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March 20, 2004

Swedish Science Dissident Proposes New View of Red Shift, Global Warming

A new interpretation of the cosmic red shift and of the phenomenon of entropy, the constant "running down" or dispersal of energy this universe seems to be subject to, is proposed by Ingvar Astrand from Sweden. He bases his theory on the observation that electromagnetic waves, similar to waves in water, increase in wavelength as they travel. A Unified Theory of Physics from a Newly Discovered Radiation Entropy Law, is what Astrand proposes.

Global warming, Ingvar says in another paper, is not connected with a human-technology related increase in emission of CO2. Close the Greenhouse; an Unknown Sink Regulates Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, is the title of his second scheduled presentation at the upcoming 2004 AAAS-SWARM Annual Meeting, on 7 and 8 April, where Astrand will try to demonstrate that what we know about CO2 and the climate does not entitle us to say that we are causing a catastrophe by significantly influencing global warming with our technologies.

Here are the abstracts of Astrand's two scheduled talks: Any questions - e-mail Ingvar Astrand directly. Comments are welcome, too.

Abstracts Submitted for the 11th Annual Conference of the Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) at the SWARM meeting of the AAAS at Denver, CO

Exploring the Road Less Traveled

7 - 10 April 2004

A Unified Theory of Physics from a Newly Discovered Radiation Entropy Law
Ingvar Astrand

Forssavagen 4, 152 52 Sodertalje, SWEDEN;
phone: +46/(0) 855019986, fax: +46/(0) 855013972
e-mails unitheory@,

This report demonstrates that my discovery from 1992 of an entropy law solves modern physics’ problems and replaces its ad hoc hypotheses by experiments, facts and insight. This awaited unified theory is derived from observation of Supernova 1987A, when shock-waves of light expanded in increasing wavelengths, like dilating rings on a ponds surface. I have compared the waves’ symmetry of extending lengths with their covered distances and derived a new entropy law formula. As energy in waves of water and light behaves comparable, the size of the galaxies’ red-shifted spectral-lines can be computed by Hubble’s velocity/distance-parameter in the wave-displacement/distance equation that reveals the famous but surprising size. This is the correctly defined ENTROPY-CONSTANT that proves that energy is neither quantified nor discrete, and it reveals the cause and size of the REDSHIFTS TO DISTANCE RATIO: Thus the quantum question and big bang is disproved. Even Pound-Rebka's frequency-shift gravity interpretation has the true foundation and explanation by this fractional entropy dissipation. This simple entropy principle falsifies black holes by unifying Stefan-Boltzmann law and Wien displacement law and so explains that galaxies are but apparently quasars and their enormous energy emissions is just the fourth power of the temperature-radiation’s difference, proportional to the distance. Entropy dissipates energy towards equilibrium in the universe’s supra leading low temperatures and causes the microwave radiation. This theory implies the right relativistic transformation that adds velocities without limitation by asymptotic equation. I also explain the misinterpretation of the galaxies’ velocities that has led to the dark matter hypothesis.

A discussion related to this proposal can be found in Physics Forums.

Close the Greenhouse; an Unknown Sink Regulates Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
Ingvar Astrand

Forssavagen 4, 152 52 Sodertalje, SWEDEN; phone: +46/(0) 855019986, fax: +46/(0) 855013972
e-mails unitheory@,

People are indoctrinated by speculating theoretical scientists that a greenhouse effect is caused by increasing level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, from increasing emission of burned gases from human societies, industries, transportation, from warming of people’s houses, offices and shopping centers. Specialized greenhouse scientists say that they don’t understand the CO2-budget: what is emitted minus what is absorbed by forests and all other known sinks. It seems that all carbon dioxide that human societies produce disappears somewhere. I have solved this important enigma. My study is easy to understand, and it gives us new, surprising, good insights about how the carbon cycle works. Its interesting interaction with the oceans also reveals problematic insights. CCD, the strange calcite-compensation level, is explained: how it is a condition for nutrition on a molecular level for plankton that is food for other lives, in the oceans, and from the oceans. This study of the carbon cycle also explains how carbon dioxide is the foundation for hydro-carbonates. My study demonstrates that Nature does not produce ‘fossil fuels’ from fossils. We also get a surprising but convincing revelation about how Nature produces the oxygen we breath. Research on exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen, to and from trees and forests, has been made over a year-cycle. It was found that there was no net emission or absorption of those gases that are important for the life on Earth. This shocking revelation is important. It gives us beautiful new insights into Nature, with self-evident explanations.

See also:

A short mathematical derivation on a Physics Forum - can be read at


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Saturday March 20 2004
updated on Wednesday December 8 2010

URL of this article:


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Readers' Comments

Here is an e-mail exchange about this article, which I add as an update - August 2004:

It starts with a message from someone who calls himself Pyotr Zumwalt.

Dear Sir,

I reference the following web page:

Ingvar Astrand is not a scientific dissident.  He is a victim of mental illness.  You do him a very great disservice by encouraging him.  You do a very great disservice to genuine "scientific dissidents" as well.  Finally, you utterly destroy your own credibility with anyone who has encountered Mr. Astrand's disconnected drivel.

A case in point: Mr. Astrand insists that sounds decrease their frequency over distance.  Has this been your experience?

yrs, Pyotr Zumwalt

My reply, which I copied to Astrand:

From: "Sepp (Josef) Hasslberger"
To: "Paula Atreides"
CC: ingvar_astrand@***
Subject: Re: dissidence
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004

Dear Pyotr Zumwalt,

thank you for your e-mail. I am rather suspicious of anyone who would question someone else's sanity rather than attack the faults in their theory. While I cannot say that Astrand is correct in what he says, I believe he has every right to state his convictions.

If you want to dispute what you call Astrand's "disconnected drivel", you can contact him directly or publish your views in a similar forum as he does.

Kind regards
Sepp Hasslberger

And Ingvar Astrand's comment, with some links to an article on a discussion group and to his own site:

From: Sven Ă…strand
To: sepp@***
Subject: Re: dissidence => thanks for your integrity
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2004

My friend Sepp!

Thanks for your integrity. As you understand my discovery is embarrassing for the believers in the present dogmas called quantum physics, relativity and big bang and so on.

I can tell you many similar stories and experiences like that one.

One is that at a Swedish radio program from a book trade exhibition an editor of scientific books asked for manuscripts that was critical or analysing to some subject in science. I send a synopsis and after some months I phoned and asked why I haven't got any answers. The editor then told me that my synopsis was sent to the one of the most famous physicists in Sweden. He had said that he got a fright hiccup when he read my synopsis and he recommended the editor to refuse my writings.

A short time thereafter this physicist had together with two scientist journalists and a psychiatrist published a large article in Sweden's biggest daily newspaper about persons that was critical to the established science that must be mentally sick. The same conclusion that this furious writers of the e-mail you got. It is a way for the establishment to defend their position when they have no relevant arguments.

I can tell you that many physicists in Sweden and abroad agree that my theory is right, but they are afraid to say it officially. Sweden's most famous professor of theoretical physics (Tor Ragnar Geerholm - today emeritus) said during a short talk: "of course your discovery and theory are right". I also get more new invitations to conferences.

I invited Anders Barany to a seminar I held. He is professor in physics and he was then secretary in the Nobel Committee. He also said that I am right but he could not come to my lecture because of his position. Also Sweden's most prominent professor in astrophysics (now emeritus) and then the editor of "Populär Astronomi" Gunnar Leander-Larson agreed that my theory was right but he didn't dare publish it because it would cause him trouble with his colleagues about the consensus. Another professor in mathematics said that my theory is so self-evident that it could not be right because then it would have been discovered and established long before.

I have held lectures in Sweden before many professors in astronomy and astrophysics and physics. They have been very impressed and told me that my discovery is right and my theory very intelligible.

The background to this furious man was that I need to discuss and get serious questions about my theory, in order to develop my explanations if there is something unclear. I find a discussion-group called Bright, and jumped into their discussion about Hawking's black holes where he has changed his mind. I told them that it was a help-hypothesis to explain the quasars‚ apparent enormous energy and that it is simply explained by the well known thermodynamic laws of Wien and Stefan-Boltzmann. I told them that i soon will publish my unified theory of physics on my home site.

This made many of them upset and they asked me for immediate evidence. Then I wrote a short mathematical derivation on a Physics Forum, which was deleted by the mentor. By an e-mail I begged the mentor to publish it and it was moved to another thread where you can read it at

No one had any criticism against my discovery or derivation. But they said that it was impossible, they were arrogant and they called me a crackpot. After a time this furious man said that if this entropy elongation is general it must be applied even for sound waves. There have been discussions at a NPA discussion-group about this question where they agreed the common experiences that you hear even sound waves as lower frequency proportional to the distance. I remember they agreed that a tractor when it was driven far away on the field sounds with lower frequency compared with when it was driven near.

My experience is that the thunder is more dull at far distance. Well this is a good argument for me to measure by some instrument to get evidence. But I don't think this will help against the dogmatic fundamentalists.

Within about fourteen days I must place my article (about 20 pages) on my home site, because I am lecturing on my seminar in Stockholm at 25 August. Have a look at my home page then

As you understand I have lots of interesting and funny stories for a biography. I am only disappointed that my English languish isn't good enough.

The conference in Denver was successful. I can tell you shortly that the self-regulating carbon dioxid-level is caused by the density (weight) of the carbon dioxide. When the level is over maximum, carbon-dioxide is pressured down into the oceans where the carbon-dioxide is heavier than water at about 40 atmospheres pressure at about 4000 meters depth, where it is sinking to the bottom and into the sediment layers of shells and sand. Well, it is more complex than that, which I will tell you later.

With friendly respect

Posted by: Sepp on August 2, 2004 05:33 PM


As honored as I am by Mr. Astrand's identification of myself as a "consensus scientist", I feel obligated to point out that I am neither a scientist nor have ever claimed to be. I will admit to being an enthusiastic reader of all kinds of science; but I have no connection to the scientific establishment whatsoever.

Posted by: Pyotr Zumwalt on August 23, 2004 08:08 PM


Mr. Astrand has attributed the following statement to myself:

'After a time this furious man said that if this entropy elongation is general it must be applied even for sound waves.'

This was Mr. Astrand's assertion, not mine. Mr. Astrands claim that I said this is false. I merely refuted him. I would appreciate it if this statement were allowed to remain here, unlike my previous objection.

Pyotr Zumwalt

Posted by: Pyotr Zumwalt on August 23, 2004 09:29 PM


Here is a recent e-mail exchange regarding comments on this article. I am closing the article to further comments as of now, 25 August 2004:

Dear Sepp,

I object to your allowing Ingvar's invective to stand, while selectively posting my own correspondence. As Ingvar has attributed statements to myself that I did not make, as well as unjustified attributions of "fury", I would appreciate it if you either allowed the entire exchange to be posted, or removed Ingvar's long posting.   I assume that you wish to deal honestly.

I applaud your statement: "I am rather suspicious of anyone who would question someone else's sanity rather than attack the faults in their theory." Is your suspicion also invoked when a man claims to have overturned more than a century of established science?

Pyotr Zumwalt, which is indeed a nom de plume

Dear Pyotr,

you notice I left your latest comments standing. This is because I do not see them to be offensive.

Conversely, I also do not see invective in Ingvar Astrand's comment, which I posted. Yes, I do want to deal honestly, but I do not allow emotional exchanges to cloud the content.

Kind regards

Posted by: Sepp on August 25, 2004 03:56 PM


From: Ingvar Ă…strand
Subject: No Peer Review can stop this now
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006

Hej Sepp,

Thanks for your proposed links that are almost always interesting.

Do you remember this Einstein-evangelist - Quoted below:

... Mr. Astrand insists that sounds decrease their frequency over distance.  Has this been your experience?

yes, Pyotr Zumwalt

Now I have the answer:

I have made a new interesting experiment with sound waves, an experiment that verifies the entropy-law that I have discovered and derived from observations and experiments.

This new experiment explains that the mechanism for energy that is dissipating toward equilibrium is the same and general for electrodynamics, hydrodynamics and now also aerodynamics.

I made the experiment in February 2005, and had the sound signals on my tape recorder in about one year. I contacted (many times) sound expert people at universities and technichal high schools if they could refer to a frequency-analyzing program -- but no one was interested.

So, in January I found on internet a new program for frequency analyzing for 10 days free test.

As you can see on the Sound-Spectrogram.PDF (link no longer active), I was right: sound's frequencies decrease over distance.

Besides, my entropy theory has given me an idea for an important construction for telecom.

Yes, I have applied for patent.

When (if) I have sold this invention, the priesthood of scientists cannot stop this new reality of physics that will imply a new intelligent paradigm for a new intelligible physics.

Ingvar, Sweden

Posted by: Sepp on June 9, 2006 03:08 PM


The solution of global warming
I have discovered the possible chemical reaction which can added to the cars to give out oxygen please download this video and forward to all the organisation which can act on this new theory. It is free video copy 51 minutes.
my telephone is 0021362756085

Posted by: mperella on October 3, 2006 08:03 AM


Well Mr. Ingvar i might say that what you wrote is very interesting and i might say that i agree with your theory. In my oppinion global warming is one HUGE propaganda from wich someone makes alot of money on account of all humanity, to be more precise another form of making people scared or a way of control that certain people like to convince people.
Thank you alot for writing this and letting me know that i'm not the only person that think what you stated above.

Posted by: Ljupka on April 3, 2009 08:40 AM


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