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March 10, 2006

Bipolar Nutritional Support - Truehope Canada Trial Commences

The Truehope group in Canada which promotes nutritional support for victims of bipolar disease is going to have its day in court. A trial, to decide whether Health Canada's raid and sequester of nutritional products was justified, is scheduled to commence 13 March 2006 and last for 15 days.

The group was raided by the RCMP, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in July 2003, with Health Canada pulling the strings. Truehope has published a document "Defining a New Model for the Care of the Mentally Ill" which describes current psychiatric practice and its failures as well as a new proposed model based on a specific combination of nutrients that are often found lacking in those affected. The document is available as a PDF file.

Anthony Stephan, the man who initiated Truehope after his wife died from bipolar disease, says the trial will be starting in the Calgary Alberta Provincial Court, 800 - 5th Ave. SW, Monday March 13th @ 9:30 am. It is scheduled to continue over a 15 day period.


Red Umbrellas group protest in support of Truehope
(image credit: Red Umbrellas)

While the maximum fine would be CAN $500.00 if we are found guilty, says Stephan, the three year investigation has already cost Canadian tax payers approximately 2 million dollars. "Its all about an agenda to remove competition, halting progress in finding solutions to health care problems and protecting the drug industry."

- - -

Background on Truehope and the upcoming case
by Anthony Stephan
(You can download a PDF version here)

It was January 30th of 1994 when Tony Stephan of Magrath, Alberta suffered a life changing loss. His young wife, only 40 years old committed suicide after a lengthy battle with bipolar disorder, a common mental illness affecting hundreds of thousands of Canadians. After losing his wife, Stephan was determined not to lose his son and daughter who had also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

After discussing his fears with a local agricultural specialist, David Hardy, Stephan was shocked to learn about the nutritional impact on a common behavioural problem affecting pigs called ear and tail biting syndrome as identified by agricultural science. After developing a nutritional supplement protocol for both his son and daughter, the 2 children had virtually no symptoms of bipolar and Tony Stephan and David Hardy were determined to share their story.

After introducing this discovery to a skeptical Bonnie Kaplan, the Director of the Behavioural Research Unit at the University of Calgary, she agreed to launch a clinical trial of Stephan and Hardy’s nutrient supplement protocol. Shocked by her findings, Dr. Kaplan presented a detailed report to the Canadian Psychiatric Association’s annual general meeting entitled "Successful Treatment of Bipolar Disorder with a Nutritional Supplement: 10 Cases.” It was shortly thereafter that Stephan and Hardy’s peace of mind fell apart in a nearly 5-year legal battle with Health Canada.

Upon seeing Doctor Kaplan's report on the nutritional treatment of bipolar on CTV National news on October 4th of 2000, Health Canada officials contacted the University of Calgary within days, demanding that all testing and trials be stopped. Health Canada was determined to make this discovery go away by shutting down an Alberta government approved and funded study.

On March 13th, 2006, a noted expert in legal matters surrounding nutritional supplements - Kamloops, B.C. lawyer Shawn Buckley, will defend his clients - Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd. and the Synergy Group of Canada Inc. against a charge of violating Health Canada regulations for marketing their nutrient supplement protocol to bipolar patients without a DIN number. A trial is scheduled for three weeks at the Alberta Provincial Court in Calgary.

- - -

May 2005: From Croft Woodruff (by email)

Health Canada's Bureaucrats would rather see Canadians die than authorize the release of a safe & beneficial nutritional product. They closed down a clincal trial at the University of Calgary, funded by the Government of Alberta, that already had demonstrated safety and efficacy. - CW

Court Transcripts Criminalize Health Canada Enforcement
Raymond, Alberta, April 6, 2006
In the ongoing battle with Health Canada over the legality of providing a vitamin and mineral treatment (EMPowerplus) for various mental illnesses, Truehope has obtained over 1800 pages of court transcript from the trial that played out in Alberta Provincial Court last week. Truehope was accused of selling its vitamins without a drug identification number (DIN) in 2003. In spite of new regulations where Truehope no longer required a DIN in 2004, Health Canada chose to move forward with charges in 2006.

David Hardy of Truehope is not sorry that Health Canada went all the way. "They have hurt themselves with this case," says Hardy, "These transcripts expose damning evidence of abuse. (Health Canada) ignored logic, ignored hundreds of letters, ignored crying people on telephones, they tried to hide evidence of harm and there were suicides, hospitalizations and a full out crisis as a result."

The transcripts include the testimonies of two Health Canada agents who claim adherence to policy is paramount, even over lives.

Agent Sandra Jarvis said, "Whether or not (EMPowerplus), you know, did amazing things or not, the fact of the matter is, it was in violation of law." She testified that in spite of her knowledge of direct harm to Canadians, she continued turning back the legally imported nutritional supplement from the USA because the product did not have a drug identification number. Agent Miles Brosseau was questioned by Truehope Lawyer, Shawn Buckley. "So if you were sent a document . . . showing that people were dying because of what Health Canada was doing . . . you would just ignore that because it's not a policy or directive?" Brosseau answered "Yes."

"They did know that people were dying and in crisis because of their actions," says Hardy. "They were fully aware. The Canadian Mental Health Association asked them to stop. They ignored our letters and hundreds of letters from citizens, they ignored people crying on phones and even begging on Parliament Hill. It's all in their testimonies. Right in front of me. It's positively criminal." Hardy plans to use the transcripts to expose what he calls "public service at its worst."

For additional information or a transcript copy, contact:
Anthony Stephan

See also:

Bipolar Disorder Treated With Nutritional Supplement Early Study Shows Promising Results

Firm admits it ignored drug ID issue, kept selling supplement anyway

Health Canada Suit ignored well-being
(original article in Calgary Sun - pdf)
Canadians could be forgiven for assuming that the role of Health Canada is to do what its name suggests - that is to protect the health of Canadians. But yesterday, and for the past three weeks, a Calgary court heard chilling testimony and evidence of how Health Canada cared not one bit about the possible deaths or hospitalizations of Canadians due to its actions, and how it "abused the process" by "blindly" following soon-to-be out-dated regulations to prosecute the makers of a nutritional supplement that has helped thousands of mentally ill people lead normal lives.


Nutrients Quiet the Unquiet Brain - A Four Generation Bipolar Odyssey

Latest news July 2006:

Company can sell supplement to mental health patients: judge
A Calgary provincial court judge ruled Friday that Health Canada didn't give Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd. any legal alternatives to resolve a dispute over the supplement.

A scanned copy of the judgement, delivered on 28 July 2006, in PDF format


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Friday March 10 2006
updated on Friday December 10 2010

URL of this article:


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July 21, 2003 - Sepp Hasslberger

The Medical Mafia rules:
OK to use and promote untested and toxic drugs and medical procedures ....but Not OK for generally safe and efficacious natural foods and/or vitamins! ..."Only 6% of drug advertising material is supported by evidence... ...The article lists several examples of misrepresentation: medical guidelines from scientific societies are misquoted or changed, the side effects of drugs are minimised, groups of patient are wrongly defined, study results are suppressed, treatment effects are... [read more]
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September 15, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

Pharma Lobbies to Drug Kids in Schools - Citizens Resisting
Pharma interests have united with mental health organizations to push through legislation that would require mandatory testing and forced administration of drugs to kids in schools - without their parents' consent. Rep. Ron Paul, MD has introduced a bill that would prevent such an eventuality. If you live in the United States, please read on to see what you can do to protect your children. Remember school shootings? Many of... [read more]
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Health Canada - Elements Of Coercion Dealt Yet Another Crushing Blow
"...a concoction of 36 minerals, vitamins and antioxidants found in ordinary food* and originally developed to control rage in pigs. "This is a literal godsend for us and for the many people in Canada that require the supplement to maintain mental health,..." But not for big pharma and the hell with the people who are being helped with this and similar safe non toxic treatments! For more on the above... [read more]
August 01, 2006 - Chris Gupta




Readers' Comments

A comment received from a friend in Canada, by email...

Sorry, Sepp but I couldn't get the URL at the end of your message to open. I'm circulating this.


I found this one on GOOGLE: don't know if they're quite the same thing.

Although I agree with Trueman in principle, I don't think that an off--the-shelf supplement alternative is the answer.

I believe that care of the "mentally ill" should remain under the health care professionals; however the most important thing is to redefine "Mental Illness"

It certainly is not a biological illness, and serious cases should be assigned to Orthomolecular-trained specialists, only.

Additionally, most psychological symptoms can most easily and cost-effectively be treated with homeopathic cures. The capable assistance of trained homeopathic professionals should be required in all hospitals and clinics, and milder cases could be seen at the offices of accredited homeopaths.

I agree that traditional drug-based psychiatry and other draconian treatments as presently in use, should be outlawed.

Posted by: Sepp on March 11, 2006 06:28 PM



Nutritional support and nutraceuticals must expect some form of harassment that may be just part of an agenda to remove competition and protecting the drug industry.

The nutritional supplement protocol that had virtually eliminated the symptoms of bipolar in two children and later a successful clinical trial the nutrient supplement protocol shocked Dr. Kaplan who presented a detailed report to the Canadian Psychiatric Association's annual general meeting entitled "Successful Treatment of Bipolar Disorder with a Nutritional Supplement: 10 Cases�? (see; Bipolar Nutritional Support - Truehope Canada Trial Commences: Health Supreme, 2006). That is too depressing for the pharmaceutical industry because it could possibly be used with far better results in a wider range of psychiatric or mental illneesses and posssibly of course depressions and the common headache. That would depress the bottomline of drug companies. Possibly the drug industry was more shocked than Dr. Kaplan.

The numbers associated with depression alone are staggering: 1.4 million people in Canada afflicted at any given time and over US4 billion in direct medical costs which is a huge sum of money. Depressive disorders affect approximately 18.8 million American adults or about 9.5% of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year. Depression and mental depression is a major public health problem. Lets examine the scenario as a whole from the numbers, money and the role of free radicals in mental health.

More than 40 micronutrients (the vitamins, essential minerals and other compounds required in small amounts for normal metabolism) are required in the human diet. For each micronutrient, metabolic harmony requires an optimal intake for optimum cellular function and maximum life span and any deficiency distorts metabolism in numerous and complicated ways and could produce disease states associated with free radicals and oxidative stress.

Free radicals (oxidants) are molecules that contain one or more unpaired electrons and as such they are very unstable and highly reactive. They capture electrons from other molecules to gain stability, a process known as oxidation. Those biomolecules in the body that have lost electrons to free radicals and radicals become "damaged" and cannot be used in the normal and healthy biochemical reactions. They may, in turn cause health problems. Natural antioxidants are biomolecues that readily supply electrons to free radicals and render them harmless. In other words, they neutralize free radicals by supplying electrons to them and that protects other molecules (such as lipids, proteins, hormones and cell membranes etc) in the body from oxidative damage and thereby prevent or delay health problems or slow down the progression of disease conditions.

There are many known causes of depression–environmental (exposure to chemicals that disrupt brain chemistry), nutritional (deficiency of certain vitamins), situational (stress), and physiological (imbalance of neurotransmitters). It is important that the underlying cause is determined so that an appropriate treatment can be initiated. For example, cases of depression have been linked to chemical exposure, such as inhalation of fumes given off by new carpet or paint, or ingestion of chemicals in food (dyes, preservatives, and pesticides)(Down with Depression,Sherry Torkos, BSc Phm). The common denominator in the underlying causes is excess free radicals that disrupt brain biochemistry and the biochemical pathways in it, disruption in the signalling or effective functioning of messenger biomolecules and consequent neurotransmission in the brain/CNS that may be exacerbated with attendant deficiency of minerals required in brain cell function.

Free radicals are highly reactive chemical species with an unpaired electron, and their formation is catalyzed by transition metals like iron, copper, and manganese. There have been numerous studies linking free radical damage with neuroppsychiatricsses, including several psychiatric and motor disorders, raising the possibility that antioxidant strategies might serve a neuroprotective role for some conditions. The illnesses studied include tardive dyskinesia, schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease. Although oxidative mechanisms may play a role in these conditions, further studies are necessary to define their involvement, and to determine the extent to which antioxidants may partially alleviate or prevent some of these conditions (Lohr JB, Browning JA, Free radical involvement in neuropsychiatric illnesses.University of California, San Diego, USA:Psychopharmacol Bull. 1995;31(1):159-65).

We know that antidepressant drugs are linked to side effects and a varied range of complications. Some estimates indicate one-third of people will not be helped or are unable to tolerate the side effects that include nausea, loss of appetite, headaches, anxiety and nervousness, insomnia or drowsiness, diarrhea, sweating, tremor, and reduced sex drive. These problems are caused by the fact that drugs are not part of the normal and optimal cellular function and that most drugs produce free radicals in the body or initiate free radical chain reactions that are harmful. These conditions are similar to digestive distress, thyroid dysfunction, cognitive decline, reproductive disorders, cognitive and immune system breakdown linked to chronic malnutrition. The overlap is understandable in view of the fact that blood antioxidant levels decline in people with chronic malnutrition that lowers the free radical scavenging activity, cellular function declines and health declines in due course.

We also know that the incidence of suicides is double in people taking antidepressants compared to the population at large. In July 2005, a study conducted at the Mayo Clinic, was published in the Archives of Neurology. The study identified 11 Parkinson's patients who developed a compulsive gambling problem while taking Mirapex or similar drugs between 2002 and 2004. Since the study was published, 14 additional patients have been identified with the problem, said Mayo psychiatrist, Dr M Leann Dodd, the lead author of the study (Evlyn Pringle, 2006). Drugs that are targeted to act in the brain may end up with producing behavioral changes or headaches or sleep problems. New research has conclusively linked diseases in the brain and mental illnesses to free radical stress in the central nervous system (CNS). Increasing oxidative toxicity in the brain or the central nervous system only serves to compound the problem and drugs therefore pose a serious question on their value in restoring individuals with mental illnesses to society.

Chronic mineral deficiencies may also produce behavioral changes. Frequencies of intense aggressive or submissive behavior may increase. In addition, the proportion of time spent in social or physical contact with other people may reduce while time spent alone could increase.

Antioxidant and mineral supplementation from natural sources improve free radical scavenging activity in the body and improves health or improves quality of life. So, the positive effect of the nutritional supplement protocol in the Stephan children and the 10 bipolar cases as recorded by Dr. Kaplan is but a natural expectation of free radical science and stands out as an important landmark in health science. And it is safe.

There are other natural biomolecules used in medical therapy. Inositol is one of them. It is a naturally occurring isomer of glucose and a key intermediate molecule in the signalsignalingnism in the brain/CNS. In the late 1970s, researchers discovered that the level of inositol in the spinal fluid of people who were depressed tended to be much lower than among people who were not-bringing up the question of whether depressed people. A few years ago, a psychiatric team at Israel's Ben Gurion University of the Negev reported in the American Journal of Psychiatry their two double-blind studies in which inositol was used to treat mental illness. They concluded that inositol may be an effective treatment both for depression and for the kind of anxiety known as panic disorder. Dr. James Greenblatt of McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital, is currently using inositol supplementation as part of the treatment of patients with mental illnesses, particularly depression, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Inisitol is found in many foods, namely cereals with high bran content. It is classified as a member of the vitamin B complex, though it is not considered a vitamin because the human body can synthesize it. It is also involved in the breakdown of fats and reducing blood cholesterol and in the synthesis of cell membranes. Inositol is necessary for the formation of lecithin and naturally, it is essential for the healthy functioning of brain and nerve cells. Inositol has been reported to be effective in treating central nervous system disorders such as depression, Alzheimer's disease, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It has documented benefit for use in pediatric respiratory depression syndrome.

Inositol is another good example of an ubiquitous molecule like coenzyme Q10 and is of critical importance in mental health. If foods high in inisitol and fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and given to patients with bipolar or other mental illnesses the results will be dramatically better if coenzyme Q10 is included as a therapeutic agent.

Interesting support on the therapeutic use of antioxidants
comes from a long term population study of 3385 men (age range,71 to 93) who had reported using vitamins C and E. Participants who used both vitamin supplements had dramatically reduced rates of vascular dementia (88% reduction in frequency), but not Alzheimer's disease, compared with the entire sample. A smaller, but still significant, decrease in frequency was also noted for mixed dementia. The use of supplements in the subsample had no significant effect on the incidence of stroke. Among those without dementia, use of either vitamin C or E in 1988 was associated with significantly better cognitive performance in 1991 to 1993. This study offers a meaningful demonstration of the antioxidant effect of vitamins C and E in the brain and their role in limiting the extent of damage after a stroke as its population-based data is from a cohort with excellent participation rates that has been under medical surveillance for 25 years (Masaki KH et al. Association of vitamin E and C supplement use with cognitive function and dementia in elderly men. Neurology 2000 Mar 28; 54:1265-1271). Alzheimer's disease may be caused by the accumulation of metals (eg aluminium, lead. mercury etc) and vitamins and anthycyanins cannot bind with but alpha-lipoic acid can bind with it and help remove it from the body through the excretory process. That explains why vitamins alone cannot reduce Alzheimer's disease.

The Truehope case and Stephan's nutritional supplement that effectively scavenges free radicals in the brain and replenishes minerals from natural sources represents the clash between antioxidants and drugs. Advances in free radical science and the role of free radical scavenging activity to remove oxidative stress and improve cellular function as the correct approach to restore health and mental health will prove in the near future that it supports the qualitative trend approved by the Psychiatric Association to opt for therapy orientation to restore the individual to society instead of custodial care.

Contrast this with the neurotoxic effect of the mercury ion on mental health. Mental problems that are - according to Moeller and others (myself included) - caused by mercury poisoning include senile dementia, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia and epilepsy. There are also a raft of other diseases that may be promoted by poisoning with this toxic heavy metal such as allergies, asthma, psoriasis, rheumatism, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis and some cancers. Mercury, which is also present in some vaccines as a preservative, attacks the myelin sheath and degrades nerve tissues and kills brain neurons. The relation of mercury-containing vaccines to a frightening increase in the rate of autism has been contested by health authorities, but has recently been confirmed by new statistical data. The rate of new cases of autism has shown a decrease after the removal of thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative from many vaccines in recent years (EU Mental Health Decline Due To Mercury Poisoning: Chemist: Health Supreme, 2006).

The mercury radical targets the brain, the central and the peripheral nervous systems, the pituitary and thyroid glands, the immune system, the heart, liver and kidneys. It is one radical that can lower IQ and affect brain capital. Paul Moeller proposed a simple and effective remedy - eliminate the poisonous metal from medical use and from the environment, and provide a generous supply of antioxidant substances that will aid in de-toxificadetoxificatione affected. That is a logical solution by any measure or science. The same should be recommded for problems mental health patients face - eliminate or reduce drug toxicity and improve natural antioxidant and mineral intake from a coctail of fruit juices and red spinach. The increase in the intake of alpha-lipoic could from red spinach should further aid in the removal of heavy metals from the body while the vitamins and anthocynins scavenge free radicals and improve the functioning of the Krebs cycle in brain cells.

Specific abnormalities in the biology of the vascular endothelium such as excess nitric oxide production under oxidative stress and compromised immune cells, with significant disturbance to the oxidative pathway and lipid peroxidation found in people with mental health problems are better addressed by short term and long term nutraceutical approaches aimed at improving free radical scavenging activity rather than increasing free radicals in the body or brain/CNS. The latter only tends to exacerbate the health condition.

One important biomolecule in the oxidative pathway is produced by the pineal body in the brain, during sleep in the absence of light - melatonin. Melatonin has access to all cells of the body and all cell receptors. It is an effective free radical scavenging biomolecule that helps to reduce the free radical population at night during sleep. It removes oxidative stress on receptors as well as membranes and facilitates the movement of biomolecules across membranes, including glucose movement into cells and its utilization. It improves production of antibodies and repair proteins. It is correctly known as the "healing molecule" and is another excellent example of an ubiquitous biomolecule in healthy biochemistry that improves cellular function. The spent melatonin may perhaps be utilized to produce other useful biomolecules.

Oxidative stress in the brain/CNS of mental health patients and specifically on the pineal body will result in lower amounts of melatonin production and slow down the recovery process. Nutritional protocols such as those offered by Stephan should progressively improve melatonin production and eliminate symptoms of pshychiaric illnesses. The Stephan formula should have gone the same way as inositol - from discovery to clinical trials and become part of standard therapy for depression and other mental health states.

Quite apart from the clash of free radical science and drug science and the consequent clash between antioxidant therapies and drug therapies, in spite of the fact that drugs are toxic and not a natural part of healthy cellular biochemistry (but rather disruptive to it) the Truehope crusade faces a problem from the reform the Mental Health Act. The reform of the Mental Health Act, whereby any "disability or disorder of the mind or brain, whether permanent or temporary�? which results in "impairment of mental functioning�? is destined to be classified as "mental�?, thus affording psychiatrists (and Government) far greater powers to enforce compulsory psychiatric treatment on ever larger numbers of people, including the provision to be able to drug people against their wishes and even children against the wishes of their parents. Freedom is being legislated away to favor the administration of drugs into humans against their will. How do you fight that?

Posted by: BELDEU SINGH on March 17, 2006 11:46 AM


Further examination of the Empower formula indicates a comprehensive multi-vitamin formula which should benefit most people; EXCEPT some of the SNS/psychiatric folks that it was supposedly designed to help.
Any Orthomolecular scientist would certainly increase the magnesium dosage. Furthermore, no niacinamide (or niacine, as in Empower) would be included. In my case, the dosage here would be enough to induce a state similar to drinking about ten cups of coffee. Inositol nicotinate is the form of niacine to use.
Therefore, I doubt that any science was involved in the preparation of this formula.
A far more effective, and cheaper CNS aid is Vitamin B-12 injected; and it's legal. Many stressed out "mental patients" are simply de-myelinated, and need the B-12.


Posted by: Steve Zakrzewski on March 24, 2006 04:37 PM


re: first responder
Mental illness is not a biological illness? That statement does not make sense, and is generally sickening. Would you say the same about a disorder like epilepsy? Mistreating those who suffer from this illness is a form of discrimination, like racism or homophobia, and I am ashamed to live amongst people who make others (who suffer constantly and report complete success erroneously) lives miserable.

Posted by: meagan on June 26, 2006 12:08 AM


My name is Rory Fisher, i suffer from bipolar disorder and am on disability, right now i am stable and am trying to open up and run a bi polar group in Kamloops, if anyone want to help me with ideas to get started, or help me with the process in general, email me @

Posted by: Rory FIsher on May 14, 2007 04:33 AM


i have learntto spot when i am heading for a relapse. i only had to stay in hospital a week instead of 2-3 months. its all new learning

Posted by: pamela smyth on January 14, 2008 12:38 PM


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