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October 26, 2009

People for Safe Drinking Water

NRC 2006 Review: Fluorides in Drinking Water

NRC (National Research Council) 2006 Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA's Standards. Washington, DC. National Academies Press. [Available to read free online at:]

Relevance of the NRC Review to Artificial Water Fluoridation

The NRC report did an extremely thorough review of fluoride intake, by age group, considering all sources of fluoride intake (water, dentifrices, food, air, soil, pesticides, pharmaceuticals), including artificially fluoridated drinking water. In addition, the committee looked at population subgroups of special concern such as those with high water consumption, and those with impaired fluoride excretion (see:Social Justice Equals Protecting the Vulnerable). A number of the toxicity studies that the committee reviewed involved fluoridated water or exposures equivalent to those expected with artificially fluoridated water.

The committee reported that fluoride exposure is plausibly associated with a number of health effects, including neurotoxicity, gastrointestinal problems, carcinogenicity, endocrine problems, dental fluorosis, and skeletal fluorosis with its associated incidence of bone fractures and arthritic-like symptoms. (see: National Research Council 2006: Summary of Health Effects)

The ranges of intake levels, or estimated average intake levels, associated with a number of adverse effects, are in the range of intakes expected with artificially fluoridated drinking water. (see: Chapter 2, Table 2-4 Appendix B, Table B-11, Table B-12, Table B-13, Table B-14, Table B-17)

NRC 2006 Committee Members:

Dr. Limeback 2009 Position Statement

Dr. Isaacson 2009 Position Statement

Dr. Thiessen Issues for Consideration

DVD Professional Perspectives on Fluoridation

Scientific Fraud

The Scientific Method underpinning research presupposes a willingness to continually reexamine scientific evidence and assumptions. Science is not a collection of facts but a process of weeding out misinformation and testing preliminary results with care and diligence. Scientific discourse attempts to refute what has been found, not to gather supporting evidence for the status quo.

There is currently no means for holding scientists accountable for things they may say in the public forum by either self-regulation or government legislation. Therefore, any individual(s) who distort(s) or misrepresent(s) scientific evidence and known facts for reasons of ignorance, political expedience, financial gain, or self-interest imperil(s) the integrity of scientific discourse and leads to an erosion of public trust in our government institutions where policy decisions regarding public health are deemed to be made, based on scientific evidence.

The Case Against Fluoride:how hazardous waste ended up in our drinking water and the bad science and powerful politics that keep it there

Dean 21 city graph

Journal of the American Dental Association 1948 Published Paper vs Original Study

US CDC and Ecological Fallacies

Fluoridation Trials

4 North American Trials

4 North American Trials Dr. Arnold-Professor of Statistics

Brantford Trial

40-50 Years Later Kingston-Newburgh New York Trial

Health Canada

Health Canada committee members involved in this review knew, or should have known, what the actual findings of the NRC committee were. Misrepresentation of this review is problematic because:

  • it casts doubt on the competence of those involved in this review;

  • damages the credibility of our national regulatory body;

  • this mis-information is repeated by government agencies, individuals and organizations.

Health Canada Misrepresents National Research Council Review 2006

The Health Canada 2009 draft review incorrectly claims the following:
"The [NRC] Committee restricted its attention to studies that examined long-term exposure to fluoride in the range of 24 mg/L or above in drinking water."

Two of the NRC 2006 committee members reply:

"Our charge was to evaluate the EPA permissible levels for fluoride in drinking water which are 2 ppm and 4 ppm and we focused on those levels but our report contains considerable information on lower levels of fluoride."
Source: Dr. John
Doull (Chair of the National Academy of Science 2006 committee). Email: 20/3/2010.

"Health Canada gives an inaccurate characterization of the National Research Council's work."
Source: Dr. Kathleen Thiessen (Member of the National Academy of Science 2006 committee)

"The NRC (2006a) did not restrict its attention to studies of fluoride in the range of 2-4 mg/L or above in drinking water. Many of the cancer studies and Down syndrome studies involved "fluoridated" water (0.7-1.2 mg/L). Many of the endocrine studies involved exposure ranges comparable to those expected for populations on fluoridated water. The discussions of exposure and of pharmacokinetics involved the whole exposure range, including fluoridated water."
Source: Dr. Kathleen Thiessen (Member of the National Academy of Science 2006 committee)

Petition #221E to Auditor General of Canada:Misrepresentation and Omissions of Material Fact

Chief Dental Officer for Health Canada

Dr. Peter Cooney

Other False and Misleading Commentary

Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO)

Dr. David Locker (author of the 1999 Ontario Ministry of Health Review)

Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario

Medical Officer of Health for Waterloo Region

EN2010-076 May 25 2010 Fluoridation Report - Brantford

Ontario Dental Association

Reviews/Petitions to Auditor General of Canada and Ontario Government

Petitions index with hyperlinks

Not Logical

Not Logical Fluoride Arguments

Less than 1% of Fluoridated Water is Swallowed

Drinking Water Should Not Be Used to Deliver Drugs

Using Drinking Water Deprives us of "Informed Choice":

  • Information regarding risks and benefits.

  • Choice to refuse or accept drug.

  • Trained professional to assess medical need & adverse effects.

Warning: Do Not Swallow (Canada)

Warning; Do Not Swallow (USA)

Canadian Water Quality Guideline for Fluoride (Aquatic Species) vs Maximum Acceptable Contaminant Level for Fluoride (Human)

Fluoride Works Topically Why Swallow?

We should not drink sunscreen or fluoride because...

  • they are toxic to swallow

  • they do not work by swallowing

"Its actions primarily are topical for both adults and children." Source: US Centers for Disease Control 1999


Fetuses and Infants are more vulnerable to fluoride toxicity because:

  • The blood-brain barrier is not fully formed

  • The kidneys are not fully developed

  • They ingest more fluoride per body weight than adults (Children are given child-sized asprin)

  • Fluoride accumulates in body for entire life

Fluoride and Premature Births

Case Study: 3 kg baby

Fluoridation Facts: Babies are Over-Dosing with Fluorides

Journal of the American Dental Association 2009 Artificial Water Fluoridation Causes Dental Fluorosis in Babies

Social Justice Equals Protecting the Vulnerable

Fluoride Does Not Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

FAN: Fluoride Warning for Infants-Legislative Overview

Environmental Effects

Canadian Legislation (Canadian Environmental Protection Act-CEPA) & Great Lakes Treaties requires the "virtual elimination" of toxic chemicals such as fluoride

Time Line

Fluorosilicates are Dirty Fluorides

Fluoride Is...

Canadian Statement on Artificial Water Fluoridation

The Solution to Pollution:Remove Fluoride from the Air and Put it into Drinking Water

Fluoride Air Pollution

Fluorosilicates Increase Blood Lead Levels

Artificial Water Fluoridation - A Source Water Concern

Radioactive Substances in Fluoridation Chemicals

Arsenic in Fluoridation Chemicals

Fluoride in Foods and Beverages

Vukmanich 2009 Effects of Fluoride on Water Chemistry

Cross 2010 Toxicological Risks

Fluorosilicates are Hazardous Waste

Health Effects

Summary of Health Effects

You Cannot Control the Daily Intake of Fluoride

National Research Council 2006: Summary of Health Effects

Fluoride and Cardiovascular System

Fluoride and Arthritis

Fluoride and Skeletal Fluorosis

Fluoride and Thyroid

Fluoride and the Brain

Fluoride and Cancer

Carcinogen Identification Committee (OEHHA) California, USA: Fluoride listed as a carcinogen

Fluoride and GI Tract

Fluoride and Kidneys

Sperm Abnormality

Table: Fluoride Research in Male Reproductive System

Clinch 2009 Fluoride interactions with Iodine-Iodide in Breast Health

Fluoride Toxicity In The Male Reproductive System

Fact Sheet for First Nations

Table A: Days to Reach Acute Fluoride Intake

Worker Safety

Dental Concerns

Factors Affecting Oral Health

Fluoride and Dental Fluorosis

Fluoride Bombs

Fluoride and Gum Disease

Fluoride and Tooth Fractures

Fluoride: Delays Eruption of Teeth therefore Delays Development of Cavities

21st Century solutions for Good Oral Health

Dental Diseases - Systemic Diseases

Fluoride and the Bandwagon Phenomenon

Clinch 2010 Does Dental Fluoride Use Have Clinically Significant Effects on Oral Bacteria?

Weston Price

Not Effective

Countries Rejecting Artificial Water Fluoridation

Diesendorf: Mystery of Declining Tooth Decay

No Benefit - Definite Harm

WHO data

Statistics Canada: Fluoridated Ontario vs Non-Fluoridated Quebec and B.C.

3 Recent Canadian Studies

Swallowing Fluoride Does Not Prevent Cavities: US CDC

Non-Fluoridated Thunder Bay vs Fluoridated Communities

Non-Fluoridated Niagara Region vs Fluoridated Welland

Queensland Australia


Costs of Artificial Water Fluoridation

Tale of Two Studies

Costs: 3 Case Studies

Taxpayer Money Wasted

Fluoridation Costs: 2 False Assumptions


Unethical Medical Practice

Not Ethical - Power Point Presentation


Government Regulations are Ignored for Fluoridation Products

Fluoride is Unregulated Unapproved Illegal

Municipalities not in compliance with Natural Health Products Regulations

NSF: Peeling off the Layers of Deception

Who Claims Responsibility for Safety?

10 challenges facing the Public Health Service regarding artificial water fluoridation

"Safe" vs "Regulated" vs "Detectable" Contaminant Levels

Ignoring Canadian Laws Puts Canadian Consumers At Risk

Health Canada Illegally Downloading Responsibility for Safety to Provinces and Municipality?

Drinking Water Guidelines - Not Worth the Paper they are Written On

Canadian Charter

Position Statements

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) CAPE

Great Lakes United (GLU)

Endorsing Organizations


Fluoride Action Network (FAN)

Fluoride Journal

Bibliography of Scientific Literature on Fluoride

History of Fluorine, Fluoride and Fluoridation

Fluoride Free Dentists

Fluoride Fatigue book by Dr. Spittle MB ChB, DPM

Responses to Health Canada 2009 Review " Fluoride in Drinking Water"

Letter - Carole Clinch BA BPHE

Response to Health Canada 2009 Review - Carole Clinch BA BPHE

Omissions - Carole Clinch BA BPHE

Response to Health Canada 2009 Review - Paul Connett, PhD

Public Comments on Hexafluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) and Sodium Fluorosilicate (Na2SiF6) - Resubmitted by Paul Connett, PhD

Fluoride in Drinking Water - Kathleen M. Thiessen, Ph.D.

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

Council of Canadians

International Institute of Concern for Public Health

Ziegelbecker PhD cover letter and annotated bibliography

Cooper P Eng, MBA

Osmunson DDS, MPH - 4 parts. 1) Ethics, 2) Lack of Benefit, 3) Exposure & 4) Harm

Eau secours (French)

Front commun pour eau saine

Sprules MS

A. Terpstra

Chris Gupta, P.Eng.

Rob Guthrie

Cindy Mayor

Louisette Lanteigne

Maureen Jones

Christopher-Peter: Maingot

J. Siles

Health Action Network Society

Fluoride Reviews

1977 Canadian NRC Review: Environmental Fluorides Quotes

1979 Quebec Ministry of Environment Quotes

1993 US Agency Toxic Substances Disease Registry Quotes

1999 Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care Review Quotes

2000 York Review Chairman letter

2006 US NRC Review: Fluorides in Drinking Water Quotes

2009 Ontario Environmental Commissioner


posted by Chris Gupta on Monday October 26 2009
updated on Friday March 25 2011

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Readers' Comments

I would like to know if a legal challenge against the city can by mounted. I am a Registered Nurse and only recently, during the city debates, became educated about the dangers of ingesting toxic fluoride.

Posted by: Lori Drury on June 6, 2012 11:17 AM


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