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December 13, 2003

Jason Vale and the Cancer Mafia

Jason Vale, a former arm wrestling champion who cured his cancer with natural means and who felt he should help others cure themselves as well, has run afoul of - the Cancer Mafia.

Vale was tried and is awaiting sentencing - expected for 19 December - for violating an FDA order to cease selling apricot seeds and any extract from them such as laetrile, while promoting them as a cure for cancer.

The FDA's approach practically makes treatment with laetrile or vitamin B 17 illegal, because no pharmaceutical company can make enough money selling them to make it worth going through the registration process. As we see, the pharmaceutical monopoly on disease is eliminating a cure that is not in its financial interest.

Why is Laetrile Treatment Illegal ?
Why doesn't the whole world know about this ?
The Answer : $ money $

(The original article was found on - link is no longer active)

Because the pharmaceutical multinationals are unable to patent or claim exclusive rights to the vitamin B17, as it is derived from a natural source (The Prunus Amygdalis Rosacea family), the multinational pharmaceuticals launched and have continued to launch attacks of unprecedented vicious propaganda against B17 despite the hard proof of its effectiveness in controlling all forms of cancer which is available in overwhelming abundance.

The cancer industry is a $200 Billion a year industry. That's right not $200 million but $200 BILLION !!!

Now if you had a large interest in such a huge market wouldn't you try to protect your industry and market share? Of course you would. And that's exactly what has happened and is happening today. Unfortunately we find ourselves living in a time where lies and deceit have been and are being used by government national bodies and foundations which were designed to research cures and treatments for cancer, not to focus on protecting their significant financial interest.

Did you know the wealthiest non profit institution on this planet is the American Cancer Society ?

Did you know the worlds largest private cancer center Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital (SKMH) was established by Wall Streets top Banks and Corporations including a large interest from the Rockefellers. In today's society do the major corporations and banks place people before profit? Of course not!! Every day our newspapers in Australia tell us a story where our Banks and major corporations are putting profit before people.

Did you know that the major generous donators and financial contributors to the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital include all the major chemical companies that actually supply the chemotherapy and drugs used to treat patients at the hospital ! 

Companies such as Bristol Myers spend over $1 billion dollars annually on cancer research to improve or introduce new chemo drugs. Bristol Myers supplies over half the worlds chemotherapy drugs. So they have a significant interest in the cancer industry. So significant is their interest that the board members that chair the largest cancer drug and chemical companies also chair or are board members of all the major cancer institutes. Funny that, one would think there is a conflict of interest here. They get around this simply by either not taking a salary or making it a voluntary position with the cancer centres. After all, the chemical companies pay them more than enough for being board members of the chemical companies themselves. For example Paul A Marks who is president and CEO of the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital and is also Director of Pfizer which manufactures chemotherapy and cancer related drugs.

Also James Robinson is a board member of the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital and also a Director of Bristol Myers one of the largest suppliers of cancer chemotherapy and other cancer drugs. You will find most of the executives that chair or are board members of all the top cancer organizations also chair or are affiliated with one or more of the major cancer drug multinationals. As mentioned, they get around this conflict of interest most of the time by not taking a salary from either the research center or the drug company. Either way its a huge conflict of interest in my view.

This is why the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital (SKMH), National Cancer Institute (NCI), American Cancer Society (ACS), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) & the American Medical Association (AMA) are involved together to ensure they persecute and squeeze out any threats to their market. Even if it costs millions of lives and even if the therapy works, if its a threat they will stamp it out...

It is scary to know that the very government regulatory agencies themselves, such as the US Food & Drug Administration and Britain's Medicines Control Agency, which are supposed to protect the public from potentially dangerous products coming onto the market are horribly compromised because of ties with the chemical/drug industries that make cancer drugs.

A USA TODAY analysis of financial conflicts at 159 FDA advisory committee meetings from 1st January - 30th June 2000 found that at 55% of their meetings, more than half of the FDA advisors had conflicts of interest!!!

These cancer organizations are run by business leaders, bankers and board members of the cancer drug companies that supply chemotherapy drugs to the market. Because many of today's known carcinogens are by-products of profitable industries of which these same board members have financial interests in, their aim is to prevent cancer preventions and prevent any natural or non chemical therapy from entering the market. It’s a perfect Cartel between these giants of big business. John Reed a director of SKMH is also a director of tobacco giant Philip Morris.

For example... The way the current system is setup thanks to the FDA and AMA, did you know it now costs over $100 million to develop a new drug in America. They have literally setup a monopoly situation. It’s a poker game and the ante is $100 million if you want to play.

In 1982 Dr Richard Crout of the FDA made his agency's position very clear: "I never have and never will approve a new drug to an individual, but only to a large pharmaceutical firm with unlimited finances".

The problem here is the processing of Laetrile cannot be patented. It’s a natural product. you can't make millions or huge profits like cancer drugs generate. As Edward G Griffin puts it "So no substance from nature will ever be legally available for cancer unless its source can be monopolized. No matter how safe and effective it may be, and no matter how many people may have benefited, it will forever be relegated to the category of unproven therapies making them illegal to prescribe, to promote and to use".

Laetrile and all other natural products, used in treating cancer are a threat to their profits.

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Apricot Power
Supplies apricot seeds, vitamin B 17, Laetrile


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Saturday December 13 2003
updated on Monday December 6 2010

URL of this article:


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Readers' Comments

Oh my God, I knew that the US Government was bad, but this? This man healed himself with natural food, "Fruits of the Earth."

The Gov't takes God out of schools and we end up with prisons full of people, adult and children, all in the name of the US Gov't.

We can tell a woman that she has can kill her unborn baby and call it "CHOICE". This man Jason "CHOSE" to use natural methods to fight cancer. Where is his choice?

I was recently diagnosed with HCV which I believe to have come from a blood transfusion in 1985 during what was supposed to be a "routine surgery". I have refused all chemicals and have been taking supplements. My viral load has dropped 2 million. My doc is really upset with me, I think that he is really mad because he is missing out on the kickbacks he would've gotten had I taken chemicals.

The US Gov't are a bunch of sick bastards for being so greedy. This man Jason cured himself with natural methods and they want to prosecute him? Who is the sickie here?

Take the C & W singer Judd, who at one time claimed that she got healed from interferon and then again from natural foods and supplements, How many times did she tell her story to different audiences and then change her story to accomodate her pocket book?

Jason, you should not be punished for taking natural measures, again "Fruits of the Earth".

I will be following your story and pray that you will be free from the stupity of the ones who want to line their pockets with the money of the sick and their chemicals which makes them sicker.


Posted by: Debra Percifield on December 19, 2003 04:39 AM


If it took a Constitutional amendment to make alcohol illegal, and a Constitutional amendment to make alcohol legal again, how did "they" make apricot kernels illegal?
Yes the Bible words are correct, "the LOVE of money is the root of ALL evil."

Posted by: bradley wargin on December 26, 2003 06:00 PM


Thanks to Jan in Norway for finding this update of the situation of Jason Vale:

Postponement in Vale sentencing

USA - Sentencing of New York's Jason Vale on conviction of "criminal contempt of court" charges growing out of his busy Internet marketing of apricot kernels and alleged laetrile products against cancer has been postponed again until March 5, 2004. Earlier dates were Oct. 24 and Dec. 19.

In the meantime, Vale, whose Websites contained hundreds of testimonies highlighting anecdotal successes against cancer and other conditions among the 28,000 to 35,000 individuals who ordered from him, remained in detention at the Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn NY.

The set-up, harassment and prosecution of Jason Vale and his ChristianBrothers Website operation have provoked an outpouring of support for the Bible-believing 35- year-old and indignation at the FDA charges leveled against him, particularly when the government had received no complaints from users of his products (see ICHF VII:2, 2003, and VII:3-4, 2003/2004).

Information on the case and Vale's status are available at and

Posted by: Josef on February 13, 2004 03:03 PM


Apricot seeds shrunk my husbands agressive non-Hodgekins Lymphoma Tumor, and this was before he even took chemo!! My husband refused to take chemo for 9 months when he was diagnosed. The doctors told us for every day he refused treatment it was like waiting 1 month! His cancer was so agressive we were told he would die if he didn't take chemo soon. Well for 9 months he took Laetrile and apricot seeds only. His tumor kept getting smaller! Finally he took the chemo, and the doctors were amazed it hadn't spread.One of his doctors thought that the Apricot seeds and Laetrile may have been the reason. He even asked for more information about my husband's daily dose. If this stuff didn't work than I do not know how this miracle had happened.

Posted by: Deanna Kane on May 18, 2004 04:47 AM


Who can we contact to end this madness? I just saw's Jason's plight on a news story on Fox Channel 5 here in NY. The reporters seemed to make light of his situation but I don't think this is funny at all. A friend of mine purchased seeds from him after he was diagnosed with Hodgekins Disease at the age of 27 and he is now in full remission. He takes the seeds every day and his health gets better and better. WHO CAN WE COMPLAIN TO??? FREE JASON VALE!!! He's done nothing but help people live!!!!

Posted by: Cantor on May 18, 2004 08:11 PM


"The thing that bugs me is that people think the Food and Drug Administration is protecting them -- it isn't. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it's doing are as different as night and day."

-Dr. Herbert L. Ley, former Commissioner of the FDA

-Excerpt from


Posted by: Big Fat Quack! on June 18, 2004 03:23 AM


What can I do? This is so disgusting....
Lus Jervell

Posted by: Lus Jervell on October 7, 2004 08:35 PM


Kindly republish this report which appeared in "The Hindu Business Line"
in India about the Dards who father children at 100 and who eat more
than 100 apricot seeds per day as apricot seeds are their staple food as
nothing edible other than apricots grow at the height of 15000 feet
above sea level.
This will help Jason Vale case.

Click on:

A secret the Himalayas hold

Posted by: asha on April 23, 2006 02:15 PM



Please read the paper:

Posted by: Dr.Marek Roland on July 28, 2006 04:38 AM


Sad story about jason vale. I really hope they will release him. I think that the choice of how we want to treat cancer should be free. I really dislike how the FDA seems to be letting go of bad cancer treatments from the

Posted by: treat cancer on June 22, 2007 07:16 AM


What makes it all the more sad is that animals are imprisoned in labs being experimented on all over the world due to the pharmaceutical companies when it would seem that cures are available using natural methods. Natural herbs and plant remedies are called 'alternatives remedies' nowadays - how far removed have we come from natures healers. I think prescription drugs are the real alternatives.

Posted by: Lynne on December 11, 2007 06:16 PM


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