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October 23, 2004

Laser Light Kills Human Blood: Russian Scientist Warns

Psyquantum radiation in lasers kills human blood

Could it be that lasers, in common use today in optical recording and playback devices, laser pointers and even medical devices, are actually harmful to human health? Leonid S. Vilenchik, director general of MDB Electron says that a new type of radiation has been found to that is emitted by lasers. It is a penetrating radiation that, according to experimental findings of his team, not only retards plant growth and induces gene mutation in irradiated caviar, it also actually alters the properties of human blood.

"Under its impact, erythrocytes in human blood undergo mutation. As a result, an overall breakdown of the immune system takes place, in short what develops is AIDS in a new packaging."

Thanks to Klaus Rudolph of Citizen's Initiative Omega and Buergerwelle in Germany for this piece of information.

Certainly more research will be needed on this, but here is a heads-up on the issue. Continue reading here...


Psyquantum radiation in lasers kills human blood

(Original article here)

Dear all,

A Russian friend has just translated this and sent it to me.

Shivani Arjuna

School of Survival


A team of scientists in the ELECTRON Moscow Design Bureau, one of the countries major defense enterprises, made a sensational discovery. In its Medico-biological Department headed by V. Kvartalnov it became apparent that laser radiation contains a component known as psyquantum radiation. Under its impact, erythrocytes in human blood undergo mutation. As a result, an overall breakdown of the immune system takes place, in short what develops is AIDS in a new packaging. Our reporter was informed about this by Leonid S. Vilenchik, director general of MDB Electron.


Radiation of an Unknown Nature

“Currently we are as yet unable to explain the nature of psyquantum radiation. What is it? Is it a stream of neutrinos of ultra low energy? Or maybe what we are observing are longitudinal electromagnetic waves? But if so, why do they fall outside of the physical model of all known radiations? No electromagnetic radiation can pass through liquid metal, yet the psyquantum type easily passes though mercury as well as through melted lead.

Considering that scientists have no clear notion of the nature of this radiation, doubts may be raised by some as to whether it exists at all. However, I can declare with full responsibility personally assumed, that our physical devices do fix the presence of the given radiation. In other words this is not something that cannot be materially confirmed as for example when the discussion deals with some sort of paranormal phenomena. Caviar, for example, irradiated by a low intensity laser beam commonly used in therapy begins to undergo genal mutation. Irradiation of sprouting seeds leads to a sharp decline in the rate of their growth. But the most compelling proof that psyquantum radiation exerts a clearly evidenced pathogenic influence even upon man, we got by experimenting with blood.”

We both Heal and Mutilate

“Leonid Semyonovich, laser devices are currently used in industry as well as in medicine. Laser treatment methods have long been approved by the Ministry of Health. So is this extremely expensive equipment actually a killer?”

“Without doubt, lasers do heal, but in doing so a danger arises. The radiation discovered by us can cause an organism a great deal of harm. As the saying goes: “You cure here and you maim there.” Think of a surgical laser used in coagulating vessels when treating erosion of the neck of the womb. This operation is performed practically in every clinic. But what does the woman undergoing irradiation get? What will be the impact of this radiation on her health as well as on the health of her children to come? Could this be a reason why so many of our children are born with mental debility?”

“Well then, should all lasers be promptly buried like radioactive waste?”

“Entire institutes spend their time developing methods which make it possible to take one medicine or another not as a poison, but as a medication. The same thing applies to lasers as well. After discovering a form of radiation that exerts a pathogenic influence on human health, a search for defensive methods was undertaken. Our specialists have already hit upon the direction that needs to be followed. The light at the end of the tunnel is quite clearly perceptible, but considerable funds are needed which we, as a defense type enterprise, do not possess. When laboratory personnel needed to carry out experiments with human blood, they went to the blood bank, gave their own blood and worked with it.”

“Why haven’t you come forward with this announcement earlier? After all, your experiments confirming the existence of psyquantum radiation have been going on for quite a long time.”

“We didn’t have sufficient proof. We could have been told: well, so caviar mutates, seeds grow more slowly, so what? But now, when a sufficiently large number of experiments have been conducted with blood, when it has been irrefutably proven that psyquantum radiation alters the properties of human blood, not a single clear thinking person would say that the matter at hand is not serious. Lasers are entering our lives in ever increasing numbers. Laser illuminators and laser lights are already being produced, and children get a kick out of using laser pointers. At stake is the health of a huge number of people. Therefore, it would not be right to keep silent any longer.


See also related:

Routine NHS laser ops ruled out
Laser surgery should not be routinely given to short-sighted patients on the NHS, a watchdog has said.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Saturday October 23 2004
updated on Friday June 26 2009

URL of this article:


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Readers' Comments

Dear friend
Can u plz confirm me about GaAlAr laser system which used in medical Acupuncture , Laser Surgery too, dental, ent, veternary etc , but so far in my clinic since more then 2 yrs i have not noted / observed in any patients nor in my family members too , my mother was 2 times in coma & paralysis due to contraindication of knee replacement surgery, but after laser therapy she is now perfactly 99.99% healthy even after at the age of 68 & my father was treated successfully for his urine blocked trouble without dialysis

Posted by: Dr Ravindra Mistry on May 16, 2005 08:39 PM


Dear Dr Ravindra,

thank you for your comment and question. For now I do not have further information except what was reported by the Russian scientist. Perhaps you could tell us if there has been an attempt at replicating this work? Are there any studies where the effect of laser light on the blood or on general health has been tested in a clinical setting? You seem to be well informed about lasers in therapy.

Posted by: Sepp on May 17, 2005 04:54 PM


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