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April 28, 2005

AIDS, Chronic Fatigue: Modified African Swine Fever Virus Implicated?

What do people suffering of AIDS and those suffering of CFIDS - chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome - have in common? Apparently more than immune trouble. There is a virus that seems to be present in both, but is almost never tested for. HHV-6A, thought to be a genetic cross between Cytomegalovirus and African Swine Fever Virus, is found in both AIDS and CFIDS patients.

HIV instead, a relatively harmless retrovirus that cannot cause the symptoms of Aids, has been given all the blame. The hypothesis that HIV = Aids has been scientifically and quite thoroughly discredited by Peter Duesberg in his book "Inventing the AIDS Virus", although officially it is thought to be rock solid and today, highly cytotoxic anti-retroviral treatment is almost universally recommended for AIDS sufferers by health authorities around the world, while those suffering of Chronic Fatigue and CFIDS are told that "it's all in your mind" and are given psychological treatment or prescribed psychiatric medication.

June 2004: Enter a new point of view...

In June last year, Jonathan Campbell introduced me to a new and - I must say - intriguing angle to the AIDS catastrophe, which we will explore further in this article.

- - -

In an email, responding to an article of mine on AIDS testing, Campbell said:

None of the testing they are doing is looking for the correct virus. Knox and Carrigan have found a near-100% correlation between AIDS and HHV-6A, an incredibly virulent virus that attacks lymph nodes and other tissue, creating huge amounts of necrotic tissue. It is present in both people with AIDS and also those who have CFIDS, the non-HIV AIDS.

Consider the following links:

Ortleb: HHV-6A is the real AIDS (and CFIDS) virus
( (link no longer active - Sepp)

Human Herpesvirus 6 Variant A (HHV-6A) – How it May Relate to CFIDS

HHV-6 as a progression factor in AIDS

They are also overlooking an obvious cheap treatment for AIDS/CFIDS, suggested by the discoverer of protease inhibition, Matthias Rath. It is the same as his treatment for cancer: vitamin C and the amino acids lysine and proline, which inhibit viral replication, cell fusion, and destruction caused by viral oxidation products.

Another participant in the discussion came up with a further link. Doing a search on HHV-6A, he found ..HHV-6A... "This is the virus, formally identified by Dr. Robert Gallo, from the National Cancer Institute and discoverer of HIV, that his research team had identified in the Lake Tahoe outbreak of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome during the mid-1980's."

This prompted a reply by Jonathan on 11 July 2004:

The Lake Tahoe incident is what put the nail in the coffin of HIV-->AIDS, at least for me. These poor folks in Lake Tahoe were told that it was "all in their heads" by CDC, they brought the samples back, they discovered they were all infected with this "new" virus, Gallo calls it HHV-6A, and the folks at Tahoe are never told a word of it. They probably got it from infected pork from some fine restaurant in Tahoe. There is a movie (apparently very sad) called "I Remember Me" made by a film producer stricken by CFIDS at Tahoe.

Meanwhile there is an epidemic in the new factory pig farms called "Mystery Swine Disease" that destroys the pigs' immune system, and no one makes the connection to the ASFV brought in by Haitian immigrants. To this day they have given it a different name: Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome. Pig farmers are told to destroy entire "herds" - tens of thousands of pigs - and not to sell the meat. Yeah, sure. I'm sure some of it made its way to Tahoe.

ASFV was cultured in Haiti by the CDC-operated CIA station in Haiti for use against Cuba - biological warfare - in the 70s, and it spread to the Haitian native pigs, to the point where the National Guard was called in to "eradicate" the wild pig population in the '80s. This is where the AIDS epidemic came from as well, because Haitians used these pigs, infected with ASFV, for Santaria (voodoo) blood rituals, and Haiti was a favorite vacation spot for gays from San Francisco, who then spread the virus in the bathhouses when "cruising" (having dozens of sex partners) was popular in the gay community. (This transmission mechanism was actually identified by a couple of doctors at Mass General Hospital in the 70s as they tried to help some Haitian immigrants who had AIDS). The reason that HIV comes up as a marker virus in AIDS is that green monkey kidneys (containing SIV and a host of other intermingled viruses and retroviruses) were used as the culture medium for culturing ASFV at the CDC lab. But there is no particular reason why HIV would survive in every pig infected with ASFV. The same thing was going on in Africa: the CDC/CIA station in Zaire was culturing ASFV for use against Angola, and one AIDS researcher in Africa commented that ASFV had been found in pigs where the first AIDS clusters appeared.

Jane Teas and John Beldekas were the first to identify ASFV as a "cofactor" in AIDS, both in Florida (Belle Glade) where Haitian immigrants had settled and had an AIDS cluster, and also in AIDS patients in Europe, but Gallo shut them up - he got their institutions to shut down their research and in 1986 issued a statement at Cold Spring Harbor that no other agent other than HIV should be studied or supported by any organization worldwide studying AIDS. Gallo shut down this research because he knew what the consequences would be if ASFV aka HHV-6A was found to be the real causative factor in AIDS...

I was still reluctant to make this theory of AIDS transmission public until a couple of years ago when I stumbled into a virtually identical line of research published by Neenyah Ostrom in one of the gay newspapers in New York City in the '90s. The only thing missing from her analysis was how HIV got into the picture.

Peter Duesberg misses the boat entirely: since HIV can't be the cause of AIDS, he throws out any possibility that it is virally caused. He misses two important parts of the picture - that interspecies infections (in this case, a porcine infection to humans) are often the most virulent because there has been no chance for our immune systems to adapt, and that there are viruses that are exceedingly deadly (e.g., ebola) for which we have little or no defense.

This line of research is wide open, and could provide an accurate testing protocol for AIDS as well as the documentation to prove its real origins (as well as discrediting the folks who promoted the HIV-->AIDS mechanism for their own personal gain.)

This message, of course, was some serious food for thought and some months later, in February of this year, Jonathan once again commented on the CFIDS/AIDS viral trail of evidence that seems to escape the attention of just about every researcher:

Please see the website People with AIDS and CFIDS test positive for this immune-destructive virus. (And I don't mean "viral load" or fragments, but real viruses). CFIDS is AIDS, but all of these people are "HIV negative."

This information complicates matters considerably for those who reject viral causation of AIDS. There is a wall of silence dividing people with AIDS (who accept that they have a "death certificate" disease and accept toxic drugs that then proceed to kill them), and people with CFS and CFIDS (who just suffer in silence).

In reply to a comment of mine about the harmless nature of most virus particles in the face of strong immune defences, Jonathan added:

HHV-6A (which some researchers believe is a strain of African Swine Fever Virus - ASFV) causes profound and rapid necrosis of tissue, especially in lymph nodes. This is the first stage of CFIDS and AIDS progression.

In pigs, ASFV causes AIDS symptoms.

The two primary researchers in the possible connection between ASFV and AIDS were driven from the medical profession by Gallo. For the first time in the history of medicine, certain kinds of research were banned. 1986 Gallo declared (in the Cold Spring Harbor statement) that since there was no possible connection between AIDS and ASFV (even though these two researchers had found a link), nor were there any other co-factor causes for AIDS other than HIV, therefore that no research on these avenues of research should be pursued anywhere. Period.

Dr. John Beldekas never recovered. He died earlier this year, either suicide or drug overdose.
Dr. Jane Teas works in other research areas and refuses to discuss the issue in any depth.

The reason that ASFV is suspected is that the first AIDS victims in the western hemisphere came from Haiti, where ASFV had been cultured for use against Cuba (by the CDC testing station on behalf of the CIA) in biological warfare. It was a popular vacation spot for California gay men, who it is thought then transported it to the US west coast, where the US AIDS epidemic began.

CFIDS (non-HIV AIDS, if you will, that is, AIDS that is "HIV negative") seems to happen in clusters. ASFV is again suspected, in pigs it is being called PRRS to hide its origins; there are outbreaks of PRRS ("Mystery Swine Fever") that require slaughter of entire stocks of farm pigs. Undercooked pork or pork blood contamination could spread the disease vector to an entire community, as it did at Lake Tahoe in the late 80s. (There is a movie about it called "I Remember Me.") It was the virus in the samples from this outbreak that got labeled "HHV-6A".

The CDC runs the testing stations, which is the logical explanation why Gallo is so adamant in not allowing any alternative causation research.

The non-viral arguments about AIDS progression (Duesberg, Rapoport, et al) do not have adequate explanations for CFIDS (which mostly has affected previously healthy middle-class people) or AIDS progression among those with healthy lifestyles who never take the drugs. It is very nice to cite the AIDS Long Term Survivors, but many of these never had any disease at all.

So far so good. We have an alternative hypothesis of AIDS genesis, which involves government sponsored virus experiments on pigs and a route of spread of the disease that seems to indicate that the pig virus could well have something to do with it. The problem is - no one seems interested in pursuing this line of research. Officially, everything is clear - AIDS is caused by the HIV retrovirus, never mind all the open questions about how a non-virulent virus can affect the immune system and how to explain the numerous AIDS cases without the presence HIV.

Here are some more recent pointers for further research (April 2005):

For more information about HHV-6A, the likely pathogen virus in AIDS/CFIDS, try using "HHV-6A" in a web search. You will learn a lot. See especially the work of Donald Carrigan and Konstance Knox.

Regarding etiology of the disease in the US: the first cases of AIDS were Haitian immigrants, a Canadian nurse who worked in Haiti in the early 1970s, and gay men from San Francisco. These are verifiable from newspaper and medical journal articles from the time. Haiti was a popular vacation spot for gay men from San Francisco, for some obscure reason, and Viera et. al. from Mass General Hospital surmised that AIDS entered the US via this route. It was quickly spread from San Francisco to New York, as many gay men traveled this air corridor. (Meanwhile, back in Haiti, the US National Guard was sent to eradicate the entire wild boar population in Haiti, as they were all, according to US government reports, infected with African Swine Fever Virus.)

Below is an excerpt describing the excellent work of Teas and Beldekas who I mentioned earlier.


4. African Swine Fever Virus. Pathobiologist Jane Teas and microbiologist John Beldekas, both from Boston, have undertaken considerable research relating to African Swine Fever Virus (a disease of pigs not contained to Africa) as the cause of AIDS. They have found that African Swine Fever (ASF) causes symptoms which are very similar to AIDS.[15] According to Beldekas and Teas, many countries in the Caribbean, Latin America and Central Africa had major outbreaks of AIDS within 1 1/2-2 years after an ASF epidemic.

Teas has hypothesized the "accidental introduction of African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) into the population of Haiti."[16] Further work with Beldekas has broadened the hypothesis into an ASF-AIDS link throughout the third world, including insect transmission as a mode of spreading the disease.

Although first located in Kenya in 1909, ASF was unknown in our hemisphere until a major epidemic occurred in Cuba, in 1971.[17] By slaughtering all pigs, both diseased and healthy (the only effective means of control) in the province of Havana, the Cuban government was able to bring the epidemic to a halt.

Outbreaks of ASF occurred in Brazil and the Dominican Republic, 1978; Haiti, 1979; and again in Cuba, 1980. Unlike Cuba, the people of the other three countries were encouraged by their governments to eat the pork of the slaughtered pigs, under the direction of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Common to all these epidemics, as well as those in Africa since the 1960's, was a new and less virulent strain of ASF, one which caused a much lower death rate in pigs than its predecessor. Coincidentally, in the early 1960's a new ASF vaccine was tried out on pigs in Angola. Over one-third of the pigs had severe reactions to the experiment and developed low-grade versions of ASF which, although not killing the affected pigs, persisted nonetheless. Scientists, meanwhile, had developed a successful vaccine for hog cholera, a disease having the exact clinical symptoms of ASF. However, several of the countries were given vaccines which were probably made from blood contaminated with ASFV.[18] The situation in Angola, suggests Teas, accounts for the spread of ASFV in African pigs, while the contaminated cholera vaccine explains the outbreaks of AIDS in the western hemisphere.

In attempting to document their research Beldekas and Teas have run into extreme recalcitrance from the USDA and the CDC. The reasons for this are primarily twofold:

A. On an economic level, their research threatens a $9 billion U.S. pork industry.[19]

B. Politically, it directly attacks the HIV mainstream theory, and also points an overwhelmingly accusatory finger at the USDA's Animal Virus Research Facility at Plum Island, New York. Among other shady doings at this facility,[20] Plum Island is the only place in the U.S. where ASFV can be tested.

For further information, see:

Is HIV the Primary Cause of AIDS?

HHV-6 Foundation

With Therapies Like These, Who Needs Disease?

An Effective Natural Therapy for AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS)

Multiple co-infections (Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, human herpes virus-6) in blood of chronic fatigue syndrome patients: association with signs and symptoms.


New test identifies mysterious disorder
According to the Statistics Canada 2003 Canadian community health survey, some 341,126 Canadians have chronic fatigue syndrome, a debilitating disorder characterized by extreme, long-lasting exhaustion and flu-like symptoms. Since it was identified in 1984 by Drs. Dan Peterson and Paul Cheney in Incline Village, Nev., the syndrome has been accompanied by confusion and controversy. Many people -- including some health-care professionals -- don't believe it exists, attributing the symptoms to a variety of other causes, ranging from influenza to depression.

The AIDS Epidemic at 25: The Hidden Benefits and Design Behind the Devastation
My research has convinced me that vaccines were not only the goal behind the development and unleashing of HIV but also the source of the epidemic, as well.

African Swine Fever Virus Manipulated Into AIDS & CFS?


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Thursday April 28 2005
updated on Monday December 13 2010

URL of this article:


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Readers' Comments

An email from Jojoi ( in response to

AIDS, Chronic Fatigue: Modified African Swine Fever Virus Implicated?

Hi Sepp,

Many thanks for the info. We will include this info at the next website update...

Here is a list of recently started and still ongoing public debates about HIV-AIDS.

These debates show, that HIV-AIDS is not an issue which follows the conventional leftwing - rightwing lines but that there are more and more people who want to know the TRUTH.

TRUTH can only be achieved, if ALL relevant facts are taken into consideration. With regards to HIV - AIDS the general public has been told what serves the interests of the big PHARMA companies and their associated PR agencies...

Please ADD YOUR COMMENTS because these threads are ongoing and step by step more info will be added.

Maybe it would improve communication if also from your website some crosslinks were incorporated so that an ever growing number of people become aware of the aidscritical debates...

Kind Regards

Posted by: Sepp on May 4, 2005 10:10 PM


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