audrey Serrano, a 45-year-old Massachusetts woman, successfully sued her doctors and hospital for $3.7 million (including interest) after records showed that she never was HIV positive. Serrano nevertheless developed “AIDS” symptoms after taking prescribed AIDS drugs.

“Parents are being forced to poison their children or lose them, and the sexuality of people testing 'HIV positive' is being criminalized," says Crowe, noting that several people have recently been sentenced to long jail terms for having consensual sex.

A reappraisal of Gallo's HIV AIDS hypothesis is long overdue. The first Rethinking AIDS Day—April 23, 2008—is a public opening of this reappraisal. Rethinking AIDS invites concerned citizens around the world to join it in asking the questions about HIV and AIDS that have not been addressed by the scientists.

See also:

A video on youtube to spread the message

Koch's postulates and retroviruses
InTime TV Network's television talk show, "On the Edge" #10: Talk show Host, Dr. Jonas Moses interviews Dr. Andrew Maniotis about infectious disease, viruses and retroviruses, beginning with a review of Koch's Postulates.

CELIA Farber, the maverick journalist vilified by the AIDS establishment for her controversial reporting, will be honored by the Semmelweis Society on May 13 in Washington, DC, with its Clean Hands Award - "which is an amazing irony, considering I am always accused of having blood on my hands..."

23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY
A precedent to Rethinking Aids Day
On the 23rd April 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo declared on a press conference in Washington, that he had discovered a Virus (HTLV-III later on renamed as HIV) the probable cause for AIDS. During the 21 years gone by since then, billions of Dollars have been spent on scientific research to find a vaccine or a cure. So far with no adequate result. So wouldn't it be time perhaps to apply the same principles of "controlling" as in any other industry? Isn't the time ripe for some kind of rethinking with regards to the whole "HIV causes AIDS" theory?


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Wednesday April 23 2008
updated on Tuesday May 20 2008

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Readers' Comments

Did you enjoy the Rethinking AIDS Day Video?

(Linked in the article as "A video on youtube to spread the message")

It was done on a shoestring just a few days ago, and already has more then 1450 hits, dozens of positive responses, and many people emailing their stories to the producer. These stories Need To Be Told!

Please help us fund more such well done and uplifting videos that will also feature such interviews and informatives with the same, if not even better, high quality, great music, and uplifting messages of Freedom From AIDS Dogma.

It is far more productive for us to stand FOR something, such as freedom from enslavement to dogma, then it is to beat our heads against a wall by standing AGAINST the egos of the dogmatists.

Please send your contributions via PayPal to:

Posted by: Sepp for Michael on April 30, 2008 06:11 AM


I have AIDS-like symptoms (though I'm HIV negative), but my immune system crashed with the advent of wireless technology (cell phones).

Now when was HIV/AIDS discovered again???...

Bioinitiative Report:

Wireless technology destroys the immune system, for one.

Posted by: Carol on May 8, 2008 07:46 PM


Just curious...
How do you account for people who, clearly dying from AIDS related opportunistic diseases, recover their health and wellbeing upon initiation of anti-retroviral therapy?
P.S. See the attached link for a glimpse at the research results you claim doesn't exist.

Posted by: nycmike on May 25, 2008 02:31 PM


I wonder if you have ever heard of spontaneous remission - a term for people getting well when the doctors don't know why it happened. A percentage of people will get well without intervention, and some of them despite intervention with toxic meds such as anti-retroviral "therapy". Perhaps I shouldn't be so harsh as the anti-retrovirals can stop some of the opportunistic infections, but long term they are poison to the organism itself. DNA chain terminators are no healthy thing to take. They will eventually terminate the DNA not only in viruses but also in the body's normal cells.

Posted by: Sepp on May 25, 2008 04:35 PM


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