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February 01, 2004

Cisapride linked to 'Child Abuse' cases

According to an article in the Observer today, cisapride, a drug that has been linked to deaths world wide is also implicated in many of the apparent 'child abuse' cases that are being reviewed in the UK.

Both the role of the drug as well as the 'explanation' for the parents' violence, proposed by a controversal paediatrician and 'expert witness' in many of the cases, are to be investigated.

Child abuse probe uncovers deadly role of axed drug

Calls for inquiry after cisapride linked to 136 deaths

Jamie Doward, social affairs editor
Sunday February 1, 2004
The Observer

A drug linked to more than 100 deaths is being blamed for a series of gross miscarriages of justice that have seen hundreds of parents wrongly accused of child abuse.

A conference drawing together psychologists, social workers and scientists will hear evidence this week that a drug called cisapride - used to treat digestive problems and now withdrawn from the UK market - has resulted in hundreds of cases of wrong diagnosis.

Experts will claim the drug is known to interrupt the rhythm of the heart, causing some youngsters to turn pale and experience breathing difficulties. Campaigners say the symptoms have prompted doctors to wrongly accuse parents of trying to smother their children.

The revelation will raise further questions about the validity of the controversial condition Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP) - first theorised in 1977 by paediatrician Professor Sir Roy Meadow - which suggests some parents harm their children to draw attention to themselves.

Critics of MSBP, which has been discredited following a series of court cases, fear it blinds social workers, lawyers and judges to other explanations for apparent child abuse, such as the side effects of drugs or the symptons associated with a number of illnesses.

The conference, at Sydney University in Australia, aims to debunk MSBPand is set to attract worldwide attention. It will hear calls for a full investigation into cisapride, which was withdrawn in the US and the UK three years ago after it was linked to 136 deaths worldwide, including those of two British children.

'Given the amount of cases where cisapride has played a significant part in the child's treatment and the child's parents have been diagnosed as having MSBP, it is imperative the Government launches an investigation into this drug,' said Penny Mellor an anti-MSBP campaigner.

The Government said last month that it is to investigate more than 250 criminal cases in which a parent had been convicted of murdering a child. The decision was taken after a series of overturned convictions.

Sally Clark was freed after spending three years in jail for killing her two children. Trupti Patel was acquitted of smothering her three babies. Angela Cannings, jailed for killing her two sons, was released by the Court of Appeal last December.

The Government is also planning to ask local authorities to examine up to 5,000 cases in which children were taken from their parents in the civil courts and in which MSBP may have been cited. Authorities in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, are also under pressure to examine cases in which parents were separated from their children following the diagnosis of MSBP.

The first civil cases involving parents who claim they were wrongly separated from their children as a result of MSBP, are currently being prepared for appeal.

Meadow and another paediatrician who has advanced the MSBP theory, Professor David Southall, are now the subjects of separate inquiries by the General Medical Council. The Observer has also learnt that there are at least four other experts in the field of MSBP whose work is now likely to be scrutinised by the health authorities.

Since The Observer highlighted the allegation that MSBP was responsible for a series of miscarriages of justice last week, numerous other cases where the parents claim they have been wrongly separated from their child have come to light.

In one case in Hampshire, a mother accused of MSBP was separated from her two seriously ill twins but allowed to keep her other two children. The twins were eventually put into care and the mother was forced to give the other two children up for adoption. She subsequently emigrated to New Zealand where she alleges British social services contacted counterparts there with the result that two other children she had with another partner ended up being taken into care. Her case is one of the first that is expected to be appealed this year.

Janssen Pharmaceutica, makers of cisapride, declined to comment.

See related articles:

Many infants who suffer the so-called 'shaken baby syndrome' may be victims of undiagnosed vaccine damage.

Baby death trials to be reviewed

Wider cot deaths review considered

Doubt over shaken baby diagnosis

Making an informed choice - what your physician does not tell you

BBC - 21 Dec 2004 - Child death cases to be reviewed
The cases of 28 parents convicted of killing their children will be investigated further, the Attorney General has announced. Lord Goldsmith told the House of Lords he had written to the families' solicitors about the review. But in 180 cases out of 297 examined, he will take no further action.

BBC News, 16 June 2005 - Shaken baby convictions 'unsafe'
A "substantial question mark" hangs over the convictions of four people jailed for killing or harming babies by shaking them, appeal judges have heard. If the four are cleared at the Appeal Court, about 90 other cases of "shaken baby syndrome" could be challenged.

Shaken baby 'had no trauma signs'
A four-month-old baby allegedly shaken to death showed "absolutely no evidence of trauma in the brain or other areas of the body", a court has been told.

GMC finds Clark professor guilty
The General Medical Council has found Professor Sir Roy Meadow guilty of giving erroneous and misleading evidence in the Sally Clark case.

Meadow struck off for misleading the Sally Clark trial
By Sam Lister, Health Correspondent
July 16, 2005 - SIR ROY MEADOW, one of the country's most eminent paediatricians, was struck off the medical register yesterday for giving erroneous and misleading evidence which helped to convict Sally Clark of murdering her two sons.

Abuse of Child Abuse Laws - Shaken Baby Syndrome


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday February 1 2004
updated on Wednesday December 8 2010

URL of this article:


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Health Canada: Causing Deaths by Withholding Information on Drug Dangers
Health Canada, which last year has seized nutritional products destined to helping the mentally ill, is being accused of corruption and of hiding information about the deadly side effects of many prescription drugs. After already being linked to hundreds of deaths but still freely available without warnings in Canada, Cisapride caused the death of Vanessa Young, daughter of former provincial Parliament Member Terrance Young, who is now taking Health Canada... [read more]
April 08, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

Sudden Infant Death - Eliminate With Vitamin C, Not Prison
258 convictions for killing children, with more than 50 parents still in prison, will be reviewed, according to an article in BBC News today. It is likely that many of the cases are not criminal offenses but a tragedy called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or Cot Death, gone unrecognized and turned into human tragedies with courts, prisons and all the trappings of destroyed families and lives. Fortunately there is... [read more]
January 19, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

UPI Investigates: The vaccine conflict
My comments are inerted in bold italics in body. See also: Pharmaceutical Quality Control Myth Chris By Mark Benjamin Investigations Editor Published 7/20/2003 8:45 AM WASHINGTON, July 20 (UPI) -- The screaming started four hours after 8-month-old Chaise Irons received a vaccination against rotavirus, recommended in June 1998 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for every infant to prevent serious diarrhea. Within a day he was vomiting and... [read more]
August 03, 2003 - Chris Gupta

Safe Vaccine Lawsuit? Hmm...
Next time your doctor or whoever says vaccines are safe - then ask them why this and many other law suits are being and/or have been launched? Please pass this on to any vaccine injured parties. Thanks Chris Gupta ---------------- A Vancouver area law firm is launching a class action law suit on behalf of families whose children have been damaged by thimerosal containing vaccines. To the best of our... [read more]
December 16, 2003 - Chris Gupta




Readers' Comments

While in the UK, "shaken baby syndrome" is being reviewed widely to eliminate injust prison sentences, in the US people continue to languish behind bars for what the vaccine manufacturers should rightly take the blame.

The following is an appeal by Lisa Mullenax, recently published in Nexus Magazine.

My beautiful 3 1/2-month-old baby Lucas was killed by adverse reactions to vaccines and overdose of medications. As a result, my husband and I have lost our home, our savings, our careers and our reputations because we were accused by the medical establishment of having killed our precious baby. Our lives have radically changed in this past year. The police investigated our son's death for 11 1/2 months and then came by surprise and indicted my husband. My husband, Alejandro, is currently incarcerated due to incompetent physicians and blatant medical malpractice. He is charged with first and third degree murder and the state of Pennsylvania is seeking the death penalty.

Please read the following toxicology report written by Dr Mohammed Al-Bayati. This highly respected toxicologist and pathologist conducted a thorough investigation into the true causes of our son's death, which led him to make some startling discoveries. His extensive report was recently published during a "shaken baby syndrome" conference co-hosted by Nicholas Regush and Sandy Mintz and available at Red Flags Weekly. The evidence produced in his report will speak for itself. We have two physicians that concur with Dr Al-Bayati's diagnosis and numerous others are presently reviewing my baby's medical records.

We are not by any means an isolated incident. The "shaken baby syndrome" epidemic is becoming a national crisis as thousands of innocent people are being victimized by these false allegations. Many have been wrongly convicted. Please go to this website to read more.

We are asking for your assistance in exposing this witch-hunt to bring about an increased awareness of this growing tragedy and will in turn help to prevent future infant deaths. Until more cases like ours are exposed, babies will continue to die needlessly as a result of adverse reactions to these allopathic drugs. Devastating accusations will continue to destroy other innocent people's lives if the medical establishment continues to refuse to perform differential diagnoses once mention of "shaken baby syndrome" is made. The tragedy of many "shaken baby syndrome" findings is that they are based on a theory that has not been borne out by current scientific or medical evidence. There is a dichotomy between many of the medical experts - many of whom strongly debate the validity of this theory.

By disseminating this information, you will make it possible for others to learn from our personal experience. These iatrogenic injuries must be exposed. We are not asking for your sympathy; we are asking that you help us to change the way the medical profession currently deals with these injuries so that the same grave errors will not continue to be repeated. Our society has an obligation to its citizens to not allow these miscarriages of justice to perpetuate. A paradigm shift is approaching within the medical establishment and we must act now to expose this tragedy for the sake of our children.

Dr Al-Bayati is more than willing to help anyone in the same situation as ourselves, and to answer questions of the media. His contact details are: Mohammed Al-Bayati, PhD, DAB, DABVT, Toxicologist and Pathologist, Toxi-Health International, 150 Bloom Drive, Dixon, CA 95620, USA, telephone (707) 678 4484, fax (707) 678 8505, e-mail, website:

Please, we need your support. This can happen to anyone. Our Lucas has a healthy baby until he was administered his two-month immunisations. Young parents tend not to know or understand the potential lethal ramifications of immunizations and medications. My only goal is to increase awareness of this growing epidemic so that other innocent families are not afflicted by these heinous allegations - because no matter which of the two happens, the families' lives will be profoundly affected forever.

Lisa Mullenax
Hartstown, Pennsylvania, USA

The following website by Susan Kreider, RN, a vaccine-injured adult, has more information pertaining to our case.

Posted by: Sepp on July 9, 2004 03:31 PM


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