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January 25, 2008

Kaushalya never was HIV positive

Audrey Serrano, a woman living in the US and misdiagnosed with HIV was awarded $2.5 million in damages in December last year for the shock and for suffering the adverse effects of the drugs she had to take for years before the mistake was corrected. While that is a welcome break from the Aids propaganda we're subjected to from all sides, it really only reveals the tip of the iceberg of a human disaster of untold dimensions that is going on right before our eyes.

Aids is an epidemic of medical failures if there ever was such a thing.

- The virus that supposedly causes the immune weakness has never been scientifically isolated and no one has explained how it causes such weakness, throwing the whole theory behind HIV and Aids into doubt.

- The test for the virus is notoriously unreliable - some 60 or 70 unrelated conditions are known to cause a false "positive" reading when no trace of the virus can be found.

- A "positive" result for HIV antibodies should really be a cause for celebration. Everyone knows that when we have antibodies there is no longer any need to worry about getting sick. The body has successfully overcome the illness and is now ready to fight any future viral intruders. But no - not so with Aids. Here a positive test result means we are told to undergo treatment.

- Treatment typically consists of a highly toxic cocktail of medicines to be consumed for years to come. Few can actually survive the ravages of the drug side effects, which have become the major cause of death in "Aids".

But there is another dimension to this tragedy which perhaps even overshadows the fate of those coerced or cajoled into submitting to a fraudulent test and a deadly drug regimen.

It is the tragedy of those who simply live in poor conditions, who more often than not are declared victims of Aids without as much as a test. Kaushalya is one of those. Her husband died of tuberculosis, not an uncommon occurrence in Delhi, India. She was labeled - falsely like Audrey Serrano in the US - as HIV infected.


Widowed Kaushalya with her daughter in 1997. Today, the tall, healthy lady is happily married and has given birth to her third daughter

To be sure, Kaushalya didn't win a millionaire's settlement in a legal action, but her story, described by Arun Shrivastava, social activist and environmental campaigner, gives us an insight into that other dimension, where Aids does its damage not by viral action and not even through the agency of a toxic 'medicine'. It tells of the stigma that the great unknown plague brings and of its genocidal consequences in the less developed countries.

David Rasnik recently said, "AIDS has little to do with science and medicine because it is fundamentally a political and sociological phenomenon". Perhaps, after reading Kaushala's story you might concur with David and with Thabo Mbeki, the courageous African politician who dared challenge the scientists to uncover the real damage Aids is doing to the whole African continent.

They do need your help.

- - -

Kaushalya was never HIV positive

HIV-AIDS: Medical-terrorism unbound
- Destroy people and societies, while the Big-pharma & Medica ring the cash register -

by Arun Shrivastava

Kaushalya never had HIV. She was never tested. But doctors and the media declared her and her daughter HIV positive. Even the district administration, calling on her, declared the ‘family’ HIV positive. This is a tale of insensitivity, almost criminal behaviour of people in positions of authority without any sense of responsibility, forget about humanism.

Kaushalya’s husband Ranbir, 33 years old, died of TB. He was a bus driver in Delhi...

Read the whole article (PDF)

- - -

See also:

Aids Incorporated (2007) by Gary Null
The cost in the war against AIDS has now surpassed the financial investment committed to cardiovascular diseases and diverse cancers. While the science supporting the causes of heart disease and many cancers are relatively conclusive within the medical research
community, the etiology of AIDS remains questionable. Simultaneously, a safe cure is no closer in sight today than it was when the disease first burst on the scene three decades ago. Yet the perception of a global AIDS epidemic looms in the minds of the media, medical associations and government leaders.

Today there is a rapidly growing body of physicians, medical researchers, virologists, journalists and activists who are starting to voice their opposition to the prevailing scientific paradigm of AIDS and who are calling for a reevaluation of the medical research, epidemiological evidence, diagnostic methodologies and treatments. These voices-now numbering over 5,000, including a couple Nobel Prize laureates-have been virtually shunned by the medical academies and major peer-reviewed publications.

Indian HIV parents kill children
A Indian couple who were infected with the virus that can lead to Aids have committed suicide after killing their three children, police in Mumbai say. Relatives say the couple had been depressed by news that their daughter also had the HIV virus.

A completely unnecessary tragedy. HIV tests do NOT establish that a person has AIDS. They are subject to numerous ways of showing falsely positive results, for example pregnant women test positive, someone who has recently been vaccinated tests positive - over 70 such conditions are known. So people die because of a very likely false test result. Barbaric medicine.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Friday January 25 2008
updated on Wednesday November 12 2008

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Readers' Comments

Dear Sepp, great posting!

Fighting "AIDS" = funding "AIDS". UNAIDS is hugely complicit in iatrogenocide. Free downloads at HelpforHIV dot com

Posted by: Ricci on January 27, 2008 03:25 AM


Great article!

I have Lyme Disease, babesia, parvo, HHV6, and EBV, and two of my four immunoglobulins are low. I feel like I have AIDS. I also have a cat who died of FIP, a fatal feline virus. He didn't die of FIP though - he died of infection.

I do not for one minute think HIV alone kills. People with AIDS don't die of the HIV virus, even if it existed - they die of other infections that most people fight off.

I think the wireless boom is behind the increase in all sorts of infectious disease in that it has made relatively innocent infections (bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic) lethal to humans by altering immune function.

Read the Bioinitiative Report.

Posted by: Carol on January 27, 2008 12:38 PM


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