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August 14, 2003

Some Cancer Resources

I have metastasized to bone breast cancer which has been held in check for 10 years. Last year it began to spread. I was put on Zomeda infusions and megase, after 9 months, the cancer has spread to different portions of my bones. I am now on a monthly shot of Faslodex. Can I take by mouth 390 mg of CoQ10 to stop the progression? I currently take 60 mg per day. Is there a certain brand I should take?
Thank you!"

I am not a doctor hence, I suggest you run this by an Orthomolecular Doctor. To find one go to:

From what I have seen CQ10 is non toxic even at much higher level then 390mg. Dr. Hulda Clark uses up to 4 grams a day in her regimen! It is best taken in an oil base (such as olive oil or organic butter) at body temperature. Like vitamin C it night help reduce the toxic drugs needed as well as protect you from them. So it is imperative that the drug dosages be adjusted accordingly.

Form my researches I can say: taking interest and directing your own treatment is the best strategy to deal with this affliction or any affliction for that matter. Remember that, at least, you will have your own best interests at heart! - In general, society discourages independent and intuitive thinking this leads to lack of confidence in one's own abilities and serves as a great control tactic for the vested interests.  

Most drugs are immune compromising and will not solve the cancer problem in the long run.
This is why the first treatment will usually determine the final outcome. If the first treatment severely damages the immune system then most of resources to deal with the cancer will be usurped and the long term out come will likely be poor.  Please review any drug contraindications before using. A good way to do this is to check the drug at:

One must also find and change the original source that is contributing to the cause such as any nutritional and/or environmental issues. Or the whole process will become more like bailing out water from a boat that has holes.

The sicker a person is the more nutrients are needed in optimum doses to help the bodies reparative mechanisms..."

"...eliminate all junk food i.e,. food containing any added simple sugars like table sugar or glucose as in corn syrup. This simple rule, comprehensible even to children, will eliminate nearly 90% of the additives commonly added to processed foods..."

Also note dehydrated patients may not respond well to any type of therapy!

Fibiger's Work on Cancer & Sugar-

For breast Cancer Dr. Derry's book is a must read:

   "The book is divided into four parts. The first part discusses iodine. From published facts, we can arrive at a proposal that iodine could be the first phase of a two phase cancer defence system. It appears that iodine in the extra-cellular fluid outside of the cells is the main surveillance system for abnormal cells. Iodine also triggers the natural death of normal cells in the body. There are many cells types in the body undergoing a natural death. For example some of the cells in the stomach have lives of only 2-3 days. The name of this process is apoptosis.

    Carefully documented descriptions of the cancer process at different places in the body reveals most cancers have similar stages through which it passes. The cancers are not really cancer until the cells start to move by invasion through the nearby connective tissue. Cells develop abnormalities for a variety of reasons and can continue to become abnormal all the way up through atypical cells and to carcinoma in situ. Carcinoma in situ is the dividing line between the two phases of cancer development.
Iodine in correct doses will reverse all of the changes up to and including the carcinoma in situ.

    The thyroid hormone controls connective tissue function. So connective tissue around organs forms a structural biological barrier to the spread of cancer. Cancer spread to distant organs only develops in the connective tissue of those organs. Therefore, if the connective tissue defence is not strong then the cancerous cell from a distant site can land there and grow. If however the thyroid hormone level in the connective tissue is high enough then the connective tissue will perform its normal defence duties and not allow the cancer cell to enter it and develop.

    Using these principles, fibrocystic disease and breast cancer become more understandable. Supplemental iodine in the correct doses will remove all lesions from carcinoma in situ back to just an abnormal cell by triggering death of these cells by apoptosis. Spread of cancer cells in the connective tissue can be arrested by adequate treatment with thyroid hormone to strengthen the connective tissue barrier.

    My experience with patients using this approach so far has been successful. The principles are that there are two phases to cancer one controlled by iodine and the other by thyroid hormone. Thus the book deals with the prevention and survival of breast cancer."

Breast Cancer and Iodine: How to Prevent and How to Survive Breast Cancer


Cure Breast Cancer By -Avoiding All Milk Products by Prof. Jane Plant

Her theory remains a controversial one - but every woman should read it and make up her own mind. I suspect the harmonies in all processed fats like all Trans fats and hydrogenated and pasteurized milk are the main culprits.

See also:
Bill Sardi's Cancer Regimen

Last but not least, check out the slightly updated: Electricity the Mother of all Medicine post. A great immune enhancing adjunct to improved nutritional support!

Chris Gupta

See also:

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posted by Chris Gupta on Thursday August 14 2003
updated on Wednesday December 13 2006

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I made the Silver Pulser per schem which I found on this site and it is working well but the power of pulse is so strong that it is almost impossible to hold them. Of cause I can do them more light but could you give me the coment
What feeling should be? Per Dr.Beck impulses shoult be 27 volts. If we do not so strong impuses we still will have the same result on not?
Please give me the answer, it is important for me.

Posted by: Vfsily Grablin on October 21, 2006 03:02 PM


I had fibrous sarcoma -tumors and i had tumors in the lungs and the bones. My remedies that i used were wheatgrass,frankensece all this shrinks tumors. please if any questions please email me. i am willing to help others dealing with cancer and other dieases.

Posted by: becky on April 30, 2007 11:59 PM


I had fibrous sarcoma -tumors and i had tumors in the lungs and the bones. My remedies that i used were wheatgrass,frankensece all this shrinks tumors. please if any questions please email me. i am willing to help others dealing with cancer and other dieases.

Posted by: Belva Bloomer on October 19, 2007 05:32 AM


This is to Chris Gupta. I'm working on building Bob Beck Electromagnetic Pulser from your schematic and the diode 36020L I can not find any place or any information about it. Thank you,


The correct part # is

Posted by: Tom Sheppard on July 13, 2013 09:02 AM


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